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Sorry Wrong Number Reviews

  • Steven Brandt (Audiobook-Heaven)
    2018-11-29 13:55

    An older lady, Mrs. Stevenson, sits at home late one evening wondering why her husband has not come home from work yet. An invalid for several years, she hates the long hours home alone. On this particular night she has tried to reach him at his office numerous times but all she can get is a busy signal. As the clock slowly winds toward 11:00 pm, she grows more and more agitated wondering what could be keeping him.She finally calls the operator to see if they can get through to her husband’s office, and at first it seems that they have been successful. But it only takes a moment for Mrs. Stevenson to realize that, rather than reaching her husband, she has been tapped into someone else’s telephone call: she can hear them, but they can’t hear her.Mrs. Stevenson fearfully listens as the two men plan a murder for 11:15 that very night. No names are mentioned, but the intended victim is apparently a woman who is supposed to be home alone, in a house near a train bridge, on a street where the patrolman steps into the diner for a cup of coffee at just past 11:00 each night. With growing horror, Mrs. Stevenson realizes that she fits that description perfectly. It’s nearly 11:15 now; there isn’t much time to act, and how will she ever convince anyone that she is in danger?Lucille Fletcher’s Sorry, Wrong Number first aired on the Suspense radio program in 1943. It was adapted for television in 1946, and adapted for the big screen in 1948. This audio version, performed by L A Theatre Works, is short (only 22 minutes) but wow does it pack a punch!Susan Sullivan’s portrayal of Mrs. Stevenson was brilliant. The tension begins to build right from the start as we find an invalid lady home alone late in the evening trying to reach her husband on the phone but getting only busy signals. It cranks up another notch when she overhears the murder plot and from there it just never stops. As Mrs. Stevenson gradually pieces together what’s happening, and her mood becomes more and more frantic (again, a brilliant job by Sullivan), the suspense builds and builds to a shattering conclusion. It’s a good thing this production is only 22 minutes long because I don’t think my heart could have taken much more.The full cast includes Susan Sullivan as Mrs. Stevenson, alongside the voices of Pamela Dunlap, Sam McMurray, Andre Sogliuzzo, Kate Steele and Sarah Zimmerman. Much like the original radio drama, this production of Sorry, Wrong Number is primarily a one-woman show with Mrs. Stevenson talking with various people on her bedside phone. All in all, it’s a very well produced, and acted, bit of drama.Steven Brandt @ Audiobook-Heaven

  • Smudgedink7
    2018-12-04 13:32

    This is horror done right. It's a short suspenseful play that left me with an eerie feeling. Listening to the audio production makes it all the more chilling.Mrs. Stevenson manages to be a fragile, terrified woman except when she is being haughty with those she seeks help from. Following protocol, the operators and police alike, listen to her without attempts to investigate her claims. Though I expected the ending, it stunned me all the same. I wanted someone to take her seriously and since no one did, the inevitable happened. It leaves the reader wondering how often do real emergencies go unanswered because the evidence is difficult to prove.I am curious why her husband had her killed. It doesn't matter to the story but I am curious.

  • Julian Munds
    2018-12-09 15:40

    Agnes Moorhead was in the original. She would have been so good in this part. With editing, as this script is very much reliant on radio staging. This could be a good if a bit stagey. I feel like if paired down from standard staging into a more experiential production for the audience... there's something here. The fight with the bureaucracy of communication, the inactivity of the law, and the darkness makes this a neat play.

  • Jason Kane
    2018-12-04 11:58

    This is a perfect example of the volatile nature of drama. I imagine "Sorry Wrong Number" was quite tense in its day. I also imagine that it is a story most deserving of being performed and not simply read in script form. The problem is that the tension and originality have worn away over the years. This story remains worthy of accolades in a nostalgic sense, but the predictability and nonsensical hubris of the Mrs. Stevenson leave a reader wondering what this story could be with some more moving parts.What I found most interesting was its novel use of the (relatively) new invention of the telephone and operator service. A play so suffocated by the passive treatment of the voices on the other line as an invalid woman is growing more and more hysterical is quite an intriguing idea. The paradox of something both so connective and so isolating is not without its charm. The concept is still pretty relevant actually. With technical advances, the conflict of Sorry Wrong Number has evolved into cinematic thrillers like Scream, Taken, and Unfriended. Still, much more could have been and has been done with this concept. Kudos to Fletcher to being a pioneer, but this play is most certainly a starting point and not an ending point for the genre.

  • Thabata
    2018-12-12 11:59

    If anything, this story will probably drive the reader insane. And not in the scary manner one would wish(?) for. The nightmare of a telephone operator who won’t help nor comply or even understand nay, listen in one end of the line and a woman in complete hysterics, speaking and crying and wining non-stop. In a number dialed wrong, an invalid woman overhears two men plotting a murder and her mind goes in a complete downward spiral. Without her husband, unable to get out of bed and having the telephone as her only way to communicate with the outside world, she convinces herself that the man were planning on murdering her. She becomes paranoid and the reader, if not convinced by this point, knows for sure the woman has gone insane. Ignoring how very much insufferable she is, the development of the story is ironic, but does not make amends to the terrible time one has with it.

  • J.V. Seem
    2018-12-12 12:36

    A most exellent crime radio play.A invalid woman is home alone, and accidentally overhears two men plotting murder. Gradually, she realizes the lady they're murdering is herself.This is a wonderful play, where a gruesome end creeps slowly but surely nearer. Short, but most satisfying. Chilling.

  • Shannon Dyce
    2018-11-22 11:39

    Production was pretty good. Simple predictable story. I would recommend fast forwarding 30 seconds from the very beginning of the audio. Its hard to believe, but they give a quick summary of the story at the very beginning and they give away the ending!

  • Elizabeth McIlwain
    2018-11-28 09:56

    Very suspenseful. Read it as a class; we all acted out the parts.

  • Varun
    2018-11-18 10:42

    when u reading dis book blv me u jst 4gt everything

  • Stephanie
    2018-11-26 16:43

    This a favorite classic. This version was as well done as the classic radio program performed by Barbara Stanwick.

  • tomwrote
    2018-11-21 08:53

    Old fashioned but in the good way.  Creaks a little but still has some efficiently written chills. 

  • Smita
    2018-12-13 09:58

    Fletcher has a knack for delving into the psyche & exploring human fears.

  • Akilah
    2018-12-02 14:32

    Totally engrossing and really kind of terrifying.

  • Ally
    2018-11-30 11:35

    Saw the ending coming from a mile away. Like, the first page. So it was good. But I felt like it could've been amazing. That twist would've been awesome but I ruined it. Guess I'm too good. ;)

  • Joshua Flores
    2018-12-02 11:41