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James "Jimmy" Martin IV should never have been released from the mental institution. But thanks to incredible wealth and a devoted twin sister, that's just what happens. Once a gifted cellist who wowed audiences at Carnegie Hall, Jimmy is now confined to his Gramercy Park mansion. Surrounded by memories of his sadistic parents, the dangerous sociopath is now free to act onJames "Jimmy" Martin IV should never have been released from the mental institution. But thanks to incredible wealth and a devoted twin sister, that's just what happens. Once a gifted cellist who wowed audiences at Carnegie Hall, Jimmy is now confined to his Gramercy Park mansion. Surrounded by memories of his sadistic parents, the dangerous sociopath is now free to act on every dark impulse – even if it means kidnapping the beautiful Dr. Barret Conyors.When Dr. Conyors realizes she's the target of Jimmy's twisted love, it's too late. The forensic psychiatrist finds herself at the mercy of a cunning madman, his ruthless sister, and their wicked plan to produce an heir.This gripping psychological thriller takes you inside the mind of the criminally insane, as well as the compelling world of forensic psychiatry....

Title : The Prodigy: A Novel of Suspense
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ISBN : 9780738710396
Format Type : Paperback
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The Prodigy: A Novel of Suspense Reviews

  • Annalisa
    2018-12-04 14:07

    This sort of modern fiction is not usually the type of book I read (alright I read plenty of it so maybe I should clarify that it's not the type of book I love) so I'm not sure what possessed me to pull this off the new material table at the library. It was probably the allure of music combined with a psychopath and at least in the psychology department, the author delivered. As a expert in psychology, his expertise and insights bled into the story so I enjoyed the profiling and analysis.But the characters annoyed me as modern-day fiction always does. I found them shallow and could have done without the pervasive use of the f word. I skimmed through the book before I committed to the read and told myself if I saw one I would not check it out because it was probably filled with them. It must have been a lucky skim. There were a few times in the first half of the book when I considered closing the novel and returning it unfinished. The shallow characters just weren't pulling me in the way I like in a novel. Surprising that the child abuse and other misdeeds by the mentally disturbed didn't bother me as much but the language, but it was the crude and violent use of the term that disturbed me. The abuse is disturbing, but maybe since most of it came later in the story when I was finally interested it didn't bother me as much. I'm not being fair. I can't hold it against the author that I find little to sympathize with in this genre. I found the main character well written, particularly as a female protagonist written from a male author. And the villain was complex and creepy too. However when he would flip from monster to victim, I had trouble shifting with the main character's sympathy, which is probably a side effect of the intensity of bitterness I felt to his manipulation. The conflict is intense and page-turning at a few chapters.But here it is less than 24 hours after closing the book and I can't even remember the main character's name. And had I read this book pre-goodreads, it would soon be lost in the dozen or so other books floating around my head with snippets of character and plot without enough definition to remember a title or theme. It just wasn't strong enough to leave a lasting impression, but I'm at a loss to describe exactly what could make it stick. I can't exactly call it a light read with the heavy material, but certainly not anything I expected to gain something from. But for this modern mystery genre it certainly was better than many I have read but it wasn't anything I loved. But if you do like this genre, put this one on your list.To give a brief synopsis: it's about a profile psychiatrist who works for a state mental facility evaluating patients who avoided trial or imprisonment by reason of insanity. I learned a lot about psychological evaluation from the novel that I found enlightening. This main character (what was her name?!) gets a millionaire patient (Jim I do remember his name) who used his fortune to bribe his way into house arrest where he could practice his cello, his one passion and extreme talent in life. As psychiatrist X evaluates the patient she discovers that not only is he much sicker than he's been given credit for, part of that mental distortion is an obsession with her. She has to figure out a way to get him reincarcerated despite his bribing money and manipulation before he hurts anyone (most in danger is herself and anyone she knows).

  • Cheryl
    2018-12-11 14:07

    James Martin IV was a former child prodigy and talented cellist. He is a resident of an institution for the criminally insane. James was convicted of stalking a female musician and murdering her. Now from the power of money he is released. James is requesting that Dr. Barrett Conyers treat him as her patient. James is not the typical patient Dr. Conyers would take on but there is just something about James that draws her to him. James may be considered a sociopath but there is more than meets the eye with this cellist. James is gearing up for his final duet with... Dr Barrett Conyers.The Prodigy is one of those books that once you start it you can't stop reading it till the end. I enjoyed the twists The Prodigy brought. It has suspense, drama and intrigue. James had a very unique personality about him. He may be a sociopath but he is nothing like you have ever meet before. If you are ready to dive into the depths of a thriller that will leave you begging for more than check out The Prodigy by Charles Atkins. You will not regret it other than maybe asking yourself why didn't I know about this book sooner. Well don't worry as you still have time to read The Prodigy before Charles Atkins next book Ashes, Ashes comes out. I know I can't wait to see what else Charles Atkins comes up with in Ashes, Ashes.

  • Etienne
    2018-12-02 15:47

    Pas parfait et par moment une intrigue peu originale, mais ce livre demeure tout demême un premier roman assez réussi. La fin est une réussite complète, puisqu'elle nous tient en haleine et nous donne le goût de sauter à pieds joints dans la suite des aventures du personnages principales. Pour le reste, intrigue, personnage, rythme, tout est bien, sans erreur majeure, mais on sent parfois des glissements vers des paterns et des schémas classiques et un peu faciles, des détials ici et là qui son pardonnable pour un premier roman, mais qui j'espère seront rehaussés, tout comme le style d'écriture, dans un prochain livre. Sinon, un des points forts, le côté psychiatrique bien mis en place et crédible, sans aucun doute dû au bagage professionnel de l'auteur dans ce domaine. Bref, un bon roman, sans éclat mais divertissant, et un auteur prometteur sur lequel je garderai un oeil!

  • Suzhanna
    2018-12-11 13:04

    This is a book filled with many surprises. The reader follows a complex story of a determined forensic psychiatrist and a mentally ill psychopath. There is a story within a story as the reader turns each page.The novel takes the reader into the mind of both the psychiatirst and the "patient" and is rich with dialogue and intigue. Chilling.

  • Kelly Krajewski
    2018-12-08 14:01

    I met this author because my boyfriend worked with him, so that's the only reason I even knew it existed. But I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to read and how quickly it grabbed my attention. I truly enjoyed this book, so much that halfway through I was already searching for the second one in the series.

  • Carolane Vallée
    2018-12-09 15:06

    Well, It was a book who brought me to.. another world. I was afraid, but I got in the story very fast. I ate that book. This book is a real Novel of Suspense, without any doubt.I love it, so I gave it a four.

  • Melina Karn
    2018-12-16 12:12

    While it was a little bit predictable, this book was very well written. It was suspenseful, exciting, and I couldn't put it down, even though I had already worked out what was happening. Highly recommended =)

  • Donna Doyle
    2018-12-08 16:04

    Could not put this book down!!

  • Pascale
    2018-12-09 16:05

  • Melissa
    2018-11-22 13:55

    It took a while to get into but it really picked up pace and was very good.

  • E
    2018-12-03 10:51

    Good Book, Crappy ending, but it hints to a sequel, I may still be interested to see who's baby it is.

  • Christianne
    2018-12-04 13:05

    This book left me with a total cliffhanger....was so mad at the author...but then I found the next installment at the library. So he is forgiven as long as the cliffhanger item is revealed.

  • Karen
    2018-11-17 18:08

    Titillated the psych major in me. Suspenseful, although a bit predictable and the end. Good page-turner nonetheless.