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Title : The Poems of Adelaide A. Procter
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ISBN : 2752375
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The Poems of Adelaide A. Procter Reviews

  • Becky
    2019-02-27 23:25

    Saint Jerome thought that the Bible was written in both a vulgar manner and tongue. He was a learned man who loved the stylistic manner of Latin, its words, its sounds. He loved the complexity of Greek thought and verse. If you compare those with the simplistic (but still meaningful) verses in psalms, it’s easy to see why he thought it was barbaric. Still, feeling that this was another way for Satan to tempt him from reading the Bible, he swore off all worldly works of literature.Proctor’s poetry could easily and happily replace Song of Solomon or Psalms. I’m not a religious person, spiritual yes, but I don’t believe in Church. Still, I find such beauty and solace in her poetry, it evokes the loving heart, its lessons are good, and its presentation flawless.This book contains some of the most comforting poems and images regarding Death, and I can only imagine that during the Industrial Revolution when the death of the young was much more frequent, or of mother’s in childbirth, that her poetry lent some amount of commiseration to those in need. Take for instance, this stanza“He will give back what neither time, nor might,Nor passionate prayer, nor longing hope restore.(Dear as to long blind eyes recovered sight,)He will give back those who are gone before.”Beautiful and succinct, a whole poem talking about the Angel of Death. It is not creepy, it is not foreboding, as I find so many sermons about Heaven, it is simply soothing and reassuring.Other poems like The Angel and the Sailor Boy, literally moved me to tears. Consider for a moment how forceful a poem is, how thoroughly it must touch the soul, that after more than a hundred years it can still evoke a powerful physical reaction. I had a weight in my chest, a terrible lump in my throat, and tears trickling down my cheeks- and just a few words did that.Proctor’s poetry books are likely to be the kind that I continue to revisit over the years. The stanzas roll easily off of the tongue, the rhyming scheme simple- considering Tennyson was her contemporary, but they do not bore, and her imagery is evocative. Simply beautiful, always.

  • Chuck D
    2019-03-07 22:21

    This was my very first "collectible" book I bought. 24k gold lined pages, and ornate cover. It was also a good book of poems, but its more sentimental than anything

  • Leisl
    2019-03-19 03:38

    Lyrical and visual.