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Lawyer Foster Cobb prosecutes the mysterious Dr. Au, the West Coast's primary drug trafficker. But Cobb-under pressure of a failing practice and a disintegrating marriage-has himself taken up a long-abandoned heroin habit. With a racing plot and dramatic flip-flops, this literary page-turner takes the reader into the seedy underground of crooked cops, drug lords, and a supLawyer Foster Cobb prosecutes the mysterious Dr. Au, the West Coast's primary drug trafficker. But Cobb-under pressure of a failing practice and a disintegrating marriage-has himself taken up a long-abandoned heroin habit. With a racing plot and dramatic flip-flops, this literary page-turner takes the reader into the seedy underground of crooked cops, drug lords, and a supercharged courtroom scene.Author Biography: William Deverell practiced law for 15 years before taking up writing full-time. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia....

Title : Needles
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Needles Reviews

  • Trish
    2019-03-24 05:00

    Needles, by William Deverell Audiobook review by Trish BrickerNeedles in audio format is an auditory and literary treasure. I mark it as such for its masterful compilation of acerbic and witty narration, clean, quick and gripping storyline, and subtle yet enhancing sound effects such as gun shots and train whistles. The story artfully winds its main characters together in a web of drugs and violence. Each of these factors put me, as the listener, right in the middle of the grimy 1970’s era Canadian province.Needles is a 70’s era mystery/thriller book set in an Asian province of Canada. Pitted in a cat and mouse chase involving drugs, sex, and some unique asian alternative medicine are Dr. Au, drug dealer; Foster Cobb, the prosecuter himself addicted to heroin; and PI Everett Cutlipp, branching both worlds of the drug trafficking and policing. Dr. Au, narrated authentically by Steve Scherf, is a cunning, powerful Asian doctor-healer who seems to get away with murder and drug trade with no effort. Foster Cobb is also narrated by Steve Scherf and Mr. Scherf seamlessly voices Cobb as a weak yet symphathic hard-working flawed man. Mr. Scherf again colors the story voicing Everett Cutliff so well that I can almost picture his unkempt, overweight self and sleazy appearance.

  • MissSusie
    2019-03-13 22:41

    Needles by William Deverell Narrated by Steve Scherf, Maggie ScherfI received this from the Narrator/Producer Steve Scherf for a fair and honest review.Without looking at the original publication date of this book I could tell it was from the 70’s it definitely has a 70’s Noir feel to it. This is a good courtroom drama (and much more) with a very flawed, heroin addicted lawyer as our main character Foster Cobb. There is a lot going on in this book and it all centers around Cobb who has been trying to put away Dr. Au who is a scary twisted man and is going to make sure he doesn’t go to prison no matter who he has to intimidate, kill or make disappear, including Cobb.As I said this book has a 70’s vibe going on, and in some ways reminded me of Ed McBain’s writing, very dark and gritty and life ain’t easy especially when your strung out on heroin and fighting for your life as the person you are prosecuting is trying to kill you and you have more troubles than just those. Even though this describes Cobb you still can’t help but root for him even if he is strung out and not always a good guy you still want him to survive.I would probably read more by this author as the writing is good. If you like gritty crime/lawyer books I’d give this one a try.This is a performance audiobook all female characters done by a female and all male by a male, also there is a lot of music and a lot of background noises ie: gunshots, crowd noises and such. When I see more than one narrator I always assume that it will be a certain character per narrator but this one is done differently with all female by Maggie Scherf and all male by Steve Scherf which is different so is taking me a little to get used to. Also there is a lot of music that could really just not be there, I know this is an annoyance for a lot of people. Also traffic sounds were very unnecessary. However Steve Scherf has an impressive arsenal of different voices and dialects so not sure why the female narrator was added he is great at so many different voices that I am so curious if he isn’t comfortable doing female voices? Is he bad at them? Which, I honestly can’t imagine because all his different voices are pretty darn impressive. I am also not sure what I think of Maggie’s voice I don’t know if it’s her voice I don’t like or the format of the audiobook, when the female voice pops in it kind of takes me out of the story and am really confused as to why it was added in the first place.3 Stars-book4 stars-Steve Scherf’s narrationSo 3 1/2 Overall

  • Marc Leroux
    2019-02-28 00:03

    This is a review of the audiobook version of Needles. This is the first book that William Deverell published, and it has just been re-released in audio format on’ve been meaning to try a Deverell book for a couple of years. I’m always on the lookout for new Canadian authors to try, and Deverell was highly recommended by a good friend. I decided to give “Needles” a try, and I am extremely happy that I did. I will be picking up more of his books.“Needles” is a legal thriller that takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia. Foster Cobb is a former prosecutor, trying to start up his own law firm. In his youth he overcame heroin addiction, put himself through law school, passed the bar, became a successful prosecutor and married the ski-instructor daughter of a high profile lawyer. Now, with his marriage failing, and without enough clients to sustain his practice, he again finds himself turning to, and once again becoming addicted to heroin. His best friend, currently chief prosecutor, throws a case his way: prosecuting Dr. Au, well known as the head of the Chinese drug trade in Vancouver, but someone that the government has never been able to convict. Witnesses tend to recant their stories, or disappear, whenever Au is brought to trial. Cobb needs the money, and takes the job.“Needles” is a story that takes place in the courtrooms and back alleys of Vancouver. It is well written (I was very surprised to find it was Deverell’s first novel), fast paced and action filled. It’s full of plot twists and has its share of gritty back-room violence, corruption and action. The characters feel real; Cobb knows that he shouldn’t be on heroin, but you can feel his helplessness to the addiction, and his guilt/relief when he takes a hit. Overall this was a great book. I’d highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys legal-thrillers.The audiobook was read by Steve and Maggie Scherf, and they did an amazing job. I listen to audiobooks in the car, and the narrators made it so easy to keep track of what characters were speaking. It was quite amazing to listen to the different characters in their distinctive voices. In many audiobooks it is quite obvious that there is one person reading, with very slight differences in tone to indicate different characters. In this book it was difficult to believe that all the characters were coming from these two narrators; the voice was very different, and very believable in terms of the character being portrayed.Five stars for the book.Five stars for the narration.

  • Riali Johannesson
    2019-03-10 04:40

    I've seen this book around for most of my life, and have very much enjoyed some of Deverell's more recent work, but I just picked up my own copy this week. What a book! Deverell does the literary equivalent of chewing up the scenery in this crime/cop/courtroom thriller, set in the dark and grit of the Asian-Vancouver heroin business scene in the late seventies. The protagonist is a heroin-addicted former Crown whose first file is to act as Special Prosecutor in a case involving some pretty serious organized crime dudes. The opening scene of graphic torture almost hurt as it reeled me with the precisely-wielded instruments of "Dr." Pang Au. Five stars for being one of the best in this genre.

  • Steve
    2019-03-12 06:48

    Quick read with a few twists and turns and a fun ending.