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2 In 1 Limited Time Offer! Get A FREE Shifter Romance Book Inside! Devastatingly Sexy Billionaire Dragon Shifter+ BBW+ An Auction That Changes It All=Wild & Passionate Shifter Romance! Young, gorgeous and skilled in a field where everything is based on the speculative eye of the beholder, Adelaide Frasier is one talented painter who believes in living life to the fulle2 In 1 Limited Time Offer! Get A FREE Shifter Romance Book Inside! Devastatingly Sexy Billionaire Dragon Shifter+ BBW+ An Auction That Changes It All=Wild & Passionate Shifter Romance! Young, gorgeous and skilled in a field where everything is based on the speculative eye of the beholder, Adelaide Frasier is one talented painter who believes in living life to the fullest. Yet, when her bestie encourages her to sign up for an auction, the curvy beauty least expects any attention or interest from the city’s richest men attending the event. But, little does Adelaide know that this overrated event may in fact come as a blessing in disguise… Seductively handsome and dangerously sexy, James Weston is one of New York’s most successful men under 30 and the last person to bid on any woman tonight. Until, his inner beast sets eyes on this feisty, shy woman on stage… Oh, the naïve human has no clue what really makes this billionaire the hot guy he is… Sure, James Weston is a hottie. But on top of that, he is a fire-breathing dragon with a core as hot as molten lava! No matter how hard his human side tries to calm the inner beast, the aroused dragon will stop at nothing to mark its mate, especially when her scent is driving James wilder than ever… Now, it’s just a matter of time before a curvy woman finds out what it really means to be auctioned to a wild, sexy billionaire dragon! Reader Note: This content contains hot romance with some scorching sex scenes and adult language. Only for adult eyes! ...

Title : Auctioned To The Dragon
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ISBN : 27558310
Format Type : Kindle Edition
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Auctioned To The Dragon Reviews

  • Katrina
    2018-12-06 12:53

    Please note that this is not a single title but 2 in 1, and Auctioned to the Dragon title takes less than half of the volume.Please also note that this review contains quotations of the text exactly as it appeared in the book.Actual Auctioned to the Dragon book finishes at 43% of the download - and thank goodness for small mercies. The blurb promised a light-hearted, cute storyline, however what was delivered was poorly written, poorly structured, poorly developed story with ridiculous characters, cheesiest dialogs, unsexiest sex scenes and the most asinine ending I have encountered in a while. As I was getting deeper in to the book, I came to the conclusion that this book must have been written in language other than English, translated with Google translator and then published without editing or any human interference – how else could you explain it’s bizarre word-use and phraseology ? Surely, no self-respecting writer would write something like this deliberately and no editor, however incompetent would allow it to get through, so it must have been a purely automated translation/ download. Am I being too harsh? Well, below you will find some examples of what led me to that conclusion so, without further ado, gentle reader, judge for yourself:“He unhooked the bra slowly with ease, latch by latch, teasing the moment her chest would drop and he would pull of her shirt”“His actions were slow and matriculated “ “They held hands as he made out with her vagina”“He watched as she placed tiny, loving kisses down his meat”“She was feeling the wetness flow out of her like a waterfall. He had the physique of an Olympian and the stamina of a horse”“She bounced freely, allowing her chest to fly in his face” “She pushed her hips against his swollen center and moaned into his mouth as he pushed up and did the same”“The sweat from his chest pressed on to hers” “Talking isn’t the only talent I have with my mouth – Adie seduced him”“He watched her lick the head and press him between her chest” As I have mentioned, these are just some examples.Needless to say, I am not in a hurry to continue reading the next story in this particular download, so while I did finish Auctioned to the Dragon, hence the rating, technically speaking, the entire book was DNF at 43%.

  • Emma Jaye
    2018-12-03 15:53

    I was all ready to give this a 3 star when I found out how many books this author had written. Around 30 published in one year. Odd? I certainly think so. By this stage in a writing career, an author should know how to punctuate dialogue, that 12+ sentences in a row starting with he or she and POV shifts in adjacent sentences are off-putting.The story is a run of the mill romance, with an artist falling for a billionaire who bids on her in a chariy auction. The dragon part is virtually ignored for the whole of the book, until near the end when he gets cranky and shifts. He has long black teeth and wings, that's about all we find out. No mention of colour, what happens to his clothes etc.I like paranormal, but this reads like a normal contemporary romance with 'dragon' tacked on the end to get in the same genre as the author's other books. I'm not tempted to read any more.I don't give one stars unless I am personally offended by the content.

  • Sharon 📚Bookaholic
    2018-12-13 11:57

    This was really 2 books in 1 therefore the main book was a shorter story. I didn't feel the connection of the characters in this book like I normally like. It was not a story that kept me on my toes waiting for what was going to happen next. I could have done with out reading it.

  • Candy Ann Varty
    2018-11-25 15:07

    It wasn't bad, but expected more and could of done with half of a Vampire book in it, So half the book was Dragon and the other half was all Vampires

    2018-12-03 13:10

    If you like sweet guys this is the book for youRich guy who has a secret and a curvy woman he wants to share it with. He is loving, caring, and insecure. She is sharp witted and sassy. I think the writer has talent, but the way her males are depicted just doesn't do it for me. Happy reading.

  • Donna Hokanson
    2018-11-23 13:13

    Cute storyIt's a short and entertaining self-contained story. It's a out a artist who seems larger than life in her personality and a successful business man who's also a dragon shifter. The man is cold and unyielding to all until he meets her and then his fire starts to rage.Cute story, I personally wish it had an additional epilogue.

  • blueisla23
    2018-12-05 17:47

    This is the first story in the Wild Shifters series. This was cute story where the main female character is allegedly shy so enters an auction, except throughout the story she is not shy at all. Still a cute entertaining read of artist meets dragon billionaire.

  • E.A. Turley
    2018-12-02 14:49

    Auctioned To The Dragon BBW Dragon Shifter Romance Standalone (Wild Shifters Book 1)by Ashley Hunter.Adelaide Frasier has decided to be part of a charity bachelorette auction to try and help cure her of stage fright. She's an artist who gets very shy when she has to talk to customers, both private and consumer. One of her primary consumer customers is Weston Corporations who have a copy of one of her paintings in every one of their hotel's rooms along with another landscape piece in each suite.James Weston, the CEO of the company, has gone to each of the auctions but has rarely bid on any girl.As soon as he sees Adelaide, he places the high bid on her and takes her out for the night. Over dinner, he's so captivated by her that all he wants to do is see her again. Her personality and charm are gradually changing him from being the stern, staid man he usually is to a more fun-loving one. However, not everyone likes the change happening in him! His personal assistant, Rachel, wants to know why he's acting like this and why he's never been this nice to her, and so, she sets out on a bit of a spy mission to find out the reason behind his change. But, James has a dark secret that no one knows. His family are Dragon Shifters. It's something that he needs to tell her but will he get the chance? In between Rachel's vicious media attacks on the pair of them and the secret being spilled right in front of her eyes, Adelaide's head is all over the place! Will the soul mates get it together and sort things out? Or are they going to be living the rest of their lives with broken hearts?The storyline wasn't bad although I've marked it down two stars. One star because I could have left this and come back to it weeks left to pick up where I left off and another because of the editing and the way it was written made it very hard to tell exactly who was talking at times. So it wasn't the easiest book to follow. This book also had a preview of The Vampire's Captive and also the full story of The Sheikh Bear.

  • Cassie
    2018-12-08 14:57

    AwesomeThis book was awesome and thanks for the extra treat at the end. I really enjoyed the story between artist Adie and billionaire CEO James. I really enjoyed the chemistry between these two throughout the book. You can't help but love a Dragon-shifting handsome man. Woot woot for dragons.Thanks for the extra story between Elle the new hometown girl, now assistant and Saryn Sheikh of Dubai. At first he pretends to be a normal person and Elle is annoyed with him but also intrigued by him. Then she finds out that he is her boss. Throw a twist at the end and you have two awesome books in one.Thanks for the amazing stories. :-)

  • Fred
    2018-12-14 15:16

    Shifty shlftersThis was a good box set to read even if it took me a long time to finning as I'v been busy remodeling my house and sick not to mention trying too weight three short story's and trying to figure out how to start the shifter story which is around thirty thousand word and needs a cover and editing anyway I loved the skills it took to wright this set,thanks for a good read fred

  • Leslie
    2018-11-17 12:52

    Good but not great This story started out with a lot of potential. It quickly grabbed my attention, but, unfortunately it soon fizzled. The interaction between the characters seemed immature and forced. The storyline began to drag within a couple of chapters. I have read other books by this author that I really enjoyed, this was just not one of them.

  • anne pavlish
    2018-12-10 13:04

    FunJust a fun read. Both girls are trying to overcome a handicap of sorts. Both meet a different type of man than they are usually exposed to and fall in love. Both stories made me laugh and cry or get angry. For short stories these were well written good editing and surprisingly well done.

  • Elaine Kirby
    2018-12-01 17:01

    Wow!This book actually came with another story in it called The Sheikh Bear & that was a very good story too.The Dragon book was exciting, fast-paced, some sex scenes, had a dragon & a curvy human in it & they got along well together. She also got over the shock of seeing him as a dragon & accepted him & ... (After all this is a HEA story.

  • Pam Parker
    2018-11-25 10:50

    A very good read!I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It was a nice change from the norm when it comes to jaded alpha men. I was highly entertained. My book buddies going to love this story.

  • lorana Mossi
    2018-11-17 12:17

    Different, very Little shifting, more a weak love storyI kept waiting for the shifting characters which doesn't happen until the end. It's like a devil wears Prada, but very weak. It has it's moments, I kept waiting and reading... It's just going to get an ok read from me.

  • Sherry Vitaniemi
    2018-11-27 09:47

    HimselfElle has no clue what she got herself into. But she will soon find out. Zayn is not your average guy. He is whole more. But then again it just makes her love him more when she finds out the truth.

  • Treasamelton
    2018-12-06 14:56

    I very much liked the book it might have some writing flaws but if you can't get it from how's it's written then maybe you should go on to other books yes it had its flaws but I thought it was a very touching book will read more of her books anything about dragons I'm game

  • Sandy Digger
    2018-11-16 10:17

    DisappointingThe underlying story has promise but the writing style was inexperienced and didn't flow as well as it could have. It started out good but the ending was not well developed and could have been better.

  • Jo Smith
    2018-12-07 15:01

    This was a billionaire/shifter romance. The stern aloof business man & the free-spirited artist, make a very sexy duo and tell a good story. The book is about 50% of the total shown on kindle. It was sexy and fast paced.

  • Maria
    2018-11-22 15:02

    2 1/2 Stars - It was hard for me to get into this story. It just did not flow well for me. The concept was promising. We have James Weston who is a Dragon Shifter and then we have Adelaide Fraiser who is an artist. He bids on her at an auction.

  • Kelly
    2018-12-06 12:02

    Did Not FinishBetween the blatant lack of editing and the poor writing style, I just couldn't finish this. I skimmed parts to see if it got better and found that it didn't. I would encourage the author to edit the book more thoroughly.

  • Natalie
    2018-11-28 14:49

    Romance: Auctioned To The DragonI loved these two books. I was scared for a minute when he took Elle from her bed, a bit confused even. Didn't see the twin brother angle, but it was well written. Loved them all and I definitely recommend reading.

  • Elaine
    2018-12-10 12:14

    Not really much about shifters and not even a good romance. It felt a bit one dimensional. No real empathy with the main characters.

  • Catherine Montgomery
    2018-11-27 14:59

    VERY GOOD READ!A very good read with several interesting twists that keep you wondering. I thoroughly enjoyed the snappy wit and attitude of the secretaries character.

  • Jocelyn
    2018-11-23 13:49

    The story ended at 50% through!! Not bad but not stellar... might consider reading the next book previewed.

  • Kattz
    2018-12-06 13:17

    Good storiesThis book contains two stories. They both are well written and the characters are well developed. I'm looking forward to reading the next book.

  • Sonia
    2018-12-15 13:02

    First book i have read by this author. Dragon shifter meets human lady. I really couldn't get into this book but i read till end.

  • Michele bookloverforever
    2018-11-28 15:51

    lots of sex, jealous women

  • Nancy Mc Donald
    2018-11-22 16:15

    Thoroughly enjoyable longer short read. Keeps your attention so you cant stop reading until the book is finished....

  • wendy lancto
    2018-12-14 14:01

    GreatGreat book. I just love the dragon shifters books. They are always hot and so full of detail. Great story line.