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Marley Craw is dead. Dead as a deadbolt DEAD. But death is only the beginning for our deceased heroine. When it comes to the afterlife, Marley's fate is unclear. Having lived a good-but-not-GREAT, selfish-but-not-WICKED life, Marley's landed herself on the UNDECLARED list. Now, this before-her-prime beauty will spend her nether-days under the watchful eye of two grim reapeMarley Craw is dead. Dead as a deadbolt DEAD. But death is only the beginning for our deceased heroine. When it comes to the afterlife, Marley's fate is unclear. Having lived a good-but-not-GREAT, selfish-but-not-WICKED life, Marley's landed herself on the UNDECLARED list. Now, this before-her-prime beauty will spend her nether-days under the watchful eye of two grim reapers. And the reapers? They're hot as Hell. Two sexy reapers, one unfortunate ghost, and enough heat to wake the dead. WHO will win Marley's SOUL?...

Title : The Death and Romancing of Marley Craw
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The Death and Romancing of Marley Craw Reviews

  • Paige Green
    2019-04-09 08:33

    Rating: 3.5/5Genre: YA FantasyPages: 223AmazonAuthorI was provided a free copy of this book by the author! All opinions are my own.Marley Craw is dead. Dead as a deadbolt DEAD. But death is only the beginning for our deceased heroine. When it comes to the afterlife, Marley’s fate is unclear. Having lived a good-but-not-GREAT, selfish-but-not-WICKED life, Marley’s landed herself on the UNDECLARED list. Now, this before-her-prime beauty will spend her nether-days under the watchful eye of two grim reapers. And the reapers? They’re hot as Hell. Two sexy reapers, one unfortunate ghost, and enough heat to wake the dead. WHO will win Marley’s SOUL? - Amazon.comI want to start this review by saying that this book was outside of my normal realm of reading. I have been burned by many angel/devil/afterlife tales like Hush Hush, The Lovely Bones, and Firstlife and so I was very hesitant to read this book. But Brindi Quinn wrote this book and she's one of my faves so I gave it a try. I will say that the first half of the book I was not feeling it. It focused a lot on the love triangle and ever since Firstlife by Gena Showalter I have hated love triangles. But I kept with it and it got a ton better in the second half of the book. Marley was not a lovestruck girl anymore, she had amazing character development in the second half of the novel and I felt for her. I can't really say anyone else had character development, but Marley... omg my heart broke for her. I felt the pacing of the book was also really good and the writing was excellent. While this book wasn't my favorite by Brindi I can't fault her on her writing. The book is wrote from the inner monologue of Marley and her writing is how a 17 year old girl would talk. However, I did feel that while this book was good it could have been better. I think this book really could benefit from a prologue from the viewpoint of Pine and/or Minx to explain more about the rules of this universe and I think there could have been more of Beck in the novel as well. He seemed to just be a plot device and I don't really like plot device only characters lol. I only say that the book needed a prologue because I spent the whole first half of the novel very frustrated with the book. It felt like a typical love triangle book and I know Brindi does better than that. What saved the book was the explantion of the rules, Marley's backstory, etc. and I think that if we had that before the second half of the novel I would have liked it more. Verdict: Overall, it's a decent story, I've just been burned by one too many love triangle books. If you like afterworld books this book is for you and it's a very sexy tale, but it didn't light up any fires for me unfortunately. Brindi has other amazing books if you don't think you'd be a fan of this one though that you should totally check out. Here's the review links for Zillow Stone and Lightborne to highlight the other two I've read and reviewed.

  • Taylor
    2019-04-05 08:13

    I received this copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. So you ALL know that I am HUGE fan of brindi Quinn's work...... well this is ANOTHER FAVORITE!!!! POOR Marley had a bit of bad luck, but her luck definitely turns around AFTER she dies. Now usually I am not a fan of love triangles but dang it, this girls NEEDS the attention after all of the crap she has been through! You need to pick up this book and read it! Right now......🙂.....shoo now, off to Amazon you go!

  • Sarah
    2019-04-01 04:33

    Thanks for a copy for review brindi I very much loved this one! Marley is dead and has been assigned 2 reapers to decide what happens next. Minx is fun and cuddly and pine is serious but adventure seeking.. Both are super hot! This book was so fun to read and I loved the narration from Marley's point of view. This book kept me guessing on what was happening and every time I thought I figured it out brindi threw me off the path and onto another! I jumped ship between minx and pine so many times I lost count but it was so good traveling on this journey with Marley. The whole story flowed well and was interesting the whole way throughYet again another job well done by brindi Quinn!

  • Samah Rifla
    2019-04-09 01:13

    I bloody love Marley! She's funny, clumsy and feels relatable. She speaks her mind and isn't ashamed to show her true feelings about anything. Also, she seemed to jump from one thought to another in a funny way and I found myself relating to that. The book was intended to be a light read but I was so lazy to finish it. Totally recommend it to anyone who loves the after-life.

  • Anupama C K(b0rn_2_read)
    2019-04-17 09:15

    The protoganist of the book is Marley Craw. She is 17 when she meets with her untimely death. The book consists of what happens after her death. An Angel Beck assigns her to two reapers, Pine and Minx as she is undeclared. They both are hot, Pine is mysterious and Minx is innocent. Marley has a hard time not falling for either of her reapers.Who will Marley choose?Where will Marley's soul go?Read to find outI didn't like this as much as the author's last two books, but it is good. It is easy to connect with Marley, and the flashes of her life are something ordinary people can relate to. You feel bad for Marley as she never got to be older than 17. Her interactions with the reapers are romantic and sexy at times. Recommended for romance readers

  • Manahil
    2019-04-06 06:21

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5/ 5 stars~ I will recommend this to everyone especially to those who are into this Paranormal Romance Genre or love afterworld books..The Author was kind enough to send me her book in exchange for an honest review. Tbh I never tried this genre before so it was the 1st novel of its kind. It got me hooked from the start. And at the end I was like HOLY. POTATO. SALAD WHAT DID I JUST READ.A story revolving around 17 year old Marley Craw who faced a tragic death. After her death, her fate is still uncertain. Having lived a good-but-not-GREAT life, She landed herself on the 'undeclared' list. Her Angel Beck gives her a time period of two weeks before the judgement day to make her realize what she really desires. He assigned her two Gorgeous Grim Reapers Pine and Minx. She is unaware that one of them is dangerous and is an unfortunate ghost. Whichever reaper, she gets attracted to and choose, will decide her fate.A great story with twist and turns. I don't know why but I've been changing my ships between Minx and Pine a lot of times😅 Plus whenever I thought I figured everything out the Author proved me wrong. The whole novel was interesting. I didn't get bore not even for once. Overall I loved this novel. Looking forward to read more of her books😊

  • Liz (Quirky Cat)
    2019-04-09 02:09

    I received a copy of The Death and Romancing of Marley Craw from Brindi Quinn in exchange for a fair and honest review. I loved the other two books I’ve read by Brindi Quinn (Lightborne and the Pursuit of Zillow Stone) so naturally I couldn’t resist the chance to read and review another one of her books! The thing I really love about all of Brindi Quinn’s books (I’ve read three now, so I feel safe saying this) is how much fun they are. Even when the subject can be really rather heavy (for example, what happens to Marley in this novel) Quinn always manages to bring things back around to a lighter tone. Her characters are light and happy, and on the whole always willing to look on the brighter side of things. In a world where there’s enough trouble building, it’s hard not to appreciate this escape for what it is.(view spoiler)[ Warnings first: (This is spoiler heavy, so beware) As the title of this book implies, Marley Craw dies. It happens literally at the beginning of the book, and it is not what I’d consider a good death (if one is willing to consider any death a good one, that is). She’s caught unawares, raped, and then murdered. Marley’s character does a pretty good job about not focusing on the details (as is Quinn, the event itself isn’t overly in depth, thankfully), but it does come up a few times later in the novel. Additionally, Marley’s character in life had tried to commit suicide at one point (again, we’re told this in the past tense, and only ‘see’ Marley as she’s recovering in the hospital), and it’s implied that her father also took his life. Again, these don’t go incredible detail, but they did still happen, and I know sometimes that’s enough to really upset some people, so please be aware of it. Obviously I knew that this book was going to have to end with Marley Craw’s death – the title made that pretty clear. Despite that I was still surprised by the manner of her death, which I know may seem silly. It’s not like there’s a happy way for a healthy seventeen year old girl to die. Still, things start off pretty heavy (again, I shouldn’t be surprised, since it starts with a death). What’s more surprising is that the novel following this even is not exceptionally heavy or depressing. Yes, it absolutely has its moments, but Marley doesn’t spend her entire afterlife (well, the two weeks we see of it) wallowing in what happened to her physical body (though I do feel like if anyone’s earned that right, it’s her). Quinn has a way of developing these wonderfully strong and quirky characters. Each one is different from any other character I’ve seen. One would think using the template of “strong” and “quirky” that there would only be so many variations before we start seeing the same characters from her, but so far that hasn’t happened. This makes me believe that Quinn spends a lot of time thinking about the characters, and how she wants them to be and grow as characters throughout the novel. I sincerely can’t get over how much thought she must put into her series. I should probably cover the actual plot a little bit, huh? As mentioned (multiple times), Marley Craw is dead. In her own words, she’s dead as a doorknob dead. Which is a pretty accurate statement, all things considered. Most (many?) people when they die already have their fate decided, but not Marley. Due to this she’s assigned two different reapers, Pine and Minx, to help her soul decide where it belongs. Now, if you’re thinking this is one of those “heaven vs. hell” stories, let me tell you how wrong you are. Yes, Marley needs to be reaped by one of the two men seeking her soul, but neither of them represents heaven or hell. Though one of them is dangerous for Marley, just not in a way you can immediately guess (which I loved). Quinn did a fantastic job of telling a story about the afterlife, without touching upon any of the tropes one would expect. It was delightfully refreshing. I imagine our preference for which reaper we like better depends much on our own experiences, much like how Marley has picked. Pine is serious, experienced, and almost feels more like a care taker, in some sense. Minx is…well he’s pretty much a puppy. All he wants to do is cuddle. Both are trying to seduce Marley into letting them reap her soul (and yes, I’m using the term seduce intentionally here; each soul requires the reapers to treat them differently, in Marley’s case she needed to be loved and wanted). If you’re anything like me, you’ll spend half the book trying to figure out which one represents which afterlife, only to find out you’ve had it all wrong from the beginning (which I actually appreciate – there’s nothing worse than reading a predictable book). Coming back to the fact that Marley is dead (we can’t really escape that fact, no more than Marley herself can); this novel will make you feel all sorts of emotions. From the way you’ll feel about the life Marley had, to the afterlife she’s currently having, it’ll all cause a reaction in you, I promise. I can’t wait to see what Brindi Quinn’s next book is like! So far I’ve loved all of them, even the ones I wasn’t expecting to (normally life after death stories aren’t my thing, but in this case it totally worked). I’ll admit that I liked the other two novels more, but considering I still greatly enjoyed this one, I’m not upset about that (which is really saying something about how great the other two are, if you ask me). If you’re looking for an author who writes expansive and immersive worlds, then Brindi Quinn is your girl.(view spoiler)[For more reviews, check out Quirky Cat's Fat Stacks (hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)]

  • ananya (thefoodandbooklife)
    2019-04-12 04:25

    Thank you Brindi Quinn for the review copy.As with other Brindi Quinn books, The Death and Romancing of Marley Craw was really fun to read and did not contain any boring bits. Quinn’s stories are always exciting and there is always a twist coming right at the end. The best part of this book was that the character of Marley Craw was so relatable. She lived her life the way all of us do, with white lies and selfishness but not downright evil.The story begins with the horrific death of our 17-year-old heroine and focuses on her judgement before she is granted access to her afterlife. Since her life was not completely pure nor completely evil, she is “Undeclared” and is given a two-week period to realize what she really desires and is assigned two reapers- Pine and Max to help her decide. Both the reapers are oh-so-gorgeous and compete with each other to entice Marley into letting them reap her soul. What she doesn’t know is just how dangerous one of them really is. What I admire about Quinn is the way she steered clear of assigning the categorical ‘heaven and hell’ roles to the reapers and lets the readers fill in the blanks when it comes to details of the underworld.I adore Quinn's style of writing. She offers great first-person point of view and her protagonists are quirky, funny and smart. Marley too is a similar heroine and even though she is dead, dead as a deadbolt dead, and her death was brutal, she does not wallow in self-pity. I admire her for the way that she moves forward and focuses on the task at hand. I’m used to Quinn’s female characters being very strong and commanding and felt that Marley could use some of that forcefulness. However, given her situation and her complete unawareness of the rules of the ‘game’, she can be forgiven for being easily swayed by both Pine and Minx.I was glad that Marley made a decision based on her preferences but I felt that the ending did not provide closure for the readers. I would love to read a sequel to know how Marley handles the later part of her afterlife.

  • Nicole
    2019-04-13 04:30

    Recommend for: Lovers of the supernatural and romance, and who are intrigued by what awaits beyond death. Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The Death and Romancing of Marley Craw (Brindi Quinn) had probably one of the most bizarre starts to a novel that I have ever read.  Quite uniquely, it begins with the death of the protagonist, Marley Craw.  Which, as the title implies, shouldn't come as a surprise but it sure is different. And if you've read my past blog entries, I love a fresh, wild ride. Anyway, Marley Craw is then faced with two sexy-as-hell reapers that lure her in to try to earn the right to reap her soul and guide her to the Afterlife.  Right from the start, the two had me conflicted with who I liked the most.  Most of all, I was intrigued to learn about the whole reaping process, and the ultimate fate of Marley. What I certainly didn't expect were the twists and turns that the plot takes you through. This isn't a simple romance novel with a love triangle- not at all! The Death and Romancing of Marley Craw is packed with mystery, supernatural intrigue, a heroine that's easy to relate to, and a fresh take on what happens after death.  So while fully ready to read a romance, the lover of the supernatural and fantastical inside me was squealing in delight at the developments. As always, Brindi has crafted a spectacular mix of genres into the story. The pace was excellent, Marley's development and story had my heart breaking apart, and Brindi's amazing writing held everything together and delivered an overall great and easy read. 

  • JagdeshwariPatil
    2019-03-26 08:05

    My Review :- The story begins with the horrific death of our 17-year-old protagonist Marley CRAW. It focuses on her judgement before she is granted access to her afterlife. Since her life was nor pure neither  evil, she is “Undeclared” and is given a two-week period to realize what she really desires and is assigned two reapers- Pine and Minx.They have to help her decide what she wants to do. Both the Reapers are Hot as Hell 😍😍😍. These Reapers compete with each other to entice Marley into letting them reap her soul and guide her to her journey in Afterlife.I was super keen on reading this book to discover how these Reapers (Minx and Pine) are competing for Marley. They want to reap and win her soul.Marley is confused from the moment she had her eyes set on these reapers. They confuse her yet she is likes them. This story is an Paranormal Romance which takes us through a journey which decides the fate of Marley Craw.The Paranormal Romance triangle isn't your every day romance. It involves a Undeclared fate of a Ghost and Two Sexy Reapers.This book as usual, just like any other books by Brindi Quinn is an Female Protagonist who has strong Characterisation. Her own Personality and Witt. Brindi has done a creative job with this one with creating such a setting that you don't want to stop reading until you know what happened to Marley Craw.Definitely read it to enjoy the Paranormal Romance and specially to enjoy Brindi's writing style.A great story that will keep you guessing until you reach the last chapter. The moment I thought I figured it out, boy I, was so wrong so it will be a great read and keep you hooked till the end. . I rate this book a solid - ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5.

  • Never & Ever Publishing
    2019-04-03 01:20

    paranormal romance, short and sexy, quirky

  • Rachie Tirazona
    2019-03-28 07:10

    I made a heartbreaking decision to finish Brindi Quinn’s book, The Death and Romancing of Marley Craw. She sent this book to me to review and I thank her for that.This book is about Marley Craw, a girl killed by a rapist. Because she is an undeclared spirit, she was assigned to two hot reapers, Minx and Pine. The two reapers had to fight for her soul.I love the author’s style of writing. Her way of doing 1st person writing is the way I’ve been looking for in books because her writing is different. Authors make formal first person writing but hers is the ideal POV. Her writing includes what’s the character’s view and also her reaction and her crazy thoughts which definitely shows how we think. It’s great.This romance book is not cheesy unlike other books. I enjoyed how the story goes and it gives me a good laugh. It has a sprinkle of comedy. Marley Craw is a funny character and I love her the most in the story. I like the reapers also and they were like “the good and bad” thing which is great.Ending this book is heartbreaking since Im so attached. I really want a sequel so badly because I don’t want to leave this world.This book is amazing I’ll give it 5/5