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A MATTER OF TRUST is book three of the Christian romance series, BLACKTHORPE SECURITY by Kimberly Rae Jordan. Follow the lives of the men and women working for BlackThorpe Security as they face the challenges of life, faith and love. The BlackThorpe Security series is a spin-off from the Christian romance series, The McKinleys. If you haven’t read those yet, check out bookA MATTER OF TRUST is book three of the Christian romance series, BLACKTHORPE SECURITY by Kimberly Rae Jordan. Follow the lives of the men and women working for BlackThorpe Security as they face the challenges of life, faith and love. The BlackThorpe Security series is a spin-off from the Christian romance series, The McKinleys. If you haven’t read those yet, check out book one - THIS TIME WITH LOVE: A Christian Romance - and meet some of the characters who will continue to appear in the BlackThorpe Security series. Melanie Thorpe believes that love and marriage are fine for other people—people who don’t have the kind of baggage to carry around that she does. Over the years, she has done what was necessary to protect herself, and she never takes anyone at face value. Her choices make it difficult to let anyone get close but she has a handful of people she counts as good friends. As she watches some of those friends fall in love and get married, Melanie finds herself wondering if it might be worth taking a chance. Is there a way to have a relationship without ever revealing the past that has shaped the way she lives her life now? Tyler Harris has been married before, but when his wife divorced him after an explosion left him with a double amputation below the knee, he wasn’t all too keen to rush into another relationship. Six years later, his life is full with his involvement at his church, his job and his large group of friends. He’s been happy with the many friendships he has—including one with Melanie Thorpe—but when he begins to feel more for her, Tyler wonders if it’s worth risking a friendship for the possibility of love. If Melanie was able to trust a man, it would be someone like Tyler. She has long admired him, but lately—with love blossoming all around her—she’s starting to feel things for him she never thought she’d feel for any man. But can she trust him enough to share about her past? When a tragic event brings secrets to light, Tyler struggles to understand Melanie’s trust issues even as he tries to encourage her to not only trust him but God as well. Will she take a chance on Tyler? Or will her determination to keep herself safe send him away? Stayed tuned for the next Christian romance book in the BlackThorpe Security series early 2016. If you enjoy heartwarming Christian romance with a focus on love, faith and family, be sure to check out these other books and series by Kimberly Rae Jordan. Other Christian romance series by Kimberly Rae Jordan: The McKinleys Home to Collingsworth Those Karlsson Boys Other Christian romance books by Kimberly Rae Jordan: Faith, Hope & Love Marrying Kate ...

Title : A Matter of Trust
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A Matter of Trust Reviews

  • Judith M. Seale
    2019-05-20 20:22

    Interesting book.I enjoyed this book just as I did the first two. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series. As I am reading I feel like I'm right there with the people in the book. So nice to finally have good Christian books to read. Definitely would recommend!!

  • Stacy
    2019-06-04 22:47

    Another good installment in this series, looking forward to finding more free on Kindle lending library so I can continue with these.

  • Denice Darland
    2019-05-18 16:43

    Great in a series or stand aloneMs Jordan definitely has a way with word and describing the human condition all the while giving honor and glory to God!

  • Jaime
    2019-06-11 20:34

    Keep going!!!

  • Linda Rainey
    2019-05-26 21:44

    I really enjoyed the love story between Justine and Alana interlaced with lots of suspense.The story of Genevieve and Caden with their deafness was poignant.This book can be read as a stand alone but each book in the series builds on the last, giving you a more in-depth picture.I recommend this series for anyone who likes Christian Romantic suspense.

  • Carol and Gary Curtis
    2019-05-24 00:33

    Totally fun to read book. In this series, M. Jordan has done a magnificent job laying out an effective and interesting plot, focusing on a couple of tantalizing characters. The back stories helped the effectiveness of the overall plot. The romance moved everything along nicely. I'm eager to move on to book 4 now.

  • Madison
    2019-06-11 18:47

    Kimberly Rae Jordan's writing just keeps getting better and better. I really enjoyed A Matter Of Trust. It is perfectly executed. It has great characters with depth and realistic emotions and issues, a fantastic romance that develops gradually from friendship, and the discussion of the characters' Christian faith is honest and interwoven throughout the whole story. I love how the characters from previous books are integrated into the story, but the books can still be read as standalones. I love the depth the characters have. Each has detailed pasts and presents, and you really get to know them over the course of the story. I love the slow development of the romance between Tyler and Melanie. It seems so detailed, they go on a number of dates, nothing feels rushed or contrived, and yet there is never a boring moment. And now I will just have to wait for the next book in the series....

  • Maria
    2019-06-10 22:28

    Read in 2016 AprilI’ve read this story a while ago. I liked the characters and the slow progress of the romance, from friendship to love. The writing is good.However I thought that the seriousness of the hero’s disability needed two things that are absent or not sufficiently developed in the story: more details about the circumstances where the injury happened and the impact of it in everyday life. I would like to have seen these aspects more deeply incorporated in the plot than they were.“…his gait easy and sure” – well, I have my doubts, but I guess the author did her research and knows what she’s talking about.I also thought that the hero – a really attractive man – was too much in peace with his condition (perhaps as a result of his faith).

  • June
    2019-05-27 20:21

    Another amazing BlackThorpe book. Kimberly Rae Jordan has an incredible talent of putting two people together. Melanie and Tyler have been friends for a lot off years. (I think 7.) that seems like a lot of years to be friends but then when you realize what Melanie has been dealing with for twice that long... I've anxiously awaited Melanie's story. A very emotional story it is. And I just love Tyler! He's an amazing guy. This was a great story. It leaves us anxiously waiting for the next book and those unanswered questions. Can not wait.This is a great, clean story. You should get hooked on this series!!!

  • Hannah
    2019-06-09 16:33

    *trigger warning* this book is about a woman who deals with anxiety attacks and flash backs from when she was kidnapped by a sex trafficking ring. This issue is dealt with in a Godly manner but if reading about that bothers you please do not read. I enjoyed this book but someone vary close to me is triggered by this type of book.

  • Maritza
    2019-05-20 17:23

    Loved itReally enjoyed this book...I love all of Kimberly Rae Jordan's books... Every time I read one it's better than the last... This series is no exception. Melanie is hard core and Tyler has closed himself off to love, but as they begin to feel something "more" than friendship, they realize trusting God with their future will give peace about their pasts...

  • Debbie
    2019-05-31 19:24

    Melanie and Tyler's story is truly amazing. The struggles these two have gone through in their lives is really sad. Watching the relationship between them change is wonderful. The author will have you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next. You will feel God working throughout this whole book.

  • Barbara Davis
    2019-05-18 21:30

    I really enjoyed this book. The characters are well developed and the story is compelling. Because it's a series that started with the McKinleys the characters are familiar and feel like family. I really like the author and will read more of her books.

  • Shannon Wilson
    2019-06-02 00:30

    LovefLove each book more and more. Love that there is a spiritual lesson that I take from each bookDanielle

  • Cici
    2019-05-29 00:24

    Good storyWell placed critical issue. The sex trafficking problem is not always discussed openly. The story was well done. Great relationships.

  • Debbie
    2019-06-02 18:21

    I can't wait for the next book!I can't wait for the next book! I love the way this series intertwines. A gifted storyteller! This series is a must read!

  • Sharon Broaster
    2019-05-17 21:48

    Multifaceted Wasn't sure this book would be as good as books 1&2, but the emotional, spiritual storyline kept me hooked. Book 4 here come

  • Ugochi Akwiwu
    2019-06-01 18:48

    Simply beautiful. I loved that this particular book had several scriptural references.

  • Dennise Lindsay
    2019-05-27 18:31

    Good readThis is a good book and part of a really good series.....Loved the story line....but was a lil upset about the Justin Alana cliffhanger. Looking forward to the next none!!