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As a young girl in Mississippi, Diana Turner dreams of marrying her first love, a Choctaw Indian boy named Silver Feather whose family is enslaved by her stepfather. But when Silver Feather's parents are ruthlessly murdered, he's forced to flee Dettro Manor to save his own life, breaking the young girl's heart....

Title : Silver Feather
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ISBN : 9780451215970
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
Number of Pages : 325 Pages
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Silver Feather Reviews

  • Lady Raven RAVE!
    2018-12-02 05:33

    I THOUGHT IT WAS OK, for me it was just too simple i did try to like it really but for me just like the first cassie edwards i read SWIFT HORSE i didn't like it . I thought the begin was ok until they found each other then its "I love U, i've always loved you lets get married". Your saying after reading that line that thats how romance novels are suppose to be, NO they are not suppose to be like that like everything is always honky doory between couples they are suppose to have their highs and lows with each other and make you feel like your apart of their emotions or a better way of putting it make you feel like you have connected with them. I didn't feel like that reading this book, Its just too simple I try reading all of it but stopped at chapter 23 and skip to the ending because they pretty much already decided what they were going to do after seeing each other and i didn't want to finish the action part of the book it made me not want to find out what happens maybe i'm not a true cassie edwards fan to appreciate her work. I was really looking forward to adding her to my collection of authors or maybe i just don't get her writing style

  • Mandy Snel
    2018-12-04 00:46

    This was a very one dimensional read. The characters were in the end all the same as in the beginning, no growth at all. The story starts years before the main story, when Diana and Silver feather were just little kids, age 10 and 14 or something, and they are very much in love. Diana lives with her evil stepfather in a big mansion, and Silver Feather belongs to the Choctaws, a tribe enslaved by her stepfather. They meet in tunnels underneath the mansion and share cookies.Then one day, after a hard day of picking cotton, Silver Feathers parents are shot in front of his eyes by the evil stepfather, for meddling with the scale used to weigh the cotton. Silver Feather runs away, and hides out under the mansion for a few days, with the help of Diana. They hope to find the papers that prove that the Choctaws actually own the land in use by the evil stepfather. They do not succeed, and Silver Feather runs away with a horse and provisions, to fins another Choctaw tribe. Ten years later: Diana has lived with her very poor aunt for almost 10 years, since her evil stepfather was shot almost immediately after Silver Feather escapes, and Diana was not in the will. She had a very tough childhood, and now works as a post coach driver disguised as a man. She tricked everyone, but of course she is still extremely beautiful, and slim and has long golden hear, she keeps hidden under her hat. Every time she meets a man, he wonders why she is so small, and what is so weird about her, and when she gets the order to bring some boxes somewhere, the man giving the order, sees though her disguise immediately, and want to marry her because she is so beautiful. Did I mention she is very pretty? Well, she says no, and he lets her go, driving the coach, without letting anybody know that she is a woman.Just after she leaves, her coach gets ambushed by bandits, who open the boxes, and see that they are filled with bones. Since they have no use for the bones, they just leave her be.Silver Feather was tracking those bones, because they were stolen from the secret hut of his forefathers, and decides to capture the driver, and bring the bones back to his new tribe, where conveniently, he became chief. He brings her along, but does not she she is a woman, even when he ties her to him for the night. In his camp, she is locked up, without even checking for other weapons, since she already gave her pistols. When the tribe all go away, to bring the bones back to the hut, she grabs her knife, she had on her leg, and escapes, leaving her hat behind.She grabs a horse, and tries to find her way back to civilization. The hut where the bones should be, is being burned to the ground by white guys, so the tribe returns home to make a new hut near their camp. They see Diana, trying to escape, and now, with her hear out in the open, Silver feather finally sees that she is a woman, and even recognizes her as Diana.They fall in each others arms and are as happy as can be. From that moment on, they are as lovey dovey as a couple can be, while trying to solve the bones mystery. No questions or doubts about each other, and lots of sex, while climaxing at the same time. All the white people are evil, with no other motive than money and being evil, and all the Indians are the most noble people ever. Diana is the exception, for she feels shame for all things white people do. I do not think I will read more of this author.

  • Angie Bell
    2018-11-21 07:29

    A very good read.

  • kirthi
    2018-11-16 02:31

    more like 3.75*