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Isabella Lovino moved to New York City to hide from the demons of her past, leaving everyone behind. Her troubled history makes it difficult to get a job, but when an opportunity comes up to work at an architectural firm, she takes it. On her first day of work she bumps into a stranger on the street and her whole world changes. The gorgeous Jason Hart owns his own architecIsabella Lovino moved to New York City to hide from the demons of her past, leaving everyone behind. Her troubled history makes it difficult to get a job, but when an opportunity comes up to work at an architectural firm, she takes it. On her first day of work she bumps into a stranger on the street and her whole world changes. The gorgeous Jason Hart owns his own architectural firm, but that's not enough. He knows what he wants, and what he wants is the beautiful Isabella Lovino-the same thing he has wanted since college. When he sees her at the restaurant, he knows he can't let her get away this time. Will she notice him now?...

Title : Dark Past
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ISBN : 9781518837715
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Dark Past Reviews

  • Martha Sweeney
    2019-05-20 14:58

    I liked it. The story overall was good and would have had a lot more potential if it was developed a little further. Many new writers don't have much of a plot line, but Laurie had something different from the norm which is good.Not bad for a first-time author (I've seen some stuff that's not so good). If she continues to hone in on writing and structuring, she'll become an author that will draw the attention of many readers for years to come.

  • Cora Murray
    2019-06-06 19:17

    A great love story.. I mean who wouldn't want a man that's loved you since college, even though you have no clue who he is. Isabella is beaten and bruised and is letting her life go by, while hiding from a very dangerous man. She keeps her head down and she's decided this is her life. But when Jason sees her again, he knows he has to hire her at his company.. He's a very successful architect and runs a huge business. Bella finds herself in a hard place when she's attracted to him and keeps imaging him touching her. Romance ensues, but with a lot of bumps and roller coater rides. A wonderful read. I'd suggest it to all romance fans.

  • Stacy Stewart
    2019-05-19 16:26

    This was a really suspenseful and intriguing book. I have read lots of books with stalking and crazy ex boyfriends but I do believe David takes the award for the craziest and most evil. I loved Bella's spirit and determination to go on with her life after everything that she went through. I also felt the author portrayed her mental state in a very realistic way. I loved how Jason was so in love with Bella that he would do whatever it took to protect her. I highly recommend this book!

  • Clarice
    2019-06-03 14:01

    Dark Past is a short but action packed book. Filled with love, lust, and plenty of suspense, it feels like a much longer book packed into a smaller one. Bella is a woman haunted by her past and ex-boyfriend. As she hides out in New York, she meets Jason. She doesn't remember but the two of them have a history. Just as their relationship is gearing up, her ex begins slinkin around again, looking for opportunities. And he's out for blood. I enjoyed reading this book. I especially enjoyed the suspense.

  • 2OCC Reviews
    2019-05-24 16:58

    A few things drew me into this book. First it was the fact that the heroine is on the run from her past and then it was that the hero is the owner of the company she worked for. Both are huge draw points. Isabella was trying to move on, and you could see how strong willed she was. She may be scared but I love how feisty she was. Jason is a white knight in a fancy suit and I love how he was so protective of Bella. He was his own person, smart, sexy, and a dirty mouth that could make your grandma blush! I can't pin point what I didn't like about it. Maybe it was the pace of the story and how much went on in such a short time, but I was unable to give it 5 stars.This book was told from her 1st POV and his 3rd POV. I found that it worked well for the story. There wasn't much from Jason's POV so the whole 3rd person worked.So what you read in the description is pretty much what you get in the book. I really liked the mystery that surrounded Isabella, and the steam that comes from the attraction between the main characters. The romance was fast, but as you read the story you know that's it's kinda of a second chance romance, in a way. Overall, the suspense aspect of the book is really intriguing and you can't help but wonder what's going to happen. There's a lot that goes on in this book but at the same time the pace was very fast. I wish the ending had been a little more drawn out, but in the end it was an enjoyable read. 4 stars #2OCCJD

  • Serena Worker
    2019-06-03 15:02

    Isabella is trying to escape her past and moves away from everyone. On the way to her new job she notices a handsome man who she later finds out is Jason her new boss.When her nightmares return she tries to shake them off but continually bumps into Jason Hart. Deciding to head out with her new friend Jen.Whenever her past triggers her Jason is always there to help her through it, after a steamy kiss, Bella decides she may have reconsider her non-dating policy. When Bella’s nightmares turn real Jason is there to save her. With the worst happening to Bella – Jason confesses that he knew her in college and she never noticed him. They go through so much with working through Bella’s past and seeming to be happy until her past again catches up with her. After Jason decides that they won’t be apart again for anything, Bella finally gets her happily ever after. Great read full of suspense and romance.

  • Missy Harton
    2019-05-18 21:11

    "If I can't have you all to myself, no one else will."*****5 DANGEROUSLY DARK STARS********WARNING...the contents of this read are at times extremely violent. If you're a victim of physical/sexual abuse; read with caution***This is my first journey through the intense words of storytelling by L A Cataldo! A 5 STAR experience that had me on the edge of my seat! It wouldn't surprise me to if this author had difficulty writing some of these horrible scenes; however (for me personal) it left a lasting impact. AMAZING and POWERFUL portrayal of an extremely dangerous situation!Isabella (Bella) Lovino has left her family behind; running and hiding from her "Dark Past." Jason Hart carries many memories of the woman that never caught his eye. Now he has the opportunity to rectify his previous short comings! Will he be able to save her from her "Dark Past?"

  • Brenda
    2019-06-15 16:01

    This is a really good romantic suspense. I really love that there is a past with the characters and the way it wove into the story. It's an edge of your seat kind of read and a few teary eyed scenes. You just have to know what is going to happen next. I really liked these two characters attraction and the romance that comes of it. Jason is just a swoonworthy guy. I think it's around the halfway mark that something happened and my stomach dropped and I was like "OMG OMG OMG" and just had to keep reading.All in all an enjoyable read. I found it a little fast paced and would have liked it to slow down just a little. But a good suspense filled romance. I look forward to more from this author.

  • Nancy
    2019-06-04 15:06

    This books is a bit fast paced and jumps right into Isabella's life. Her mysterious past and how she tries to get past it has you hooked. Her chemistry with Jason is great, absolutely love him. It's great how he doesn't give up when it comes to Isabella. All characters are well develop and just wish we got to know some a bit more. Overall this book has a great plot and storyline. This was my first book of this author and I'm looking forward to more.

  • Amanda Gillespie Shock N Awe Book Blog
    2019-05-29 18:25

    Who wouldn't want to find someone that has loved you forever yet you didn't even realize they existed until that one fateful moment, when you fall on your face in front of him? But it gets better, then you find out he is none other than your new boss! If only that was the worst of your problems. Add crazy stalker, attempted murder and love that could outlast eternity and you have a recipe for heaven or hell.For a first time author, Ms Cataldo more than exceeded my expectations and I'm thrilled that there will be a second book out really soon. If you like romance mixed with suspense, this is the go to book for you.

  • Shannon Godwin
    2019-06-10 20:11

    I have to say that for a beginner, LA Cataldo does a great job! I loved the romance with the suspense. I can't wait to read her next book. I read this book in one sitting. It will keep you drawn in from the first page. I have to warn you that this book is heartbreaking reading what Bella had to go through. Jason was great! The writing in this book is great. I can't wait to see how much more Cataldo grows with her next book!

  • Ava Danielle
    2019-05-21 14:58

    What a suspenseful and wild ride. I never knew what was coming at times and often I would get upset at the main characters but grow to love them again. It was definitely a story filled with excitement! You could tell from their first meeting, there was chemistry, me as the reader could feel the tension.I look forward to reading more L.A. Cataldo books!!! ;)

  • Gemma
    2019-06-11 21:06

    An enjoyable love story that really drew me in from the very start of the story. There was so many moments within the story that i wasn't expecting and was so shocked when they happened. The main characters within he story was so enjoyable. I could not put this story down once I was starting reading it and enjoyed it from start to end.

  • Lola Donnelley
    2019-06-16 16:06

    I received"Dark Past" by L. A. Cataldo in a Facebook contest. It is a suspenseful, intense, romance that has you sitting on the edge of your seat Follow Isabella and Jason on a nail biting courtship . I started this story in the morning and finished it in the afternoon. I couldn't put it down.

  • Jessa
    2019-06-04 18:03


  • Becky 'Simonis' Uhlman
    2019-06-12 14:03

    great book. couldn't put it down. romantic yet thrilling. a must read!!!!!!

  • R yatsko
    2019-06-13 18:08

    A suspenseful, hot, thrilling read........with a sexy suit wearing alpha........with dirty mouth...Intriguing plot, the characters felt this story...

  • kathy Hennig
    2019-06-02 19:14

    Loved itI could not put it down! The story was realistic and well written. I hope there Will be a sequel.

  • Whitney Cannavina
    2019-05-31 22:17

    I received an ARC for an honest reviewIsabella and Jason are both hiding secrets. Hers are secrets of a dark Past with pain, hurt, and a move for a new start. Jason is hiding what he knows from Isabella hoping she figures it out on her own. But her past is coming back to haunt her and now both their secrets will be unveiled. The characters meshed well but I felt That at times it was forced. And other times to easy and fast. However the story itself was interesting and kept us wanting to keep going to see what happens next. This was a good read with secrets that keep you waiting, and expectations for a future we’re not sure will happen.

  • Arthetta Rodgers
    2019-05-23 19:05

    Overall, this was a great book. It was full of suspense, hot sex scenes, and it allowed me to imagine the characters as actual people…which is what I expect from a read. With this being a debut novel, Laurie did a great job in setting the stage for a thrilling ride. Even with the few hiccups, it read well. I am looking forward to future works from Laurie and I have no doubt that she will have a great following and readers craving for more! Solid 3 ½ Stars!!

  • Denise Van plew
    2019-06-17 14:04

    This is a first time in reading anything from this author. The allure of mystery was a big factor it also one of the things that kept me in it also. You will become intwined in Isabella and Jason's lives especially when theirs meet. The air of mystery hangs over them thanks to a dark cover one used for hiding too. Heat slowly seeps in too fusing us more into this then we expected. Carefully you are pulled to the edge by drama but you are already in it until the end.

  • Bridgett Brown
    2019-05-30 22:17

    This was a short story not to long. Isabella ran to New York. She needed to hid from her past. But starting over isn’t easy. She finally lands a job. As she goes to her 1st day of work, she sees the most handsome man she has ever seen. Then she falls literally in front of him. She’s such a clumsy person, daydreaming about a guy she seen on the street. Come to find out that man is her new boss. Will she be able to get over her dark past and live again?Good story, I enjoyed reading it.

  • Sandra Loves Reading
    2019-05-26 19:26

    This is L A Cataldo's first book and it's very well written.However, I found that too much happened too quickly and the characters lacked depth. I would have given 3 stars for the content but for the writing, it has to be 4.I'm going to read the next book though.

  • Chrissi
    2019-05-20 17:19

    This was 3.5 star for me. The storyline had so much potential, but it felt super rushed.

  • Gale
    2019-05-23 20:27

  • J. C.Red
    2019-06-02 18:14

    This wasn't too bad, and I can definitely see the potential. But, it also needs a lot of work in my opinion. There might be some spoilers in this review, so proceed at own risk:)It really needs an editor. The grammar, the very liberal sprinkling of exclamation points, as well as the almost constant usage of characters' names during conversations made this a bit awkward to read. I felt like they were constantly shouting (even when whispering, at one point!) and the dialogue seemed very unnatural, since people don't exactly keep saying someone's name while they're talking to them.The characters are just too one-dimensional. Especially Jason and the villain, the other 2 most important characters aside from the heroine.The interactions between characters are sometimes very odd. For example, when the heroine meets the hero's uncle, after a very short dating period. She calls him adorable, which felt like such a strange thing to call a grown man upon meeting him. Then, even though she came to his house, and just met him, the two men stay and talk while the heroine sets the table, and after the meal, she even washes all the dishes. It's not even a feminism issue here, I find it odd that anyone would just do that. I mean, is he 80-90 years old, and can't move much? The hero brought her there to meet his uncle, but he lets her serve the food while he stays in a different room and talks to the uncle?The hero was another odd one. For their first few interactions, he laughed way too much. She would say something, and he'd chuckle. She's ask him something, and he'd laugh. The heroine started a job working directly for the hero as his assistant, which led to another very odd scene. The hero up until that point (like literally minutes before) was super nice, and laughing all the time, as we've already established, and basically showing her he's into her. And then, when they get into his office, he immediately starts acting like a jerk. He later says it's because he wants to keep personal and professional separate, but still it didn't make sense. Sure, call her ms. lovino if you want and talk strictly about business, but he turned into a huge jerk. Which made 0 sense, because he wasn't one, and he didn't do anything similar afterwards. You can't just talk to a person a certain way and the next minute have a personality transplant with no explanation, and expect it to make sense. Especially in this case, where she was also surprised that he was her boss.The heroine was a cliched woman on the run, complete with TSTL moments. But her TSTL moments were so outrageously stupid and cliched I wasn't even annoyed with her, just amused. I mean this woman moved in a different city/state, told no one (family, friends no one) because she was so scared of what David would do to her. And yet, when she gets a note at home saying "i'm watching you" she actually thinks it's probably a joke. No need to get too panicked. Life goes on. Then she gets a second note. And she checks on David and finds out he's been out of prison for months. She even sees a man intently staring at her when she's in a restaurant, a man who looks very familiar to her. All in a very short time period. And yet, she's still not convinced.The scene when he finds and takes her was so cliched, I mean the second she noticed the swing it was 100% clear what would happen. And when it does happen, and he gets to her, she actually asks herself how this happened, since she was so careful. Surely, even if she thinks she's careful, the fact that she got all those notes would've clued her in.The second time David tries to take her, she's even more TSTL. The guy is still out, still looking for her, she knows he plans to kill her and yet she goes alone for a short walk, to calm down. The MCs relationship didn't always make a lot of sense. In the beginning they start a relationship in a fairly normal way, he asks her out, stuff like that. The next second they're in love. Desperately so. After days of dating, he even hires a bodyguard to drive and protect her, because he saw the note. The guy he hires was a guy the heroine somehow knew and I was so confused from where...later on in the book, I realized that the bodyguard he hired was Jake, a man he'd just met, days before, when Jake asked one of the hero's employees to dance, during a night out in the club. So, so strange. The 2 stars are because it was kind of entertaining, plus I was interested enough to finish it. That said, it didn't really make me feel anything towards the characters and the suspense was too cliched to grab me. I am however interested in reading other books from this author, if the writing and editing improves.

  • Lori Hammons
    2019-05-20 14:11

    Isabella and Jason's story is a lot longer than Bella realizes at first. She is running from a past Jason is not aware of. Once it's determined her life is in jeopardy, the suspense and intrigue grow. Thank you L.A. Cataldo for the epilogue. I always enjoy knowing how the future plays out.

  • Jay Tee
    2019-06-14 19:23

    This is a new Author to me and it's her first book out so did I like it??No......I loved it, really good for a first book!Characters really worked well together, and I want me a Jason in my life.The main characters were Jason and Bella, and oh my Jason was one Hottie, and a knight in shining armour, I'd love a man like him in my life and Bella well what can I say apart from OMG, what she went through, broke my Heart, the things that that poor girl endured doesn't bear thinking about, my heart was in my mouth through some if this book, it was a riveting read I couldn't put the book down it was just so good.The only thing I would say was I wish it had been a longer read ( it seemed to finish really quickly)... or maybe that was me just wanting more!!!and some of it felt a little rushed ( as in one thing happened, then another and another I just felt like it needed to be drawn out a little bit more ) but that's just my opinion!There was so much going on, there's no way anybody could get bored reading this book, loads of suspense and heaps of luscious romance, just how I love my booksI shall definitely be looking out out more books from this Author.

  • Nicole Strycharz
    2019-06-01 18:09

    Thrilling Romance! This is not just an ordinary run of the mill romance. It's dark and sexy and thrilling! From page one you fall in love with the main character Bella! Within The first few pages you also Meet my new heart throb Jason. He has this strange magnetism that charms you like he's pulling from the page. The unpredictable plot keeps the pages turning and the personalities of the people are so realistic you feel part of this world. The chemistry between this couple is so hot and so endearing and the nail biting suspense makes their love affair legend! Five stars for sure this book was amazing!

  • Nicole Strycharz
    2019-06-01 20:27

    This is not just an ordinary run of the mill romance. It's dark and sexy and thrilling! From page one you fall in love with the main character Bella! Within The first few pages you also Meet my new heart throb Jason. He has this strange magnetism that charms you like he's pulling from the page. The unpredictable plot keeps the pages turning and the personalities of the people are so realistic you feel part of this world. The chemistry between this couple is so hot and so endearing and the nail biting suspense makes their love affair legend! Five stars for sure this book was amazing!