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Alexander Denford, Baron Sedgwick, is a gentleman to be envied. He lives a rakish life of well-celebrated ease and contentment and has one person to thank for his perfectly ordered existence—his dearest wife, Emmaline. She never complains about his mistresses or his penchant for late nights out. His friends are envious, but they don't know the truth—Emmaline doesn't exist.Alexander Denford, Baron Sedgwick, is a gentleman to be envied. He lives a rakish life of well-celebrated ease and contentment and has one person to thank for his perfectly ordered existence—his dearest wife, Emmaline. She never complains about his mistresses or his penchant for late nights out. His friends are envious, but they don't know the truth—Emmaline doesn't exist. But when he starts receiving bills from London for clothes, shoes, hats and a staggering amount of other female accoutrements, he realises something is decidedly amiss.Posing as Emmaline isn't a stretch for the newly arrived Lady Sedgwick, she's been conning gentry for years. But as the popular baron's wife, she now has the one thing that has eluded her—entree into London's inner circles. Against Alexander's better judgment, Emmaline is impossibly fixed in his life. And suddenly Emmaline is challenging him to be the husband she deserves....

Title : Something About Emmaline
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ISBN : 9780060549312
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Something About Emmaline Reviews

  • Navessa
    2019-05-20 22:56

    Completely implausible plot. Utterly ridiculous climax. I loved every bloody second of it.

  • Fani *loves angst*
    2019-06-03 16:13

    I had to edit my review after all, to add that this was certainly worth of 3 stars. I think people without searching too much for realism and looking for something light and fun will enjoy this. I however, am looking for more emotional plots in my romances, even the fun ones, and this was too superficial to satisfy me.So, this was not a bad read; it was as the tips above the rating stars say, an 'ok' read. Nice, entertaining but really there was no depth at all. Nothing, nada, rien. It read like a longer harlequin. But in a harlequin, you expect not to be able to get in touch with the heroes too much, basically because of the short length. Here, this shouldn't be a problem. However, the fact that for the first part of the book, we know almost nothing of the heroine's past, emotions or thoughts, makes it completely impossible to care for her. She's just a stranger and really, by the end of the book not much has changed. To add to that, I found most of the things we learn about her past, way too disturbing to overcome. On top of all that, being a cynical, I found way too many loop holes in this far-fetched plot which I'm afraid, I couldn't simply ignore in good faith. For example, the hero, a mere baron, acted as if he was next in line for the English throne! His lofty title, his illustrous family tree and coveted place in society were mentioned so many times, it was just silly to read after a while. And the ending... oh my, the ending had as much reality in it, as a fairytale.It would take a very romantic, uncynical sort of reader to appreciate this book, or someone looking forward to a few hours of fun without delving at all on emotions and reality. And yet, it would be so much better, had the writer developed her heroes' characters more, because the writing was far from bad; it was rather nice. As they -the heroes- are, they're too sketchy to be memorable or interesting.

  • Keri
    2019-05-30 22:15

    I was hesitant to pick this book up after the mixed reviews, but I decided to take a chance on it. I am so glad I did, because I really liked the book. It was light, frothy and alot of fun. Alexander Denford, Baron Sedgwick has life made, he is foot-loose and fancy free. He has a wife, Emmaline, but she has nothing to say about his sweet life. He has the Ton's sympathy for his sickly wife and has for the last five years. There is only one little bitty fly in the oitment...there is no Baroness Sedgewick. Alex and his friend Jack made her up one night in a fit of drunken enlightenment or stupidity, after Alex had had it with the matchmaking mamas. But when he suddenly starts getting expensive bills for his London home. He hurries off to London to confront whomever is living in his house. Much to his surprise it is his Emmaline doing all the buying or she is going to be his Baroness for the next couple of weeks or all of London will know that there never was a wife. As mad as this beautiful trickster has made Alex, she has him over a barrel. Once he agrees to the time-frame thought he realizes that Emmeline is not just a beautiful face. She sets out to shake up his life and eventually he can't live without her touch. She herself has fallen for her mark, will she take a gamble on his love and all the trappings that go along with being a Baroness? Like I said this was a fun read and you could see what was coming from miles away, but it was light and frothy and just what I was in the mood for.

  • Nisha
    2019-05-31 17:00

    If I had to sum this book in one word, it would be amusing. The entire book is littered with gimmicks and coincidences, but it was a fun ride.Alexander, our hero, creates himself a wife so that he doesn't have to marry. What he didn't expect that he would actually have a living, breathing embodiment of a wife. Especially one as attractive and inventive as the wife impersonator he has living in his house. Emmaline has had a hard life and has decided to provide for herself by impersonating members of genteel backgrounds. Of course, the pair will fall in love, but how will they overcome the lies? Interestingly, it all falls into place in the end. Emmaline's not-so-pure past makes her one of the more delightful heroines to read about. She is smart and passionate, and not pure. Alexander is supposedly a rake. I see no signs of it, since he's often characterized of being dull. It was really an opposites attract type of situation. The rest of the story progressed with absurd explanations and all too convenient coincidences, but it was all in good fun. I think anyone who isn't looking for something too serious would enjoy this book. I look forward to read about the rakish Jack, who I can really classify as a rake.

  • Nadia
    2019-06-07 23:55

    This is... wow, I'm lacking adjectives to describe this book. Utterly ridiculous. Definitely farfetched. Improbable as hell. But Read it!

  • Melis
    2019-05-25 23:00

    Kesinlikle eğlenceli bir kitaptı. Bu kadar komik ve entrikalı - tabi güzel entrikalar olabileceği aklıma gelmemişti. Ahh o son sayfalar varya küçük dilimi yutmama sebep olucaktı :D O nasıl bir şeydi hala anlayabilmiş değilim. Neyse sonuç olarak kitabı beğendim. Ve söylemeden geçemicem Emmaline sana hayran kaldım anacım :D

  • Netanella
    2019-05-19 21:03

    First paragraph: “My last meal,” Lord John Tremont bemoaned as he tucked his knife and fork into the thick cut of beef before him. “But at least it is a fine one.”“I suppose it helps that I am paying for all that, eh, Jack?” his best friend, Alexander Denford, Baron Sedgwick, commented dryly.A fun, quirky historical romance that needs a large dose of suspension-of-belief to enjoy, "Something About Emmaline" will tickle your fancy if you let it. The story begins with two gentlemen friends recounting how they've fooled the ton by making up a wife, who's perpetually absent from society due to her extended illness. With a fictitious, absentee wife, Alex, the Baron of Sedgewick, is off the marriage market and away from meddling matrons and starry-eyed daughters. A perfect set up for several years.Too bad a conwoman and cardsharp appears in his London townhome, pretending to be his wife, Lady Emmaline, fully recovered from her illness...and ready to spend his money.Lots of silly plot twits, meddling relations, nosy servants. Lots of fun, too, if you let it. Definitely a good read.

  • Dolly
    2019-06-08 23:01

    This book was such fun. It took an impossible situation and made it work. What I enjoyed most was the hero's development. He simultaneously became self-aware and realized that being with the woman he loved was more important than upholding the strictures of society.And then the ending went and ruined all that lovely development. Yep, in true genre fashion, the ending wrapped everything up in a pretty and implausible bow. I had a tough time stomaching it. How much better it would have been if they'd just said, "Dude, we're meant for each other. Screw the rest of the world; we can do this."And I could have missed something, but I think the author forgot to mention the heroine's real name. That, if nothing else, ruined it for me. And that's a pity, because the first eighty percent of the book was delightful.

  • Julie
    2019-06-09 21:18

    Emmaline is simply adorable. Alex, Baron Sedgwick is nonplussed when the imaginary bride he made up to get all the matchmaking mamas and his grandmother off his back, becomes a reality! Emmaline turns up in his London townhouse, posing as his countess and against all common sense, he goes along with it and becomes "besotted" with her! She is a great character and I loved this book! It was a pleasure to see how the two of them work things out and fall in love. Many mad-cap moments as Emmaline charms her way into Society, and Alex, against all good judgment and common sense - falls in love with his wife! A charming romance, light, fluffy and fun! 4/5

  • Mati
    2019-05-21 18:19

    uzun zamandır bu kitabı okumak istiyordum kısmet yeni yılaymış.çok eğlenceli, hele sonuna kesinlikle bayıldım. Sanki bir tiyatral komediyi izliyor gibiydim.yazarın serisi çok beğeniyorum tavsiye ederim.

  • Gamze
    2019-05-16 20:03

    2,5 Kitabı okurken ne kadar sıkıldım tarif dahi edemem. Hatta öyle bir zaman geldi ki of dedim bu kitap hala bitmiyor! Puanım tamamen yazara verildi. Ben konusu itibariyle daha keyifli bir şeyler bekliyordum. Mektubumu aldın mı? kitabı fena değildi, ama bu işkenceydi. Büyük hayal kırıklığı..

  • Anya
    2019-06-05 17:52

    This is possibly the most wtf plot I have read in an HR (and that is saying something) but ohmygosh it was so good and I was grinning the entire time. So awesome. <3

  • ies
    2019-05-28 23:12

    My first Elizabeth Boyle dan sukaaaaaa.... temanya asik, trs kocak jg.. dan yah sudah pasti HEA deh, gw sempet kepikiran HEA nya mo macam gimana, taunya buahahahahahaha.... Alkisah... (view spoiler)[Alexander Denford, Baron Sedgwick, selama bertahun2 di recokin sama mama2 ton yg pgn ngejodoin die sama anak2nya, dan neneknya jg ude ngudak-ngudak mulu musti merit buru2 buat pewaris bla bla.. dan ada sepupunya yg nyebelin banget dan yakin bakalan jadi heir nya Alex karena Alex gak mau merit-merit. One day, pas lagi mabok2an sama Jack temen baeknya, si Jack bilang “knp lo gak bilang aja ke ton kalau lo ude merit?” dan akhirnya terbentuklah sosok Emmaline Denford, baroness of Sedgwick, yg selalu sakit-sakitan. Tiap season di London, Alex akan bilang kalau istrinya terlalu sakit buat jalan ke London ikut season, dan tiap summer pada ke Country estate, Alex akan bilang ke neneknya (yg jarang ke London) kalau Emmaline terlalu sakit buat ikut jalan ke Country, jadinya stay di London. Selama beberapa tahun Alex bisa ngibulin ton dan neneknya dan tdk ada lagi yg jodo2in die, mama2 di ton jg gak ngaju2in anak gadisnya ke Alex dan Alex bebas, sampai suatu summer Alex dapet tagihan baju2 baru, renovasi rumah, dan tiba2 ada mention di surat kabar kalau Lady S yg jarang keliatan di London jalan2 dan nego harga sama pedangang (lady gak boleh nawar kan). Alex kaget dong, dan kesel2 jg.. siapa yg berani2 nya dateng kerumahnya di London dan ngaku jd istrinya… berangkat deh Alex ke London buat ngusir tu imposter. Sesampainya di London, Alex langsung masuk ke kamarnya dan liat mbak cantik di tempat tidur die, trs si mbak pake marah2 lagi.. bilang “kalau suami gw tau, lo bakalan kena batunya, berani2nya masuk ke kamar lady blabla” antara kesel banget sama amaze Alex bilang kalau die si Baron Sedgwick dan si mbak langsung jawab “hello husband” dgn muka innocent.. makin amaze deh si Alex. Gak buang waktu, si mbak langsung di geret keluar kamar dan mo dilemarin keluar rumah kan, dank arena geret2 an akhirnya Alex manggul (memanggul hallah) si mbak dan jalan kepintu depan, bersamaan dgn sepupunya yg nyebelin masuk sama istrinya. Sepupunya langsung shock liat kelakuan Alex, dan Alex jg salah tingkah.. trs Alex jg baru tau kalau ternyata sepupunya sudah beberapa hari tinggal di rumah die dan sudah kenal sama Lady Sedgwick. Gak mungkin kan ngusir “istrinya” saat itu, Alex nego sama si mbak, besok pagi Alex akan ngusir sepupunya dan begitu sepupunya pergi, si mbak jg musti segera angkat kaki dr rumah die.. dan si mbak setuju dgn entengnya. Alex trs pergi cari Jack yg dicurigai bayar si imposter buat pura2 jd istrinya. Segampang itu? Ya tentu saja tidak.. ternyata istri sepupunya ke London karena kakaknya mau merit, jd gak mungkin pergi balik ke estate nya dlm waktu dekat, dan Alex setelah jotos2an sama Jack jg tau kalau bkn Jack yg bayar tu mbak.. trs siapa?? Alex jg musti deal sama mbaknya yg nyebelin dan jelas2 tau agenda sepupunya makanya gampang banget deal mo pergi kalau sepupunya jg pergi.. ditambah semua orang pada suka sama “istrinya” termasuk para pelayan, dan butler nya yg jelas2 tau kalau selama ini Alex ngibul jg tergila2 sama si Lady… pusing deh Alex nya LOL Emmaline, sudah 6th hidup nomaden gt, dari satu rumah ke rumah laennya nyamar jadi pedamping Duchess sapa lah gw lupa, padahal emmaline kenal jg enggak sama si Duchess. Emmaline apal nama2 lord dan lady diton dr Debrett’s satu2nya peninggalan ibunya. Debrett bagi Emmaline adalah kitab suci gt, die sampe apal semua silsilah, makanya gampang aja die nyamar kesana-kesini. (ini spoiler ya) Sampai suatu hari, sampai ada Lady yg ngegap kalai Emmaline itu bohong dan gak kenal sama si Duchess trs si lady ini kasih Emmaline kasih tugas ke die buat ke London dan ngaku sebagai Emmaline Denford, Baroness of Sedgwick, anaknya Lord + Lady Haley yg pergi ke Afrika buat menjelajah, Yups Ladynya ini neneknya Alex, yg gak sengaja denger pembicaraan Alex – Jack gitu hehehehe. Imbalan buat Emmaline, adalah pertandingan Piquet tahunan di Marquis of Westly yg beken dgn imbalan sangat besar, Emmaline mau ngalahin si Marquis dan pake duitnya buat pension dr nipu orang gitu. Emmaline kaget banget pas pertama ketemu Alex (di kamar itu) ternyata si Baron masih muda dan ganteng, padahal nenek nya kan sll bilang kalai Alex itu Dull (duh..) bahkan sei Emmaline jg bilang ke si Baron “ternyata lo kaga dull” dan si Alex nya mangap2, baru kali ini ada yg terang2an bilang kalau die “dull”. Karena si Alex yg gak dull dan sama2 butuh meyakinkan ton, si Emmaline nego deh.. bakalan jadi istrinya Alex sampai pertandingan (gak ngomong pertandingan si Cuma beberapa minggu) trs abis itu bakalan menghilang atau versi ton nya akan sakit trs balik ke estate dan mati. Alex bakalan bisa merit sama lady kan abis itu dan bikin heir. Sepakat deh… mau gak mau kan Alex, bakalan lebih jadi guyonan die kalau sampai ketauan selama ini die nipu ton dgn memfiktifkan seorang istri. Bisa ditebak sih, Alex gak bisa mengalihkan pandangan dari “istrinya” yg ahmazing dan bagai angin segar, sampai curhat ke Jack trs Jack nya kasih saran “ya ude, keep her, jadiin die istri lo beneran, repot amat” dan Alex terbagi gitu kan.. die pengen jadiin Emmaline istrinya beneran, tp kan die bkn lady.. dan not a good breeding, tp trs ketemu Duchess yg selama ini Emmaline pake namanya dan bilang kalau kakek-neneknya Alex dan ortunya Alex sll merit karena cinta, gak perduli apa kata orang, karena setelah mereka berparade di ton gitu, semua pada bilang kl Alex cinta mati sama istrinya.. padahal kr Alex kuatir Emmaline malu2in nama keluarga, tp emang padangan mereka berdua sll intens sih. Alex akhirnya tdk bisa menyembunyikan perasaan kan, bilang ke Emmaline kalau die akan menjadikan Emmaline miliknya secara sah, gak perduli deh masa lalunya.. tp trs Emmaline bilang die ude merit dan mulai kebuka deh masa lalunya gt, Emmaline Cuma anak highwayman (mikirnya) dan mama yg gila. Alex ttp kekeh meritin Emmaline.. sampai neneknya dateng ke London dan Alex pun tau neneknya yg nyuruh Emmaline nyamar gt dan don’t care! Neneknya sampe bilang ke Emmaline yg kekeh gak mau meritin Alex kl die jg don’t care dgn masa lalu si mbak.. dan Alex pasti bakalan nyari jalan keluar soal status pernikahan Emmaline sama cow yg nipu die gt (masnya jahat gt lah). Konflik makin panas pas tiba2 sepupunya Alex ajak Lord Haley ke London (di suratin dr Afrika gt) dan si Lord bingung kr die gak ngerasa punya anak. Apa Emmaline akan kebongkar? Nah.. gw sempet bingung ni, gimana caranya menaklukkan ton.. tp ini novel temans, taunya Emmaline beneran anak Lord Haley dong buahahahahaha.. jd emaknya Emmaline yg gila aka lady Haley ini diasigkan di scottlandia dan si Lord ke Afrika sendiri, trs bilang ke ton kalau istrinya mati. Lady Haley ditemukan sama bpknya Emmaline yg highwayman itu pas lg hamil gede dan terlantar gt, trs diurusin.. pas si Lady mati, Emmaline dibawa pulang ke rumah highwayman dan bilang ke ibunya kl itu anaknya. Dan suami Emmaline? Ude mati.. gak jelas apa dibunuh Eliot (nama highwayman nya) atau enggak ahahahahahahaa(hide spoiler)]Spoiler till the end.. kalau gak mau kena spoiler beneran jangan buka ahahahahaa………. Gw mo baca Jack deh abis ini pelan2 XD Jack adek duke gt, tp rake abis.. trs one day dikasih warning kakaknya musti merit sama anak Vicar atau bakalan gak dikasih duit lagi, karena kesel die mabok2an trs pergi ke teater buat ketemu penyanyi ber "red hair" pas papasan sama Alex bilang butuh "the red hair" taunya si Jack salah kissu cewe dong.. mbak yg di kissu itu calon istri kakaknya lady lilith (istri sepupu Alex) dan jadi scandal...

  • Sara ♥
    2019-05-27 00:01

    It was my first Elizabeth Boyle book, and it was pretty dang good! I probably would have given it 5 stars if the ending hadn't been so ridiculously perfect. And I mean that in a there's-no-freaking-way-anything-like-that-would-ever-happen/that's-waaaaaaaay-past-coincidence type of way. It was completely unbelieveable. Not that any historical romance novels are ever believeable, but whatever. Technicalities. It was too much.Cute book though! I REALLY liked it! Hilarious premise--Alex making up a wife. Hahaha! It was cute. AND there's supposed to be another book with his best friend, Jack, and Miss Mabberly or something. I'm looking it up now... it's called This Rake of Mine. That's ridiculously appropriate. He's AWFUL! :) But at least she doesn't have to marry that prick anymore--Oster or Osley or whatever his name was. Butthead. Ohhh... and the premise sure sounds intriguing...

  • Minh
    2019-06-07 17:02

    A Bachelor trying desperately to avoid the marriage market decides to fool the ton by inventing a wife! His problems are all solved with the invention of Emmaline, a frail sickly wife who resides mostly in the countryside (apart from when he himself is in the countryside and of course then is in London). Problems arise when he returns home to his house in London to find... Emmaline?A rather amusing little story (that takes a bit of time to get into at the beginning) and provided a few truly entertaining side characters. The end game was something very similiar to a Georgette Heyer novel, lots of circumstance finally coming together for the conclusion.

  • Lissa
    2019-05-20 18:56

    I originally did not read this book until AFTER I had read the others in the series. It may not be necessary, but I would not skip this one if you can avoid it! Emmaline is a fun character and her hero is a wonderful surprise!

  • Maqluba
    2019-05-30 18:02

    I thought the writing was great and the chemistry between the h&h was pretty near perfect but I couldn't continue to believe the unbelievable plot along with all the wacky-ness happening.. Usually I can get over it but not today for some reason.. Might try again later

  • Giaghazal
    2019-06-05 23:08

    It was a pretty good read, until the stunt at the end regarding emmaline's mother and father. But i guess authors do wanna make a pretty picture even if it doesn't fit quite soundly.

  • Tabs
    2019-06-10 21:11

    Ok, but not great. A really delightful conwoman heroine in a novel sillier than she deserves.

  • Sommertime
    2019-06-11 21:54

    Fun, fluffy silly. I liked the MCs. The book felt a tad too long. And everything is tied up with a nice bow at the end.

  • Catherine Bishop
    2019-05-29 19:15

    Ugh. No. Can't stand the female character (or the male one for that matter). Didn't work for me. Hopefully the next in the series will be better.

  • Cynthia Miller
    2019-06-10 23:14

    Anything by Elizabeth Boyle is a Good Read!This book is no exception. The character of Emmaline is strong and determined. She adds to the Baron's rather dull and predictable life. I enjoyed the little twist at the end.

  • Faye Lawson
    2019-06-01 22:06

    Hilarious!I'll say there's something and that something will keep you in stitches! This writer knows how to keep me clamoring for more of her work#

  • Y
    2019-05-28 20:54

    3.5 stars. The ending was definitely a little bit of a stretch. did we ever figure out if her real name was emmaline?

  • Janette
    2019-06-02 21:13

    Light and fun!

  • Mikka
    2019-06-11 19:56

    I thoroughly enjoyed this. The twists at the end were a LITTLE ridiculous, but I liked the way it all ended up, so I can't even dock the book for that.

  • LuzAdri
    2019-05-22 18:09

    Fun book to read. The plot seemed a little stretched but I liked this story. It was very different from what I have read before.

  • Bizzy Chacon
    2019-05-21 21:04

    FunA diverting read, lovely, good spirited and funny. For days when the news and real life are getting you down, this will bring the joy back.

  • Michelle
    2019-05-16 16:59

    Did I mention I hate liars!?

  • Shuchi
    2019-05-17 20:56

    Oh Bother This expression is my favorite of this book (gave me so many LOL reading moments) and has affirmed that I'm gonna continue reading the Bachelor Chronicles series. I was trying to find a nice and fun romance and granted that this is the first book I've read from Elizabeth Boyle, it just lured me in from the first page and I finished the book within half a day:D.I have read many historical romance by various authors, but there are few books I remember where I liked both the main protagonists. This book made me love the characters of Baron Sedgwick and Emmaline. Right from the word go, you start liking Sedgwick aka Alexander/Alex Denford♥. I just do not know why the author kept on associating him being "Dull" so many times in the story, because right from scene one he brought a smile on my face. I found Sedgwick's character quiet strong with the best concoction blend of an awesome aristocratic male ;) - Witty, kind, and sexy (not the arrogant and pompous male character types that many HR romance portray). Now Emmaline was a whole lot different from the female protagonists in HR. She's witty, strong, charming, beautiful and best of all the most meddlesome (yet adorable) female a man can ever meet. You just cannot stop her from meddling and poor Alex had quiet a splendid time trying to stop her from finding more trouble :D The best scenes were the tales that Emmaline made up to show to the esteemed people of the ton that her Sedgwick is not "Dull", "Harrummph!!!" he is just "besotted" (two overused words in this book that will make you laugh at any instance ^o^). As for the story, the summary pretty much explains what its all about - Baron Sedgwick making-up a wife to keep the marrying mamas away and fooling the ton about it for 5 years, and then suddenly facing a living and beautiful siren of Wife in Emmaline Denford. Although the HEA is not an original, but Ms Boyle has crafted the story with marvelous snippets of bickering between the main characters and even supporting characters, like Sedgwick's best "Rake" friend Jack/Lord John Tremmont and his Grandmere Lady Sedgwick. The supporting characters also provided a good development and pace in the story. Although the annoying characters of the Doxley lot and their conversations forced me to skim through the pages of their conversations. About the romance part, I'll give the story a rating of 4 and you see the sparks flying from the start like fireworks between Sedgwick & Emmaline. And not to give you any spoilers here but their passionate coming together really dazzles you senses ;) and leaves you asking for more (and more there is ;). But there is a major flaw at the climax. I found it too rushed and it looked like the author was forced to resolve Emmaline's fake existence puzzle in just one chapter -.- That was THE BIG WHY for me. Yes, the story does not leave you in mystery, but the ending leaves much to desire. Still, it is a light and fun read and as a curious reader I will now move on to the rest of the series and see how it goes. Happy Reading!!!