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Blake Malone is an investigative journalist who travels the world. He usually only beds his women. He has rules though: Never take advantage of vulnerability and never start something you won’t be around to follow up on…. Blake has a big, adventurous life and a cool city apartment. He has it all figured and under control until he meets country girl Madeline and can’t imagiBlake Malone is an investigative journalist who travels the world. He usually only beds his women. He has rules though: Never take advantage of vulnerability and never start something you won’t be around to follow up on…. Blake has a big, adventurous life and a cool city apartment. He has it all figured and under control until he meets country girl Madeline and can’t imagine the idea of letting another man kiss her. Madeline Thompson is pretty, sweet, and an accomplished business manager running her grandparents’ cattle property on the edge of the desert. She’s thinking about trying on-line dating sites to find a man who might be prepared to make a life outback with her…. Madeline is lonely and very much in need of attention when big-city reporter Blake Malone happens along. Kangaroo Crossing (Legend of a Desert Grave) stands alone as book 5 in a powerful romantic suspense novel series: If you tracked down and murdered a serial killer, one who had taken the life of your child, you would still need to keep your actions a secret. But what about after you live out your natural life and pass away? Wouldn’t it then be right to tell the world, and, in particular, the families of the killer’s other victims? This is what old Nana Thompson decides after her husband passes. What her secret reveals, though, is more than she expected – much more. ...

Title : Kangaroo Crossing: Legend of a Desert Grave
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Kangaroo Crossing: Legend of a Desert Grave Reviews

  • Shaheen Darr
    2019-06-08 22:39

    Blake Maloney is a news reporter with The Brisbane Mail. He sets out to find the truth behind a murder committed in an outback cattle station in 1988. He follows a trail that helps him uncover the truth and a whole lot more. Guy Bailey skilfully entwines the story plot from a previous novel, The Trelor Sect Killings into this one. Kangaroo Crossing does not disappoint. The novel is fast-paced, the characters are interesting, and as is characteristic of the author the place descriptions are vivid. This time, it is the Australian outback that is brought to life for the reader. The book has adult themes, but it is an interesting and entertaining read for days when you just want to curl up and enjoy a good book!

  • Stephanie Collins
    2019-05-30 21:27

    I was thoroughly entertained by this book. It provided a nice resolution to unsolved mysteries from stories earlier in the series. It could have gotten heavy, with the nature of the mysteries solved, but it didn't - the tone of the book remained light and fun, focusing most on the developing love story between Blake and Maddy. I liked that. As someone completely unfamiliar with Australia, I also particularly liked the description of this new area of the country and the stark contrasts to the coastal areas spotlighted in earlier books in the series. While these mysteries were wrapped up beautifully, I do hope Mr. Bailey has more in store for us!

  • Fionna Guillaume
    2019-05-30 20:36

    I had the great luck to read a copy of this book before it was released, and what a treat! If I could give more than 5 stars per review, this would have them all! It’s been a long time since I read such a fantastic romance. First of all, I loved the setting. Being an American, it’s pretty common knowledge that an Australian accent will get my panties off faster than a blink. While reading I imagined the charming dialogue in that uber-sexy accent and, let’s just say, it worked for me! I also appreciated the rich description of the small town and ranch station, with all the details to make me feel as though I really was there.Blake and Maddy are delightful characters. They have perfect erotic tension and I was rooting for them from the beginning, and even more once they’re revealed as obviously made for each other. I also enjoyed the great supporting characters: Juliette the cute blond cop, saucy Nana, and all the others. Characters are so real they jump off the page; I could imagine meeting any of them in a pub sometime.The story, too, is engaging, well paced, and full of equal parts mystery and romance. Just enough questions to keep me eagerly turning pages, and a satisfying ending in every way. I just can’t recommend Kangaroo Crossing enough! I will certainly be reading more from this extremely talented author.

  • Pandora Spocks
    2019-06-08 00:28

    Steamy Romantic MysteryKangaroo Crossing is Book 5 of author G.S. Bailey’s Mystery Loves Romance series. Journalist Blake is a confirmed city boy. He’s also a player, content to entertain himself with casual hook-ups and one-night stands rather than risk having his heart broken again. Madeline runs her family’s cattle station in the outback about as far away from the big city as one can get. She and her family are still reeling from the yet unsolved murder of Maddy’s mother years before. While she’s happy with her simple country life, she wouldn’t mind finding a man to share it with. Their worlds collide when Blake is assigned to look into new evidence in the case of Madeline’s mother and several other cold cases. He’s gentleman enough to know he shouldn’t trifle with her heart. But is it really trifling if he’s falling for her?I loved this book. The author takes us with him on a trip into the Australian outback, weaving together awe of Mother Nature and terrific suspense. And he builds incredible sexual tension between the main characters. I haven’t read the other books in this series and that’s okay because they’re all stand-alone. But I think I know what goes next on my To-Read list.

  • Petra
    2019-05-25 00:41

    In the final instalment of the Romance Loves Mystery series of contemporary Australian romance/mystery novels, we head out into the Outback, where a lonely cattle station owner is experiencing a man drought as severe as the dry spells which scorch the dry interior of Australia. Maddy is an experienced jillaroo and horsewoman, and a strong woman who manages her family cattle station with ease. However, the mystery surrounding the death of her mother many years ago is unresolved.Readers who enjoyed the first four books of Romance Loves Mystery will not be disappointed with this final book. There are the same authentic Aussie locations – a mix of big city, small town, coast and rural – although this is the first time Romance Loves Mystery has gone bush. There are the same interesting range of characters, girl/boy-next-door type romance, spicy sex scenes, and fun, enjoyable reading. These books are perfect for the romance reader who likes her characters to be hot but still fairly normal – Bailey’s heroes and heroines are modern, normal people with normal lives and normal jobs. No billionaires, heiresses or secret agents here. The feeling of place is strong and authentic, and the romance sweet but spicy. A great romance read.

  • Eeva Lancaster
    2019-05-16 18:31

    Kangaroo Crossing is a fun mystery romance. Blake, a single city guy was assigned to the outback to look into a cold case. There he meets Madeline, a country girl who owns a ranch. Blake finds himself strongly attracted to Madeline... and ranch life. But he's happy with his current life too. As they look for the burial places within the ranch, their attraction grows stronger. Will Blake give up his lifestyle and choose to be with Madeline? Typical G.S. Bailey, the love scenes are hot. Definitely not your usual boring, tweetums romance. A mystery to solve, hot sex, and exciting characters, this book will entertain as promised. As the last book of the mystery loves romance series, which I've all read, you will run into some of the characters from the other books. Although this can be read as a stand alone.