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See, that s what the app is perfect for. Zodiac Starforce UK team lineup notes Nov th, Open in app Facebook Tweet Pinterest Reddit Mail Embed Permalink Top Photos Next Zodiac Starforce Comic Book TV Tropes Zodiac Starforce is a Magical Girl comic published by Dark Horse Comics, written by Kevin Panetta and with art by Paulina Ganucheau Part of a long line of Zodiac Starforce by Kevin Panetta Goodreads Zodiac Starforce has ratings and reviews Published August th by Dark Horse Comics, pages, Comic Zodiac Starforce Profile Dark Horse Comics An elite group of teenage girls with magical powers have sworn to protect our planet against dark creatures as long as they can get ou Zodiac Starforce Volume By the Power of Astra by Kevin Zodiac Starforce Volume has , ratings and reviews Melanie said First off, this was nothing short of probably the most adorable graphic novel Zodiac Starforce Magical Girl Mahou Shoujo Wiki Zodiac Starforce is a comic book series published by Dark Horse An elite group of teen girls with magical powers have sworn to protect their planet against dark About Us About Us Paulina Ganucheau draws Zodiac Starforce She is also expected to captain the US Olympic Animal Crossing Team barring any career threatening thumb On Zodiac Starforce, Magical Girls, and Queerness The As Zodiac Starforce continues to show us, the magical girl genre is one that celebrates that heroines can be powerful, capable, and queer. Zodiac Starforce comic Read Zodiac Starforce comic Read Zodiac Starforce comic online free and high quality Fast loading speed, unique reading type All pages just need to scroll to read next page


Title : Zodiac Starforce #4
Author :
Rating :
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 501 Pages
Status : Available For Download
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Zodiac Starforce #4 Reviews

  • Natalie
    2018-11-20 16:33

    SAVI AND LILYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY 5EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!also omg that epilogue

  • Jamie
    2018-12-10 18:53

    2.5 stars

  • Jillian Reynolds
    2018-12-03 19:46

    I loved the colors and artwork, and I'm a big fan of the series as an ode to Sailor Moon, AKA my entire childhood. But it all felt very rushed....Also, some of the dialogue made me genuinely cringe. One example:"I'm gonna go pee. Be right back you guys." Not that people don't say that in real life or anything, but the dialogue all felt very clipped and awkward at certain points. I would like to read more of this world, though. I feel like there's promise of more stories within this world, and I'd give more Starforce comics a shot. I just wish the story and characters had more time to develop. But these were quick, fun, and easy to digest reads.As a whole, I'd give the series 3.5 stars, mainly because it reminds me of Sailor Moon and Cardcaptors, and I just feel all nostalgic when reading these.

  • Leonela
    2018-11-19 14:51

    I could keep reading about these girls forever! And please, the art is to die for! It keeps getting better. Can't wait for the next issue.

  • Solace Winter
    2018-12-11 15:35

    I wish more of the story could have been like this issue, where it was about teamwork, and fighting. The other issues of the others being basically nothing without Gemini was ridiculous and brought the whole story down for me. This one brought it back up, just in time for it to end.

  • Mary
    2018-11-16 15:43

    What a great finish to this arc! I legit cried. I really hope the series gets picked up for more issues, because it totally leaves you wanting more in a good way and they definitely have it set up for more of the story.

  • Gervan
    2018-12-04 13:35

    I'm a little disappointed in the conclusion. It was cute but not what I expected.Full review to come.

  • Carrie (goldenlyre)
    2018-11-28 15:33

    Omg! The characters are so cute! I'm so excited for the next issue in July 2017!

  • Hayley
    2018-11-29 16:45

    Such a good ending! Total hearteyes for Savi and Lily.

  • lauren ♡ (wonderless reviews)
    2018-11-30 19:31

    THIS IS SERIOUSLY THE CUTEST COMIC EVER AND YOU ALL NEED TO READ IT It's like a modernised Sailor Moon but with zodiacs instead of planets. Zodiac Starforce is like 98% girls which is BEAUTIFUL. There's diversity and amazing female friendships. It's just so much fun and the art is STUNNING and colourful and I never wanted it to end.You can get a trade of this comic here: Zodiac Starforce: By the Power of Astra

  • Julie
    2018-11-20 20:38

    Very much enjoying this series, which might as well have been aimed directly at my heart. As a Sailor Moon fangirl, it hits right in that space reserved for awesome design, beautiful artwork, strong friendships and team dynamics. :D

  • Marisa Carpico
    2018-12-07 15:29

    Not really my genre, but I ended up really enjoying this series.

  • Heather
    2018-11-22 17:41

    I loved this series so much! I can't wait for more!!

  • Holly Letson
    2018-11-26 12:35

    A rushed-but-decent ending to a so-so magical girl series.

  • Cande
    2018-11-13 19:42

    I'm in love.

  • Carol
    2018-12-11 15:55

    Still loving this series, bright and cheerful artwork but so dark.

  • Chris Conley
    2018-12-06 19:39

    It was a strong conclusion after faltering a bit in the previous issue.