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The Red Event occurred a year ago, a cloud of subatomic particles blanketing the Earth for three days. The first sign that it had created a lasting effect happened two months later with the financial ruining of every casino in Las Vegas. The people responsible became known as 'lucky ones', members of the lucky one percent of humanity whom the Red Event had transformed intoThe Red Event occurred a year ago, a cloud of subatomic particles blanketing the Earth for three days. The first sign that it had created a lasting effect happened two months later with the financial ruining of every casino in Las Vegas. The people responsible became known as 'lucky ones', members of the lucky one percent of humanity whom the Red Event had transformed into something more. In the intervening year, the lucky ones have proven to be a plague upon the other 99% of humanity, as the majority of them take what they wish and leave trails of bodies and rubble in their wake. If there are any heroes among them, they are few and in hiding. Jill Hammond is a teenage girl, one whom the Red Event didn't touch. She is also a terminally ill cancer patient who's been given a chance at becoming something much more for the last four to six months of her life - The injection of a mutagenic compound will transform her cancer, giving her superpowers. All she has to do is join the U.S. Army and become part of a top secret special forces team made up of other terminal cancer patients. As Terminals, they are stronger than most lucky ones. They'll take the fight to the lucky ones, but the mutagen hasn't cured their cancer, the transformed tumors are still lethal to their hosts....

Title : Transformation
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ISBN : 28218691
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Transformation Reviews

  • Adelaide Metzger
    2019-05-18 18:47

    Here I am. I’m sucking it up and writing a review even though my life is getting crazy right now--Wait. Thomas Cardin is writing a superhero series???!!!Thus was my reaction.If you’re not familiar with Thomas Cardin, I advise that you do so very soon because this guy writes stories that are meant for the screen, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he got an offer within the next couple years. I loved his Gifts of Vorallon trilogy where I found out I could trust him to deliver emotional and extremely cool plotlines while running next to his characters, rooting them on, the whole way.With James Patterson’s Maximum Ride trilogy and Adam Christopher’s Empire State being the only superhero books I’ve read, I thought Terminals was going to be like Heroes--which I didn’t like very much, but the idea was there. This is not Heroes and it is all and is in fact MUCH more interesting and believable. The first thing I noticed? It’s a book about a teenage girl with NO YA THEMES!! Yes! I am so sick of YA themes getting shoved in my face and found this to be extremely refreshing; sure, she has a few small feelings toward a fellow soldier, but those feelings do not overwhelm her thoughts or emotions. Quick synopsis: Jill has cancer and volunteers to obtain a transformation through injection for the military so she can stop evil people with powers. Now, having read the Vorallon trilogy, I was right in expecting Cardin to think outside the box and put cool elements into this superhero universe that we don’t see in all the others. It’s not just flying, super strength, and X-Ray vision. People can also turn into “monsters” while obtaining high end abilities. No spoilers, but something very cool happens to Jill that had me dedicated to seeing her story through to the end of this series--because, hello, they don’t DO stuff like that in the Marvel universe. (view spoiler)[One thing that I was bothered by from the beginning was an issue that is always present whenever reading a book about someone who has a terminal illness. A few pages in I already found myself attached to Jill. So it’s inevitable that she’s going to eventually die--melt away the same way other specials have who have exerted their power. I don’t want Jill to die--I don’t want any of them to die--but that got me thinking. What if she doesn’t die. What if saving the world from the baddies means that she gets to live in the process. Happy ending, right? Unless Cardin pulls a whole self-sacrifice thing like he did in Vorallon. But I think the most likely prediction I came up with while reading this is the fact that Jill may actually become a villain!!! I’m sorry, I can’t help it. I have an analytical brain that loves to predict. I think the temptation will definitely be there for her to succumb to being a monster. I think it was the doctor on their team that said, “I wanted to find out why so many of the lucky ones had come out rotten.” I have a feeling that that is going to be an ongoing theme throughout this short series and it makes me super excited to keep reading. Especially when Jill remarked, “I’m here to protect them, and they’re scared of me.” Looking forward to the things to come. (hide spoiler)]After reading the Vorallon trilogy I felt like I really knew Thomas Cardin as an author. He cared about his characters in a way that put me, the reader, in the fray of their emotions. Because of this I feel like I can trust him. Even at parts that slow down or don’t show much interest to me, I feel like I can keep going till I reach the end because I know he’s going to deliver a satisfaction and experience that I only get from few selected authors. I’m sticking with this one, Cardin. Here’s my hand, I’m closing my eyes, just guide me through.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Debbie
    2019-06-05 19:46

    What a great story! I was irked when I had to put it down and go do stuff. Everything about it is creative and unusual, from the mysterious trigger event and its odd effects to the diverse crew of superheroes with a short shelf life. A lot of different elements are present within the larger story, but the focus is on the small group of terminally ill patients that trade what little time they have left for a chance to feel better and acquire unpredictable abilities. Their choice to volunteer for the military's program is a choice to spend their remaining time helping others. That's a different kind of superhero. For the main character, Jill, the changes will be more drastic than most. I think she's fascinating. It's hard to say more without spoilers, so you should read it for yourself. It's a fun book, and although the ending isn't a cliffhanger, it's obvious that there are more stories to be told. I'll be waiting impatiently for the next book.

  • Brian Foster
    2019-06-14 18:24

    I don't normally read short fiction, but I like this genre enough that I was willing to give this one a try. I really enjoyed it. I connected with the POV character, and the action propelled the story forward. Great job; enough so that I bought the other four books right away and can't wait to read them.

  • Colby
    2019-06-16 16:27

    A great beginning to what I can only imagine will be an incredible story. Top-notch world building and character development made this story very enjoyable. It was very fast paced and I read it in one sitting. I can't wait to read the next in the series! Well done Mr. Cardin!

  • Christina
    2019-06-05 17:49

    I really enjoyed this story and look forward to continuing on in this series!

  • Thomas Cardin
    2019-05-23 17:36