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Gay erotic fantasy. Camille is a vampire who cannot kill, no matter how desperate his situation becomes. Faced with starvation and shunned by his natural family, he finds a solution to his problems in Damien, a professional assassin who belongs to the legendary Sulis Brotherhood. Camille offers Damien his services, his loyalty and his submission in exchange for regular meaGay erotic fantasy. Camille is a vampire who cannot kill, no matter how desperate his situation becomes. Faced with starvation and shunned by his natural family, he finds a solution to his problems in Damien, a professional assassin who belongs to the legendary Sulis Brotherhood. Camille offers Damien his services, his loyalty and his submission in exchange for regular meals and protection that the assassin will surely have no trouble providing for. Damien accepts the proposal, not realising how the vampire will change his life forever.Length: Approximately 72,500 wordsWarnings: mild BDSM content, explicit sex...

Title : The Assassin's Pet
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The Assassin's Pet Reviews

  • Kristan
    2018-11-25 19:25

    2.5 starsIt's gay Skyrim! Or for those not gaming inclined; it's a fantasy novel filed with assassins, magic, bandits, and vampires!Camille has never been able to bring himself to kill a living creature. Becoming a freshly made vampire hasn't changed that. Unless he learns how to take a life, and soon, starvation seems almost certain in his future. Then Damien appears. A chance encounter with an assassin from the legendary assassin's guild, could just be the solution to Camille's problems. Protection and a regular source of meals in exchange for the only thing he has it value - his body and his loyalty.Damien is intrigued by the blushing vampire, and while he had no desire to take care of a pet, he can't help marvel at Camille's submissive nature, and the contradiction between his power and gentleness.Along the adventure, a mystery that follows Camille will be solved, sexy times ensue, and an assassin's heart will thaw due to his vampire's devotion. This all sounds fantastic, and you're probably wondering why the low rating?Well, that's because while the plot was a good one, the writing style held this book back. By a lot. And here's what it comes down to:It was all too verbose."At the same time, those eyes, so deep and inviting, bestowed an innocence and an uncertainty that was interpreted almost as resistance but for Damien it was also and indeed essentially intoxicating. Ironically, the uncertainty actually triggered a primal instinct, an irrepressible desire to hunt, to track down, to devour his prey."..."He knew that voice, and suddenly he was more aware of his surroundings, suddenly he found himself being brought back to the situation before him. Once again the excruciating pain rapidly spread through his body. It seemed like his presence and power were physically contracting, his energies dissipating – returning to their more human-like state and with it, his clarity of thought, his judgment and feeling of self." Sentences often splinter off into three thoughts, and it happens so often that information gets repeated unnecessarily. The repetition took me out of the story almost as much as the run on sentences did. Feelings were told to the reader rather than shown, so I had a difficult time seeing the character's motivations and connection to each other.And the pacing also felt off. Camille settled into his role in a blink of an eye, despite the fact that his personality was radically different before becoming a vampire. Feelings of love and loyalty emerged overnight, but read like they evolved overtime. It all ended up with me feeling disconnected to the character's and their circumstance.Essentially, this book needs a good edit. Those who like plot over writing style, and really like the fantasy genre, will probably still enjoy this read. It has a good core. It just wasn't the one for me.To read this review and others, head over to

  • Trio
    2018-12-06 17:20

    I really enjoyed this book - a unique plot of a newly turned vampire and his inability to kill and his relationship with a paid assassin. It's follows their journey with so many unique twists and turns, interesting things happening and very clever insight to their lives. Beautifully exchange for an honest review

  • Lisa
    2018-11-26 00:27

    I was given a copy of this book free by the author in exchange for an unbiased review.The premise of this book drew me in. A vampire who couldn't kill.Camille, is a recently turned vampire who is unable to kill in order to feed. One evening he comes across a cottage and meets a man, Damien. He is a professional assassin and the two seem perfect for each other. Camille will be able to feed off of Damien's kills.Damien agrees to look after Camille and in a short time they become Master and sub.The 2 become devoted to each other even as it threatens Damien's job.This book was an enjoyable read. The BDSM in it was very mild, some spanking. As this was given as a review book in the BDSM group somehow I had expected more BDSM in it.The book features assassins, vampires, magic and fantasy. I love vampires and to see one who isn't the alpha male and happy to be in a subservient role was a refreshing change.

  • Lila Hunter
    2018-12-04 17:43

    Camille Adnet is a new vampire trying to survive on his own. We first met him, alone and hungry, as he tries to will himself to kill. As a nobleman, he lived a life of comfort and not even when hunting for sport, he was unable to kill his prey. Things had not changed now that he's a vampire.As he traveled, he stops by an isolated cabin and gets the opportunity to get a kill. When he's on the side of a sleeping woman, Damien let his presence be known, stopping Camille. From that moment on, the vampire is drawn to the Sulis assassin.His luck didn't get any better, as Camille follows bandits trying to scavenger his meals. He has lost a lot of weight, his eyes turned red, and his skin has a blue hue due to the lack of nourishment. Camille is becoming desperate and contemplating ideas on how to survive. Is then that he recognizes Damien's scent and decides to offer his services, his loyalty, and his submission in exchange for regular meals and protection.Becoming Damien's pet isn't what they expected. The bond between them cemented into a lovely relationship that brings Damien's protectiveness and Camille's loyalty to the forefront. Together, they start a journey that would bring them closer, sealing their faith and future into one.Complete review available at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words.ARC provided by the author through the Goodreads BDSM group Read-to-Review program.

  • Alexis Woods
    2018-11-18 21:26

    On the surface, The Assassin's Pet appears dark and brooding, almost monotone in nature. And yet there is a quiet brilliance to this style because of the setting, and who the main characters are, and the lives they live. Camille Adnet is a creature of the night, a newly turned vampire, forced from his days of sunlight to the darkest night. And then there is Damien Sulis, to whom night is a friend, as he ventures out to kill and kill again, in his role as assassin of the goddess Sulis.Camille has one fairly large problem, he is not a killer. Soon after meeting Damien Sulis, the assassin, for the first time, he mentally bonds himself to the man, hoping they might cross paths again, and what he might offer for the assassin’s protection and providence. They do indeed meet, and Damien agrees to take Camille under his wing. There’s pretty analogies, striking parallels, and uncanny studies in irony throughout the text. There’s the theme of life, death and reincarnation all woven around the image of a river, calm one day, only to be rushing and dangerous the next. I was intrigued by the subtle foreshadowing, and the stunning dialogue between the characters. The few scenes of erotic nature were second to the overall prevalence of belonging, domination and submission, protection and nurturing.This tale of love will not be to everyone’s tastes, there is little lightheartedness here, but to those who enjoy delving into the mystic I believe you will find this story a feast for the senses.

  • Donna
    2018-11-19 18:28

    4.5 STARSI should probably preface this review with a note that I don’t usually read fantasy. I didn’t realize to what extent this book was set in a different world. Yes, I see above that the blurb says “Gay erotic fantasy”, but I figured that was covering the whole vampire aspect. Most vampire books that I’ve read have been set in contemporary times and I guess I just assumed that this one would be the same. Having said that – I’m glad that I read this book, I really enjoyed it. But the reason I don’t read fantasy is I always find it hard to concentrate on any world building. It only happened a little here, mostly when Damien would reference his belief system or Camille discussed magic. I swear I can feel the words bouncing off my eyeballs and refusing to penetrate my brain. So while, as I said, I really enjoyed this book, I have a feeling that someone who seeks out fantasy novels will appreciate it even more.Camille was the pampered son of a noble, until the night he was attacked by a vampire and changed forever. As a human he was scorned by his father and brother for being unable to hunt animals, but as a vampire that inability to take any life is killing him. Vampires must kill humans to feed, and Camille is slowly starving to death. The night he meets assassin Damien is a revelation. If he can convince the man that Camille would make a suitable pet, then the hungry vampire can feed on the assassin’s fresh kills. When Camille offers Damien his body, heart and soul, neither man imagines where their union might lead them.I wouldn’t call this a dark book but I would say that there is a notable lack of light. The settings sound drab and uninspiring, most of the characters are somber and any mention of food or clothing are bland. But this lack of stimulus from the author isn’t an indication of poor writing skills, on the contrary. The rather colorless world she has created causes Camille’s adoration for Damien to shine brightly through every scene. Camille could so easily have been slapped onto the pages as nothing more than a weak foil to Damien’s strength, but Nana G skillfully shows the power in Camille’s submission. Damien may save Camille’s life, but Camille gives Damien life. These two men together were impossible to look away from, and while saying “they complete each other” or “they make each other better” might sound like tired clichés those phrases apply perfectly in this case.What struck me as novel in this story was the fact that murder was treated in an almost positive fashion. There was a divineness about it, which you would usually only find in the mind of a psychopath, but in this book, in these characters, that belief was absolutely acceptable. I’ve always enjoyed reading books that push at my ideas of what is tolerable behavior.Although this isn’t my usual reading choice, I don’t hesitate to recommend The Assassin’s Pet. It’s well written, well thought out and oh, I forgot to mention the sex, didn’t I? The assassin and his little vampire definitely know how to mess up the sheets…Reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews

  • Wendy Ann
    2018-11-13 17:31

    I LOVED the plot for this story. A vampire who can’t kill but needs the blood of the dead in order to survive paired with a professional assassin who finds beauty in death – brilliant! Not only that, but one becomes Master and one becomes slave setting up a very unique give and take relationship. The combination between erotic (but light) BDSM and Camille’s innocence/naiveté is something I didn’t expect to find, much less expect to find so hot! I also loved the devotion between the characters. Once they struck a deal, unlikely as it seemed, they were both all in. With all these things to love, I was skating along near a 5 heart rating for the majority of this story, riding a high, and then… it ended. Well, of course it had to end, but it felt out of place compared to the rest of this wonderful story and left me feeling a little bereft. It was building toward a specific outcome involving a lot of angst that had me riding on the edge of my seat and then it went in a different direction that felt a little too easy and left me with a few unanswered questions. Despite this, the adventurous journey of Camille and Damien was a pleasure to follow as I got immersed in their world. I’ve also found a new to me author that I look forward to checking out further. This was definitely a worthwhile read and I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys a little fantasy in their m/m books.Review posted at... - 4 hearts

  • Roger - president of NBR United -
    2018-11-19 16:40

    I got this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review through the DBML program of the M/M Romance group at goodreads.There are a few spoilers in the review but not much that couldn't be deduced from the blurb.I love this book it had me from the blurb a vampire that can't kill offering its services to a vampire in exchange for feeding of the assassin's fresh kills. The concept intrigued me immensely and I was expecting (dreading) a more angsty book than the author provided. Camille is from a minor nobility family and Damien is an assassin of the priesthood of Sulis, goddess of death and another ascpect of Dispater, god of life. Camille when he first encounters Damien is hungry but not yet very weak. this is at a farmhouse where Damien has killed the farmer. they next meet and Camille is very week and in desperation offers his complete and total service in exchange for the assassin's protection. Camille's younger brother is ambitious and want to lead the family and hire the assassin order to kill Camille. The only way to end the assassination attempts is For Camille to kill his brother. they Capture his brother but Camille even knowing that he hired the assassins can't kill his brother and Camille and Damien leave him beaten in the waterfall cave and flee to another continent to try to get away from the assassins. The love they come to manifest takes a while to grow and is so sweet.

  • Ilona
    2018-12-10 22:23

    (I was given a copy of this from the author in exchange for an honest review.) So my honest opinion is that this had an excellent starting point. An Ace Predator who cannot kill. Who wouldn't want to read about a vampire like that? Nana then goes on to provide said vampire with a ruthless killer to take care of him. I was riveted by the idea and was eager to see if the book stood up to my expectations. It did with intrigue, hot sex and a wonderful romance it had a lot to enjoy but, without giving anything away, all I can say is read this one for yourselves, you will enjoy it too.

  • Nana
    2018-11-23 19:33

    The Assassin's Pet will have a companion story. To find out more, please see my blog.

  • Shelby
    2018-12-12 20:44

    So here's the thing, I found this book to be enjoyable but not all that memorable. As in I don't think it'll stick with me long term. There wasn't anything about the book that stood out for me. It read smoothly, was well written, but didn't excite me in anyway.Camille was a strange case in my mind. The description of his history makes his attitude in the book seem completely out of place. It's like since his turning he's become a totally different person/personality than who he was before. Not that we see him in his unturned state, that was just the feeling I got. I couldn't see the submissive personality he displayed as a vampire fitting in to the way his life was described in the past. That 's not to say I didn't like his relationship with Damien. I did. I enjoyed the way there relationship back and forth worked. I just felt that it was a disconnect from his past. The most interesting twist to this was Camille's inability to kill as a vampire. I really liked that twist and I think what takes away from this being memorable is that (view spoiler)[the author has him succeed in this and be ok with killing by the end of the book (hide spoiler)]. It took away from the nature and strength of his character. Took something away from the power of the ending for me as well. Also I questioned why the author never introduces the idea (view spoiler)[that he could take blood from people without killing them. Since his resistance came from the idea of the death of the person he was taking sustenance from it should have occurred to him, with his powers, he could easily take a little from multiple people and have survived that way. (hide spoiler)] These sorts of logic fallacies took away from my overall enjoyment of the story.The strongest part of the story for me was the rapport between Camille and Damien. There was a visible bond there and it worked for me. I liked the way they drew strength from each other and the wants of one balanced the needs of the other. I'd give this story 3.5 stars overall. I'm rounding down as the logical issues still are bugging me.

  • blub
    2018-11-12 20:29

    A free copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.2.5 stars Camille's life is flipped upside down when he's attacked in his sleep by a vampire and turned. Forced to flee his family home, Camille finds himself in a bit of a predicament. Camille doesn't know much about being a vampire and the thought of killing to survive is something he can't bring himself to do. When Camille crosses path with Damien, he thinks he's found the solution to his dilemma.Damien, is part of the brotherhood of Sulis. A trained assassin who has no care in the world except to follow the orders of Lady Sulis. Acquiring Camille isn't part of his job but when Camille offers him everything, Damien takes a chance on him partially for the entertainment factor and partially because of the divine intervention of Lady Sulis.But nothing is so simple. Camille must navigate vampirism, come to terms with has happened to him, why it happened and what he should or can do about it. Damien, too, has his own decisions to make and come to terms with.It was an interesting and simple story to read. There wasn't a lot of excitement in the tale. Camille's devotion and submission to Damien was the only draw to the story that struck a cord for me. I couldn't fathom the pleasure Camille felt but I did like the thought of devotion to someone who was like their bread and butter. That Camille so easily stepped into such a role was painful but also quite intelligent on his part. It really helped build up his character and said a lot about his person. It was pretty much the same in case of Damien so easily appointing Camille as his ward/servant.The feeling and affection between Damien and Camille start off pretty strong and it's unexpected considering Damien didn't think much of Camille. Camille was willing to devote himself to anyone who could help him and it just so happened Damien was that individual.

  • Tsubaki
    2018-11-17 00:43

    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.-At the beginning of the story, Camille, unfortunately and unexpectedly, found himself turned into a vampire. He was never able to bring himself to kill and had no choice, but to scavenge for newly dead bodies to feed on. That only got him so far. On the verge of starving, he breaks into a farmhouse with the intention of killing for the first time, and accidentally stumbles into Damien, a hired assassin. Convinced that Damien was his best chance at survival, Camille seeks him out and becomes his servant in every way.I think one of the best things about this story was that it didn't follow the traditional vampire lore. The whole world portrayed in the story was pretty unique, Medieval with sorcery and vampires, but none of the other mythological creatures typically associated with these types of stories. The world building wasn't the richest I've ever seen, but interesting nonetheless. It was simple without feeling like it was missing anything. As for the characters though, I didn't like Camille at all. I didn't like him at the start and I didn't like him much more by the end. He didn't really feel… real. The ease at which he accepted and adapted to having his world ripped apart was so… convenient. The total lack of emotion, intentional or not, made him hollow in my eyes. Damien was only slightly better. (At least he had a better excuse for being detached and unfeeling.) All in all, I didn't care much for the characters or their plight. (Although the plight, itself, was well done.)The other thing about the book was the way it was written. The language and structure was very flowery. I guess it sort of fits the overall theme, but coming from the character POV, it was awkward at times. Still, not a bad story if you like high fantasy, medieval worlds, and the premise detailed in the summary.

  • Avid Reader
    2018-11-30 00:17

    The Assassin's Pet by Nana G.3.5 starsM/M paranormalI was given this book for an honest review by Inked Rainbow Reads.Unfortunately, this book just didn't really do it for me. It had an intriguing plot and some twists in there that I didn't expect, but the story as a whole was not my favorite. Camille was almost too docile throughout the story and despite his family shunning him, etc. he never really learned to live on his own. He was constantly checking to make sure everyone around him was OK, but never really looking out for himself. His character was just blah for me.Then you have Damien. While I liked his character more, again, he was almost too predictable. The chemistry between the two was not great for me. Sure, they had sex, but I never truly felt that they had a great connection. It was a forced connection that kind of turned in to something more, but not in an organic way for me.Sadly, I did not really like this one.

  • Cookie Moretti
    2018-12-13 00:46

    By Nana G (MM/Romance/Para)A copy of this book was provided to me by Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review.****4 STARS****Camille started out as a very pathetic vampire. He couldn't even drink blood from a live person cause it made him queasy to kill anyone. Just as he was about to starve to death, he meets Damien, who is an assassin. I actually liked this story. The romance between Camille and Damien wasn't shoved at our face, but gradually happened.Camille made Damien softer, and Damien made Camille stronger. They complimented each other well. The plot was so-so, but I was drawn to the couple enough to ignore that it wasn't a problem. They were certainly hot together. The ending kinda sucked for me though cause I feel like they didn't get a HEA. They were together in the end, but it was a "happy for now" feeling.

  • Renee Cronin
    2018-11-26 17:37

    I was given a copy of this book free by the author in exchange for an unbiased review. I was interested in reading this book because the premise of it was intriguing to me. Overall, I liked the story but it was a slow read for me. There was more detail in places where I wanted more action. That's more a personal preference than a critique of the author. The story was well written. No complaints there. The action was just okay. 3 stars for me.

  • Summer
    2018-11-17 21:44

    I was given a copy of this book for my honest review so here it goes. I love vampire stories so this grabbed my attention from the start. The characters are easy to like and the story is easy to follow. Damien and Camille are great together. I enjoyed the story but I never felt hooked. Thank you Nana G.