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Jessica Spaulding works for Magnate, her father’s multi-billion-dollar investment firm. But her life of privilege comes at a high personal cost, requiring her to keep aspects of herself under wraps.Magnate’s new intern, TJ Blake, leads by example. The sole guardian of her teenage sister, TJ juggles work, graduate school, and debt, never taking “something for nothing.”As TJJessica Spaulding works for Magnate, her father’s multi-billion-dollar investment firm. But her life of privilege comes at a high personal cost, requiring her to keep aspects of herself under wraps.Magnate’s new intern, TJ Blake, leads by example. The sole guardian of her teenage sister, TJ juggles work, graduate school, and debt, never taking “something for nothing.”As TJ discovers there’s more to Jess than she lets on, her pride and notions about wealth run headlong against her growing feelings for Jess. Jess starts falling for TJ but doubts she’s principled enough for her. When Jess uncovers a dark secret, will she do the right thing, even if it means losing everything—including any chance at love?...

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  • Pin
    2019-02-16 17:24

    Heather Blackmore works in finance and this fact is very evident in her second romance novel For Money or Love. Her knowledge is in places too “heavy” for this genre -- excessive use of financial terminology and too detailed descriptions of those aspects of business. Consequently, it was rather difficult (and sometimes even tiresome) to read through some parts of the story. Despite this, the storyline is solid with two well-defined and likable (especially Jessica) main characters, and a nice bunch of supporting and minor characters. The background stories of the main characters are well-done and give us a good insight into the reason for some of their behavior and reactions. The epilogue is too short and limited only to the work aspect without any real perception of the further relationship between the main characters.3 stars*ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley*

  • Lexxi Kitty
    2019-01-29 14:25

    *I received this book from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books in return for a fair review.*I wish to start off with two things before anything else: 1) this is one of those books I might have flirted with the idea of skipping writing a review but for the Netgalley connection; 2) my education and work experiences are both an advantage and disadvantage in regards to this book – an advantage in the reading, a disadvantage in the reviewing. Advantage – I have a B.B.A., an undergraduate degree – bachelor of business administration (with both much finance/marketing/economics learning, and business buzz words); plus my work experience has consisted entirely with dealing with financial matters, from a legal perspective. (I also have a graduate degree, but that doesn’t matter). Nothing I read flew over my head or confused me. Though I admit that I had to read a specific part of the epilogue twice to understand what was being said.Disadvantage – I cannot really say how hard or easy the wording is; how much ‘jargon’ gets in there – though, right I’ll get to that. So I’m at something of a disadvantage on the review side of things since I cannot actually say if something is or isn’t annoyingly difficult to understand.Referencing back to my ‘flirted with the idea of skipping writing a review’ – I’m going to go back to the framework I sometimes use, but haven’t in a while.People of ImportancePoint of ViewsThere are two point of views offered up in this book – Jessica Spaulding, marketing director at Magnate (an investment firm), and TJ Blake, MBA student and intern at Magnate.Jessica ‘Jess’ SpauldingMarketing director at Magnate. Though she ‘pretends’ to be an air-head at work, and only goes into work something like 11 hours a week. If that. The air head thing has to do with a run-in with her parents, specifically with Lilith, the step-mother. (view spoiler)[Apparently Jessica showed great intellectual promise while in school, which Lilith didn’t like, so she told Jessica to play dumb. So Jessica did. Because she didn’t want to make waves. A reoccurring theme (like a later demand she stop seeing Dillon). So, even though she is super intelligent, very good with math, and a great marketing director (apparently ten times better than everyone else on earth), she pretends to be an air-head. (hide spoiler)]I have no idea of Jess’s age. It might have been given, but if so I overlooked it. Sexual Orientation: Straight. Until TJ came into the picture. Other than TJ, Jess only gets sexually aroused by men.TJ ‘Teej’ BlakeTJ is a 27 year old M.B.A. student who, by the grace of a program (specifically the Derrick Spaulding program), has the ability to get an MBA with the cost of a few years working in a non-profit organization. She is sent as an intern to Magnate to develop a case study – to find out how and why Magnate constantly remains at the top of investment firms (including during periods of economic downturn). She is super protective of her sister Kara. Is both anti-wealth and anti-… doing something other than getting the best education possible. She has a massive problem accepting gifts, offers of rides, lunches in nice restaurants, etc. Because money is evil. Super super evil. Money is the devil and must be eliminated! Okay, not that extreme, but she has a chip on her shoulder regarding money and people with money directly related to her own life history ((view spoiler)[father did stupid things with money and was apparently ‘gotten rid of’ by mafia(hide spoiler)]). At the same time . . . there is a kind of vibe, which is probably wrong, that she looks down on those without an education – which comes into direct conflict with her sister since the sister wants to go into auto-repair (actually finding old rusted out blocks of metal, and restoring them, then selling them), while the sister is forcing her to apply herself to her education and then ‘go to a good college’ (because ‘she made a promise’ ETA - TJ made the promise - to the father; Kara made no promises).Kara BlakeTJ’s sister, was . . . 9? When their mother died. Blames herself. Is currently 16 and under the supervision of TJ. Grunts at her sister. Is super into playing video games, repairing cars (and joyriding in cars, not necessarily the same cars she repairs), and less interested in school than her sister wants her to be.DillonJessica’s (view spoiler)[childhood lover (hide spoiler)] and current best friend. Owns an auto body shop. With lots of rare and expensive old cars sitting around on display.Family of JessicaLilith is Jessica’s shrew of a step-mother – very controlling, always gets her way while her husband just sits there as she berates and dominates his children; one of those children, though, is Lilith’s – Gary is the COO of Magnate (which normally means ‘Chief Operating Officer’, not sure if that was actually stated in the book – a COO, and this depends somewhat on the arrangements made in the company, ‘is the senior manager responsible for managing the company’s day-to-day operations and reporting to the chief executive officer (CEO)’) – (view spoiler)[he is kind of dimwitted (okay, not really certain if he is or isn’t, but he is described in a way to make the reader question his intelligence, since Jess was forced to hide her intelligence because Lilith didn’t want Gary to be sad(hide spoiler)]; Derrick is founder and CEO of Magnate, husband of Lilith, father of Jessica and Brooke; Brooke is . . . . um. I think she is the head of sales at Magnate.Muriel ManchesterSuper rich lesbian CEO of something or other that the Magnate people have been courting for a long time to invest in the Magnate fund. To have Magnate handle Muriel’s finances.PlotTJ goes to work at Magnate, an investment firm, as part of her M.B.A. program. She gets assigned to be supervised by a woman by the name of Jessica Spaulding, daughter of the CEO and founder of the company.Conflict rears its head early. Both because Jessica is the marketing director, and TJ isn’t there to do a marketing study; and in the part wherein Jessica doesn’t really want to supervise anyone, and gives TJ busy work. They butt heads. Also a certain amount of lust is in the air involving the two. Some form of relationship develops.Meanwhile Kara shows her displeasure with life by stealing cars, ‘borrowing them’, and then getting beaten up. Naturally TJ is quite unhappy by these events.TJ’s work study isn’t really going anywhere, re: she isn’t doing a marketing study, and so demands more access. To which she is given. And can’t make heads or tails of what she is shown. She can’t understand how Magnate is able to do what it does. Evilness is afoot. Buzz wordsSomething of a joke among, well late-night comedians, people in the industry, people in general – people who fall back onto buzz words are not really saying anything/are attempting to sound intelligent/are kind of moronic in nature. There is both a certain amount of ‘right’ in that, and ‘wrong’. Any industry will end up with words that get used. Sometimes the words can mean the opposite in the industry than in ‘normal’ life. Sometimes they can sound stupid to an outsider. But the words are just short hand to get things done. Also, at the same time, they also can clue someone in that the person they are talking with is a moron. Depends on context. And the number of buzz words used in the same sentence. And the number of times ‘utilize’ is used. Like, in the book TJ starts spouting some ‘buzz words’ near the beginning. She’s an MBA student. It’s kind of expected that she would be awash with funny new words and that she would spout them out. Later Jessica explains how she would handle some marketing issues. She spouts out a bunch of gibberish buzz words. Reading that section twice let me know she actually did say something. It just sounded like a moron who didn’t know what they should say and so started spouting out buzz words. And by buzz words I mean something like: ‘We need to utilize the deliverables to enable maximum ROI’ (we need to use our products (apples, computers, dog leashes; reports; people (yes, I’ve seen the word used for people)) in a way that creates the largest amount of money in return for our investment in the products (ROI – return on investment); or, like as is seen in the book ‘I see all these basic activity metrics floating around – clicks, followers downloads. Those are fine indicators, but you need effectiveness metrics and revenue-focused calculations. There are market-performance tracking tools that you could and should be using.’ (Jessica was asked to present some ideas on how to improve marketing. So she used a bunch of buzz words. Which actually mean something. But . . . are kind of low level ‘ideas’ to improve marketing. She basically said that, currently, the company tracks ‘clicks, followers, downloads’ (as in, the number of times someone ‘clicks’ on something (a link, an advertisement, etc., online) – etc. While tracking that is good, the company is missing out on adding another layer of ‘metrics’ (literally a method of measuring something or the results obtained from something – the ‘statistics’ and the like; like a website receives 1200 ‘hits’ or visitors, 2 actually click on an advertisement on the webpage. The advertisement is 0.00167% effective in getting someone to click on it) – that tracks effectiveness metrics (something that actually tracks the effective percentage like above) and revenue-focused calculations (the percentage of the people who click on an advertisement actually buy something, versus the cost of the advertisement itself; like the advertisement costs $10 per view; 1200 people visited the website; depending on the contract, that could mean that the advertisement cost $12,000; 2 people ‘clicked’ on the advertisement (if the cost of the ad is tied to clicks then the ad cost $20 instead of $12,000); and 1 bought something – that something cost $0.33 to make; the person paid $5 for it (so – $4.67 ‘mark-up’, or $4.67 revenue before all other expenses) meaning that the company paid either $12,000 or $20 to generate $4.67 of revenue; which would equal a loss of $11,995.33 or $15.33 for their efforts). So, what Jessica is saying is that, currently, the total number of clicks, followers, downloads are being tracked, but only that – the rest, how many viewers it took to get a click (effectiveness metrics), to get a follower, to get a download is not currently being tracked. So basically Jessica is offering up as her brilliant ‘marketing plan’ installing basic metrics. Or – boiled down - they are spending money without knowing what the result of spending that money is. And the profit, or loss, generated. Jessica recommended putting something in to track that. She’s brilliant. (it’s been about 20 years since I actually had to think in marketing terms, yeah I got a BBA – with a concentration in Marketing - so I’m sure I’m somehow wrong with my interpretation of what occurred). I now forgot what I was attempting to say.Um – book solid. Characters grew. Plot – there. Some people evil. Was nice that, for a brief moment, (view spoiler)[the rich mother wasn’t the spineless one – like many Lesfic’s I read make her; and that the rich father seemed ‘nice’ unlike the majority of rich fathers in Lesfic’s – until, you know, he wasn’t (hide spoiler)]. Romance occurred as well as sex. Was graphic. When sex occurred I was distracted by events and cannot say if ‘good’ or not – sex wise. Beginning to end I liked Jess more than anyone else. TJ annoyed me at times. (view spoiler)[oh, and I do not know how you get ‘TJ’ from ‘Cordelia’ – TJ’s actual real name (hide spoiler)]I would give this book a rating of exactly 3 and a half stars.August 31 2016

  • M
    2019-01-28 16:24

    ARC copy received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Okay, I probably know too much about finance and hedge funds to believe this and not see the plot coming from a mile off. Madoff and co. are clearly the basis for this tale, but where they were able to fool the system by effectively being their own auditors and having more than a single person involved in the conspiracy - this book presents a seeming social glad fly as the head of a multi million dollar hedge fund marketing department who is secretly fantastic at her job and no one notices...In steps an outsider who effectively suggests that the numbers don't add up and bang the whole thing is unraveled. Madoff was not a stupid man and his family and associates were involved top to bottom in ensuring that their criminality was not exposed. The romance and coming out story were okay, but the central premise pissed me off too much to enjoy or appreciate the rest of the book. Enough said.

  • Lex Kent
    2019-01-31 21:34

    3 1/2 Stars. This is the first book I have read by Blackmore, and I'm impressed by the way she writes. The Story is about Jessica, a wealthy marketing rep, who works for her fathers financial agency, Magnate. And TJ, who is struggling to make ends meet, raising her younger sister. TJ, gets an intern position at Magnate, and must work and learn under Jessica. Both TJ and Jess, have reasons for ignoring their attraction, including the big difference of their socioeconomic status. Will they let their family's and differences keep them apart? Or will they take a chance at love.While there are some themes, in this book, that have been done before: Rich girl/poor girl, family not approving of sexuality, and an older sibling raising a younger one. Overall, the book had enough new takes on these themes, that it still seemed like a fresh romance book. Not to mention, a pretty big twist, that I didn't see coming for most of the book, that I really appreciated. It wasn't just the normal angst, that we see in books, challenging a relationship.I thought both main characters were good, especially Jess who was very likeable. I thought the attraction was believable, but I wish they had more intimate moments together. The book was great in the dating/courting faze, not as good later.One of my issues, with the book, was financially. There was so many terms, that I just did not know. And considering a very crucial part of the book dealt with finances, I could not truly understand what was happening. I really wish Blackmore would have used some laymans terms, for people like me.Overall, I enjoyed this book, and I would recommend it. I am looking forward to reading more book by Blackmore, in the future.An ARC was given to me from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books, for a honest review.

  • Jade
    2019-02-19 18:47

    *ARC provided by Netgalley and Bold Strokes for an honest review*When I started reading this book it was like putting my foot in a leather shoe for the first time, one size too small so your toes feel squashed and you look awkward when you walk but as time goes on the shoe stretches, you find your stride and you can't remember why you couldn't bear to wear it in the first place.At first the author seemed a bit awkward in her writing and there were parts where I felt like I was reading an instruction manual instead of a story but, as the story went on it was like she had bonded with her characters and instead of making up a story for the characters, the characters were creating the story and she was just transcribing it.Heather Blackmore has managed to create one of the most intriguing characters that have come across in a while. Jess is perfect in every way, she might play spoiled rich girl well but she possess depth, courage and intellect that far surpasses TJ's and even though she has all of this she doesnt see it which makes her even more endearing but, unlike characters who have been written in the past, she isn't meek and subservient to the demands of others.TJ wasn't my favourite character and it is mainly because of how judgemental she was of Jess, I hate people who believe that a woman who doesn't stand her ground and show her mental prowess against a man is weak because I don't see it as weakness I see it as creating a false sense of strength in order to win a greater battle.The chemistry between TJ and Jess was great but I feel like the relationship was really carried by Jess for most of the book. I loved the underlying issue that Jess and TJ had to deal with and I think the author did an excellent job of incorporating it into the storyline, (view spoiler)[the Ponzi scheme take on the story was quite well done (hide spoiler)] and didn't overshadow TJ and Jess's story. The criticism that I have is that the author tends to go into a bit too much detail when she is explaining the work that Jess and the firm do, which is great if this were a business management textbook but not so great in a romance story.My honest rating would be 3.75 but I decided to round up because I could bring myself to give it a 3 because I really enjoyed this story once I got more comfortable with it.

  • Diane Wallace
    2019-02-02 18:49

    The author meticulously captures the tension and immense burden between both ladies of what they had to go through in life for one another plus as passionate and sensitive some things were,they had chemistry,lots of family drama,ponzi scheme/money laundering etc excellent writing..lovely ending to a difficult story... i think ppl should have a go at this incredible book!!!

  • Rach (Les Rêveur)
    2019-02-10 20:33

    ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest review.This is the first novel I have read by Heather Blackmore. This book didn't do it for me but i'll give the Author another go on a different book.My SynopsisJessica works for her fathers Investment Firm. She has been brought up to play the Socialite Wife more than the Intelligent Woman she actually is and Her privileged life has alway came first.TJ Blake comes to work for the Investment Firm as a intern. TJ has always struggled to make end meet and provide for her younger sister as her Mother dies when her sister is young and TJ become her guardian. TJ has a problem with accepting help or money from anyone because of the way she was brought up.She and Jessica come to blows and more than one occasion. Jessica begins to care what TJ thinks of her and she in turn begins to show her true self. TJ gradually lets down her barriers and they begin to see each other for who they truely are... My ReviewI was really excited to read this novel, unfortunately i felt like i had no idea what was going most of the time because i didn't have a degree in Investment Banking. There was more than one occasion i had to look up a financial terminology. I think people with a finance background would adore this book for me not so much. The storyline was good and if the author had stuck to that then i would have probably not been bored throughout the book. I will however give the Author another look on a different novel. 2.5 stars.

  • Eva
    2019-02-14 17:32

    ***Book provided by Net Galley and Bold Strokes Books in exchange for an honest review***I have honestly struggled to finnish this book. Although I have enjoyed the writting style, and the random bits of humor within the dialogues, I could not make myself accept or believe the premise and the main obstacles faced by the main characters.This book starts with an intern, TJ Blake, that confronts her rich and influential boss, Jessica Spaulding, at their first encounter, for almost anything she does or says. I don't know anybody rude and/or fool enough to do that, and I could not even imagine that ever happening in an environment as competitive and hierarchical such as an investment company. Due to my business and financial background, I can say that I also found extremely difficult to believe that the "financial accounting anomalies" detailed in this book, would happen in a major financial company that happens to be audited on a yearly basis by external auditors. And for so many years! And for which reasons?!If you can overcome these drowbacks, I guess that you would be able to enjoy the decent writting, and the interesting main characters that grow and evolve as their relationship developes. The occassional banter between main characters is also another good reason to give this book a go.

  • Val
    2019-01-25 20:27

    I think this book is a bit heavy with the financial information in it. I don't know anything about finance and found those parts dealing with that to be particularly confusing. I also didn't really like one of the main characters very much. She is touted as someone who stands by her principles no matter the cost. Personally , I don't think one's principles are worth much if you use them to judge and belittle others. Finally, I just didn't buy the premise that someone who is intelligent would actually fake being dumb. That's crazy to me. The book did, however, make me think about how money can influence how we view others whether they have a little or a lot of cash. In my opinion, it's always good when a book makes you examine something about yourself in a way that you hadn't previously considered.

  • Kate
    2019-02-01 15:41

    The thing that stood out from this book for me was the likability of some of the characters, especially Jessica. I really enjoyed how developed her character was and getting an insight into some of the decisions she made based solely on what other people thought she would/should be like. She works for her fathers investment firm and this is where she meets TJ. TJ is completing an internship in Jessica's fathers firm and has been sent to work with Jess. Her background and therefor character is quite different to Jess, she is the sole guardian of her sister and has a rather tough upbringing with her fathers disappearance and mothers death. I also enjoyed reading about her character but she frustrated me at times with her inability to accept even the slightest hand from someone else. I am also definitely not wired for understanding anything finance or business so I struggled with some of the phrases, but overall I did enjoy this story.ARC received from publisher via NetGalley.

  • Gaby
    2019-02-12 17:47

    I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This is the first book I've read by this author. The description sounded interesting but I had no other expectations. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy it much for a number of reasons.I found some parts of the book too descriptive of the characters feelings or justifications of their behaviour. It got to the extent of being annoying and slowing the story down.Some situations seemed unrealistic or improvable which obviously takes credibility away from the story. This is quite noticeable in some dialogues that are not colloquial and use a register too formal and more adequate for a written text.I understand that the author has a background in finance but the book has a lot of financial technical descriptions that in my opinion don't add much to the plot. The ending is rather abrupt and is more focused on the financial issues rather than the romance.Overall an OK read but I wouldn't read it again.

  • Danni Mladenovic
    2019-02-08 20:39

    *The copy received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review* This book is so captivating, it's almost sinful. It had me from the sign "Chapter One" and I couldn't put it down until I finished it. Their banter is so joyful, witty, there is everything but the lack of chemistry between them!I only wish the ending was more about them instead of business issues reveal... I kind of felt like those two were put into background, like they were sidelined. Had it not been for that, this book would've gotten 5 stars from me.

  • Penelope
    2019-01-26 20:38

    An honest review thanks to NetGalley. This was a good book; it took me a while to see the compatibility between the two main characters. As well as getting a feel of T.J and her relationship with her sister. Overall this was a good romance read with financial aspects, and opposites attract romance.

  • Morgan
    2019-02-08 20:43

    Could not muster the will to finish this one out. I work in marketing and enjoy it, so "buzzwords" and jargon really don't bother me. I tapped out I guess before the plot really takes off--something about a Ponzi scheme? What I could not stand though, annoying me enough to toss aside the book, were these characters, specifically TJ. TJ is a MBA student apparently allowed to participate in the program by doing an internship at an agency and writing a case study. Ok, I can accept that. Her aspiration is to eventually run a non-profit doing...something altruistic I'm sure. All well and good to far. However, TJ has an aversion to money like the Pope has to the devil. I'm not entirely sure why she'd go to work for an investment group if she's so physically sickened by money, the thought of money, people with money, etc. In an early scene, she's taken out to a business lunch to a fancy restaurant but flips out that she cannot possibly accept this lunch because she would be unable to pay for it or repay the favor on her own. I suppose we might have to add thoroughly sickened by company lunches to the list of TJ's aversions. So far so not good for someone who will need to one day schmooze this type of clientele for her "my life is more meaningful than your's" nonprofit group. Between the start and around the 15% mark when I finally gave up, there were a good handful of instances where TJ plays the holier than thou card, but written in such a way where we're supposed to take her side. So there was that, her frequent telling off's to her supervisor because she didn't like her behavior or attitude, and blowing up over being given, essentially, interny tasks her first week. Guess what sweetheart, you're an intern. You may need to write a paper for your class, but that's on your time, at work you do what you're given--the books aren't open to you day one. Now onto Jess. Where to even begin with this bizarre character. She's the head of marketing, yet doesn't seem to actually work much at all, comes into the office after 11 and leaves with a few hours, purposely acts like she doesn't know what she's doing, and yet she (secretly?) is the best marketer in the world and super intelligent? Oh and let's not forget she's also the boss' daughter and all of this tardiness/airhead persona would just blindly be accepted by him. Yeah, right. I don't just not like these two, I hate them. I don't care what happens between them, I know they'll end up together though for the life of me I have no idea why. Good luck to those that want to see what happens, but I'm moving on. ARC provided by NetGalley

  • Velvet Lounger
    2019-01-26 15:38

    Jess is an extremely wealthy socialite who appears like any stereotypical airhead. Underneath the façade she’s a highly intelligent, hard working woman who has paid a high price to do what she thought would keep her place in the family. She always appears to take the easy road and submit to others expectationsTJ is a hard nosed and tough survivor who has lost both parents, and is fighting tooth and nail to bring up her younger sister, pay off family debts and keep the promises she made her Dad. She always puts her ethics above her personal needs, refusing to accept the slightest benefit she doesn’t feel she has earned.When the two collide at Jess’s family firm they couldn’t appear more opposite. But sometimes oil and water make just the right combination and their journey into a page turning rollercoaster.This starts like any traditional romance, clashes, obstacles and differences to the fore. But as it progresses the characters deepen, the plot thickens and it becomes so much more than ‘just’ a romance. Its well written and edited, the story pulls you along on a whole series of levels with several interesting sup-plots and entertaining characters to follow. There’s a lively sense of humour in the portrait of many characters and an obvious love of the setting in the authors descriptions.Jess and TJ, along with TJ’s teenage sister Kara, are extremely well developed characters that take on a whole life of their own. Their histories, personalities and personal journeys are portrayed with depth and complexity, I didn’t want to say goodbye and would certainly love a sequel to find out how they progress.. maybe Kara’s story could take centre stage.It took me a while to get into this story but I am so very glad I kept going, and by half way through literally couldn’t put it down.. I seem to have lost a day getting to the end, and then didn’t want it to stop. Well done Ms Blackmore I loved it.

  • Katherine Jensen
    2019-01-26 18:39

    For a novel centered around the financial industry, I have to say I loved this book. The author did a great job with background in terms of financial concepts and the book wasn't bogged down by it. I really enjoyed the characters of TJ and Jess. They were well-written, and the chemistry and tension throughout the book was great. The emotions and struggles that come from losing parents was also expressed well. I would've liked to see more from the epilogue, but I would still highly recommend this novel.ARC received from NetGalley

  • Anja
    2019-02-07 19:32

    I loved all about the book. The two main characters are well written and credible, I love how they interact and grow together. The end (as a couple) could have been a little longer but therwise I have nothing to complain. Their a 3 or 4 word repetitions (probably accidentally) but otherwise, wonderful story, great chemistry, I want more!!!

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-01-26 19:29

    2017 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: For Money or Love Heather Blackmore1) This story is really good, and even if a lot is about the financial world I was able to follow the author explanations and so I didn't loos interest in the story. Probably a protagonist could have been handle better because it was a bit too much Dr. Jekyll and Mrs Hyde for me, maybe a bit less division between her working persona and her private ersona would have let the story sail better. But otherwise a very good book.

  • KristyDrexel
    2019-02-07 17:31

    Great story I don’t know how I missed reading this last year. It was an emotional and breath taking read for me. I’m so glad that Jess an TJ ended up together however I did feel like it ended too soon and was left wanting more

  • Adventuregirl
    2019-01-30 18:40

    I loved “Like Jazz” by Heather Blackmore, and was excited to read her new novel “For Money or Love.” This is a well-wrought love story that has it all:• Beautiful, Intelligent Leading Ladies: You’ll immediately fall for Jessica Spaulding – the multi-faceted marketing exec whose privileged life is not her own. And you’ll grow to love TJ Blake – a scrappy MBA Intern from the other side of the tracks, who’s assigned to Jess’ father’s investment firm. Initially, the two don’t see eye to eye, but circumstances and undeniable chemistry draw them together. TJ begins to see Jess for who she really is, and falls hard: “Jess stood beside her and smiled. Not just smiled. Dazzled.”• Vibrant Supporting Players: Jess and TJ are richly-drawn, with an equally strong supporting cast: TJ’s sassy teenage sister Kara (a true teenage voice, with the BEST lines and comebacks); Dillon, Jess' handsome and devoted best friend; Muriel Manchester, a wealthy and powerful businesswoman – reputed to be a lesbian cougar. (Still can't decide who should play Muriel, Jodie Foster or Holland Taylor?)• Crisp Dialogue, Drama and Humor: Blackmore’s writing is top-notch, with dialogue that propels the story forward. The novel has a serious dose of drama, yet it’s balanced with just the right amount of humor.• Engaging Storylines: Kara’s troubles & hospitalization; TJ’s struggle to raise her sister + keep her promise to her late father + come to grips with her mother’s death; Jess’ family trying to land Muriel as a client; Jess’ family secret that threatens everything.• Romance: The first kiss was magic… and it only gets steamier, with a “blindfolded in the kitchen” encounter and later (spoiler alert!), Jess shows up wearing nothing but a trenchcoat. I’ll say no more…"For Money or Love" isn’t your average lightweight lesbian romance. It’s got depth and complexity – like a fine wine. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  • Melomaniac
    2019-02-02 20:45

    loved this book - i'm a fan of author right now . technical jargons just went above my head . i was so angry with the father whole time , emotional blackmail is the worst one . the couple's dates were cute although i wish car fair wasn't incomplete . ending was beautiful .

  • Amanda
    2019-02-18 16:48

    This is the first novel I have read by Heather Blackmore, but I really enjoyed this one and will be reading the other. I didn’t think the book was overly original or amazingly written, but I loved the characters. Jessica is a wealthy marketing exec, which has been given everything in life. Including her job, where she works for her father’s firm. She does the job really well but pretends to just be the daughter collecting the paycheck. She is assigned an intern, TJ, who is the brainy poor girl with a goal of helping others. TJ and Jessica were fantastic in this book. During the first part of the book I was struggling to buy into the friendship that Jess and TJ had. By mid-book I was all in. I decided to sleep less last night so I could finish the book. This is typically the way that I will judge how good the book was to me. I did skip over a few paragraphs that explained financial gibberish that meant nothing to me. I get it though, the author understands finance talk, and if she had breezed over it some fan out there would have called her on it. Instead I am saying I just skipped over it, and didn’t seem to miss anything so it turned out okay. By the end of this book if you are not in love with Jessica, I doubt there is much hope for you. She was a great character and really made the book so much better. ARC provided by NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for honest review.

  • Aj Smith
    2019-01-25 19:29

    Not quite as fabulous as Heather Blackmore's previous book Like Jazz (for which there are not enough stars), but still definitely worth your time. Blackmore has an accounting/finance background so the investment focused passages ring true, without being overly detailed, which really helps the novel work. Our main characters, Jess & TJ are likeable and well drawn but it's the largely unseen evil spetmother Lilith (aren't all Lilith's unseen?) who really steals the show. Her malevolent influence is writ large across the Spaulding family and she is the catalyst for most of the action in the novel. The story is compelling to the degree that I managed to put the fact that these books always have happy endings out of my mind and enjoy the tension between out heroes. Enjoy!

  • Kennedy
    2019-02-03 21:28

    I like the title. As people we can be lured by either or both at the same time. Jessica Spaulding is an interesting character because of what she does for her family in the name of love. TJ Blake is an interesting character because of her devotion to her teenage sister and what she does in the name of love. Jessica believes she has worked hard and deserves everything she has until reality smacks her in the face. TJ believes that you should work for everything and never take something for nothing until she has a reason to. When they meet it is like oil and water. Really enjoyed what TJ's sister Kara brings to the story and how both women work together to support and encourage her. I thought it was an enjoyable read with interesting characters that you want to care about.I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • FarNerdy
    2019-02-15 18:21

    I had a difficult time following the story in some places. I checked once or twice to make sure that the page numbers even lined up as I felt that there were sections I had missed, or that the story seemed to take a sudden turn where I wasn't expecting it. I enjoyed Heather Blackmore's first novel, Like Jazz, so I was excited to read this one. However, I was disappointed and couldn't even bring myself to finish the book.

  • Yoly
    2019-02-07 16:26

    The book follows the story of TJ Blake, the new intern at the Magnate investment firm and Jessica, daughter of the founder and CEO. There's also Kara, TJ's younger sister who plays a kind of central role in the story. The characters are very likable with great chemistry between them and the romance develops at a nice pace. It is a fun read and I would love to read more from this author.

  • Mirtha Siblesz
    2019-02-15 20:36

    Very good bookThis was a very good book. I liked the way the author explained the mechanics of the finance industry. I like the way she developed her characters. The relationship that developed between TJ and Jess was very sweet. I also liked the supporting characters like Kara, Dillon and even Muriel. It would be nice to have a spinoff story about Muriel.Very nice book.

  • Karen
    2019-02-17 17:35

    An excellent read. I could not put it down. Well done, Heather!!!!