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Olivia Dalton might have a little problem with control. She maintains a perfect GPA, has a flawless wardrobe and can bend people around her to fit her needs - until she meets the guy that throws her off beat with one glance. When the sexy drummer flashes his crooked smile her way, she comes undone at the seams and struggles to regain order. Fate has other ideas, making OliOlivia Dalton might have a little problem with control. She maintains a perfect GPA, has a flawless wardrobe and can bend people around her to fit her needs - until she meets the guy that throws her off beat with one glance. When the sexy drummer flashes his crooked smile her way, she comes undone at the seams and struggles to regain order. Fate has other ideas, making Olivia question everything she ever knew. Aaron Lindquist was drawn to the fiery redhead, Olivia the first time he laid eyes on her. Her good girl appearance didn’t fool him for a minute. One touch of her hand was all it took to make sparks fly between them. But as his polar opposite, Olivia refuses to let her animal out....

Title : Aaron
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Aaron Reviews

  • LindaJohnston
    2018-12-08 13:43

    ReviewsIf was another great book. Olivia moved with her boyfriend to go to this college. She finds out he was cheating and they break up. She doesn't date because she doesn't want her heart broke. She meets Aaron because her dorm was going a charity for children and Aaron was a drummer in the band they want to play. Aaron says that they don't want money but she had to go on a date with him for 12 hours. She is very attracted to him but is afraid. She find out that they are true mates but she needs time to think about it. After being miserable for awhile and they get together

  • Latte
    2018-12-14 12:54

    2.5Even though this is a stand alone, I felt I'd been dropped in the middle of a story. Much of it was too pat. Not enough character development. I didn't feel the chemistry. And other than a by the way, I'm a werebear comment, there are no scenes with were changes, etc. It just didn't make it as a paranormal storyline for me.

  • Shari
    2018-12-09 17:57

    Violet Vaughn's novella "Aaron: Mating Fever (Rocked by the Bear Book 4)" was the first tale this reader read from the author, and one might think the fourth book in a series would have a well defined plot and characters. While protagonist Olivia and werebear Aaron were kind of likeable enough, this reader never truly attached to them and cared enough to root for either. They were just kind of "there". Where was the flash one might expect from a rock star? Other than a few sentences showing girls rushing to flirt with drummer Aaron, none was evident. No shifting or real evidence of his bear-side... readers are told Aaron is a werebear and his physical description does denote a powerful man, but we are never really shown his bear-self. Perhaps the answers were in the missing chapter one of the story; like another reviewer stated a year ago, there is a Chapter 1 heading, turn the page and you are in Chapter 2. Perhaps the missing chapter gave an overview of the previous three books, which would have really helped. Comments were made that Olivia was also a werebear, but apparently it would only be activated in her once she was bitten... I think? It was really hard to empathize for either character when it felt like so much information was missing.Aaron was presented as a 'bad boy rock star" yet he never spoke like a bad boy in public... it is understandable that he would show his softer side to his intended mate, Olivia, but the few times he addressed others, he still seemed extremely tame for a 'bad boy'. Olivia seemed snobby and prudish, which was apparently to show her control-freak nature and that her last boyfriend had emotionally hurt her, but only made her an unlikeable character to this reader. Both main characters were pretty one-dimensional in presentation. The one bright spot in this tale for this reader was the very brief - too brief! - scenes with the adorable elderly neighbor ladies. They gave comic relief and heart to their scenes, and I really wanted to know more about them.This short story read more like a few scenes from a larger storyline, like this reader was plopped into the middle of a story with no recap of what had happened previously, and honestly left no desire for me to read the first three books to fill in the missing pieces. Technically a stand alone, but not worth the asking price, in this reader's view.

  • Stacy Jordet
    2018-12-07 12:50

    This was the second book I read from this author and I really liked it. Aaron was your bad boy rocker with a heart of gold. To the outside world, he has a role to play. He had to seem like the playboy at was with a different girl every night. Where deep down, he wanted a forever girl. That was about to change when he met with the sorority president for a charity event.Olivia was Aaron's complete opposite. She plans her life down to the minute. She is constantly in her head rearranging plans that she doesn't realize she isn't really living. One deal by a gorgeous rocker throws her life in a tailspin but in the best way possible!!

  • Danna Lee
    2018-11-24 16:05

    Aaron and Olivia FOREVER !!!Aaron Lindquist, college student, rock star drummer and polar bear shifter is the last single member in the band of four brothers. Until he meets Olivia. Fighting a losing battle with fate, she finally realizes that Aaron is the only man for her and that her love is returned whole heartedly. The final Lindquist brother is off the market...and Olivia says that it is FOREVER ! Heartstoppingly sweet love story that will thrill readers of all ages. I would love to read a book about the Lindquist quadruplets and their mates in the future. Great book!!

  • Keoki Ki`Ili
    2018-11-29 12:47

    College daysThe band is finishing college and the band is getting it's break but Aaron is still alone until he meets Olivia. Olivia asks Aaron if the band will play at the sorority fund raiser, he agrees but only if she will go out with him. From there the sparks fly, Olivia has to come to terms with being half bear and Aaron as her true mate, unfortunately she been hurt before. Her insecurities threaten their bond and Aaron has to remind her what her future holds.

  • Michele Henderson
    2018-12-04 14:52

    Rock star, wherever and romanceSuch a great book. The characters draw you in and you can't read fast enough to find out what happens next. Aaron knows it's love but Olivia is afraid. Will she ever learn to love again? Read it to find out. Great romance and steamy scenes plus forebears who needs more.

  • Terrie Stamey
    2018-12-14 18:02

    Mating FeverDidn't know where this story was going at first. Thought it might be her girlfriend that gets the guy, but no Miss Geek is the one that finally let's go and finds true love in the most extraordinary circumstances.

  • darlene.wilson
    2018-12-03 19:47

    Patience RewardedThis was a very sweet werebear love story. Olivia fought her attraction to Aaron. He was patient and gave her time to become accustomed to the feelings. She finally had to admit her feelings and everything worked out.

  • Meleeta Morris
    2018-12-05 15:58

    Decent college wherever story that rocks.He's a drummer, she's head of a sorority. She has trust issues and doesn't know about forebears. He's all about his true mate. Read to find out how they come together.

  • Kasey Briggs
    2018-12-03 12:05

    Lovely college romanceFrom the moment they meet, they feel an unusual connection. But she 's afraid of being hurt and resists, at first. A lovely reminder not to judge by first impressions.

  • Kathryn
    2018-11-26 18:05

    Great story This was a great story, I love true mate books where half of the couple is unaware that wereanimals exist. This is a good variation of the story of fated mates and I really enjoyed it.

  • Pamela Reyes
    2018-12-01 19:52

    Rocker bear and his mateLove reading bear shifter books, the only thing is there is no mention of what kind of bear he was or what she was either but I still liked it.

  • angela gunstone
    2018-11-17 15:41

    Aaron : mating feverLoved the storyline and characters and couldnt put it down so it's a well deserved stars and I would recommend this book to everyone

  • Sabrina Wilfinger
    2018-11-29 20:04

    Shifter bearLove those neighbors. Accepting love for some does not come easy. Totally set up for a series. Felt like there was information missing, but might just be me

  • Nancy Eaton
    2018-11-28 15:43

    love it

  • Brenda Sweeting
    2018-12-04 12:56

    A Beautiful read, must read the series.

  • Vicky
    2018-12-10 12:06

    Easy to relate toI would recommend this to anyone who likes to read romanceReady to read the next one keep up the good work

  • Ellen
    2018-11-19 14:07

    Wonderful storylineThis is a fast, but wonderful light, fun, and lovely read. I enjoyed this book from page one. Just very fun to read.

  • Sherill
    2018-12-04 18:54

    AARON; MATING FEVER {ROCKED BY THE BEAR-Book 4} A MELT YOUR HEART ROMANTIC STORY;The story focuses on; OLIVIA, a sexy, intelligent, flaming red-head and President of her Sorority; AARON, is head-turning gorgeous, the drummer for Second Sound, and the last single brother.What you’ll find in this story; a cast of remarkably impressive and engaging characters, spectacular story-line, picturesque and dynamic scene descriptions, camaraderie, phenomenal banter, heart-rending moments, jealousy, spiraling emotions, a bit of drama, family love, sky rocketing toe-curling sensual romance, and a melt-your-heart conclusion.Olivia needs the Second Sound band to play at a charity fundraiser for children that her sorority is holding. Her roommate Courtney has arranged a meeting with Aaron to ask the now famous rock star if the band would play. Aaron is more than happy to have the band play as long as Olivia agrees to go on a date with him. A previous relationship has Olivia not trusting any males with her heart, but she does agree to date him ONCE. Aaron is so not her type; his bad boy appearance, girls flocking to him, and the press articles about him have left her cold. Aaron wants to win her heart, and hopes she will not run him. WOW/INCREDIBLE fast paced well written heart-warming read by a truly gifted author. The author has done a fabulous job by giving readers an intriguing plot to keep you glued to the story from start to finish. The characters spring to life with the fantastic dialogue and vivid scene descriptions that leave you wanting more. The romance between Aaron and Olivia sizzles with burning passion, and their relationship is filled with fun and devotion. I so loved the characters and their upbeat personalities. This was a most entertaining read. If you treasure shifter romance this is a terrific book for your library. {I was gifted this book and this is my complete honest review}. In the world of shifter romance the possibilities are endless and always fascinating. Without reservation I recommend this book.

  • Thelma Conner
    2018-12-09 19:46

    I love these series of books.Violet Vaughn writes a great series of hot, sexy love stories about finding your true mate. I love V. Vaughn books. The way the characters interact with family, friends & other people who come into lives is important to the plot & stories.

  • Yvonne Daniels
    2018-11-19 16:04

    Aaron: Mating Fever Rocked by the Bear Book 4by V. Vaughn ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This is a Magnificent series. V. Vaughn will not disappoint with her the fourth book in Rocked by the Bear " Aaron". I love the fact that the brothers each find their mates. The book is so well written so that the chemistry between the main characters makes the story scorching Hot. My attention was grabbed at the beginning of the book and held until the end of the book. I love how all the family members have a part in the book though small and I love books like that. The story line and the characters worked like magic. Oh I definitely recommend this book to all mature readers 18 years or older. I promise you will really enjoy the Great writing, characters, plot, etc. This author knows her craft and executes it nicely. Olivia Dalton likes her tightly controlled life. .When they meet, the attraction is mutual and instantaneous. She keeps a perfect GPA, she makes sure her clothes are just right. But when she meets Aaron her reaction angers her. She continues to struggles to regain herself. But the more they are together she accepts her attraction to the sexy drummer. HEA is the end result.Aaron Lindquist is a part band with his brothers, he is the single brother all the woman hang on him. But Aaron is drawn to Olivia a redhead controlling girl, when he first meet her. He wasn't fool by her good girl appearance. The sparks was flying after he touched her. But opposites attracts.This is a Fantastic Read. You don't want to miss this book! If you are looking for a Spectacular paranormal series then you need to read this series. This is a great book to add to your TBR list. I'm so excited about reading the next book in this series. I highly recommend this book.If you believe in the world of paranormal romance, the possibilities are endless and fascinating!

  • Kristine (A Cozy Booknook)
    2018-11-28 13:03

    This is jprobably my favorite ot the books featuring the Lindquist quadruplets. This book of course features Aaron, the drummer of the brother's band. He has the bad boy persona in spades with his spiked hair, tattoos and photos with different girls hanging off his arms everynight. He is so, not what Olivia wants in a man. Where Aaron is more about spontaneity, Olivia plans everything down to last minute. She wants a man who is stable and not what Aaron represents. The about this book that I liked it is shows how opposites attract and you need to let loose and have some spontaneity in life and not be structured. Most of all, it shows people are more than their outward apperances and you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. I think Ms. Vaughn showed this as only she knows how. I really enjoyed the characters, especially Aaron. He was sweet, and funny and tried to keep his public persona at a distance. I liked Olivia as well. She started so structured and slowly the structure was loosed a little as the book went on. I got teary-eyed a few times as things unfolded in Aaron and Olivia's story. The story will quickly grab your attention and keep you reading (it's easy to do since this is novella length). I'm looking forward to reading what Ms. Vaughn writes next! I received a copy of this manuscript from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Tanja
    2018-11-29 14:47

    you gotta love these lindquist brothers!! aaron is no different!olivia really wants second sound to play at the charity she's putting together but now that they are getting famous she doesn't have the kind of money they would be getting normally. luckily a friend of a friend could get her in touch with the drummer of the band aaron. the first time she sees him she's awed but she keeps her emotions in check. she has a goal and that is what she's going after!but that's counted besides aaron and his bear. aaron surprises her by saying they'd do the charity for free on one condition: spend one day with him.olivia doesn't know what to do with his proposition but her friend urges her to just go for it! relenting eventually, she agrees. aaron is happy she agreed, he also knows she has a lot more layers to her then she's showing and his bear is urging him on to peel away some other kind of layers. the interaction between these two was just funny and hilarious at times. i really enjoyed reading about aaron and olivia! that's the four brothers mated but i think there is someone else on the mating radar!!!free copy given in exchange for an honest review

  • Ingrid Stephanie Jordan
    2018-11-30 19:51

    Title:  Aaron          Mating Fever Series: ROCKED BY THE BEARDestination: Book 4, 123 Pages, Author:  V. Vaughn Reviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Jordan Genre:  #PNR #PolarBearShifter My Score: Stars ☆☆☆☆☆Amazing Series 1,500 Stars☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ ♢■□●○♢■□●○♢■□●○♢■□●○This Lady sure knows how to write to keep her reader flowing through the pages of every book. Her captivating, heart warming stories of the Mating Fever for the four Lindquist Brother, ***** tears ***** of sadness as this series come to an end. I definitely recommend this book, plus series. I can't wait to see what her next series will be.Olivia Dalton is a smart, stubborn, sexy redhead, whose is a real control freak, being the president of her sorority, she wants the band Second Sound to play for there children's charity fundraiser. Is she really a Were?Aaron Lindquist is the last of the Lindquist brothers to find a mate. This hot sexy, inked, bad boy, is a polarbear shifter, who plays the drums for Second Sound, he want nothing more than to find his mate like his brothers. One kiss ignites feelings that have never been felt. Could this be.... My Mate.... I was gifted this ARC for an honest and truthful review.

  • Beth Schafer
    2018-11-29 13:55

    This is the fourth book in the Rocked By The Bear series,and I wanted to read the next one as soon as I finished! The story focuses on; OLIVIA, a sexy, intelligent, flaming red-headed control freak and President of her Sorority; Aaron, is a head-turning gorgeous, the drummer for Second Sound, and the last single brother. Olivia needs the band Second Sound to play at a charity fundraiser for children that her sorority is holding. Aaron is more than happy to have the band play as long as Olivia agrees to go on a date with him.This story is a cast of remarkably impressive and engaging characters, camaraderie, phenomenal banter, heart-rending moments, jealousy, spiraling emotions, family love, sky rocketing toe-curling sensual romance, and a melt-your-heart conclusion. I was gifted this book and this is my complete honest review, and it is without hesitation that I recommend this book.I promise you will really enjoy the Great writing, characters, plot, etc. This author knows her craft and executes it nicely.

  • Linda
    2018-11-24 16:49

    Aaron is the last single brother and he has now found his mate. He just has to convince her to take a chance after she has been disappointed. by men in the past. The fact that his is a polar bear shifter is definitely going to take some major adjustments. I enjoy these fun, quick reads about the family of bear shifters finding their mates. They know as soon as they meet their mates and the attraction hits them hard. They need their mates in order to be happy. Aaron enjoyed being single but now that he has his mate, he has no interest in other woman. Olivia wants to be in control and is afraid of getting hurt. It isn't easy for her to trust another man not to disappoint her, The series includes some of the characters introduced in the authors other bear shifter series. I recommend you check them out too. I received a copy in return for a honest review.

  • Racy
    2018-12-11 16:58

    I received this for a honest review. I just love V. Vaughn’s books. She truly is a wonderful author. Olivia Dalton was trying to get this band to play for a benefit thing they were doing. The drummer Aaron told her they would do it for free if she wold go out with him. I have to say that was a sly move on Aaron’s part.I love how Aaron gave Olivia his full undivided attention when they went out. He knew that she was his mate and he did not like the fact that the waitress was flirting with him. I love how he cut the waitress off at ever turn. Olivia will have to face the fact that she is part werebear. This is a lot of news for her to her take in. Olivia has problem with trust and this could really cause problems between her and Aaron. She will need to decide if she is willing to commit to a relationship with Aaron or break his heart and walk away.

  • Charlene Maurice
    2018-11-20 15:41

    Aaron: Rocked by the Bear was the perfect conclusion to the Lindquist brothers. In Aaron: Rocked by the Bear, we meet Olivia, sorority perfectionist, who wants Second Sound to play at her charity event. When she's asks Aaron Lindquist if the band would perform he agrees but only if Olivia agrees to go out with him. Olivia can't fight her attraction to the tattooed hottie, but she tries to until Aaron explains why they have this strong attraction and that she is his true mate. How will Olivia react when she finds out what Aaron really is and the truth about her past? This tattooed, bad boy with wild hair is by far my favourite werebear. I loved the special appearances of my favourite meddling neighbours Colleen and Maggie, their one liners and crazy antics are the perfect comic relief. Aaron is a must read for everyone!

  • Cheri
    2018-11-26 13:51

    Don't judge a band member by his tats and spiked hair. That's Olivia's job if she wants this now famous band to play for her sorority's charity fund raiser. He just isn't her type. She's steady, studious and stays away from guys--especially hot ones. She's been deserted by her long time boyfriend and maybe more if her vague memories are right.Aaron knows she's his, now he just has to convince her. Not an easy task and he thought telling her she's different would be his main obstacle.In this fourth book, I loved revisiting the rest of the gang, spending time with the adorable little old lady neighbors and watching Olivia find her way. It is a sweet love story you won't want to miss—add steam to sweet and you've got it all. Now read about these two finding their HEA.I was provided and ARC for an honest review.