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Pre-med college student, Ginny Harrison thinks playing keyboards in a garage band is just for fun. But when a talent scout offers her a recording deal, the prospect of fame is too good to resist. There’s only one problem — Ginny just became a werebear and mated to Adrian. Signing the contract means playing on human terms, and that risks exposing what they really are. AdriaPre-med college student, Ginny Harrison thinks playing keyboards in a garage band is just for fun. But when a talent scout offers her a recording deal, the prospect of fame is too good to resist. There’s only one problem — Ginny just became a werebear and mated to Adrian. Signing the contract means playing on human terms, and that risks exposing what they really are. Adrian Lindquist can’t believe his good fortune. Moving to Maine led him to his true mate and a music opportunity of his dreams. But his mate, Ginny is a new werebear, and the stress of a rock star career is testing her control. He has to decide if the chance of a lifetime is worth endangering an entire kingdom....

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Adrian Reviews

  • Melanie Milburn
    2018-11-21 23:38

    Fun True Mate Tale Ginny has met her true mate Adrian and is tremendously happy. Well almost. It's just this one little thing: she can't control her shifting and even shifted when Adrian bit her to make her a werebear! Which wouldn't be a a big problem except that they're in a band and getting enough notice that their big break is coming soon. The pressure of imminent fame isn't helping Ginny control her shifts. What's a girl to do? Great addition to the series!

  • Thelma Conner
    2018-11-30 15:54

    I love these series of books.I love V. Vaughn books. They are hot, sexy, sexy stories of finding your true mate. The way the characters interact with family, friends & other people who come into lives is important to the plot & stories.

  • Nancy Eaton
    2018-11-18 15:57

    loved this series

  • Sue Riley
    2018-11-22 22:47

    Adrian: Mating Fever V. VaughnReviewed by SFF DragonRock group Second Sound are living the dream, but getting there was hard for true mates Ginny and Adrian. I absolutely loved it.'Adrian' is the second book in the new Rocked by the Bear series by V. Vaughn, one of my favourite authors, part of the ongoing saga of the Le Roux and De Rozier clans, it's also part of the new multi-author Mating Fever Collection of stand alone paranormal romances that's taken over from the terrific Mating Season Collection. Well written in the first person and entirely from Ginny's point of view, I was hooked from beginning to end and absolutely loved it.True mates Adrian Lindquist and Ginny Harrison have been mated a short time, and are travelling a rocky road as Ginny tries to control her shift. The problem is that Ginny hasn't come to terms with her change and hates being a werebear. A warrior bear even more so. It's already messed up her life forcing her to leave classes in a hurry before anyone sees her shift, but she loves Adrian and hasn't told him how she feels. Adrian is desperately trying to help, but there's not a lot he can offer besides his love, support and daily sparring matches.Without giving spoilers it's hard to tell you about this wonderful story. Ginny and Adrian are just two of the terrific characters to found within the pages of this book and you can feel Ginny's rising sense of panic every time her bear takes over and Adrian's desperation to help her succeed and get control. They love each other more than anything, it shines through the whole story and he's willing to give up his dreams of their success as musicians so Ginny doesn't have to cope with the stress it will put her under. They're both torn and this book is filled with tension, high emotion and love, as well as fair bit of steam, humour and a dwindling supply of yoga pants, but eventually Ginny comes to terms with the fact her plans for her life are no longer possible and takes the route destiny planned for her instead.I love V. Vaughn's books and despite being written in the first person, not my favourite style, I barely even noticed because the story is so good. I was given a copy of 'Adrian' by the author in exchange for an honest review and I absolutely loved it. Although this book is connected to Called by the Bear and Tempted by the Bear which are serials, this is a complete stand alone story with a happily ever after and no cliff-hangers. Mating Season is over and the air is filled with the Mating Fever.

  • Yvonne Daniels
    2018-12-04 22:04

    Adrian: Mating Fever Rocked by the Bear Book 2by V. Vaughn ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This is the second book in Rocked by the Bear series. After reading this excellent addition to this series, I know I love with WereBears. V. Vaugh has created a compelling series with captivating, wonderful characters that will capture your attention all the way through this book. This is a awesome read books that I just had to finish even if I was up until five a.m. reading because I couldn't put it down until I finish it. I love reading all of V. Vaughn's books and this is a great addition to the ongoing saga of the Le Roux and De Rozier clans. This is Adrian Mating Fever Rocked by the Bear book 2 in this series, WOW what entertainment V. Vaughn has memorized us with creative talent in this Collection, each book in the series is a stand alone paranormal romances that takes place over the Mating Season. Ginny Harrison is Pre-med college student, that plays keyboard in a garage band. But after finding her true mate Ginny shifted for the first time. But she is having trouble controlling her shift, stress of any kind makes her shift. Ginny loves Adrian their chemistry is scorching hot, but she dislikes being a werebear for this reason. She feels out of control and she can't control it, but her gift gives her the ability to shift fast and have fast reflexes. But her bear is a warrior and she has always been the peace maker before. Adrian Lindquist is a near seven feet gorgeous polar were-bear who has found his mate. Ginny is his true mate, they are a part of a band. So when a talent scout offers them a recording deal, the prospect of fame is hard to resist. But his mate is having a hard time controlling her shift and he can't convince her it's normal. Adrian and Ginny can’t believe their good luck, but a music career is his dream not hers. But because his mate Ginny can't control her shift. He must decide if its worth endangering an entire clan for a rock star career!This is a Fantastic Read. If you are looking for a Spectacular paranormal book then you need to read this book and the entire series. You can't miss this awesome book or series! This is also a magnificent book to add to your TBR list. I'm felt so good about this series that I'm excited and anxious to read the next book this series. I highly recommend this book and series.If you believe in the world of paranormal romance, the possibilities are endless and fascinating!

  • Sherill
    2018-12-10 22:04

    ADRIAN; MATING FEVER {ROCKED BY THE BEAR-Book 2} A SIZZLING ROMANTIC STORY;The story focuses on; GINNY, a sassy beauty, pre-med college student, and keyboard player in the Second Sound Band; ADRIAN; a strapping, traffic-stopping gorgeous, powerful polar bear shifter, and lead guitar player in the Second Sound Band.What you’ll find in this story; a cast of remarkably impressive and engaging characters, spectacular story-line, picturesque and dynamic scene descriptions, camaraderie, phenomenal banter, heart-rending moments, spiraling emotions, family love, earth-shattering sensual romance, and a heart-warming conclusion leaving you content and wanting more.Ginny has recently become a were-bear after mating with Adrian. Ginny has problems accepting her new status as a bear, and every time she is stressed or angry she shifts to her bear no matter were she is. Adrian and his brothers find themselves protecting her from getting caught. Keeping were-bears a secret is crucial, and Ginny finds her self in tears more often than not because she cannot control her shift as her sisters do. She believes she will never be able to control her bear and becomes resentful. When the band gets an offer to record their songs, Ginny feels the need to quit the band to protect them, but Adrian will not under any circumstances leave his mate behind; finding a solution becomes imperative. WOW/SPECTACULAR fast paced well written imaginative read by a truly gifted author. The author does not disappoint in giving readers a story that gets you hooked from start to finish. I love Adrian’s endearing patience with Ginny’s issues, always putting his mate first, even if it means giving up his own dreams. The love they share shines like a beacon and is filled with fiery passion. I relished this story, a most gratifying read. If you treasure shifter romance this is a terrific book for your library. {I was gifted this book. and this is my completely honest review}. In the world of shifter romance the possibilities are endless and always fascinating. Without reservation I recommend this book.

  • Racy
    2018-11-19 00:02

    I received for a honest review. I love V. Vaughn’s books. This is the second book in the series. Truthfully I think if you have not read book one you will be okay because I think book 2 works fine as a standalone. Ginny is a new werebear. Her and Adrian had just mated. Ginny is not liking being a werebear at all. She feels out of control and cannot control her bear. She is lucky though, her mate if very carrying and is there for her no matter what.Ginny, Ginny’s sister Nessa, Adrian, and Adrian’s other 3 brothers have a band. The Lindquist brothers have a passion for music and have big dreams. Nessa is finding her calling as well in the music world. With all the changes Ginny is feeling she is not certain were she stand when it comes to the band. There is so much to consider. Most importantly she must protect the werebear race. I have to say I loved the little old ladies Colleen and Maggie. They had a crush on the Lindquist brothers. After speaking to them Adrian knows why the boys loves the little ladies so much. This two ladies will play a very important role as the book progresses. Sorry need to read the book to find out more. When Ginny goes to see her sister Tori they happen to go visit Annie and Tristan. Ginny will learn so much out about herself. She has so many decisions to make. She must be careful how she chooses, the wrong chose could drive her farther from her mate. Dreams are coming true. The band is getting a break and Ginny will have to decide where she stands. I have to say I am so looking forward to book 3.

  • Sue Davis
    2018-11-12 16:53

    TERRFIC SECOND BOOK...JUST GETTING BETTER I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK FOR AN HONEST REVIEW........OVER .... 18 .... READING In this second book Adrian has to help new bear shifter, his true mate Ginny adjust to not being able to control her shifting to bear form. Ginny, unlike her sisters Nessa and Tori who had no trouble learning to control their shifts. Ginny who had plans to become a doctor must take off school till she can control it. Adrian suggest that they go back home for a few days and talk to her as she is the alpha of the Veilleux clan. Tori and her true mate Keith have talked to Adrian's alpha Tristan and his true mate Annie ( the sister of Keith's ex- alpha Brady), who invited them to dinner. Annie had help the first half werebear women learn to control things after they were changed by their true mates into full werebears Adrian has told her that back in their clan if someone had a lot of trouble learning to control their shift, they were trained as the warriors. Now right after Annie her for a run she notices some other special differences, and mind speaks to mate Tristan. He comes out and talks to her, tells them to go for their run and they will talk after dinner. He knows the problem and will need to explain it so she can understand. There is some special training she will need. Can she finally except what she is ? Will she be willing to do the work she needs to do to learn control?

  • Melissa King
    2018-11-13 15:47

    Adrain is the second book in the Rock by the Bear series by Violet Vaughn. The first book in the series is Andre. You don’t have to read Andre first but you'll be missing out on a good paranormal book. Ginny Harrison is the seventh human female to become a werebear in the Northeast Kingdom, and the first to have trouble with shifting. Everytime Ginny gets angry or stress she shifts into a wear bear no matter where she is at. She is so worried that she is going to expose her clan by shifting in front of humans that she wants to quit the band. Adrian Lindquist is a set of polar bear quadruplet brothers that are in a band with sisters Nessa and Ginny. His dreams are coming true since he moved to . He was led to his true mate, Ginny and a talent scout offers his band a dream of a record deal. There's just one problem, Ginny dreams are to become a human surgeon. It's always been his and his brothers dreams to be in a band since they were little. Adrian and Ginny know that are true mates. Read this awesome book of Mrs. Vaughn's to find out how people from our favorite past books Called by the Bears and Tempted by the Bears help this couple.When I receive a copy of one Mrs. Vaughn's books, I get excited because I know I am getting a book I am going to enjoy. I received this copy in exchange for a honest review by Melissa K.

  • Tanja
    2018-12-02 15:54

    i had hoped we would see a bit more of adrian in this story but it resolves more around Ginny his new mate and her struggle to accept her bear and she has to deal with the consequences of this change. it's hard for her to control her bear and if it wasn't for adrian and his brothers exposing them would be a real possibility, thanks to the four brothers and their swift reactions she's safe every time a sudden change is upon her.only after she's visited with her sister and ana does she start to understand why she's adjusting in a difficult way. as the days go on and she's starting to understand her bear and the new skillset she brings she also starts to understand that her current studies may not be what she needs to pursue. even now the band is getting forward she's even doubting staying with them is the right way.will she be able to come to terms with everything and make it work? to get to know all these details you better pick up a copy and read this part in the "rocked by the bear" shed a bit of light on the fact that not every change is easy and that, well, your bear is always right ...can't wait to see what the future holds for the next brother!free copy given in exchange for an honest review

  • Barbara Stoker
    2018-12-07 23:54

    I received this book as a arc for my honest opinion.Once again V. Vaughn hits gold. She has an amazing beautiful mind and has created one of the best shifter world's out there today. Most shifter books are about the lead up to the mating and the happy ever after, but V.Vaughn's Adrian is different it's real couple problems and dreams vs your clan. For Adrian and Ginn they are mated already still young and in college they are trying to find there way as a couple and Ginn is trying to find her way as a new shifter. They are young and in love with hopes and dreams. What if one day you got the chance to make your dreams come true but you might need up hurting your loved ones ( not on purpose ) but because your still a new shifter. What if your mate wanted the same dream. Could you choose your mates dreams over your family's safety. You have to read to find out what Adrian and Gunny do.This book is awesome. V.Vaughn is one of today's hottest shifter authors out there. Every book is better than the one before. She awesome at keeping you guessing.WARNING ::::You will fall in love with this series, You will fall in love with Vaughn's books. Your life will never be the same.IT WILL BE BETTER.Sit back and read one of the best series ever.5 stars all the way

  • Cheri
    2018-11-29 17:37

    He's found his mate, the sister of his brother's new mate. She's part of his band who is beginning to be noticed, and now a newly changed werebear. What more could he want?Ginny loves her true mate, Adrian, the steam they create is beyond hot and often. She loves music...however, and there are several howevers....she wants to be a human surgeon, she loves music but a band is not what she wants for her future and the time infringes on her school time, BIGGEST of all—she can't control her bear! Her sisters told her it was wonderful, but is it? There is a danger for the whole bear nation, can she be part of that danger? Finding some astounding information may be the answer, but also may bring more problems. The one thing both know is that their love is true. Now they just have to work out all the problems. Can they?Another couple you will cheer on, get some surprising answers in the least expected place. Watch this strong young woman and loyal mate handle offers and truths of a lifetime. We get to visit some old friends from Called by the Bear and Tempted by the bear. By the way, bring a cool drink and a fan cause it's gonna get hot.I was provided an ARC for an honest review.

  • Linda
    2018-11-28 17:00

    Ginny was the triplet most open to discovering she was a were-bear. Since mating with Adrian, it has not been going how she hoped. She keeps changing into a bear at the worst times and is terrified her secret will be revealed. She loves Adrian though and wants to support the music group they are part of with his brothers and her sister. This is the second book in the series featuring the polar bear shifters and their mates. They are each short reads and it would be best to read them in order. Many of the characters from the author's other series on werebears also appear in this series which I enjoy. I have spent so much time with them. Ginny has always wanted to be a doctor and the rock group was for fun. For Adrian and his brothers, this group is their future. She is really frightened that she isn't adjusting as quickly as her sisters. Adrian is a quiet guy like his brother Andre and very devoted to Ginny. They both want to be supportive of each other. It is a struggle for them both. Love comes easy and they have great chemistry and lots of desire for one another.I received a copy in return for a honest review.

  • Rose
    2018-12-07 16:43

    If you are a fan of any of V. Vaughn's books, you will love this new series! Violet Vaughn does not disappoint with any of her books and this is book 2 in the series Mating Fever ( Rocked by the Bear). This second issue is about Adrian Lindquist, a powerful and sexy polar bear shifter, lead guitar player in the Second Sound Band and Ginny Harrison a sassy, pre-med student, a new werebear, sister of Tori and Nessa, keyboard player in the Second Sound Band and mate to Adrian. Ginny is trying to find her way as a new shifter and she feels like she can't control her bear. Need to get this book to see what happens next. The plot is full of awesome and charming characters, genuine friendship, lots of emotions, heart warming romance, family love and an epic final that leaves you wanting more. Loved Colleen and Maggie, they are very sweet and lovable also will be very important during this book. Sorry need to read the book to find out. Every book is better than the last, can't wait for book 3.

  • Ingrid Stephanie Jordan
    2018-11-14 20:59

    Title:   AdrianSeries: Rocked By The Bear             Mating Fever  Destination: Book 2Author: V. Vaughn Reviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Jordan Genre: #PRN #WerewolfShiftersMy Score: 5 ☆☆☆☆☆♡■□●○•°♡■□●○•°♡■□●○•°♡■□●○•°□■♡I swear this Golden Lady never fails me every book is something new, something wonderful I love her books, I just want to keep reading and reading. I positively recommend reading this book, this series  Rocked By The Bear, Mating Fever, is definitely a MUST READ every book is unique in it's own way..Ginny Harrison goes to Bowdoin College in Brunswick plus she plays keyboard and is part of a band. Ginny is a new Werebear,she hates it. Not being able to control herBear is getting to be quite a challenge. Will Ginny have to give up her dream now? Adrian Lindquist is a Polar Werebear and a guitarist for the band. They decided to go to Toni's Orono Pack to help. Time will tell..I was gifted this ARC for an honest and truthful review.

  • Beth Schafer
    2018-12-04 21:00

    ADRIAN; Mating Fever - ROCKED BY THE BEAR-Book 2This story focuses on, GINNY who is a pre-med college student, and the keyboard player in the Second Sound Band, is having trouble controlling her shifts/bear. She feels out of control and hates it, but she now has very fast reflexes. Then you have ADRIAN, Ginny’s mate, who is a gorgeous traffic-stopping powerful polar bear shifter, as well as the lead guitar player in the Second Sound Band. What you’ll find in this story is a cast of remarkably impressive and engaging characters, a spectacular story that hooks you from the start, spiraling emotions, family love, earth-shattering sensual romance, and a heart-warming conclusion leaving you wanting the next story. I highly recommend this book and series.I was given this book for my honest review.

  • Sue Zawisa
    2018-11-25 19:54

    Review for ADRIAN by V. VAUGHNI received this book for an honest review.Ginny and Adrian have been mated about a month and she CANNOT control her shift. She is frustrated, angry and just mad as hell that she has become a bear, but she doesn’t have the heart to tell her mate. She is desperate to find something that will work for her and agrees to go back to Orono and let Annie help her. When she learns she is a warrior, she knows she will have to make huge changes with her life plans, including school, becoming a doctor and her music. It is also going to have a huge impact on Adrian and the band because they have just landed a record deal. Will her choices destroy the mate bond she has with Adrian or will they be able to work through this so they can stay together ?

  • Kristy
    2018-12-08 21:44

    I couldn't wait to read how Ginny & Adrian where doing, especially with how easily Ginny accepted the whole 'father was a shifter & you can turn into a bear once your mate bites you' talk. 'Adrian: Mating Fever' is book 2 in V. Vaughn's new series "Rocked by the Bear". Adrian was lucky to find his mate in Ginny, she's just his type & they are mated quickly, but her shift is easily started & with barely any control.... When her uncontrollable shifting starts to make going to school & playing at gigs difficult, what can she do?? I LOVED this, now I can't wait to read the next books in the "Rocked by the Bear" series.

  • Crystal
    2018-12-02 21:06

    Great bear shifter romance, with some hard truths discovered, and learning what really matters most to oneself. Ginny thought being a werebear would be wonderful, but so far it has been a complete disaster. She has no control over her bear, and it is making her life change for the worse not the better, the only good thing is that Adrian, her mate, is loving, caring, and there for no matter what. With a record deal in the making, can Ginny learn to control her inner bear, or will their dreams of hitting the big time crash and burn? I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Helen Martins
    2018-11-18 18:53

    Received the book for an honest review. Adrian book two in the Rocked by The Bear series has Ginny Harrison, the last one of the triplet sisters to meet her true mate and become a werebear. Ginny might just have regretted her decision to be changed as she's having a hard time controlling her shifting. This is playing havoc with her studies and playing in the band. She and Adrian are members of. Adrian is the second of the Lindquist brothers to meet his true mate and he'll do anything to make sure she's happy and comfortable with her new life. Ms. Vaughn always entertains and never disappoints. Great paranormal love story that will keep you interested from beginning to end.

  • Charlene Maurice
    2018-12-03 19:41

    For Ginny life couldn't be better...or could it? Ginny is happy with her mate Adrian but now that she's become a wearbear she having trouble adapting the the wearbear life style. Ginny is have trouble controlling her shifting and can start to shift at the slightest bit of stress. Hot and sexy Adrian must help Ginny to control her shifting, but when Ginny's band is offered a recording deal will she be able to keep what she is a secret? Some special guest appearances from some of our favourite wearbears make a very memorable read! Rocked by the Bear book two, is an entertaining and sexy read that keeps you wanting more! Cannot wait for more!

  • Scrap
    2018-12-03 17:02

    I received an ARC of this book for an honest review,I loved this book, Ginny is struggling with the fact she is now a werebear, she loves Adrian and has no doubts at all about that but she just cannot control her shifts, and is very worried about exposing them all while onstage. Adrian is living his dream, all of the quads love music and are now actually making it with the band, but Adrian loves Ginny and will do anything to make her realize she is his world even give up his band. I really am loving this series, I love seeing Characters from tempted by the bear as well. I Highly recommend this book and the series leading up to this as well!!!

  • Jessica Mitchell
    2018-12-03 17:01

    A woman whose only problem is now shifting, and a man who will do anything for her. If she will only ask. Ginny is mated to Adrian a werebear whose other form is a polar bear. She is having problems fitting in with the clan, because of her shifts. Even with Adrain saying everyone has these problems. It doesn't make her feel any better. She can't seem to control her shifts and risks exposing the clan. Now on top of it a talent scout wants to make a record deal with her and the band. Can she control her shifts or will she expose the clan either at college or on stage!

  • Cilicia White
    2018-12-06 16:40

    This is the next book in the Rocked By the Bear Series and features triplet Ginny and quadruple, Adrian. Ginny and Adrian are True Mates and also bandmates. Ginny is having a hard time with her bear and must change her life in order to get her bear in control. She soon learns something that sends her into a tailspin. The band soon gets their big break but Ginny still can't control her bear and that can cause all sorts of problems. You will have to read the rest of the book to see what happens next. This is a standalone with a HEA.I received a copy of this book for a honest review..

  • Kristine (A Cozy Booknook)
    2018-12-08 22:38

    I really enjoyed reading Ginny and Adrian's story. This is a book that will quickly grab your attention and keep you turning the pages. There is inner discovery, hard truths realized, and learning to overcome in this installment of the series. Seeing the characters journey was a pleasure with hints to come in future installments of the series. I for one can't wait to read them! V. Vaughn has weaved another great bear shifter romance. I received a copy of the manuscript from the author in exhange for an honest review.

  • Barbara Watts
    2018-11-11 18:42

    This is the second book in the Rocked by the Bear series . Ginny Harrison a Pre-med college student,thinks playing keyboard in the garage band with her friends is fun,but she is offered a place with the band Second Sound. Adrian Lindquist is mated to Ginny and has just turned her, she can not keep her shifts under control ,because they are playing in the human world that could place them in danger ! Can they keep themselves and the band safe? What happens? I was gifted a copy for an honest review

  • Sharon Hatt
    2018-11-20 15:57

    Is it possible to have it all?With love, they say all things are possible, but all Ginny sees since becoming a werebear to be with her true mate is the loss of all her dreams. Unable to control her shift she has to drop from school, then she finds out she is a warrior (something that is at complete odds with her human self). When the band gets a recording contract, she fears she is going to lose the only good thing to come from the change…Adrian. Great story with remarkable characters, looking forward for the next installment to see how Aleck fairs!

  • D Thomas
    2018-11-13 21:41

    Adrian (Rocked by the Bear, #2) (Mating Fever)by V. VaughnGinny and Adrian are true mates and Ginny is now a were-bear. Unfortunately she has trouble controlling her bear. Adrian and his brothers do all they can to help hide her shifts. How is she going to be able to become a doctor if she can't make it through her semesters? Then a talent scout seeks the band out and there is the possibility of a recording contract. Ginny has some big decisions ahead of her, she just has to hope that Adrian understands.*ARC given for an honest review*

  • Tammy Sowards-Sanchez
    2018-11-20 23:38

    WOW. Ginny had so much going on in her head she was blocking her self. Will she be able to get out of her own head? Will she have to leave the band? Will the band get the music deal? What other choices will they have to make? This is a story of woman empowerment and knowing your own mind and abilities. By being comfortable in your own skin. By accepting yourself for who you are and liking it. By not letting anything stop you not even yourself. I received an ARC version of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Vi
    2018-12-01 20:51

    Adrian and Ginny are mates. Ginny's having issues controlling her shifting. Shifts happen at inappropriate times. She has to withdraw from her college studies because of the shifting problem. Adrian believes he knows the reason for Ginny's shifting, so they return to Orono where his idea is confirmed. The answer has serious consequences to their relationship...Another intriguing werebear read! The characters and situations are always unique!Received book free for honest review.