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After learning the truth about their home planet in The Forbidden Voyage, thirteen year old Endirion and Harlo find themselves on the run and blasting through space in a stolen ship. They’ve escaped the marshals who were close on their tail only to find themselves hurtling toward a whole new world, a Brave New Planet! and a brand new adventure complete with new friends, diAfter learning the truth about their home planet in The Forbidden Voyage, thirteen year old Endirion and Harlo find themselves on the run and blasting through space in a stolen ship. They’ve escaped the marshals who were close on their tail only to find themselves hurtling toward a whole new world, a Brave New Planet! and a brand new adventure complete with new friends, disguises, a high speed chase, a heroic pitbull named Daisy, and much, much more. ...

Title : Brave New Planet
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ISBN : 9781523205110
Format Type : Paperback
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Brave New Planet Reviews

  • Casey Dorman
    2019-02-14 17:12

    Left Behind, Book One: The Forbidden Voyage introduced me to Endirion, the thirteen year old narrator of the story and Harlo, the slightly older bully who turned out to be his steadfast friend and companion on their treacherous journey to the forbidden reaches of their planet. Left Behind Book Two: Brave New Planet picks up the story of the two boys as they are on a spaceship headed for (they hope) the New Planet to which those who fled the great disaster on the Mother Planet escaped. Still on their minds is the question of why they and their fellow beings who lived underground in primitive conditions on the Mother Planet were never told about the advanced technology which still survived on other parts of the planet and which, apparently, allowed commerce between the Mother Planet and the New Planet. While on the ship they find an electronic diary, which contains a video log of previous occupants of the spaceship, many of which were prisoners and included Harlo’s sister and Endirion’s father, and were sent not to the New Planet but another planet where they were traded as slaves in order for the New Planet residents to be allowed to begin preparing a second planet for future occupation. Were the residents of the New Planet destroying their home again and needing still a third planet to house them? These and other questions, plagued Endirion and Harlo as they continued toward the New Planet. When the two young escapees/adventurers land on New Planet both they and the reader are shocked by what they find. New Planet is present-day Earth and no one seems aware that the population may have, at one time in its history, lived elsewhere and migrated to this new home. The two boys are found and sheltered by a pair of teenage girls who hide them from the public and even from their parents. But their spaceship is found and a manhunt for the “aliens” ensues. When they are captured, their captors, who appear to be from the government, are angered at any mention of the Mother Planet and beat the two boys but question them very little. The two teenage girls, Riana and Lucy engineer the boys’ escape. Then Endirion and Harlo and the girls, along with James, one of the girls’ brothers who belongs to a rebel underground are on the run. Despite many narrow escapes they finally make it to the Cuban Embassy and are given asylum.This is an exciting sequel to Left Behind Book One: The Forbidden Voyage. The plot is filled with twists and turns, not least of which is the surprising revelation that the New Planet on which they landed is present-day Earth. The introduction of two teenage girls who help the young escapees avoid capture by a government seeking to punish them, adds to the adventure at the same time that it yields questions about who on Earth is aware of its population’s history on a previous planet. We don’t find out the answer to that question, nor why whoever is running Earth is keeping Endirion’s and Harlo’s community isolated and underground on the Mother Planet, but the question lurks behind every turn of the story’s plot. This is an exciting read, which carries the Left Behind tale forward at the same breakneck speed as Book One and whet’s the reader’s appetite for the final book in the trilogy.

  • Leslie OBrien
    2019-01-28 15:23

    “Left Behind: Brave New Planet” is book two in the Left Behind Trilogy by R. Anne Polcastro. This story picks up with Endiron and Harlo on the run from the marshals (okay, escaped them) and heading to a new planet, in a stolen space ship, rife with new adventures.Story Likes: One of the positive aspects to YA fiction, especially science fiction is that the stories, worlds, characters, and quests have far more detail than adult versions, which often assume that the readers know what is being described without going into detail. And then there’s the whole idea of the “friend quest” – Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, other similar stories – where friends come together to take on a quest that chances are they are too young/ill-equipped to handle, but through perseverance and a healthy mix of good clean fun, the intrepid explorers will succeed where others will fail.Age range, 10-adult. Great choice for summer reading.

  • Ana
    2019-02-23 21:13

    The sequel of Left Behind couldn't be greater! Riya Anne Polcastro did an amazing job writing it! The plot twists, the thrilling longing for more of it is positively exhausting and so worth it.Do not click bellow to see the spoiler if you haven't read the book yet! Please.(view spoiler)[I can't believe I was deceived until the end only to find out they freaking landed on (view spoiler)[Earth (hide spoiler)]! My jaw dropped as soon as it happened and I couldn't stop reading it! (hide spoiler)]I really hope a book three if coming out after this one! If you haven't read her books, please DO!

  • Juliet Wilson
    2019-02-12 16:14

    Endiron and Harlo, who met sorting recyclables in Left Behind Book One: The Forbidden Voyage are now on their way to the New Planet. Will they be able to sort out the ship's waste disposal system? Will they safely negotiate the meteor showers and other dangers that space throws at them? What will they find on the new planet?Eventually they land on the new planet, where they are met with kindness but also with the news that not all inhabitants of the planet would be kind to them, many would want to cut them open for scientific research.The travellers and the hosts try to overcome their cultural differences and are already discovering they have much in common when the authorities come after them. They escape into the hills to hide, but find themselves being pursued.This is a road trip through space and across a planet that may seem very familiar. While being an exciting tale of adventure, the story also explores issues around belonging and human rights, our obsessions with aliens (in both senses of the word) and in fact what it means to be human. The characters and situation are engrossing and there are enough unanswered questions in the narrative to ensure the reader will pick up the final book in the trilogy as soon as they can.....

  • rebecca clark
    2019-01-31 18:00

    AwesomeHurry hurry hurry for next addition. Sorry am an impatient reader lol. I read fast and love books so much. Thank you for sharing your book with us.

  • Riya
    2019-02-02 18:23