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As a young woman, Abby Carmichael had it all—until the night a stranger tore it away…A year and half after the brutal sexual assault, Abby is finally starting to feel like her old self. Teaching dance classes with enthusiastic kids is just the kind of job she needs—far away from probing eyes or vicious intentions of the opposite sex. When she connects with one of her studeAs a young woman, Abby Carmichael had it all—until the night a stranger tore it away…A year and half after the brutal sexual assault, Abby is finally starting to feel like her old self. Teaching dance classes with enthusiastic kids is just the kind of job she needs—far away from probing eyes or vicious intentions of the opposite sex. When she connects with one of her students, Natalie, it isn’t long until she meets her father, Deputy Ben James.Ben James is just a regular guy, working to make a life for himself and his daughter…That’s what Abby tells herself when her sudden attraction for Ben catches her off guard. Abby has been steering clear of men for obvious reasons, and the idea of wanting that kind of relationship is more terrifying than intriguing. But with his doe-eyed daughter tugging at her dance uniform, Ben takes notice.He’s ready for love, but does her past hold too many secrets? After the assault, Abby coped by using heavy medication and fell into an ugly chain of one-night stands. But now that she’s out of rehab and finally on the right track, it’s only a matter of time before Ben finds out.Will Abby be the true love Ben has always wanted? Or is she a tangled challenge, leading to yet another… Broken Love?...

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Broken Love Reviews

  • NMmomof4
    2019-06-30 13:58

    3.5 StarsOverall Opinion:This addressed some heavy issues, but had me rooting for the couple to get their HEA (and they did). I liked the overall family feel around both of the mcs, and I thought the H's daughter was adorable. I thought it was better than "just ok" but not quite "I liked it" -- so I'm going in the middle with 3.5 stars.Brief Summary of the Storyline:This is Abby and Ben's story. Abby is just getting back to feeling good after being raped, and she meets Ben through his daughter being in one of her dance classes. He is the first time she had felt attraction since her attack, and she is hesitant to start anything up. He pursues her, and after a little push and pull they start dating and fall in love. There are some issues with Abby's past that they have to face, but they do get their HEA ending.POV: This mainly alternated between Abby and Ben's POV (with a couple chapters in secondary character's POV).Overall Pace of Story:Good. The ending was a little sudden, but I never skimmed and I thought it flowed well for the most part.Instalove: No. I felt like they had a good amount of time before the stronger feelings developed.H rating: 4 stars. Ben. He was understanding and never pushed the h. I loved how he was with his daughter, and how he cared for the h. I liked him.h rating: 4 stars. Abby. I loved how she was with the H's daughter. She was damaged, but understandably so. I liked her.Sadness level: Low/moderate. Some heavy themes are addressed, but I never needed any tissues.Heat level: Moderate. They have good chemistry, but I felt like it was more about their emotional connection than the physical one.Descriptive sex: YesSafe sex: Yes. Condoms used until a std status and birth control talk happens.OW/OM drama: Not in the typical way (view spoiler)[ The man that had raped the h starts stalking her (hide spoiler)]Sex scene with OW or OM: NoCheating: NoPossible Triggers: Yes(view spoiler)[h was previously raped, h had previous drug addiction and promiscuous behavior after rape, suicide attempt by h after rape, stalker w/racial comments (H is half black and h is white), and physical attack in present tense.(hide spoiler)]Closure:This had good closure with a few jump ahead scenes in the epilogue and a HEA ending.How I got it: It was part of my kindle unlimited subscription.Safety: Safe with exception (view spoiler)[- Does Not have cheating- Does Not have a descriptive sex scene with OW/OM-Does have the h pushing the H away-Does Not have a separation between the h and H-Does have past rape for h-Does Not have OTT sad parts- Does have a HEA ending. (hide spoiler)]

  • Big Joe
    2019-07-08 08:55

    18 months ago the unthinkable happened to Abby Carmichael. 12 months ago she was so distraught she almost ended it all. Now she is stronger. Her dreams of finishing college and being a teacher on hold she is finding happiness in being a dance teacher at her family's dance school. While she is miles from the darkness she was in, she is still miles from where she wants to be. So when a sweet 3 yr old student, Natalie's, dad illicit feeling and wants in her she is thrown for a loop. When he gives the feelings back she is stunned when she accepts a date request. Hot cop Ben is stunned at the beauty of the petite dance teacher. On the first date he is pulled in until a harsh reaction by her has him questioning his willingness. When he learns her secret while investigating a case a feeling of needing to protect her and more, wanting her, arises.As the two navigate a budding relationship, while fighting her self doubt and worth, darkness arises. A car watching them. A shoving and more....Now Ben and her family will need to protect both girls. but you can not be with someone 24/7....Really enjoyed this story but the ending took away from it....the mutli-year epilogue and also the writing was a little more telling then fully showing IMO. I did still thoroughly enjoy it.

  • KimBrewing
    2019-06-29 10:57

    I really forgot how much I enjoy Evan's writing....loved thisI love when we get stories of the next generation of characters we've fallen in love with previously. It was great seeing the gang again.This is Abby and Ben's story. Abby is trying to recover from a traumatic experience and doesn't deal in the beginning. Ben's is a single dad focused on making a life for himself and his daughter. I really enjoyed how their families are heavily involved with both of these characters. When they first connect, it is bumpy - but then the road to HEA usually is. This story flowed and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. Great read.

  • Diane plourde
    2019-07-05 11:54

    Title: Broken LoveAuthor: Evan GraceStars: 5 Evan grace is a gifted writer who can drag me right into the heart of her wonderful stories that comes out of her creative mind. I received Broken Love in exchange for an honest and a spoiler free review. We have Abby, a young woman who has been through a very traumatic experience. In order to cope with it, she made the wrong self destructive choices that brought her down to rock bottom. With the help of her very supportive family, she was able to climb back out of the brings of darkness in order to led a somewhat normal life. When she thinks she will never be able to be in a normal relationship, she mets Ben and his daughter Nathalie. Ben has also had his own hardship by being a single dad of a 3 year old. Abby falls in love with Ben and his daughter. Together they will complete each other. But unfortunately they will not be at peace for very long, someone is out to hurt them. This is a romantic suspense with just right amount of angst to make this a great page turner. It's beautifully written with a strong message of hope. It's not only a love story but also about family. It doesn't matter the race, the gender or if they aren't related by blood, they stick together through tough times. It involves all of Abby's and Ben' s family.I admire the author for not going into details about some traumatic events because I don't think I would have wanted to read of them. It's an amazing roller coaster of emotions. Nicely paced with a seamless plot. I love the characters especially the little Nathalie. I just love stories with children, they make it so sweet and make my heart melt. The only thing that I had to be very attentive to was that some chapters or even paragraph switched scenes completely.Story told in a dual POV with a couple from Abby 's parents because the story was focused mainly on her. It's a standalone with a very nice HEA. I strongly recommend this book, by the looks of it, it's a great start to a series. All of Evan's book are worth the read.

  • Sassy Southern
    2019-06-25 14:12

    Within the first chapter I was absolutely gutted and in tears with this book!! And from there it was a roller coaster of emotions throughout the entire book. But oh how I love books that make you feel like that. Because let's just face the facts here if a book doesn't make you feel something then it's not worth the time you put into reading it. And with Evan Grace you don't have to worry about not feeling anything. But lord this book really brings out those feelings!! And I also love how she had the couple an interracial couple. Ben and Abby were a perfect match in every way. Ben was exactly the right man to help Abby to feel safe and find her strength. And to come back to the woman she was once before. The background story on both characters is there and you completely understand we're both Ben and Abby are and where they come from. The secondary characters are so funny and amazing and I can't wait to read their stories!! And even the ones that might not get a book they are still a big part of bringing this book together and I love this big family!! They pull you in and you feel like you are a part of them and only an author with amazing talent with her words can do that. This book was heartbreakingly beautiful and sexy as he!! with a side of humor. And I highly recommend this book!!! - By Tina

  • Catherine
    2019-07-03 13:45

    After Abby is raped, she falls into a downward spiral of drinking, drug abuse, and random hookups to feel better. Finally she tries to commit suicide. After lots of rehab, Abby is finally on the road to recovery. She moves back in with her cousin/best friend and is trying to get over her past. Abby works at a dance studio where she teaches little girls to dance. One evening she meets the father of one of the little girls and feels an instant connection. As she wonders if she’s ready to be more serious with Ben, someone starts stalking Abby.The book is difficult to review as it touches on some sensitive issues. It deals with rape, drug addiction, depression, suicide, and stalking. But I do think it was done extremely well. It doesn’t go into too much detail with the rape or drug addiction. On the contrary, it’s quite empowering as it portrays a girl who has been so hurt and betrayed overcome her fears and struggles. I really like the message it portrays about her healing not being due to anyone but her own strength.However, I found a few typos throughout the novel. And while the book sums up nicely, I think it was a little rushed.

  • Reviews from the Heart (Kimberly Anne)
    2019-07-12 15:00

    Broken Love is a lot of things. Heartbreaking, touching, heartwarming and even sexy!! When we meet Abby she is a broken young woman who has been victimized in the worst possible way. Trying to put her life back together, she is teaching dance and learning to trust again. Enter Ben James. Ben is a single father, raising his daughter alone after her mother decided she didn't want her. With the help of his mother he has a job that he loves working for the Sheriff's department and a nice life with his daughter. The last thing he thinks he needs is a relationship. When he meets Abby, his daughter's dance teacher, everything changes.Ben is just what Abby needs. He is loving and kind. He is also patient, understanding and HOT!! After learning of her past, Ben does everything he can to make sure Abby feels safe and in the process she slowly learns to trust again. They face obstacles along the way. A stalker and social criticism just to name a few, But through it all they learn that all the best things really are worth fighting for. Now, I don't want you to think that this is a tearjerker that will leave you with a heavy heart and red eyes. Although those things may be true, this book is also sexy as hell!! Ben is one hot a$$ man that knows what he wants and he goes after it! There are some pretty steamy scenes that will leave you wanting more and wishing you had a Ben of your own!Evan Grace takes a sensitive and heartbreaking subject and handles it with the grace and respect that it deserves. This book is passionate and raw. It is beautifully written and filled with so many emotions that will have you crying and cheering at the same time. One of the best things about this book is getting to catch up with the crew from the Starting Over Series. It was so much fun to see how they have all changed and grown. I'm so glad that the author decided to give us these new stories and I look forward to the next one.

  • Suzanne
    2019-07-02 10:02

    This books concept is a heartbreaker from the start. While it does not give you the grisly details of what happened to Abby but you do get a sense of the pain and the emotional turmoil that she goes through after it happens. She is a shattered soul but fights her way through oblivion to try and come out on top.Abby is a beautifully written character. I found it to be realistic and emotionally gut wrenching, mostly because I have felt those feelings before. While never going through in the long run what Abby did, I felt a kinship with her as a survivor. When Ben unexpectedly enters, her world is tossed upside down and she starts to feel that she is worthy of love. That she can have a normal life. The sweetness and romance between these two is beautiful. I love how protective Ben is of Abby right off the bat and wants to be the one that’s there for her even though with everything that happened to Abby spooks him, he cannot walk away. Natalie is beyond adorable. The way that her and Abby bond was beautiful!What I loved about this book is that the flow was perfect, and that the storyline was engaging. Also that there is closure in a lot of ways at the end. There are moments where I wanted to yell, scream or cry, but the beautiful moments outweighed them. This book is emotional and it will take you on an unexpected ride but it’s also a really beautiful one as well as it is a tale of taking charge, finding yourself, and feeling worthy of love and worthy of living.

  • Annamaria
    2019-07-21 09:49

    Title: Broken LoveSeries: Stand-alone NovelAuthor: Evan GraceGenre: RomanceStars: 5/5 StarsReviewer: AnnamariaPublished: Feb 23, 2016Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLCPages: 1885/5 Touching Stars! Abby was the victim of a brutal crime and is slowly trying to get her life back to normal. She starts teaching dance classes which she enjoys doing. Abby meets Ben when his daughter joins her class. Ben is a single father and just what Abby needed. Ben is handsome but more importantly patient, caring and understanding. Will Abby be able to open up to experience love again? Evan Grace does an amazing job writing this story and handling a very difficult subject. I loved the characters and especially want my own Ben! I felt so many emotions while reading Abby's story from sadness to joy. This story is one I thoroughly enjoyed and one you will not want to pass up! Highly recommend it!I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. This book was read and reviewed by Annamaria for Alpha Book Club.Plot: 5Chemistry: 5Pacing: 5Ending: 5Character Development: 5

  • Amazeballs Book Addicts
    2019-06-26 15:12

    Let me start off by saying that Evan Grace is one of my absolute must read authors. I LOVE her Starting Over series and I really couldn't wait to get my hands on Abby's story. For those of you that don't know who that is, she is Journey and Dylan's adopted daughter. And really there is much more to that whole situation than just that but to find out you really should read well honestly, I think you should read all the Starting Over books. But ok so back to this one, Abby had some horrific thing done to her and is having a really hard time getting back to who she once was. And then in walks Ben or more accurately his adorable daughter, Natalie walks in and starts changing what Abby thinks. I love how patient Ben is with Abby and how wonderfully written these characters are written. From start to end, you will be hooked and will embark on an emotional journey throughout the whole book. I highly recommend this book as well as all Ms. Grace's books. You absolutely will not be sorry!! I give this one 5+ AMAZEBALLS stars. Review by Tabitha

  • Gwen Shafer
    2019-06-22 11:12

    One word Tears. Have tissues ready when you read this book. I cried more than once reading this. This is an amazing book that you cant put down until you find out what happens to Abby and Ben. Abby is a strong woman fighting for her life in more ways than one. Ben is a single father who wants to help her in more ways than one. The love that grows between the two of them is just amazing. This is a book that i will recommend to anyone who wants to read an amazing book, but you will cry when you read this. This is my only warning. Have the tissues on stand by.I also love how the writer took a very tragic issue and was somewhat gentle with it when it came to Ben finding out about it.

  • Mandy hawkins
    2019-07-04 11:09

    This book was beautifully written. Once I started reading it I didn't want to put it down. I'm so glad they got a great a happy ending. I am looking forward to reading more from the series.

  • Amber Britten
    2019-07-04 15:01

    AmazingI've never been disappointed with any of this author but but I have to say this one tops all her books amazing

  • Margaret
    2019-07-01 13:02

    This book has lots of emotions. There is the devastation of Abby dealing with the sexual assault and feeling so low that she tries to commit suicide. Then the hope that she is finally moving out of her parents home and moving on with her life. More hope when Ben asks her out. The joy of Abby and Ben being happy to spend time together and Abby getting close with Natalie. Then the devastation of Abby pushing Ben away because she feels broken. Thankfully Ben does not let her and they seems to be finally getting it all together only to have Abby's attacker come back and try again. Good thing Ben has taught her self defence and Abby and Ben get their happy ever after.

  • Shawna
    2019-07-05 12:11

    Wow!!Abby and Ben's book started out with such heartache. Evan Grace wrote such a powerful book about what happens to to many women in this country . She wrote about the fallout from what Abby went through and finding her way back. With the help of her family and Ben she finds her way. It was a great book and definitely recommend this book💖

  • Vickie White
    2019-07-13 09:07

    3.5 StarsA well written, emotive story of learning to heal after being the victim of sexual assault.Abby Carmichael had it all—until the night a stranger tore it away. Self medicating on a cocktail of alcohol and drugs to take away the pain as well as one night stands. Now out of rehab a year and half after the brutal sexual assault, Abby is finally starting to feel like her old self. Teaching dance classes with enthusiastic kids is just the kind of job she needs—far away from probing eyes or vicious intentions of the opposite sex. When she connects with one of her students, Natalie, it isn’t long until she meets her father, Deputy Ben James.Ben James is just a regular guy, working to make a life for himself and his daughter…That’s what Abby tells herself when her sudden attraction for Ben catches her off guard. Abby has been steering clear of men for obvious reasons, and the idea of wanting that kind of relationship is more terrifying than intriguing. But with his doe-eyed daughter tugging at her dance uniform, Ben takes notice.He’s ready for love, but does her past hold too many secrets? Will Abby be the true love Ben has always wanted? Or is she a tangled challenge, leading to yet another… Broken Love? This was a well written story that I thought the author did a great job conveying Abbys feelings without actually giving all the gorey details of the assault. I was instantly pulled in and connected to both characters, actually I liked all the character's. I enjoyed the plot especially the suspense interwoven throughout. Told through multiple POV's although mainly Ben and Abbys. Overall a well rounded plot with depth, characters the were likable and all tied up in one book.This is the first book I have read by this author and will definitely check out her other works. Looking forward to book two in this series.I would recommend. To confirm even though the main character suffered a sexual assault at no point are the details of that assault mentioned so readers who would normally forgo reading this sort of story can rest assured and give Broken Love a chance.** Arc provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review - Vickie, Words Turn Me On Book Blog reviewer **

  • Twinsie Talk Angie J
    2019-07-05 10:48

    3.5 but rounded upCheck out this review and others : Broken Love by Evan GraceI received this book from the author for an honest review.WOW!! This book hits some tough issues head on from the first page. Abby was raped one night when she was coming home from work. This rape left her a mess needless to say. She tried to cope with it through drugs and in the arms of random strangers while she was in self-medication mode. This behavior is what leads her to try and take her life. This is where we meet Abby at the beginning of the story. She is trying to kill herself while her father runs in to save her. A year later, she is clean and picking up the pieces. She moves out and begins to teach dance with her family at the studio. She meets a father of one of her students and is stunned at the instant chemistry they both have.Ben is a single dad. He is raising his daughter alone after her mother signed her away and left town. He has awesome support from his mom and sisters but is looking for someone to love him and his daughter. When he sees Abby the ZING he feels for her is instant.The two have a few disastrous dates but Abby has decided to take her life back from her rapist. She tells Ben everything. They make a few steps forward but then stumble until the find a happy medium. Abby is happy and so is Ben. His daughter Natalie loves Abby as well and they form a domestic bliss. When Abby’s past comes back to haunt her he tried to run but Ben is there in Alpha Male role to protect his daughter and WOMAN!

  • Tina
    2019-07-01 09:56

    I received this book for an honest review; this is my first book that I’ve read by this author. This Broken Love by Evan Grace it’s a standalone.“I can’t stand being touched anymore, especially by my family. I’m so dirty now and I don’t want any of that to rub off on them. I can’t remember the last time I let my dad, Dylan, or my real dad, Cash, hug me. I used to love hugs from Gramps, but now the thought of his hands on me makes me want to vomit. My entire family changed after I was attacked six months ago.”This is the story of Abby who had something very terrible happen to her, that made who was today. She dealt with it differently than others. After the breakdown then getting help that will make her better, she had made a recovery but she will never forget what happened to her. While helping her family at the dance studio she meets Natalie the little girl, who loved to dance. Then Ben comes along along with his daughter helps Abby through a time, she never thought would happen to her, which would be happiness. “I like you, Ben. I adore Natalie. If anything, I would just love to be your friend. I don’t have many of those, but I feel safe when I’m around you”I can say you will have the angst in this book, drama, some really good sex scenes, but actually a storyline that had you from the first page. I can say that, I cried for Abby in what she went through, but loved how Ben being patient and giving her time but never giving up on her. I loved the secondary characters in this book and how the families loved Abby and stood by her through it all. Author Evan Grace is a new author to me, but it won’t be the last book, I read from her. Go one click this book and see what, I’m talking about. You’ll not be disappointed in it at all.

  • Mignon Mykel
    2019-07-06 07:45

    4.5 / 5 starsThe brokenness that is Abby is so incredibly palpable in this story... you cannot help but feel for the girl. In the beginning, she's having a terribly difficult time moving on from a sexual assault, and she is so lost in her head. My heart ached for her. For her family. For the few friends she had left.Watching as she learned to battle her demons, fight for what was right and fight for those who wanted to fight for her, was what made this such an intriguing read. Evan Grace did such an amazing job with Abby's character.The relationship between Ben and Abby certainly isn't easy; the hills they must climb for both of them together, as well as mentally and emotionally on their own, were steep but well worth the journey.There were a few holes, or even just delayed items, in the plot and characterization, but they weren't anything that left me feeling jilted. They were easy to overlook as either an oversight on the author's part, or even perhaps something I missed as a reader. I haven't read this author's previous works, but this book actually looks like a series that is folding off a previous series -- so those of you who are fans of hers may enjoy seeing old characters again (that's one of my favorite things as a reader, personally). That said, I'll likely go back and read some of her earlier things, just to see the side characters "then".Simplified, this was a well-written story with just enough complexity to keep me interested. And Abby? One of my favorite female characters for the week.*ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

  • Brianna at Renee Entress's Blog
    2019-06-21 13:14

    4 Stars!This author on the scene Evan Grace is newish to me. The blurb of this new standalone drew me in and now I am so glad I took a chance. This book was so different than anything I have read in a while and the author did an amazing job giving us a heartbreakingly beautiful love story.What a beautiful book full of second chances, forgiveness, healing, and love. This book will speak to your soul... deep into your bones. This author took touchy subjects and showed the power of healing and love. Ben and Abby will be sticking with you long after the pages quit turning.This is Ben and Abby's story. Abby has hit bottom. When she is attacked, it forever changed her life. Now a year later, she is trying to heal. She is trying to live again. She is trying to fix the broken pieces of her soul. Then Ben and his sweet daughter come skipping into her life.Ben is a single father and police officer. He doesn't focus on relationships and has no use for love. His daughter and family are his world. When he meets his daughter's dance teacher, he is instantly pulled to her. He doesn't expect her baggage or the issues she is still tring to heal from.Love and fate always win in the war of love. But sometimes it takes work. Sometimes we have to go outside of our comfort zones. Sometimes we have to push ourselves. Something we have to quit running and learn to rely on others. Can they find a way to mend their broken love?I recommend this book!Blog Tour--->

  • Cheri
    2019-07-02 12:48

    Touching, heartbreaking, heartwarming and a very satisfying book. Ms Grace is a new author to me, however she won't remain so. Abby is recovering from a devastating assault and reaction. Recovery didn't come easily and she almost gave up completely. After a long fight she is starting to recover and believe she may get her life back.While the author shows us the angst and pain of recovery, she also shows how a strong family support system can help. Not every effort works but remaining there for her she begins to recover. I really enjoyed this part of the story. So often the victim is shown only by herself with her struggle and everyone either abandons her or she leaves them. This family was having none of it and remained her anchor.Working with children is satisfying and she meets a single dad of a student and they feel sparks. As a deputy sheriff, she does feel safe with him. When he shows an interest she doesn't make it easy. The first man she has even considered letting close but her insecurity may just make him give up.You will fall in love with little Natalie, Abby's family which is a convoluted group of people with one thing in common, they are a family after many personal struggles, failures and successes.As life would have it, just when it looks like she may have a future, her attacker who was never caught may be after her again—or is he after Ben?Thank you Ms Grace for showing victims there is hope and with much effort they can live and love again. I strongly recommend this book.I was provided an ARC for an honest review.

  • Bella'sBlog
    2019-06-29 09:51

    This the first time reading anything by Evan Grace and I must say that I thoroughly enjoying this great story. Ms Grace is such a good writer who can grab you and pull us into the pages of the story from start to finish, and leaves you wanting much more. This is Abby's touching story. Abby is beautiful young woman who's been through a terrible ordeal, but for her to get through it she makes the wrong discussion and it bough her down like a rock. But the love from her parents and their support she was able to lift herself up from the belly of hell, and she starts to live a some what normal live. Abby feels like she will never to have a relationship like other woman.But then Abby meets the handsome Ben and his beautiful daughter Nathalie .But Ben has had his hardships to specialty being a single father. But she soon falls for Ben and His daughter Nathalie,will they be able to complete each others life. But they happiness is something that must be but on hold because someone is out to hurt them. Ms Grace has given us romantic suspense with some angst along with a touch of love,and family mixed in. This story shows us how family will come together when danger comes for one of their own., the emotions in this story is like riding a roller coaster that carries the story line smoothly. This story is written in point of view Abby's parents because the story is mainly to told about Abby .I could go on and to you much more about this touching story, but that would spoil it for you. I highly recommend that you read this story ,because you won't be disappointed.

  • Jill
    2019-07-12 14:08

    5 stars for another tear-jerker by Evan Grace. This is the first book in the Love Stings series and it starts out with one heck of a debut. While this book is a beautifully written love story there were dark times for our heroine which may be considered slight triggers.Abby Carmichael was made a victim in the worst way and while trying to heal from her attack she made some bad choices in regards to not just her physical health but her mental health too. The love and urging of her family has her seeking help to conquer her demons once and for all. Now that Abby is physically healthy and mentally getting where she needs to be things are looking up. She also has a job she loves teaching dance to little kids when she meets a single dad of one of her students but is she ready for that yet...Ben James is raising his daughter alone since her mom bailed on the both of them. While working for the sheriff's office and being a good dad is enough for him everything changes when he meets the dance teacher his daughter (Natalie) loves. Ben is instantly attracted to this skittish woman and decides he will take the necessary steps to have her in their lives. While Abby friend zones Ben rather quickly they share this chemistry that is bound to detonate...Loved this story of healing, family and love that only Evan Grace can deliver so beautifully. We also get a check in with the Starting Over crew which was so nice to see as a fan of that series too :)

  • Jody Pardo
    2019-07-10 08:53

    I read this book as part of March Madness Challenge. I didn't know what to expect and didn't read the blurb before I started reading. This book starts with Abby who goes through a horrific assault and suicide attempt that leaves her a shell of herself. On the road to recovery with her very loving and supporting family by her side her path crosses with Ben, one of her dance students' dad. Ben is smitten by Abby and even though he works for the police Dept he is unaware of Abby's assault or past. I kept waiting for the story to unfold and a shoe to drop. This book had a good story and potential that never got uncovered. Some suspense was built up but then was masked by fluff and laundry list telling of day to day activities of the characters. I waited some more for the crisis to erupt. It didn't happen until 87% in and then was two pages and it was resolved. I loved the concept and the characters but was left wanting. I also had no clue the lead male character Ben was black until nearly 60% into the book. I even scrolled back in my kindle to double check. The author brought all these characters into the mix and introduced them and I'm not quite sure why. It was very confusing. The multiple POVs beyond the two main characters Ben and Abby, I felt were unneccesary. I'm sure her parent have fruitful sex lives but it didn't add to the story. The book itself read like a travel itinerary marking the characters movement and experiences.

  • Charity Foster
    2019-06-30 08:11

    Let me start out by saying that this book will certainly be placed on my re-read shelf. I fell in love with Abby when we were first introduced to her in the Starting Over series and couldn't wait to read her story now that she has grown up. Evan did a wonderful job writing a story that reaches into your soul and will leave you struggling not to cry your eyes out.Abby is a STRONG woman, even is she doesn't realize it. She has been through so much and each day she works to make herself better. When she meets the delectable Ben James, she is completely taken off guard by how drawn she is to him. The last thing she was looking for was a relationship, but nothing was going to stop fate.Ben didn't have time for relationships. Between raising his daughter and working as a deputy, he thought he had a pretty good life. When he picks his daughter up from dance class and meets her teacher, he can't believe his luck. He is immediately taken with her and will stop at nothing to make her his.I could not put this one down. Abby and Ben's story had my emotions going in so many different directions that I had to keep going to know what was going to happen. I absolutely adored them. Ben was perfect for Abby in every way and Abby was truly Ben's dream come true. Evan did a wonderful job writing about issues that can be hard to talk about. I can't wait for the next book in the series, Secret Love, and to see what she has in store for us!

  • Brianne
    2019-07-14 14:03

    In a beautiful and harrowing tale about finding yourself after something so tragic. Abby is such a strong character who has overcome something so horrific and was able to move past and continue on with her life. Broken Love touches on so many topics that raise eyebrows – Rape, Suicide, Interracial relationship.When we meet Ben, he is a strong, dynamic character who is a single father raising a sweet little girl. After connecting with Abby, love soon blossoms between the two and the rest is what we call history. Evan Grace does a fantastic job of switching point of views between the two main characters, and even treats the readers to the views of Abby's parents. I really loved the fact that it switched between Ben and Abby’s point of view. I love novels that switch the storyline to the different character leads as it gives insight to what they are thinking and feeling without having to second guess. Furthermore, it is also an opportunity to get to know the character even more and helps with the storyline.Broken Love is a great novel that will leave you teary at times, but doesn't sugar coat real life. I love the fact that the storyline was real and the characters had flaws. Evan Grace did a fantastic job of developing characters that were true to the character. I definitely recommend Broken Love as a book to be added to your To-Be-Read-Shelf.

  • Brandy Castenada
    2019-07-02 13:14

    This Broken Love by Evan Grace is a standalone read. I really enjoyed reading this book it was very interesting and captivated my attention right from the start and held on tight until the very end. I think Evan Grace did an awesome job writing this book. Broken Love is a beautiful, Emotional, and touching love story about two people who have their current paths derailed and end up taking a whole different direction than they had ever planned on and I loved reading this! This is the most realistic love story I’ve read in quite a while and I find the fact that it is a situation that many couples can, and often do, find themselves in made this that much more enjoyable for me. Broken Love is the story of Abby who had something very terrible happen to her, that made her who she was today. She dealt with it differently than others. After the breakdown then getting help that will make her better, she had made a recovery but she will never forget what happened to her. While helping her family at the dance studio she meets Natalie the little girl, who loved to dance. Then Ben comes along along with his daughter helps Abby through a time, she never thought would happen to her, which would be happiness.I really enjoyed Abby and Ben's story. I rated this book 4 stars and would definitely recommend to readers who love the same kind of books I do.

  • Jennifer Pierson
    2019-06-27 12:13

    WOW JUST WOW! I LOVED EVERY minute of this story. Abby Carmichael is a beautiful young woman who had it all, until the night she was brutally attacked. She lost herself in the aftermath, with drugs and random hookups. Finally, a year later, she's starting to put her life back together and finding her self again. Ben James is a single father on the police force. The only females he has time for is his family, and his daughter, until he sees Abby for the first time. She's his daughters dance teacher, and his baby loves her. They have an instant spark, but with Abby's past, she's terrified to want a happily ever after. Will her past be too much for Ben to handle?This story is heartbreakingly beautiful. The actual attack isn't in detail, but the emotional turmoil came through my kindle to physically affect me. The character development is great, with an emotionally charged, HIGHLY intense, and well written storyline that flows super smoothly. Evan Grace does an amazing job writing a story involving dark topics, making it beautifully moving in the healing. Well placed humor had me laughing in between tears, and the dual POVs made it more powerful. There's sexy scene goodness that's SMOKIN' HOT, and a couple of twists that make OMG moments. I have become a big fan of this author, so I happily HIGHLY RECOMMEND Broken Love!

  • Alphas Do It Better Book Blog
    2019-07-13 07:46

    I received this free book in exchange for an honest review.5 StarsBroken Love is one of the most beautifully written books I have read this year. Evan Grace did a magnificent job with this storyline. Not only does she eloquently show us the pain and suffering Abby goes through after her assault, but also as she fights to overcome and move on from what happened to her. She shows us how anyone can win against feeling like there’s nothing left to live for.Abby Carmichael is teaching dance at her grandmother’s studio and becomes attached to one of the little girls in her class. Natalie is as precious as they come and totally stole my heart. Abby is shocked to find herself attracted to Natalie’s dad when he comes to pick her up from class. Ben James is a deputy with the Sheriff’s department and finds himself attracted to Natalie’s dance teacher. After a rocky start due to Abby’s insecurities, they finally hit their stride. This book is heartbreaking, heartwarming, angsty, suspenseful, and sexy as hell! The chemistry between Abby and Ben is off the charts. I completely connected with the characters in this book and I cannot wait until Carrington’s book!Angela – Alphas Do It Better Book Blog

  • Lora
    2019-06-21 13:49

    4.5 out of 5 starsThis novel was a very moving experience for me. I loved Ben and his little girl Natalie. Abby was so strong and she really was finding her strength in herself as the book progressed. I also loved the families...both of them had amazing support pieces and I enjoyed watching their interactions as the novel progressed. Abby was raped and has spent 18 months trying to move past that. She hasn’t allowed herself to open up to anyone outside of her family since then and Ben is the first guy that she finds herself attracted to. She is finally moving forward with her life and finds that she wants to do that with Ben. Ben is the father of a student in Abby’s dance class. He’s just a great guy who really made me fall in love with him. He took full responsibility for his daughter when his girlfriend wanted to give her up for adoption. He’s also a deputy for the sheriff’s department and is one of the true good guys. This story isn’t just a romance though, it has some suspense built in leaving you questioning what will happen next. It also is a book about hope and finding it after you think it’s all lost. I loved this story and the epilogue was perfectly what I would want for these characters!!