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When you can position yourself as a leader, as a real expert, your prospects will actually want to talk to you. But using traditional methods can be expensive and time-consuming. You don’t have the luxury of spending thousands or taking the next couple years to position yourself as a market leader. You need it now. Booked is a 5-step process that helps you quickly positionWhen you can position yourself as a leader, as a real expert, your prospects will actually want to talk to you. But using traditional methods can be expensive and time-consuming. You don’t have the luxury of spending thousands or taking the next couple years to position yourself as a market leader. You need it now. Booked is a 5-step process that helps you quickly position yourself as an expert in your industry, directly connect you with an unlimited supply of prospects, and work them through processes that will generate a predictable number of leads and appointments. When you have that predictable number of appointments, you’ll have a predictable stream of new clients. While the system does leverage LinkedIn, Facebook, and email, it is not about the platform. It’s about the process. No matter where your clients can be found, the process can work for you....

Title : Booked: The digital marketing and social media appointment setting system for anyone looking for a steady stream of leads, appointments, and new clients.
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ISBN : 28794886
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Booked: The digital marketing and social media appointment setting system for anyone looking for a steady stream of leads, appointments, and new clients. Reviews

  • Allyson
    2018-10-07 01:33

    This was a quick, easy read and a very short book. Turner basically focuses on one particular strategy which boils down to a) create a group on LinkedIn b) invite lots of targeted people into your group (targets = potential clients or influencers) c) leverage your new status as group leader to show up as an expert to all of those people. I get it. I'm not sure it works as smoothly for everyone as he seems to think it will, especially when there are some sectors just flooded with groups. Also, the book gives no advice about maintaining said group, and it seems to me that the value isn't *just* in being listed as a group leader. If the group is defunct, or full of spammy posts from members, then does it really do anything for you in terms of lead generation? I doubt it. The second half of this book should have been about how to nurture the group and keep it growing and running itself with quality conversations so it can truly serve as the neverending source of leads Turner suggests it can be.

  • Drae Box
    2018-10-12 01:19

    Great for small businesses looking for a way to position themselves into their potential clients' awareness. Not a quick cheat sheet - you'll need to put work in every day to get the results you want. Trying out the suggestions in this book now and putting them to the test.

  • Chad Warner
    2018-10-01 04:27

    Actionable guidance for generating leads with LinkedIn, but deliberately leaves out enough detail that you really need to buy one of his programs to implement. As the book says, "Booked is a 5-step process that helps you to quickly position yourself as an expert in your industry, directly connecting you with an unlimited supply of prospects, and work them through processes that will generate a predictable number of leads and appointments."I read this because I'm in the Linked University program created by the author, using it to prospect for my web agency, OptimWise.NotesThe BS I Was FedRandom social media engagement isn't the answer. The answer is systematically targeting the right prospects and working them through a process that takes advantage of psychological triggers to get them to agree to talk.The SystemPosition yourself as a leader, a real expert, so prospects want to talk to you.System can be done in 30-60 min/day, 5 days/week.Setting Your Mindset# of new clients you need each month = desired income / avg income per client.# of appointments you need each month = desired new clients per month / close rate.The FoundationBuild prospect profile. For B2B, include company size, title, geographic focus, seniority, gender, age, department/function.Optimize LI (LinkedIn) profile so that when prospect sees it, they think, "this person is a peer; a real player in the industry" rather than "this person's going to try to sell me something."Improve LI headline by describing your differentiators; why you're unique & better than competitors. Describe target audience & how you help them.LI headline formula: [Title], [Company Name] | We help [Avatar] [Benefit]Your Authority Leadership PlatformTo generate more appointments, develop more relationships.Create a group focused on what your ideal prospect does and is interested in. E.g., CEO of IT firm targeting manufacturing execs created Midwest Manufacturing Leaders group; owner of marketing consultancy targeting senior marketing decision-makers created Marketing Leaders of Australia group.Create your group before doing your database build, so you can use your position as group founder to increase response rate.Building Your DatabaseChange headline to "Founder, [Group Name]".In initial DB build, send at least 300 connection requests. Send up to 1500 if you'd like.After DB build, reach out to 5 new prospects daily.Your Messaging MachineIn Multi-Touch-Point Nurture Campaign, 2nd message should share a resource you didn't create.4th message: "[Name], we've been in touch here for a few weeks, and as much as I love social media, I still like to get to know my connections in the real world. Would you be open to a no-agenda call to see how we might be able to help each other? How does Tue afternoon look? [Your Name]"Between final 2 messages that request a call, 29% of prospects agree to call.Asking permission to send lead magnet: "[Name], we've been connected here for a while, and I thought you might be interested in [lead magnet]. It's all about how [avatar] can [benefit] by [thing you do]. I'd love to send you a copy. Would you prefer I send on LinkedIn, or by email?" Send lead magnet itself, not link to opt-in. If they don't respond, follow up by sending lead magnet and telling them there's no opt-in, and you'd like to hear their thoughts. A week later, ask to have a call to get their ideas about the lead magnet.Asking discovery questions: Message 1: thank for connecting. Message 2: share industry article. Message 3: ask 2 open-ended questions about industry. Message 4: ask for call to continue conversation. Email BlueprintSend a personal, individual email to those who haven't responded to your LinkedIn messages. Say, "Hi [Name], just want to make sure you saw my message on LinkedIn." Deliver value in emails, just like in LinkedIn messages.

  • Iola
    2018-10-16 04:25

    Good principles, but no depth. I guess he's saving that for the paid course.At least it was free, and only took an hour to read.

  • Amani Aladdin
    2018-09-27 04:41

    لحسن حظي (^_^)... تمكنت من الحصول على نسخة مجانية من هذا الكتاب من خلال guest post كتبه جوش تيرنر على مدونة T.Harv Eker...و كان تيرنر فيه يقدم نبذة عن محتويات الكتاب إلى جانب تقديم مجموعة نسخ مجانية لمتابعي موقع هارف إيكر..الكتاب طبعا يقدم شرحاً بسيطاُ للنظام الذي أسسته شركة Linkedsellو لم يتطرق للأسرار أو المعلومات التفصيلية التوضيحية، و يقترح على القارئ الانضمام لفريق عمل الشركة من أجل مساعدته على أفضل أداء و تطبيق للنظام..لكن الحقيقة أن تيرنر يقدم طريقة مبتكرة فعلا للترويج و الدعاية باستخدام السوشيال ميديا (face book-linkedin- twitter- email)من أجل بناء قاعدة دائمة مستمرة من العملاء و المستهلكين بدون أن يمر رب العمل بالروتين القديم المتعلق بأساليب الدعاية باهظة التكاليف او الاعتماد على توصيات العملاء وغيره.النظام مبتكر و أعجبني جدا.

  • Taylor Ellwood
    2018-10-11 09:33

    In Booked the author shares part of his system for booking leads through Linkedin. The book is, in part, an introduction to the author's sales funnel designed to lead you to sign up for his premium course, but he does share some useful tips and suggestions that can be implemented in your business. As with anything else the system works if you work it, but this isn't a book that will help you cut corners in growing your business. You'll still have to do the work.

  • Rob Malone
    2018-10-11 04:35

    Just short of being completeThis is obviously a teaser to get you to enroll in Mr Turner's expensive program. He gives you an overview of his process but stops short of giving you the detail you need to fully implement. If you like being teased and lead on, only to go home alone, this is the book for you.

  • John Thurlbeck
    2018-10-15 03:18

    Some straightforward common sense and not a lot of new ideas. However, the book provides a useful checklist for those entering the fray of social media marketing.

  • Anita M. Shaw
    2018-10-24 03:18

    The book is about how to get bookings for your business, so you can keep it afloat. No bookings for a while, your business ain't gonna fly for long!

  • Anipsioula
    2018-10-15 06:30

    Simple - hopefully effectiveThe strategy presented in Booked makes total sense, is quite streamlined and the best moment is coming...the practice!! Thanks for the tips, Josh!

  • Jeffrey Prottas
    2018-10-18 04:31

    Turner Hits the Nail on the Head When It Comes to Business DevelopmentI thought the concepts and tactics were explained in very simple, actionable and efficient manner. By following the system it helps me think about business development in a new and exciting way. I've always been bogged down in building my business by the difficulty I experience when trying to fill my prospect pipeline. I'm convinced that 3 months from now, that won't be a problem.

  • Carsten Hansen
    2018-10-11 09:30

    Automated your appointment systemI quite enjoyed the insights provided in this book, picked up some new ideas to get clients come at a steady flow rather than more randomly. As a reader you would have liked to have seen more practical examples of how to go about setting yourself up on Facebook and LinkedIn rather than just seeing it described, but I guess you will only get that when you buy his course.Nevertheless, with the tools provided, I can take the next couple of steps on my own.

  • Andrea Hill
    2018-09-25 06:33

    Nice quick read. It was essentially a extended teaser for his training program/system, but what the heck. It was accessible and encouraged me to think differently about how to establish authority online... watch for a LinkedIn profile change soon! ;-)

  • Carroll Glass
    2018-10-13 03:14

    This is BookedMy approach to keeping my business was dysfunctional and haphazard. I knew that there were no magic elixirs. I knew that my success was start and stop. I read booked. It helped me understand why that was happening. I am on the up-glide path. Thanks Josh Turner. Booked, highly recommended by me.

  • Stan Skrabut
    2018-10-06 05:28

    While waiting for an individual to arrive for an appointment, I had a couple of hours to kill so I read Josh Turner's Booked: The Digital Marketing and Social Media Appointment Setting System for Anyone Looking for a Steady Stream of Leads, Appointments and New Clients*. I really enjoyed it, even though I was reading it on my phone. Turner basically explained his process for increasing the number of new clients. In the book, he outlined a 5-step system for lead generation and client acquisition. I thought he did a solid job. If you are trying to increase your client list, you may want to take a look at this book. Read More

  • Doug Branscombe
    2018-10-01 08:26

    I was able to read through this in a couple of hours. Josh outlines a system that has worked for him using LinkedIn and Facebook to create groups, position yourself as a leader among the prospects you're trying to connect with and leverage that to get appointments. He's pretty up front about that fact that it's not something you do once and forget it, it requires and ongoing effort, but if you're willing to make the commitment and put in the effort, it should be effective. Aside from that, I'm not sure this will work for everyone, but most can pull something out of this that can help them move their sales or business efforts forward.

  • David Crowther
    2018-09-24 02:19

    Rambling Lead MagnetThis book has a few good ideas, it actually starts at chapter 6 so you can skip the fluff. However, it's really only sold to make the author an authority and convince you to attend his webinars and buy programs. It seems likely that this is another "do as I say, not as I do" book. Meaning that the author is clearly teaching you to make money rather than making it for himself. Always troubling. I'd probably look for something more practical if you need more clients.

  • Faith Wood
    2018-10-09 03:38

    I downloaded this book onto my ipad Kindle app on my way to the airport - my favourite place to get a lot of reading done. I enjoyed the pragmatic approach to creating an endless stream of lead generation as a business building tool.I completely agreed with Josh in his quest to stop the "magic bullet" promises and get down to hard work.A mantra of mine was validated in this book - What you do every day is more important than what you do once in a while.

  • Jim Serger
    2018-09-23 08:36

    Get booked!!!Excellent lead making material--firsthand info; the author is also the businessman. He put the steps in motion and can account the material actually he notes, nothing is easy, it requires daily effort. His simple steps are simple, but he can't do it for you--dreamers and doers are 2 different subjects; it's well noted one gets more leads than the other. This "book"ed will show you how to generate more solid leads.

  • Sherry Mcmahan
    2018-10-15 03:29

    I Needed to ReFocus...I finished this with my own personal outline of step-by-step focus for applying this to local businesses. The was no magic wand for the words to say but I came away with the stepping stones for a daily plan that I had never considered before. Yes, I want more but in reality I have enough to start developing a system that was just lying in front of me and I didn't know it.

  • Kate Arms
    2018-10-05 03:41

    A slight overview of a way of building a marketing funnel. Explicitly designed as marketing for the author. A useful demonstration of one part of his approach and a reminder that the world is full of slick and shady folks trying to separate a fool from their money. I am glad I didn't spend money on buying this.

  • G Santiago
    2018-10-23 06:21

    Great resource for establishing and amaintaining leads Josh Turner's book, Booked, is a comprehensive system in how to generate ongoing leads for as long as you are willing to invest small amounts of time. His proven system has varied tools to work with any business. A great and easy must read for entrepreneurs.

  • Josh Rhodes
    2018-09-29 06:37

    Quick Read with great actionable stepsJosh offers up a nice backstory before diving into the system to generate more leads. It is an easy ready with simple action steps for you to follow and at the end offers you the option to join his program. Just using some of these steps can help any business looking to get in front of more clients.

  • Dina
    2018-10-06 09:40

    Brief but mightyJosh offers a blueprint on how to set appointments in a systematic way without feeling awkward. He provides loads of resources as well. I'm looking forward to good results

  • Diane K. Bell
    2018-09-24 01:21

    Love this strategy!I've seen my colleagues have great success generating leads from LinkedIn, however I've just begun to connect with others and really didn't have a clue how powerful those connections could be. I intend to start implementing this strategy right away!

  • Grace Major
    2018-10-20 05:29

    This was a book that was very informative. It provoked thought on a whole new concept of marketing via social media. It is an action book that makes the reader want to get up and take action! Author did a great job of keeping it simple for the reader. I recommend it!

  • Beth Beutler
    2018-10-07 01:40

    Quick read describing a system to maintain a pipeline of prospects. Bit of a sales pitch for their more extensive program, but some reasonable tips that could be applied depending on the business you are in.

  • Angela Ford
    2018-10-23 03:19

    Great suggestionsI liked the fact this author did not spend a ton of time sorry telling. While he did share his story he also provided a ton of actionable advice and step by step solutions. Great read!

  • Steve Miletto
    2018-09-27 08:15

    Words to get me started.Josh has created a good introduction to the process of continually adding prospects. He makes a good argument about why businesses fail, and gets the reader thinking about the steps to using email to add a positive stream of clients.

  • Eric Sutherland
    2018-10-11 05:38

    Describes the service that Josh Turners' business offers to clients and provides a steady flow of leads, appointments and new clients.