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Title : The Great Grammar Book
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ISBN : 9781898304753
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 14 Pages
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The Great Grammar Book Reviews

  • Amelia
    2019-07-08 15:13

    I happened across The Great Grammar in the kids' section of a local charity shop and I had to buy it. Come on. It's an interactive/pop-up children's book about grammar. How could I not buy it?I don't regret it at all. The Great Grammar presents grammatical concepts - nouns, proper nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, plurals, the state of belonging, punctuation and sentence formation - in a way that is colourful and fun and encourages a child to think and engage with the material. It isn't one of those half-hearted pop-ups. There are bits to spin and pull and twist and lift everywhere. I'd imagine the pop-ups are pretty sturdy too as my copy has three kids' names at the front and is only missing a couple of parts. It genuinely is interactive.It's great to see grammar being presented in such a fun way. It's a great way of showing a child that it's not just boring lists of rules.

  • Harriet Dismorr
    2019-07-03 14:56

    This book reminds me of 'the jolly postman'- purely because of the pulling out tabs and the amount of engagement the reader has with the writing. This is by far the most fun I've had learning about grammar, and I'm sure by making the reading involved it will help them learn about the correct use of words and punctuation!

  • Rebecca
    2019-07-09 14:58

    Another great book by Kate Petty. This is effectively a Grammar Made Easy book for children just starting out but would be really helpful for children mixing up some areas still too. Riddled with colour, interaction and fun characters this book is difficult to fault. Divided into 9 distinct sections, Petty tackles each area by simplifying the meaning of a Noun, for example, and then giving colourful and action packed examples for children to get involved with. I love how this makes kids work out for themselves the answers without the answers being there straight away so you can really gauge their understanding, rather than their ability to regurgitate what they've already read! This covers Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Pronouns, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Plurals and Punctuation in an easy and simple manner. Each page has a different theme, as well as different subject, with the recurring characters you meet on the first page. I like the continuity of these characters and the themes add an extra talking point for when children become tired or restless. The various flaps, pulleys, wheels and tabs are all linked together - a really nice addition to each page. This means that when you turn a wheel, for example, a word might pop up somewhere on the page. This really adds to the interaction within the page and makes the learning a more memorable experience - hopefully! Some of the flaps, particularly the large pop ups, are a bit stiff the first time but this wears off once you've stretched them out a bit; although I did feel this made me feel more confident they were sturdy and less likely to become dog-eared or torn after the first use!There are limited examples within this book in terms of practising what you've been reading. I think for readers just starting out this is absolutely fine, and there is plenty to talk about on each page anyway even away from the designated examples because the pages are so crammed with colour and creatures. However for those readers familiar with some of these areas already this might be a little too simple.Overall, a beautifully illustrated, fun and extremely interactive book which is just perfect for teaching your little ones the basics of Grammar - plus it's not too dull for you either! I can't get over quite how much thought has gone into each page!This product was provided to me by the publishers in exchange for an honest review; this in no way influenced my opinion of this book.

  • Mrs Wilson
    2019-06-25 07:50

    Wow - Fantastic Grammar Pop-Up BookThank you to the publisher Walker books for my ARC (Advance Review Copy) which was sent to me free with no obligation to review.I'll be honest in that if I could give this pop up book more than 5 stars I truly would as I am incredibly impressed with it. I am now keeping my eyes out to see if any of the authors other books (aside from The Terrific Times Tables Book as we also have that book) are published as it looks like the author published quite a few of these pop up books a few years ago and that they are now being updated and re-released.If there is any way that a child is going to learn anything then surely it has been proven to be by encouragement and fun (I'm not in education as my profession just to make this clear and so I'm not speaking for that profession) and this pop up book is incredibly fun. I requested this to review thinking of my oldest child but my youngest child is also completely enamoured with this and the times table book and so already it has proven to be a big hit. I only have to consider some of the things my eldest has learnt through unrecognised teaching elements such as STEM from the Blaze and the Monster Machines cartoon to know that fun is the way to go and already he is able to quote a few doing words (verbs) to me.I would never ever normally video review a book but with the movable features I felt this may be a good thing to show and so I have attached a video and some photos to show the book on my Amazon review. I originally recorded the whole book and then realised this may lead to some sort of copyright infringement and so I've shortened the attached video down so apologies for any jumpy transitions.The book is based on Grammar and so teaches;NounsVerbsAdjectivesAdverbsPronounsPrepositionsConjunctionsPluralsBelongingsPunctuationThe SentenceAs an adult I am honestly hand on heart blown away by the detail in this book and the pop up element and sliding, pulling etc but it is the educational element that really shines through the fun.

  • Thehappymeerkat
    2019-06-30 09:53

    I received this book for free from the publisher in return for review. The following is my honest opinion on this book:Learning grammar can be a struggle for kids but not with ‘The Great Grammar Book’, a fun and colourful pop-up book designed to make learning the basics of grammar easy and fun.On the first page you meet Nicola Noun, a cat who will take you to meet her friends, like Alan Adjective, who will each teach about the different aspects of grammar and all done in a fun and easy way. For each double page of this pop-up book you learn about something else, such as nouns, verbs, conjunctions, prepositions, etc. Each page is just fun to play with. There are a lot of tabs to pull, flaps to open, wheels to turn and actual 3D scenes that pop right up when you turn the page. Each of the pages is different from the last, not only in what you learn but all the different flaps and pop-ups you get. This makes the book fun as there’s a lot of moving parts in this book and you never know what will be next.The lessons you learn are actually very good but because it’s done in such a fun way with lovely colourful illustrations it doesn’t feel like learning. The book is so simple in the way each different part of grammar is explained, it’s both easy to read the words and kids can have a lot of fun with the pulling the tabs and seeing the different words and pictures that appear.I have always loved pop-up books even as an adult and although this book is aimed at kids around the ages of 7-9 I can see lots of different ages enjoying this book and a lot of adults won’t be able to resist pulling at the different tabs and flaps! As an adult I know my grammar and know how to write and speak properly but even I didn’t know what part of grammar was a conjunction (I know that sounds embarrassing but it’s true) even though I use them all the time.This is a great book which is so fun and educational at the same time and I can recommend it. (for pictures see my website or amazon)

  • Whispering Stories
    2019-07-07 12:45

    The Great Grammar Book was released a few years back and has just been re-released. It is a wonderful, fun, colourful learning aid for any child trying to understand the world of grammar.From verbs to adverbs, nouns to conjunctions, and much, much more, the book covers them all in an easy to understand, eye catching, interesting manner.The author used unique techniques and animal characters to keep the children interested. Meet Nicola Noun, Vera Verb, Alan Adjective, Annie Adverb, Percy Pronoun, plus many more.Children will love spinning the wheel, pulling the many tabs, and enjoy the pop up scenes. The book was illustrated by award winning illustrator Jennie Maizels. Her illustrations in the book are bold, beautiful and very eye catching.When in comes to learning some children thrive in the classroom, others need a more hands on approach, and easy to understand methods, this book does just that.This would be just as useful at home as it would be in the classroom.A lovely educational book that will help kids and most likely some adults with their grammar skills.Reviewed by Stacey at

  • Gabriella
    2019-07-16 10:04

    - 14 pages- Age range: 7-11 years- Popup book- Colourful fun way of introducing grammar- Very interactive learning involvement for children- Beautiful illustrations- Includes: plurals, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, etc.- Children led learning: pulling tabs, flaps, etc.- Characters included per topic to make it a fun way of learning: Alan the adjective- Other books: times tables and punctuation