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Everyone's favorite champion of goodness is back in a new trade-paperback edition, collecting issues four through seven of the hit ongoing series. Follow Buffy as she battles ice imps, Puritans, hellhounds, and even a demon for good measure! The fourth collection in the sell-out series, this one is a must-have for Buffy aficionados. Otherwise, you're just a loser!...

Title : Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Uninvited Guests
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ISBN : 9781569714362
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 117 Pages
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Uninvited Guests Reviews

  • Jordan
    2018-10-17 06:42

    Uninvited Guests collects issues #4-7 of Dark Horse Comics’ ongoing Buffy The Vampire Slayer series. Andi Watson stayed on as writer for these issues, getting an assist on issues #6-7 from Dan Brereton, while Joe Bennett moved on to draw The Origin and Hector Gomez stepped in to draw the four issues collected here. These four issues are available either in this collection or in the Buffy The Vampire Slayer Omnibus Volume III.In White Christmas (issue #4) we follow Buffy as she get’s a job selling popsicles at the mall to earn money for a dress for the big dance. Of course, there are supernatural hijinks afoot, and Buffy soon finds herself up to her neck in danger….Based on the fact that the Scoobies’ relationships don’t show any evidence of the train wreck that was Buffy S03E07: Lover’s Walk, I place this issue just before that episode (and by extension almost immediately after the events of issue #3, Cold Turkey). The difficulty with this placement is that we have to then assume it’s just after Thanksgiving and that it’s not quite as close to Christmas as Buffy implies. We could also place it just after Buffy S03E10: Amends, given that Oz and Willow make up again in that episode, but here Cordy and Xander seem to still be a couple, and that will never again be the case after Lover’s Walk. (Yeah, I know. I’m ridiculous like that. You should see the Word document where I tried to make the Star Wars EU canon make sense before they hit the reset button….) Happy New Year (issue #5) sees a rift in the ranks of the Scoobies in wake of one of Oz’s “episodes.” He got out of his cage, and Buffy was forced to subdue him, putting his arm in a sling. Thus, Willow is pissed. Oh, and there’s a cursed Puritan rifling through Giles’ library. Based on the broadcast dates, this is soon after Buffy S03E10: Amends, with supporting evidence being that Willow and Oz are (back) together. New Kid On The Block (issues #6-7) sees the Scooby gang with a new friend. There’s a new girl in school, Cynthia, and a teacher work day means that the Scoobies have time for actual fun for a change! Thus, they decide on a sleepover, which of course excludes Xander and Oz. Oz is cool with it. Xander resolves to crash the party anyway….but it looks like his hijinks are far from the biggest issue the Scoobies are going to have to face tonight. Based on Wesley still being absent, this is set before Buffy S03E14: Bad Girls. Faith is still nowhere to be seen, but she does that on occasion.I’ve complained a lot about Hector Gomez and his art in previous Buffy posts, but in this case he actually did a pretty good job. Xander’s still a bit “square-jawed hero,” but oh well. I’m afraid that will never change. Everyone was at least recognizable, even Oz, which was definitely not the case in the earlier issues. The writing was good for White Christmas, and it was interesting to see the comic foreshadow later events in the show as Buffy gets a job in fast food and muses on the impact being the Slayer will most likely have on her career prospects. Happy New Year, however, was much spottier. The first page was a mess, there are multiple places where I actually went back to the original file to make sure I wasn’t missing a page, and in fact the fate of one of the newly introduced characters is left completely ignored. He was last seen plunging over a railing with Willow. Buffy caught her, but what happened to him? We don’t know–I assume he’s dead, but you’d think that would put a damper on their holiday celebrations. Plus, there’s the cursed Puritan. Are we to take his longevity as part of the curse? “I curse you to be chased by this Hellhound until it catches you and rips you to shreds! As an unfortunate side effect, until he manages that you’re immortal. Oh well.” I’m just not feeling it. This could have been really good if it had either a.) had a throwaway villain that could be easily dealt with in the scant page-space leftover from the relationship drama they highlighted, or b.) saved that drama for another issue and focused on the cursed Puritan. Instead, they tried to do too much and failed. New Kid On The Block was back up to snuff, although you could pretty easily surmise that a certain character was not all she seemed.CONTENT: No profanity. Some violence, consistent with Buffy. Some mild sexual innuendo, from the girls at the slumber party in flimsy pajamas to Buffy and Angel doing their best not to make out, but kind of failing. These are Buffyverse vampires, which means there’s demons involved, so take that as you will.

  • Steve
    2018-09-19 05:50

    Another cheap find at the Raleigh used book shop. When you see them gotta grab them up.(Note: They have very little organization to the graphic novels in my opinion, but they do have a section for them) This is not an official version of the Buffy story though it takes place in the time line so to speak. I remember thinking she never did that. This was not in my knowledge base when I first started reading Buffy comics. I was unaware that the older comic series was not in step wholly with the television series. Now you know!This was however a great story done in the comic it doesn't have true lasting effect to the overall storyline. The artist does a great job in depicting the real life characters. So you won't have a problem following who is who. The characters are also written in my opinion right on with the scripted characters.I was looking for more BtVS and this is definitely made for those looking for more Buffy the Vampire Slayer and her faithful slayerettes. Go out and find it if you can. If you can't find this I am sure that this is in one of the eight Omnibus novels in most book shops and comic stores.P.S. Don't confuse this with the Buffy Comics Season 8 which is how the creator wanted the story to go. That is also a very Goodread...

  • Angela
    2018-10-12 03:59

    Actually a graphic novel of three short stories. I liked the Christmas story, and Uninvited guests was okay, not a big fan of the New Year Tale. The writing was okay, though I am not sure they got Oz right (he is a tough one though) -- the artwork was also eh, Angel and Xander should be distinctly different, and I am not sure they are different enough.

  • Cathy
    2018-09-28 03:41

    This was another disappointing comic book tale, especially when compared to the awesome season 8 comics that are coming out now. I'm not sure why the illustrator insists on making Cordelia and Willow look alike. or dressing Buffy in bad 90's clothes. I'm glad these hadn't tainted my experience before season 8.

  • Darla
    2018-10-02 05:53

    Horrifyingly bad. With the exception of the chibis in the front of the book, the illustrations look nothing like the characters (at one point Angel looks like John Travolta). The storylines are weak and canon is thrown to the wind. I'm a huge BTVS fan but this was just awful.

  • Robin Conley
    2018-10-18 03:38

    I loved the show Buffy when it was on the air and this comic was a fun trip back to it. It's not as good as an episode, of course, but considering how few pages it uses to get the story across it does a really great job. Just a fun read and fun mini stories of Buffy and the gang.

  • Samra
    2018-10-02 06:00

    Not as good as new stuff. cute side stories tho

  • Aaronlisa
    2018-10-04 08:01

    Aside from the author of the first two stories repeatedly calling Sunnydale Sunnyvale, this graphic novel is really light weight and not worth the read.

  • Keri (JD)
    2018-09-19 09:36

    So far I have read #4 and #5 (the first two stories in this collection) I really liked #5 it was a good short story.