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Bite Me!One thing you have to know about my brother Sebastian: he loves being a vampire. After all, what's not to love? He's eternally twenty-five. He's single, and frankly, he's a chick magnet. Yeah, undeath is good. . The only thing he's serious about is his nightclub, Carfax Abbey. It's the sort of dark, happening spot where vampires can really let their fangs down. YouBite Me!One thing you have to know about my brother Sebastian: he loves being a vampire. After all, what's not to love? He's eternally twenty-five. He's single, and frankly, he's a chick magnet. Yeah, undeath is good. . The only thing he's serious about is his nightclub, Carfax Abbey. It's the sort of dark, happening spot where vampires can really let their fangs down. You know, hiding in the shadows, feeding, giving pleasure to unsuspecting mortals, being all cool and vampirey. Whatever. My brother Rhys and I have tried to get Sebastian to clean up his bad-boy ways like we did, but then he went and called us "fang-whipped." Okay, Bite Boy, chew on this...The ultimate righteous reformer, Wilhelmina Weiss, is on a mission to shut down Carfax Abbey. She doesn't approve of my bro's biting ways. It seems the spirited, sexy-without-knowing-it vampire is working undercover as a cocktail waitress in his bar while waging a secret war to bring him down. Sebastian's A-positive he can convince Miss Goody-Vampire-Two-Fangs that nothing beats the ecstasy of a good vampire bite. She's certain she can resist him for as long as it takes to reform him. I gotta tell you, the suspense would kill me - if I weren't already undead.Now, Mr. "Has anyone ever told you you've got a beautiful neck?" is in way over his. He's finally met a girl who may not be his type, but she's way more than his match. Not that he's (cough) fang-whipped (cough) or anything. No, not my baby bro. One thing's for sure, I've never seen Sebastian so completely at someone's mercy in my life. And frankly, I'm enjoying every minute of it......

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I Only Have Fangs for You Reviews

  • Natasha
    2018-10-13 09:58

    "I Only Have Fangs For You" is the third installment in the Young Brothers series by Kathy Love. This is my first Kathy Love novel and I was impressed. I was glad that I got this spontaneously. Sometimes the spontaneous ones are the best, huh?Sebastian is your typical vampire; Handsome, Rich, Charming, Older than he looks and popular with the ladies. He's the only one of his famiy who truly embraces the life of being a vampire. No bagged blood for this fella. Of course, he doesn't kill his prey, that's against the law since 15 years, but he does enjoy the pleasure of human blood straight from the source.Wilhemina Weiss, yup, her name is actually Wilhemina, is a vampire.She doesn't believe in the harm of humans for blood, especially since you can drink bagged blood or from animals. She's in a society that are trying to stop all the worst vampires from doing anymore harm to people. While on a mission to shut down Carfax Abbey, Sabastians's club, she gets a job as a waitress and will try anything to shut the place down, but Sebastian is proving harder to find guilty each time she is around him. Sebastian wonders why this waitress makes him curious. Why is she so terrified of him? Why can't he get her out of his mind? I also enjoyed their bet to show she can enjoy being a vampire and he can live on animal blood for a month. It was interesting! lol I really enjoyed this read. I can't wait to read the first two novels, since I read them out of order. I recommend this novel if your in the mood for a hot, light read!

  • Stacie
    2018-10-08 11:04

    This is the third book in the series about the Young Brothers. This one is Sebastian. He is a womanizer and owns a night club. Mina is a vampiress and she takes a job as a waitress at the nightclub. But she is a terrible waitress. She is there undercover for a secret society trying to keep vampires from using humans. It is funny and a very good, light read.

  • Kayleigh {K-Books}
    2018-10-09 09:14

    Review posted on K-Books really love this series. I think they are light-hearted and funny.I definitely think this one is my favourite one of the series.Sebastian is the bad-boy of the family. He doesn't want to find love and settle down into a serious relationship, he likes having different women falling all over him every night. Then he meets Wilhemina, his new waitress and starts feeling things he can't explain. Why is he attracted to her when he can have every woman in the club.Wilhelmina is sent to sabotage Sebastian's club but how can she when she starts to have feelings for him.I loved this book the most because I think the main character grows more throughout the book than in the previous two. Rhys was brooding then found happiness, Christian was grieving and then found happiness. However Sebastian didn't want to find happiness and you saw his reluctance at first then his realisation that Mina was his soulmate and he couldn't live without her.One thing I really love about this series is that even though each book is centred on different characters because they are a family you still hear about the others from previous books so it's not the end of their story they still live on in the other books.I loved this book, it was so great and this is definitely a series I will read again and again.

  • Jan
    2018-09-18 05:58

    Book #3 of the Young Brother’s series. Stories encompassing the vampire brothers Rhys, Christian, and Sebastian Young.“I Only Have Fangs for You” tells the story of the youngest brother Sebastian. The story is in the same vein as book #2 only it’s Sebastian who trying to help out a naïve and mixed up vampire named Wilhelmina Weiss.Sebastian is known as mister “Promiscuous Super Fang” with a new neck every night. It was funny seeing him try to keep his libido and fangs under control, in - another "feel good" therapy sort of book. I would have preferred something a little different. With both books having the same general story idea to me was a bit of a rut, plus the fact that it had little to no sex in it. This was a very “Chick Lit” book, not normally my sort of read. I did enjoy reading it, I just don’t know if I would read it a second time.

  • Caro
    2018-09-28 06:03

    This was another pretty good book. I loved the characters and the plot. There was some suspense, some really steamy scenes, plenty of emotions, and some learning to do. I liked the part of learning to be a vampire. It shows a new POV and was easier to put myself in the characters books. This book has quite of few scenes that'll stay with me and a new appreciation for the senses. It makes me want to slow down and savor life and my surroundings in a different way. I liked the ending too. Perfect set-up for the next book. On to the next... Enjoy!

  • KareBare
    2018-10-04 11:16

    It's been awhile since I read the first two books in this series, so it was a pleasant surprise to find I slipped into this book as easily as I had the first and second books. I truely believe any of these three books can be picked up and read in any order. Yes, there are a few things that are probably easier to understand when reading subsequent books, the books to follow don't hinge on the reader having read them in sequential order. Overall a very fun and quick read. I couldn't put it down!*note: Although this is an easy read, it is most definitely an adult book.

  • Kathy
    2018-10-13 09:25

    Setting – New York – apartment, streets & alleys, Carfax Abbey club (named for Dracula’s London home).Theme - Love, self knowledge, commitmentCharacters –Rhys and Christian / Jane and Jolee - Sebastian’s brothers and their soulmates… they are enjoying watching Sebastian suffer through falling in love, not being helpful, with a bit of teasing.Sebastian Young –200+ years old, light-hearted, fun loving, sexy, sexual, club owner… he loves being a vampire. Hannah or Anna – like all of the women who frequents his bar, and his bed – and though Sebastian remembers them, but not quite… Wilhelmina ‘Mina’ Weiss – 101 years old, of rich, strict, unloving family at the turn of the century… the plain and clumsy one in the family – and at 20ish, with a bit of rebellion, she cozies up with handsome Donatello – who pays attention to her at a family weeklong party – and he persuades her to meet him in the woods, where he attacks her (in the rain), savaging her neck… and turning her… then leaving her for dead. No one would believe her, but when she attacked a servant girl, taking her blood (the only human blood she ever had) – they institutionalize her – and she’s left there for decades… until Dr. Fowler finds her, and establishes her in the real world.. She drinks cow & pig blood.Dr. Fowler / Society of Preternaturals – a werewolf who is trying to get preternaturals to stop behaviors that hurt humans (drink blood bank blood, not from humans, for instance)… and the society, based in but not endorsed by Fowler, and more aggressively labeling preternaturals and working on strategies to stop them. Lizzie aka Elizabeth Young – Mina’s roommate, a werewolf, a friend, a scientist looking for cures for preternaturals. (and she is the Young’s sister – whom they all thought was dead).Donatello aka –Daniel – an incubus/vampire – he different than vampires – red eyes, and needing virgin blood – he ‘seduced’ Mina, cruelly took her blood, and left her for dead… His real self is cadaverous looking, his glamour is handsome… he turned Mina… he is now in the society, manipulating them, killing and making others look bad, and Mina feels he’s familiar and doesn’t like him, is uncomfortable with him… Plot –Mina, trying to find herself, find her power, is part to find her power, her confidence… and decides to act for the society to close Carfax Abbey and Sebastian down… So she gets hired on as a waitress… and tries calling in serving underage – no evidence… plants rats and calls the health dept – they don’t like vamps so they got out so no evidence… and she starts a fire in the storage room – and only the sprinkler above it goes off (not the whole club), and she says she was sneaking a smoke, and so no go again… And though Sebastian doesn’t suspect Mina as the source of his trouble beyond wondering, he becomes more and more fascinated and drawn to her… and women who would have interested him in the past just don’t…and he doesn’t understand the fear he smells on her - and though Mina sees his flirty ways, she responds to his kindness and his interest and her own response. When Sebastian’s man figures out Mina is the saboteur, Sebastian ‘smokes’ into her apartment, gets a feel for her life, sees a note to Lizzie about the society meeting, and he decides to go to the meeting too.And he listens a bit… he approaches Mina – they leave… he wants to understand… they kiss, she gets scared when he kisses her neck… he bargains with her – if she will spend a month with him learning what’s good about being a vampire, he will not bite to take blood…And he takes her to a toy store, to enjoy the children’s joyful feelings, and an in store ferris wheel (getting his first glimpse into her, when she speaks of not getting to go on a ferris wheel as a child because her father said it was beneath them – she could see the ferris wheel from her bedroom window) – and to rescue a little girl lost ; and he takes her to the train station, and joyful reunions… he teaches her to separate out others emotions, which allows her to learn to block for the first time… he takes her to a rowdy bar to enjoy classic rock music, and they get into a fight with a slub who makes a pass at her…And she is enjoying herself… she is discovering herself… she finds herself enjoying his touches and kisses, and to trust him… And though Sebastian is working on going slowly, he is her friend, and works himself to become her lover… and she tells him she loves him; he goes to his brothers, who assure him that how he is feeling (confused, fascinated, almost obsessed) is not because she might be his soul mate –j and then they laugh behind his back. Mina goes to another society meeting, and starts to question, to them, about their judgements and their accuracy…And a Donatello attacks someone in the alley behind Carfax – and Mina stays with Sebastian… and a few nights later Donatello as Daniel confronts her when she is by herself , challenging her that seducing Sebastian was not what the society expected… and Sebastian hears her response, as she tells him she is controlling him – her way of protecting him from Daniel & the society – but it angers him, hits his vulnerability, and he sends her away…And Daniel entices her to a warehouse under the guise of an emergency society meeting – but he reveals himself as Donatello and tells her he is finishing her off tonight… while Sebastian is explaining to his brothers about what happened, and they assure him that she was doing her best to protect him… and then he ‘feels’ her panic, and can visualize where she is… and the 3 go to her rescue… though the incubus isn’t easy to attack – until Mina clumsily tosses a chair leg to Sebastian, misses, and the leg embed in Donatello’s chest… and when Sebastian sees his reaction, he pushes the ‘stake’ in further until Donatello implodes…And he wraps Mina in his arms – apologizes – tells her he loves her … ahhhhhAnd at a celebration with the brothers and the wives, Lizzie shows up… and the siblings recognize one another…. ahhhh

  • Sherri Hunter
    2018-10-10 10:01

    Without starting a debate on the pros and cons of vampires and being a loyal member of Team Jacob, I will say that I have been a fan of vampire-themed romance novels for a very long time since I read my first Amanda Ashley novel. Over the years there have been many variations on the vampire theme, which includes humor and some tongue-in-cheek wit and banter. I almost didn’t read this book because the last book in this story seemed too campy on the humor for me. Poor Christian went from pretty evil and scary to living in a trailer park listening to country music. Sadly, the story was very cliché and boring for me. So hopefully you will understand why I started this book with deep reservations.Sebastian Young is a ladies’ man. He knows the ladies are drawn to him and he uses it to his advantage. He has no intention at all of ending up like his brothers did, head over heels in love and “fang whipped.” Sebastian owns a nightclub called Carfax Abbey (don’t you just love it?) and that keeps him pretty busy anyway so he doesn’t have time for any long term commitments. Strange occurrences have been happening at the club and Sebastian believes there’s a saboteur among them. First the police, now the Health Department are investigating and Sebastian is determined to get to the bottom of it.Wilhelmina Weiss is one of the waitresses at Carfax Abbey. She hasn’t been there long and she isn’t very good at her job, which explains a lot as because being a waitress really isn’t her job. Her job is to shut down Carfax Abbey, by any means possible. She’s working undercover at Carfax Abbey for a group called The Society, a group of paranormal creatures who are trying to keep humans safe from the evil vampires of the City and the group has picked Sebastian as the number three most dangerous vampire. Trying to flood the club by starting a fire or creating a health hazard by trying to infest the place with rats are some of the attempts she makes to shut down the club. Luckily for Sebastian, none of them work.I adored Sebastian. Of all three Young brothers, he is my favorite. He loves being a vampire but isn’t evil. He has embraced his immortality with both arms and is living the undead life to the fullest. Unlike his brothers, Sebastian doesn’t seem to have any regrets or wastes his time looking in the past. Though he’s very charming and appears to be a good guy, there were times I got the impression that he was just going through the motions. His mind seems to be fixated on biting or sex, usually both at the same time. He puts up a good front, but he is lonely. He is intrigued by the new waitress, Wilhelmina, but can’t understand why. I really liked Wilhelmina, though I detest the name. Luckily, Sebastian calls her Mina, which suits her much better, thank goodness. She’s been a vampire for a while, though not as long as Sebastian. One thing I found interesting is that she doesn’t seem to know how to be a vampire. She has no idea what it means, what she can do and she goes to great lengths to hide her appearance. She has no sense of style. Her hair is a complete mess and she wears glasses, which she obviously doesn’t need. She refuses to drink human blood, even from the blood bank. She hates Sebastian with a passion and that really surprised me. He wasn’t the one to change her but yet, he’s the target of all of her animosity. She’s carrying extensive emotional baggage. Her crossing over experience was horrifying and it’s a miracle that she managed to survive.Sebastian is a surprising character. His curiosity about Mina rises when he learns that she is the one trying to sabotage his club. I expected him to want revenge or have her punished in some way. I mean his brother Christian tried to murder his future sister-in-law, so I thought some evil act on Sebastian’s part would be making an appearance. Nope. Couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, Sebastian tracks her down and they strike a bargain. He will show her how great it is to be a vampire in exchange for not biting any humans for a month. At this point, you really begin to see the real Mina and understand where she’s coming from and witness her excitement and amazement at how different the world is when you open yourself up to it and she couldn’t have a better teacher than Sebastian. Her opinion of Sebastian changes drastically and they begin to trust each other, though she is much quicker to opening herself up to that possibility.In the end, this installment became my favorite of the three. Sebastian is a fun character who isn’t afraid to take risks or speak his mind. He learns some important lessons about trust from his brothers, of all people and in his unique way goes after what he wants. Mina is a surprising character from first meeting her all the way to the end. She’s open minded and willing to admit when she’s wrong. They make a great couple. I am hoping to read the fourth book in this series this year which is about the sister that Rhys, Christian and Sebastian have thought was dead. I recommend this book and the series for fans of all vampire romance.

  • Fangirl Musings
    2018-10-13 10:24

    My first reaction after having finished this book was literally "eh, alright."I'm actually a bit surprised that I didn't end up tossing this book into the tried and failed pile. But, despite my many issues with this novel and struggle in reading it, I'm glad I didn't. And yet while I have quite a few problems with I Only Have Fangs For You, the biggest is the fact that the story is very much character driven. Normally, every book is character driven to some extent or another since the characters are the driving force which carries a story. However, the fact remains that characters and plot generally go hand in hand. Such was not the case for this story. In all actuality it is very difficult to say with a straight face that the book had a legitimate plot at all, for such doesn't even stand up and raise its hand until one hundred pages into the story. 100 pages! Maybe I'm being a bit too pessimistic, but I find this fact just a bit annoying. In truth, what did exist of a plot was weak and very illusive. Without giving too much away, the primary driving force that concentrates around Mina and Sebastian is a bet/deal the two make. It is sketchy at best, and not that believable, sadly. As such, this plot was occasionally a bit distracting to say the least. Another problem I had with this novel was the fact that, like some infamous historical romances, paranormal romance can sometimes contain what is often known as a "wallpaper" context. Ms. Love used all the correct terms- vampire, were wulf, preternatural, fairy- but did not give any historical background to the creation, evolution, or history of the mythical creatures referenced. Without having at least some notation of their past, or how they came to be, I couldn't take this aspect of her story very seriously, most especially when relating to the vamperic element to the book. (Which, incidentally enough, was the primary saddle on which her story rode.) I also struggled quite a bit with the actual reading of this book, too, as evident by the several days it took to finish the story. The pacing of this book was horrid, I'm sad to say. The beginning was very slow, with the middle seeming to drag on endlessly, wrapped up in an ending that was very, very rushed. I found the book's momentum to waver back and forth between an insane cold-and-hot gauge, my mind unable to concentrate at some points, and riveted in others. Quite frankly, as a result of this, I get the feeling that Love might have struggled in writing this story, for that is definitely the sentiment I took away from the pacing issues of I Only Have Fangs For You.Of all the issues and problems I had with this book, there does exist one that stands out above all the rest. The ending. Without diving into dangerous "spoiler" waters, Ms. Love opted to take a direction with one of her minor characters that absolutely just bugged me! It was very unexpected, and not supported in the least by necessary believable reactions from the other characters in her book. In general, I am not irritated by cliffhanger endings, nor do I find unexpected surprises to be bothersome when done correctly. Yet when an author opts to throw strange boomerangs into their stories that literally seem stupid and entirely unbelievable, especially when the reactions and statements of other characters in the book go hand-in-hand in supporting this sentiment, that author makes their books seem like a very awkward joke. And, again, without wanting to give away any spoilers, I must note my eye-roll with the path Love decided to take in regards to the antagonist in the story. Of all the ways in which this book seemed "forced," this was the most prevalent. Were I to explain just how that might be, I'd be breaking my no-spoiler rule, and as such, must leave this issue unexplained.And yet, wanting to give credit where credit is due, however, I must note that Kathy Love did an excellent job of writing interesting characters. Such wasn't necessarily the case for the minor characters, of course, but in regards to Mina and Sebastian I was intensely curious as to why Mina was so different as a vampire, what her past entailed, and just how the couple was going to reconcile their relationship. I also found it beyond fun to watch the subtle changes manifesting in Sebastian's habits and personality as his relationship with Mina escalated throughout the story. In regards to other important aspects of a book, such as plot, timing, , character development, pacing and world building, I couldn't bring myself to rank I Only Have Fangs For You any higher than two stars.

  • Samantha
    2018-10-14 07:21

    I have mixed feelings about Kathy Loves books. Most of the one's I've read haven't left much of an impression and were just good fluffy fun at the time, but after I've finished the book I often sit down to write a review and am left wondering why I enjoyed a story that seems so cliched. The answer is that Love has a great writing style which is just humorous enough to make you forget that you're reading about a rake vampire falling for the awkward woman who stumbles into his path. In this case, Wilhemina Weiss (aka Mina) is the clumsy, socially awkward woman who unintentionally attracts the attention of womanizing vampire Sebastian Young. This attention is the last thing Mina wants since she's covertly trying to bring Sebastian and his club, Carfax Abbey, down. Mina is involved with an organization of supernaturals dedicated to stopping their peers from hurting mortals and Sebastian happens to be number 3 on their "most dangerous" list. Of course, this is all a huge misunderstanding as Sebastian doesn't hurt any of the mortals who come to his club. So when Sebastian discovers that Mina, his newest waitress, has been trying to unsuccessfully sabotage his club, he's determined to convince her that he's rather harmless. This results in the two striking a bargain. Sebastian will abstain from biting mortals for a month, if Mina lets him show her the perks of being a vampire.Like I said, this all seems pretty cliched but I had a really fun time reading about Mina and Sebastian. I have a thing for carefree heroes who are sweet and just enjoy life. Sebastian fit this to a tee. He's just not an angsty guy, which is such a relief after reading so many PNRs where the vampire heroes are tortured and brooding and woe is me about everything. So it was nice to have Sebastian who is quick to forgive people and move onto appreciating what's around him. Mina, on the other hand, tended to drag the book down at certain points. She was forcibly turned into a vampire about 100 years ago and has decided that all vampires who bite mortals are, essentially, evil. While I understood her motivations in the beginning and could sympathize with her, I felt like she took too long to get over it. So when the revelation of her past took place I was bored with her angst surrounding that event and couldn't muster anymore sympathy for that whole situation. However, I did enjoy that there was no make-over/transformation of her character from clumsy and plain to a graceful knock-out. Mina also scored some serious points from me for not bemoaning her looks or lack of coordination. She seemed to kind of just brush that off as a fact of who she is and that was so great to see. Aside from this, there were only a couple of moments in the story that had me rolling my eyes. (Like the part where Sebastian rushes to the rescue of a crying toddler.) Otherwise, this is a pretty good read if you're in the mood for something light and airy to read.

  • Jenni Ebba
    2018-09-18 11:19

    This is the third installment in Love's hilarious Young Brothers series. It takes off shortly after the second one ends. While the youngest brother, Sebastian, was more than happy to play match maker for his brothers, he himself is a bite-them-and-leave them sort of vampire. He's all too happy being a lady's man, but he cannot help but be attracted to the very type of woman he never noticed before. Wilhemina Weiss is a vampire- and she wasn't made by her own choosing. No, she was brought over brutally to the night world by a monster who wanted nothing more than to feed off her innocence. It's for that very reason that she's made it her mission to bring down any vampire that thinks it's okay to hurt the innocence of mankind. Little does she know, but though Sebastian is more than promiscuous, he's not hurting anyone, especially not the innocent humans that frequent his club, Carfax Abbey. Sebastian and Wilhemina strike up a deal- he won't bite anyone if she allows him to show her that there is joy to be found in being a vampire. She agrees and the courting thus begins. Neither Mina nor Sebastian realize that while there are bad vampires out there.... one may a little closer to home. I thought Love's balance of playful and serious were perfect in this latest installment. Sebastian, in the previous novels was strictly playful. He never seemed to take anything seriously and while heisplayful and the joker in the family still, we see a serious side to him- the responsible club owner who takes charge of those around him. If you are looking for a fun easy PNR, I assure you look no further. Though you may want to start with the first two in the series. Not necessary, but still funner to read in order.3 Stars

  • Fairyblood
    2018-10-11 07:03

    Now that we have had two of the Young Brothers finding their soulmates, we see Sebastian loving his life as a playboy. He runs Carfax Abbey ( Yes, named after the place in Bram Stoker's Dracula) the hip spot for vampires and weres to get together with humans. Surrounded by beautiful ladies all the time, Sebastian has no intention of ever being with one woman. Everybody loves Sebastian, well, almost everyone. He becomes aggravated by attempts to close his club down. When he finds out that it is from one of the worst waitresses he has ever hired, he decides to take matters into his own hands.Wilhelmina is a vampire who really doesn't know much about being a vamp. She does know that there are ways that humans and preternatural beings can coexist and will doing almost anything to help her cause.Sebastian is completely charming and who wouldn't want to be around him...even if he might forget your name. He meets his match though with Mina who just doesn't get it. He is enemy #1...or well...maybe #3. She wants to do a service to mankind and protect them from the predators out there that exploit them. But when Sebastian teaches her what it means to be a vampire, they both seem to learn so much more. Yet another fabulous release in the Young Brothers series. It's dramatic, witty, mysterious and completely sizzling.

  • Paranormal Romance
    2018-10-15 05:13

    A woman who joins a society of vampires that are pro-human rights and freedom, goes undercover into a nightclub in order to bring down her boss and his evil ways. But the hero is anything but evil. Sure he's a womanizer and flirt but he's kind to his employees and allows them to speak to him in ways I couldn't imagine speaking to by boss. The heroine is skittish after her traumatizing turning, she's pale from surviving on animal blood and she's not a very good spy. She tries to bring the club down by setting off the sprinklers and turning rats free and calling the health department but both fall miserably and in comical fashion. The hero is immediately drawn to the woman who is far from his type he questions his sanity. She does run very hot and cold, which she admits to and the hero is understanding to a point but gets frustrated sometimes as well. She knows nothing about vampires despite being on herself for a hundred years and the hero swears off biting humans if she always him to show her how fun her life can be. It was a cute story. The hero seems like this bad boy at first but he doesn't like arguing and allows the heroine to come to terms with her feelings even though he wants her so badly. I really liked this book.

  • Amyiw
    2018-09-29 04:07

    Hm... Well I liked the first couple of books. I actually loved the first because it was funny as hell. There was very little humor for me in this book. The only part that I really found humorous was his encounters with his brothers.So not humorous but that doesn't necessarily mean it is not a good novel. Well this is a romance and it was OK as such accept, I kept wondering why Sabastien was attracted to Mina. Close to the end of the novel, Mina asks herself, "what does he see in me?", and I never got that answered. Mina is a clumsy, not well feed (so pale and undernourished), emotionally damaged, vampire, who continually does the wrong thing when it comes to judgments. I never disliked her, but never liked her. I thought she was ignorant and easily manipulated.So I still liked Sabastien and liked how he "taught" her. Really that and the "Bad Guy" were the only plot.Just OK. Hope the sister's book is better.Amy

  • Michelle
    2018-09-20 07:23

    Yes, yes, I know. I have to stop reading vamp chick-lit. I need to pick up the copy of Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov I started last year and actually turn the freakin' page. I would, I really would, but it's doing such an awesome job holding up my window blinds, I hate to disturb it. I will get around to it, though, I swear. Soon. In the meantime, I keep reading light supernatural romances like I Only Have Fangs For You, which I didn't realize was the third book in the series. And since it was a pretty good read (I would have given four stars, but I reserve that designation for books I "really liked" that have a little more weight), I now have to go back and read the first, second, and fourth. Damn it.

  • Amy
    2018-09-29 07:58

    I'm liking these books more and more. I hate that it's such a short series. Sure, there are plenty of eye-rolling, "yeah right" moments, but the storylines are pretty good over all. In this one, the self-proclaimed Don Juan Young brother, Sebastian, falls in love with Wilhelmina, a vampire who was horrifically turned 100 years prior. Due to the circumstances of her turning, she knows nothing about being a vampire and has joined the Society aiming to eliminate the world of what they consider to be "dangerous" vampires. Sebastian is third on the list, and Mina volunteers to go undercover and sabotage his bar. All in all, it was a pretty decent read.

  • LennaWright-Berry
    2018-09-28 09:58

    Loved it, this grabbed my attention from the beginning and kept it glued to Sabastion & Mina's story. It took Mina's plain Jane attitude to capture the playboy of the vampires attention to stop his biting & whoring ways to bring him down to a level where he is content with one woman and one woman only. Plus his brothers all agreed that he is totally fang whipped with Mina and is happy to have their brother calmed down. Big surprise at the end of this story, turned out Mina's best friend & roommate is someone people have been looking for and thought dead for a few centuries.

  • Ness
    2018-10-12 08:57

    This is Sebastian’s story and he goes from player to hopelessly ‘love stuck’ in a manner of chapters. I could see what was going to happen with Lizzie and I was waiting with baited breath to see when this would be revealed. Also, I figured out that something seriously wasn’t right with Daniel through all the hints that were dropped.I am finding more and more that I love the story rather than the sex scenes; because Kathy Love does tell a fine romantic story with sufficient twists and turns to keep me hooked in.

  • Jennifer
    2018-09-20 07:20

    Awwwww man......Sebastian is ALL THAT and a bag of chips...........Hot damn! I can't figure out which brother is the hottest. Sebastians book was awesome.............LOVED the woman the author paired him with. Mina was TOTALLY not the type you'd expect him to fall for and yet he fell his brothers said, "he's totally fang-whipped". lmaoGreat story, hot sex and watching a confirmed player fall in love was awesome...........On to the last and final story, their sister, Elizabeth...........

  • Gladys Gonzales Atwell
    2018-10-10 08:13

    Original review (posted on June 29, 2012I love love love this series!!! Sebastian is my favorite and his love for Mina was true. What I loved about it was that she was scared of what she was and he wanted to show her how great being a vampire!!!Just like her other two books in the series, this was so fun and comical it reminds me a lot of Kerrelyn Sparks Lovers at Stake Series!! If you love them you will love these books. Sad that there are only 4.

  • Julie Johnson
    2018-09-18 08:15

    A really great read for a book in this genre of vampire-comedy-romance. Some of the books in this genre are poorly written & a bit too silly for my tastes...but I definitely enjoyed this one! Great mash up between the dashing, slick and way to handsome-for-his-own-good Sebastian and the uptight-self righteous-a-bit-of-a-confused-ditz Mina. The end was a bit too neat of a tie up & that always irks me. Hence the 3, not a 4. Otherwise, a fun book!

  • Emily
    2018-10-09 05:05

    Kathy Love's books are so funny. I got a kick reading this book about a playboy vampire who is trying to convice is mate that she love being a vampire also. Sebastian owns a bar where Wilhemina is a waitress and member of secret society determined to shut Sebastian's bar down. They eventually kill the other vampire that is out to kill Wilhemina and convince the group that he is not all that bad. It is filled with great lines and senarios for dates.

  • Kristy
    2018-10-19 09:12

    I have to say with this series i not only loved the smexi(and WOW was the smexi good) but i also loved the actual storyline to these books too. this book however had the best ending, with us finding out that lizzie was the boys long lost sister who they thought was dead but turns out to be a werewolf! im looking forward to reading more books by Kathy love :D

  • Cindy
    2018-09-26 06:12

    I like this series about vampires a lot. From this writer it is the third book I am reading. Her style is a bit different than others in this series, but I like it.Seeing Mina discovering the nice things about being a vampire and seeing bad boy Sebastian fall in love was nice.But the last page and what happens there was great, looking forward to read the next book from this writer

  • Diane ~Firefly~
    2018-10-11 10:15

    This is a light, but entertaining read. Wilhemina is a vampire who doesn't know much about being a vampire and has joined Society of Preternatural Against the Mistreatment of Mortals and has taken on the mission to close Sebastian's (#3 most dangerous) nightclub. Her attempts are pretty bumbling but do bring her to Sebastian's attention and he strikes a deal with her.

  • Becca Moree
    2018-09-29 07:59

    I think that this may be my favorite book in the Young Brothers series.I was great watching Sebastian be put in his place after all the crap he gave his brothers.There are some MASSIVE surprises in this book and I loved every second of it. The romance rocked and I often found myself hoping that they could just figure out how right for each other they were.This is a DEFINITE must read!

  • Cassie
    2018-10-17 08:59

    Finally, Sebastian's story! Ok, it didn't read as smoothly as Christian's story, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. One thing I really like about Kathy Love's women too, is that they are "real" women - plump or bespeckled, who cares - their special qualities come through.

  • Gee
    2018-09-19 11:08

    Enjoyed this one more than I thought I would. I have read the first two in this series some time ago and I liked them also. This one is the best of the series at this point. It has humor, heat, vampires, villain, and sweetness.

  • Zoe M.
    2018-10-09 05:07

    I was not expecting to love this book - I found it on the shelf at the library and the title grabbed me so I checked it out. I was very pleasantly surprised by the book, even wrote the author an email and she replied back with a really great letter. Super fun read.

  • Gladys Shem
    2018-10-16 11:10

    I didn't expect to love this book but I did! Well, this proves that you cannot judge a book by its title. haha! Because obviously the title is just too cheesy! I thought it was just some lame love story but then it was kind of worth the while to read. Anyway, I like it and that's that. lol