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Title : Love & Other Things
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ISBN : 9781530160327
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 58 Pages
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Love & Other Things Reviews

  • Jennifer Leigh
    2018-09-24 04:50

    I received a copy of Love & Other Things from the author in exchange for my honest review. Love & Other Things takes on a variety of topics using a variety of poem styles. The poems show a lot of emotion by the author. I found several instances where spelling mistakes were made. It was a bit awkward to read because of that. To see my full review:

  • Dan Gillis
    2018-10-16 11:05

    I have to admit I was unprepared for the diversity of the poetry I read in the book. The poet speaks from the heart and the verse is very honest and longing. I was impressed by the range of emotion from heart-felt devotion to a visceral anger at the injustices of the world. For those who enjoy in-your-face straight talk poetry, this will certainly entertain and inspire.I will say that I was drawn more to the perspective of the poet on social matters rather than the romantic works. I can understand the pain that the poet has experienced as he draws me into the his life of prejudice and despair. I see also a nobility to the writing, a longing to overcome and rise above society's labels. Sometimes, the author would pen the title as verse, as in lyrics for music. I found that as I read the words out loud that it certainly fell into the cadence and form of the rap genre. That was an unexpected twist. While I don’t make a habit of listening to that specific musical style, I applaud the poet for making the effort. Those more acquainted with the genre would likely have a more informed opinion. The work is largely free verse, with incidental rhyming occurring periodically. A warning to the reader that while the content is mainly clean there is the odd poem which is explicit in content or profanity. This is the author’s intent to express the frustration and anger that exists or express the honesty of the topic. I can understand the intent and reasons for this.Overall, I was grateful that I could see the world through another’s eyes and in a form of writing that I fully support. We need more honest poets like Tavon. I was given a free copy of this book for a non-reciprocal fair review.

  • Stacie
    2018-10-13 05:14

    Love & Other Things, a collection of lyrics and poetry, has a steady rhythm throughout, mixing one writer's life experiences with his sense of musicality. Readers will have a sense of flowing from one rhyming phrase to the next as in the continuous looping of a song: "Something like diamonds in the dark, your beauty is resilient-To the Gods up high, your spirit is brilliant" (from About Her). The first section of the book, Love, is where Tavon's writing shines, particularly in his song lyrics. My favorite in the collection was the song Angel - "He's humble to speak-Of the dream of he and she-He can't believe-He can fly without her wings-The wind is her voice-And he loves to hear her sings-The joy that she's rings." There is a beauty to both the sound Tavon has created and the way he has fashioned the lyrics visually on the page - many poems being concrete and/or acrostic in nature. The second half of the book, Other Things, deals with heavier themes: heartbreak, death, pain and loss, racism. Perhaps it is because they were harder to read that they should be read even closer, because with love must indeed come other things too. Tavon ends the collection with the biggest questions in life: "Why am I here-What's my purpose", and will cause readers to close the collection with the realization that, "Life is fragile, time is sensitive-And often unappreciated" (from Life is Precious). I appreciated the experience of reading this collection, and hope that Tavon records his lyrics so that readers can not only see his poems, but also hear them sung out loud.

  • Mariah Nelson
    2018-09-21 07:11

    After reading "God is a Woman" I went to read his other works and I went in with high hopes but It was a tad disappointing. The concept was great but the execution fell short. The print is too small, formatting issues, and typos, kills the promise this collection had. If you can look past those issues you'll find some masterful pieces such as 'Motel Room Blues".

  • Theodore Ashford
    2018-10-18 04:57

    This is a short but sweet collection about exactly what the title promises: Love, and other things. The author has a clear voice in this collection, and it’s enjoyable to sit down and finish the poems in one sitting, or one could stretch them out to one or two a day as the mood struck them. I feel like the author really found his voice by the second half of this collection. That was the point where the poems really started having a lot of soul to them. The first half felt very cliche to me, saying a lot of the same things about love that have been said over and over again in poetry. However, in the second half, the poems starting going into more gritty details, as well as having more interesting line breaks and rhythm. I felt like I was beginning to see more into the author’s life with the second half of this book. Overall, a fun and quick read, but I would definitely recommend that you don’t judge the book based only on the first few poems you might read in a preview. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  • Mel
    2018-10-01 10:07

    I received a free copy of this in exchange for an honest review.A nice collection of poetry and song lyrics, mainly about love. There was a little swearing but not a lot. A nice collection that could be dipped in and out of.

  • Jack Anderson
    2018-09-30 10:56

    Good poetry. The author isn't afraid to express his emotions, frustrations and struggles in this collection of poems. It would be interesting to see some of his lyrics set to music.