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Seven fabulous award-winning and best-selling authors have joined together to create this anthology of contemporary romances--steamy and sweet short stories, each featuring a scene-stealing pet and a happy ending. All proceeds of the collection benefit animal rescue charities in celebration of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month....

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Love Paws Reviews

  • Maria
    2019-05-20 14:45

    This review is for Saving Grace by Alison Foster.Saving Grace gives us a glimpse into the life of Nathan and Grace after Beautiful Ruin. Grace is expecting and life has never been better. But, a phone call might threaten their bliss. Nathan jumps into action after he receives a phone call that brings his past into the present. He lies to Grace about the nature of the call and goes out to meet with his friend Tomas. Together they plot how they will handle the “situation”.Taylor shows up at Grace’s doorsteps to alert her of the boys meeting and her concern. She is afraid they will go back to their old ways and end up putting themselves at risk. So Taylor comes up with a plan to break up their meeting. Grace calls Nathan and feeds him a lie and succeeds in breaking it up. Nathan doesn’t take Grace’s lie very well; he leaves to walk the dog and sort out his emotions. When he comes back finds Grace had slipped and is on the floor. As with all of Alison Foster’s stories there is a twist of suspense and a very steamy scene. Loved it and recommend it. “Right now every bad thing that ever happened to Nathan and to me vanishes within the overwhelming abundance of joy that surges into me from every direction. Nothing exists except this wondrous moment of unlimited hope. All the ghosts flee us now. We are the living and there is nothing in the world that can diminish or destroy us. We are safe here.”I was provided with an ARC by the author in exchange for my honest review.

    2019-05-11 15:33

    My One and Always by TAWDRA KANDLE What can I say? I have yet to read a book by Tawdra that I haven't liked. This is no different. Will is not easily deterred. Sydney is not easily swayed. Both are very stubborn. Their banter is quite amusing. Makes for a very cute read. And Bailey is the perfect addition to this crazy mix. You will enjoy this one!All in the Take Off by Olivia HardinThis was a cute story but way too short. I know novellas are short but still. I enjoyed Kitty and Harrison's story but I felt like I didn't get to know them. Kitty is a single mom who runs a B&B. Harrison is a pilot who volunteers to transport pets to their furever home. Fate and bad weather pushes them together for one night. Hopefully, their full length book will answer all our questions.

  • Rebecca Austin
    2019-05-24 22:35

    Such a great anthology with several authors new to me! All of the stories include at least one lovable pet and the anthology is for such a great cause!Montana Heat by Becca BoydWhen a fire in Granite Peak, Montana threatens her house Randa Sadler refuses to leave her property and does what she can to save the place. When firefighter Tyson Herrick is sent in to evacuate her, he doesn't expect the stubborn woman to refuse or the reason she refuses to leave. As Tyson begins to develop feelings for Randa will the fire dampen any chance of a relationship?I really enjoyed this book and truly felt so bad for Randa with everything she was given in life to deal with. She was a super strong woman but definitely at her breaking point.By Chance by Rene FolsomSamantha Cline is a book editor who's main constant in her life is her dog Chance. When Chance disappears one night while her brother Eric is watching him she wonders if he will ever come back and how much she would like her neighbor, Calvin Parker, to remember her from his time on her dad's ranch.When Calvin shows up with Chance will he be the guy she remembers or has he changed in the years apart?I felt so bad for Samantha when Chance left and how distraught she was. I loved the first talk between Calvin and Samantha and how funny it was that they both felt the same way so many years ago!Saving Grace by Alison FosterNathan Henley and Grace seem to be living the perfect life and now Grace is pregnant. Yet secrets threaten everything they have made for themselves. Will the truth come out?I enjoyed this story but I found the tension pretty short lived. I liked how Grace didn't want to be treated like glass and how she challenged Nathan.All in the Takeoff by Olivia HardinHarrison Richards is forced to take his cousin Geneva home from a family event in his plane but bad weather forces them to land in a small town. As Geneva leaves him and his dog Curtiss they find a place to stay at a local Bed & Breakfast run by single mom Kitty Sears. Instantly sparks fly between Harrison and Kitty but will one night be enough for them?I really liked this one and the sexual tension between the two characters. I also really enjoyed how they truly got to know each other in their conversations. I have high hopes for the two in the future!My One and Always by Tawdra KandleSydney Payton is helping run her aunt's bakery and has come back to the town that she couldn't get out of fast enough. She has no desire for a relationship and continually has to turn down Will Garth every time he asks her out. But Will isn't giving up so easily and with the help of his friends and a secret weapon he is convinved Sydney will say yes.I really liked this book and completely understood why Sydney was hesitant in getting involved in another relationship. I'd love to see these two in another book!Dig Deep by Lyssa LayneChristopher "Kip" Deevers is a sports agent that works with Camila Lemos and is asked as a favor to let out the family dog of the James Family. Little does he know how is life is about to change when he meets Tate's little sister Lindy. But Lindy has some secrets and Tate wants her no where near Kip or his reputation with the ladies.I love reading stories with characters that I love! I am desperately hoping that I will get more of Kip and Lindy as there is so much more of a story that needs to be told! I loved this quick intro to both of them and I can't wait for more!Taunt by Juli ValentiThis story is a twist on the Wizard of Oz and when Emmy's house lands on the Good Witch and kills her she is accused of being a Wicked Witch. Emmy and her pet wolf Laurent must travel down the path of the red bricks into the Wicked Woods where they face various challenges. But one challenge will really make her re-evaluate what is important to her.I enjoyed this story and the realization of what is truly important. It was a fun twist on a classic that we all love!

  • DJ Sakata
    2019-05-09 21:35

    Favorite Quotes:Montana Heat“He paused, looking her over like he was studying a long menu,”By Chance“Needless to say, someone needed to pick my jaw up off the floor before it became a tripping hazard.”“The smile on his face was enough to do me in. It was like I craved to see it – to see him happy.”Saving Grace“Men think their junk is like the death star. It will destroy everything in vagina empire… Let’s just say he’s not so free with his light saber these days.”“‘Women are attracted to confidence and certainty and…’ I begin, pausing to point at his abs, ‘non-practical muscle mass.’”All In the Takeoff“I really do love your laugh. Feel free to do it any time… well, except when you’re looking at any parts of my anatomy.”My One and Always“I’m on a man-fast. No men. No dates.”“The town’s mechanic was one of the most affable men I’d ever met. He often joked that with four daughters and a wife, being easy-going was a coping mechanism.”“He said it was me. My fault. He said he only slept with Holly because I wasn’t enough for him… That’s why I can’t take a chance again. Not yet. And not with you, because not being enough for you would be about the worst thing I could imagine.”“All I’ve had are bad experiences with men. I’d destined for perpetual and permanent singlehood, I think. If we weren’t Baptist, I’d probably join a convent, just to be on the safe side.”Dig Deep“Today, Camila is like a sister to me, not to mention her boyfriend could break my hand with a firm handshake if he wanted to. Taunt“I was Emmy the Good; the girl who had to be Wicked to find her way, only to realize wicked was in the eye of the beholder. And, most often, it is us who sees the worst in ourselves. That, is our own challenge to surpass.”My Review:An interesting and entertaining selection of novellas that all contain a much loved and/or rescued pet. Some were deliciously steamy and gave me just enough to pique my interest and whet my appetite for the rest of an ongoing series. Saving Grace and Dig Deep were short, sweet, and sensual with endearing characters and intriguing storylines that drew me in and hooked me into wanting to read the full novel/series. Juli Valenti’s extremely clever take on the Wizard of Oz was simply stellar. It was my first read of five of the seven authors and gave me more names to add to my watch list. I now know I want to read every single word written by several of these talented women.

  • Dawn DiDominzio
    2019-05-21 22:28

    Let me first “applaud” these amazingly kind and generous authors who will be donating proceeds to various animal rescue charities.I am reviewing Lyssa Layne’s Dig Deep and look forward to reading the other short stories in this set.Lyssa Layne can pack so much “flavor” into a short story, that’s for sure. What can I say, her story made me as happy as a pig in sh... Wait, let me rephrase. ;) Dig Deep hit all the right notes for me. Being that this supports animal charities, I feel very much obliged to mention the doggy character, Shadow. I never get to mention an animal in a review, unless of course the guy in the story acted like one. Ha! Anyway, I adored his dopey, sloppy –kissing presence in this story. But, oh my goodness, the interaction with him and Mr. McDrool (I made that up), Kip Deevers, needs to be noted, as its COL (chuckle out loud) funny. Having said that, let me spend a moment fawning over said, Kip Deevers...Kip Deevers is a successful, Lamborghini- driving sports agent, who drinks scotch, listens to Bluegrass, and conceals his tats underneath an Armani suit- Really?! I’m convinced the author is trying to cause heart palpitations. So, how can I describe Kip? He is kinda’ complex in the sense that he is not what you would consider a badboy, per se, but gives off the vibe. He’s not exactly crass, but definitely has a sharp tongue. Take those characteristics and dip them in sugar, and that’s him! I know, confusing, but intriguing, right?Lindy James is an adorable package wrapped up in sass and sweetness. She has a dark past, and the truth is hidden behind the very walls she's erected as her shield of protection. So, what is the secret she’s keeping? Will Kip be able to break down those walls? It just so happens that Lindy is sister to professional baseball star, Tate James, a character from Lyssa Layne’s book, Fear of Striking Out, who, BTW, is repeatedly giving Kip the stink-eye, followed by repeated warnings that he needs to stay away from his sis. Oh, yeah, this secret must be pretty juicy for big brother to go into a full blown protective mode. How will Kip get into his good graces? Will he ever? The exciting news is that the author will be answering those questions this summer in the full-length novel of Dig Deep!! I, for one, can’t wait!I give, Dig Deep, 5 Doggone Stars!!

  • Louise
    2019-05-08 17:23

    Saving Grace by Alison Foster was such a great touch to her series. This book could be read as a stand alone but if you are a fan of her writing you will get so much more out of this if you have read the whole series.In this booknwe return to Nate and Grace. They have come so far in their relationship but it is sometimes easier to fall back to old habits. Nate and Grace's dog that they rescued from a dog shelter earlier in the series plays a very important role too. I have whizzed through Love Paws because the stories are all well written and thoroughly enjoyable plus the dogs are so adorable.

  • Td
    2019-05-19 15:45

    My One And Always by Tawdra KandleI loved Will and Sydney! The way Tawdra ties this book to some of her other books, it meshes so well, and adds depth to the location and the characters. This was perfectly sweet, and just the right amount of sexy.I will update this once I have read the other stories in this anthology.

  • Novel Grounds
    2019-05-05 15:34

    Goodreads|Amazon Pre-order for $.99This is a review of a single novella as part of this Anthology. The Anthology is not yet published. Full review of Anthology to come.Juli dazzles in this quick tale about facing ones deepest fears. It is a twist on The Wizard of Oz that gives you everything you hopes for and more. I have read quite a few retellings, but none written like this.The characters in this novel are fantastic. I LOVED Laurent and the way that he was presented to us as a character. He was not only Emmy's best friend as a stuffed toy, but now in Oz he is her companion. I think having that extra added pet aspect  that was also her best friend made it that much greater of a book.The twists in this were GREAT. I loved how Emmy's past was entwined into it just enough to give you some background, but not enough to take away from the current plot. The twist at the end REALLY got me and I felt like that was the best part. I love an ending I don't see coming.Juli Valenti shines in this paranormal twist. I hope that we see more from her in this genre.Read the other Twisted Tales from Rene Folsom HereThere’s no place like home.When a tornado plagues the state of Arkansas, picking up Emmy’s house and dropping it into a world she’s never seen before, she thinks things couldn’t get any worse. Except, she was wrong. Especially when it killed the good witch and she’s named a murderer.In order to get home, and to escape the wrath of the enraged town-folk, Emmy must maneuver the Wicked Woods, along with her pet wolf, Laurent, to prove she, herself, is not a Wicked Witch. In the woods lurk nightmares of her own creation, and, when doubt begins to set in, she realizes things are not always as they seem.Follow the story of Emmy and Laurent in this modern day twist on The Wizard of Oz.

  • Kristin
    2019-05-05 17:39

    Montana Heat by Becca Boyd – Randa is a very disagreeable ostrich (someone who won’t evacuate during a forest fire) and Tyson is a charming ostrich whisperer and Hot Shot. Something about Randa and her two dogs keeps Tyson coming back to make sure Randa is safe. Sparks fly in more ways than one as Tyson breaks down Randa’s carefully constructed walls to find out her secrets and the way to her heart. Touching.By Chance by Rene Folsom – Samantha is an editor of romance novels with no love life unless you count her rescue dog Chance. Until Chance goes missing and her neighbour who happens to be the high school crush she had brings him home to her. Very sexy.Saving Grace by Alison Foster – Grace is engaged to former MC member Nathan and they are expecting their first child except the police have found the man responsible for Nathan’s best friend’s murder that took place before he met Grace at the vet clinic where he took the dog injured in the attack and he is pulled into his former world of secrets and lies all over again jeopardizing his new life with Grace. Gripping and sexy.All in the Takeoff by Olivia Hardin – So sweet and heartwarming. This very realistic romance has a volunteer Cesna pilot, Harrison, flying a rescue dog to his forever home but gets stuck by a storm. So he stays at a B&B of a divorced mom who is alone on vacation. They just gel together so easily that the rest seems natural.My One and Always by Tawdra Kandle – Will has been asking Sydney out to dinner every day for almost 4 months and every day she says no. Sydney thinks she can’t run a business and date at the same time. So Will decides to adopt a dog since his last dog died and use the dog to get her to talk to him. Once he gets her to let her guard down, chemistry abounds. Sweet and passionate.Dig Deep by Lyssa Lane – Kip is a successful sports agent not interested in any long term relationship until he is bribed to go to MLB star and his business partner’s house and walk their dog the black buffalo (so named for tackling him every time he sees the dog) and runs into his friend’s little sister Lindy. Lindy is skittish though and clearly has some story she is hiding. So Kip agrees to walk the dog on the beach with her every morning to get close to her and friendship leads Kip to realize he wants more. Sweet and touching.Taunt by Juli Valenti - What a unique take on the Wizard of Oz. In this case, Emmy's house lands on the Good Witch and she walks down the red brick road and undergoes 3 challenges to remember and discover the truth of her stuffed black wolf, her abusive ex boyfriend and her childhood friend she can't remember. Tragic, sweet and heartbreaking.

  • Tonya
    2019-05-13 22:24

    I've only read two of the novellas in this anthology so far, and I loved both of them. Once I have a little more time, I'll read the rest and update my review.By ChanceRene Folsom5 StarsThis is yet another great read by Rene Folsom. I couldn’t put it down! It left me wanting more Samantha and Colton. Plus, I miss Maci and Liam also, so it was great to see Maci in this novella as well. This is a spinoff novella to the Playing Games series. We do meet Samantha in those books. You don’t need to read the series before reading this story. But, they are great reads. Samantha is an editor. Her love life is lacking. But she has her dog, Chance. Until he gets out and runs away.Colton is her hot neighbor. He worked on her dad’s farm when she was seventeen. She’s always had a crush on him.But he never noticed her. Or so she thought. She’ll soon find out he does remember her. Of course this wouldn’t be a book written by Rene if there weren’t some hot and steamy scenes. Don’t worry, there was!TauntJuli Valenti5 StarsI absolutely love Juli Valenti. This quick novella is actually part of the Twisted Wolf Tale series by Rene Folsom, who I also love. This is a great addition, that fits right in with the others in the series. This is a twist on Wizard of Oz.I love how this story is told. You still have all the major players from the original, but it’s twisted of course.Emmy has to go on a journey to prove that she isn’t a Wicked. Now there isn’t a Toto, but we do have Laurent. All I will say about him is Yummy!I don’t want to say much more about the story because of the twists, but this is a great quick read that I loved.I

  • Charlotte Skibicki
    2019-05-24 22:19

    Great Anthology!Montana Heat by Becca Boyd – 5 starsGreat story! I did want this one to end! Funny, sweet, and a tear jerkerBy Chance by Rene Folsom – 5 starsLOVED this novella You do not need to have read the Playing Games series (though I highly recommend you do so, as it’s a great series) to read this novella. Would love for Sam and Cal to have their own full length novelSaving Grace by Alison Foster – 3 starsThe basis of the story was good, I just felt it needed longer than a novella to really tell each characters’ story. We got snippets of their past and how it was effecting them now, but some of it was confusing and unclear.All in the Takeoff by Olivia Hardin – 5 starsLoved Harrison and Kitty, both characters are very well developed. Does end in a cliff hanger. I can’t wait to find out how Harrison and Kitty’s story ends. My One and Always by Tawdra Kandle – 4 starsVery sweet and enjoyable small town love story, that does not end in a cliffhanger.Dig Deep by Lyssa Layne – 4 starsDig deep is written from Kip’s POV, which I love! You don’t find romances written completely in the male POV often. This story does end in a cliffhanger.Taunt by Juli Valenti – 4 starsVery interesting retelling of the Wizard of Oz story. Just wish it could have been longer to give more detail into how things came to be the way they were and how things all ended.

  • Catherine Bibby (Rochelle's Reviews)
    2019-04-26 15:24

    I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.This review is for Saving Grace by Alison FosterIn this sexy short story, Alison Foster revisits two couples from the Everlasting Series. While this story focuses mostly on Nate and Grace from Beautiful Ruin, we're also treated with Tomas and Taylor from Magnificent Ruin. Danger lurks wherever Nate and Tomas go, and so they weave a web of deceit meant to keep their women safe, or so they think.Nate and Grace are content and madly in love until a phone call threatens to rip their world apart. What starts out as an innocent lie soon involves two upset females plotting with their heads together and two men trying to keep control of the situation. With a bundle of joy on the way, Grace refuses to let them fall back into their old secretive patterns and will do anything to protect Nate and their relationship, even if that means telling a lie of her own. Can two lies make a right?It was wonderful getting to read more about some of my favorite characters. Alison Foster gives her readers a short steamy encounter with Nate and Grace that is sure to please fans of the Everlasting series. I highly recommend for lovers of sexy suspense with memorable characters.

  • Tessa
    2019-05-22 16:37

    This review is for Lyssa Layne's Dig Deep only. I read this short story in one sitting. It had everything I wanted in a story except an ending. I was left wanting more as it was meant to be written. Lindy James has a past, a secret, something that keeps her from opening up to Kip Deevers. Lindy's brother Tate is the super star athlete in the family and there's no need to put her in the spotlight. But sports agent Kip Deevers sees Lindy's potential to become a sand volleyball superstar. Kip starts out being friends with Lindy and even with Tate's warning to stay away, Kip is drawn more and more to Lindy and finding out what she's hiding. Shadow, our black lab does his best to bring Kip and Lindy together. I can't wait to read the full novel of Dig Deep. I want to know Lindy's secrets and if Kip is able to see past them and maybe begin a romantic relationship together. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Carrie
    2019-05-19 21:43

    I received a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.My one and always (Tawdra Kandle)This story was short, sweet, sexy, and fun. As with the rest of the series set in this world, there were nice visits with all of the previous characters, but this was about Will and Sydney. Will is someone who fans of the author will recognize as the friend (and could have been more) to a previous book character. Being the newspaper man in a small town, everyone knows his business, and his obsession with asking Sydney out is no different. In a last ditch effort to win her over, he jumps back into dog ownership and (hopefully) a new relationship with the girl of his dreams. These two were completely adorable together and it definitely brightened my day. If you're looking for a quick and satisfying read, this is a story for you.

  • Ann Sutphin
    2019-04-30 16:30

    I love books that have stories from multiple authors. You get to read stories from a favorite author because lets face it there is a reason you buy the book, mine for this one is Tawdra Kandle. But you also get to discover other authors that you might not have read unless you bought this book. I have found a few more writers that I will be buying because of their stories in this book. Now the good thing about this book is not only do you get to read many great stories and discover new writers but it is also for a great cause. Each author picked an animal charity and the proceeds will go towards their chosen charity!Total Win-Win here!

  • Monica
    2019-05-01 22:33

    I received an ARC for Saving Grace in exchange for my honest review. It is one of the books included in this anthology collection. I loved Beautiful Ruin and Magnificent Ruin. Being able to read about Nate and Grace's life now, months later, was like a sudden, unexpected visit from friends you haven't seen in awhile. This couple really wound themselves into my heart and I loved having a peak into the continuation of their future together.Great writing, great characters and wonderful addition to the story.

  • Chianti Summers
    2019-04-30 18:26

    Received a copy. This is an amazing anthology for a great cause. There are amazing authors that have created stories to include fur babies. Saving Grace by Alison Foster is the one I dove into first and enjoyed. I then went back and started from the beginning. I enjoyed each story that has been brought to this anthology. I read some familiar authors and have found some new authors to follow. Fabulous and a worthy cause.

  • Cherie
    2019-05-16 19:36

    A neat twist on a classic fairy tale! I was given an ARC of Taunt by the author in exchange for an honest review. The Wizard of Oz is one of my all tome favorite movies and Juli re-tells the story in a way that is easily relatable and current. We all have experienced bullying in one form or another and Taunt shows that it's possible to over come those fears and self recriminations and find true happiness.

  • D.L. Gallie
    2019-04-26 16:40

    Great collection of short stories for a great cause.The standout read for me was Dig Deep by Lyssa Layne, Lyssa is now an auto 1-click author. Montana Heat by Becca Boyd was my next fav but each story is amazing and different, which is why I love box set; you get the best of all authors.I highly recommend this set and all the authors

  • Sherry
    2019-05-06 14:30

    This review is for Saving Grace by Alison Foster. I received this as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This was a short, fun, sexy read with two great main characters, Grace and Nathan. I definitely want to read more of their story. This book is for a great cause with a collection of great stories and at a great price. A definite must read.

  • Ali Foito
    2019-05-25 16:37

    I love buying sets like this because you get to read new authors. So far I have read Saving Grace and it was a great story. Nathan and Grace are engaged but he find out the police have caught the person responsible for his friends death. Nathan's first reaction is not to tell Grace but soon he realizes Grace and their baby are more important.

  • Paula Genereau
    2019-05-03 20:35

    I loved these books. There's some authors that are new to me but I really enjoyed all the stories. They know how to draw in readers. I received a copy of the book for my honest review