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After exploring a female-led relationship for a few months, Laci decides it's time to turn up the heat. When Cole embraces kink in a way she never expected, Laci is momentarily caught off guard. The addition of unexpected news, with the potential to change life as they know it, has them both reconsidering what they value most when it comes to love, life, and sex.Contains:After exploring a female-led relationship for a few months, Laci decides it's time to turn up the heat. When Cole embraces kink in a way she never expected, Laci is momentarily caught off guard. The addition of unexpected news, with the potential to change life as they know it, has them both reconsidering what they value most when it comes to love, life, and sex.Contains: Female domination, male submission, mummification, pegging.Editor: Jason Bradley...

Title : Cole Underneath
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Cole Underneath Reviews

  • Pam
    2019-05-21 16:06

    4 stars"Let’s do what works for us...we won’t know what that is until we try.” I am enjoying Laci and Cole's journey of discovery, there is so much kink out there that the possibilities are endless. The only real way to know is by keeping an open mind and trying things out with the one you trust most. Kink can only be fun and satisfying if you trust the one you are sharing your fantasies with, especially when there is no judgment. Of course that is all easier said than done, but Laci and Cole are adults they should be able to manage their kink...or at least as soon as they wrap their head around all the new ideas. Laci and Cole's story has the sense of realness one would expect if an actual couple were just beginning their sexual journey. They understand their roles in their power exchange and now are testing the waters with new choices and combinations. The sex scenes are tastefully erotic and the story just as satisfying. Recommended read for those who desire a sense of realness with their kink. Copy generously gifted by author.

  • Dee
    2019-05-13 21:10

    I love this story! But then again, I'm a little biased! On sale for 0.99c for a limit time.Amazon -

  • **K.
    2019-05-03 19:27

    Love Love Love. This is a continuation of Laci and Cole's story. Laci has discovered she enjoys topping Cole. This story focuses a bit more on Cole and his thoughts and his process of bottoming. They are just a lovable couple. It is a HOT, FUN, FAST read. Definitely recommend!

  • Thomas Bitt
    2019-05-23 15:13

    I enjoyed reading the first book in this series “Laci on Top” particularly the first 70% of the story when Laci and Cole were taking the first tentative steps into female domination, it had some tension and suspense in the story which once the happily married couple began to accept their new roles regretfully disappeared. This second book, while being an enjoyable read, was not challenging in an emotional way and disappointingly, it also failed to deliver any real tension or suspense. Laci and Cole come across as a perfectly likeable and very much in love couple who enjoy exploring female domination now that they have the house to themselves as the only son is away at University. The books starts with Laci and her friend finding a queening chair that Cole had made and hidden (not very well), this leads to some mild embarrassment as Laci tries to explain its use to her inquisitive friend. There are other interactions between other people mainly at Laci’s workplace which may make you think that Laci and Cole might bring others into their little games, but these interludes were merely fillers and of little consequence to the story.The domination sessions between Laci & Cole include spanking, bondage, prolonged oral and some anal play, all are done with the love and trust for each other clearly evident. Laci has a health scare which brings the married couple closer together after a minor misunderstanding.The book was well written but sadly did not live up to my expectations and left me a little disappointed.

  • Janie
    2019-05-25 18:11

    I've been looking forward to the next installment of Laci & Cole's story, and I'm not a bit disappointed. It has a little of everything; hot sexy scenes, real love and affection, drama, humor and romance. Highly recommended. ** I received an ARC for an honest review**

  • Heart5
    2019-05-05 22:20

    This book picks up where Laci on Top left off. The couple continues in their exploration of a female led sexual dynamic. The initial introduction was made in Laci on Top, so with that out of the way we get to dig a lot deeper in to their relationship with this second book. Books with a focus on female domination are very hit or miss for me. Both of the Laci and Cole books have been hits. Donna Jay has created a Domme that is both loving and tough, and really just an all around likeable character. She and Cole together are a couple that are very much like any married couple. Things aren't perfect, life gets in the way sometimes, but at the end of the day they come together and help each other through it. I really hope the author continues on with this series. Quality F/m books are hard to come by, and Donna Jay has the genre nailed...or in this case pegged may be a better word. I received this book through the BDSM group on Goodreads.

  • JJ
    2019-05-26 23:12

    This was an enjoyable and hot femdom book. It begins with Cole and Laci trying out some new kinks. They are still in an exploration phase, but they discover some things they really love playing together. They have fun with it until an unexpected turn puts a damper on their play. I really loved the beginning and ending of this book. Cole and Laci are so cute together. I love Cole's vulnerability and willingness to let his wife take the reins. I also enjoyed the direction their relationship is moving both inside and outside of the bedroom. Finally in the end, there's a spectacular scene. I can't say much about it without giving it away, but it was amazingly hot. I recommend this book to anyone who loves sexual exploration themes, BDSM, and light femdom.

  • Robert
    2019-05-20 22:26

    This was an enjoyable read, but it's not more of the same. Laci now has more of a clue of what to do and how to do it - as a domme. They embrace their top/bottom roles as each grows, but Laci and Cole also have to remember they are a couple who have to communicate and listen to each others wants and needs.

  • Donna
    2019-05-26 21:20 -

  • Nikki
    2019-04-28 15:10

    As stated in my review for Laci on Top, I’m really not into the femdom category of erotica. But after reading Laci I knew I needed to read Cole because I wanted to see how this very realistic couple kept things going.Things are definitely more intense and serious in this volume as Cole and Laci have been practicing in their D/s relationship for a few months now. Slowly learning new things and experimenting with new toys and scenarios.Overall I still really enjoyed this story but it pushed past my comfort zones just a little bit. A misunderstanding does occur in this story that leaves the two characters dancing around each other in awkwardness rather than communicating with each other. They are in uncharted waters and so of course not everything has been discussed yet. But I feel like the real problem that happened is that they were both really embarrassed about the situation (view spoiler)[ Laci is looking at sexy lengrei for her but when Cole comes in she just says she’s looking at lingerie. At this point in the story Cole had tried to order sexy lingerie for his wife but bought them from a foreign country so the sizes are way off and are way to huge for Laci. Laci’s solution? Have Cole wear them. And wear them he does. He enjoys the sexy feel of the fabric and the naughty secret they share. He was under the impression that the panty-hose that Laci is looking at, are for him. When he exclaims to Laci the size she should purchase for him, she is immediately put off because she doesn’t want to feminize Cole and doesn’t want them both dressed in sexy women’s clothes when they get their play on. Cole feels the same way, and just wants to do it for fun, but they both clam up when they realize they’ve misunderstood each other. (hide spoiler)] Luckily this is taken care of pretty quickly when Laci receives some potentially scary medical news. And all petty disagreements are quickly pushed aside to deal with this more immediate need. Once that has past, the characters are able to speak to each other more openly about what happened and what their actual feelings are. Communication is so important, and key, to ANY relationship. Whether it’s BDSM or not. And like Cole and Laci, D/s couples are constantly re-working their communication and making sure that the trust and honesty is continuing to flourish.The things that were a little beyond my comfort zone were mummification, femdom (which you would already know from my review for Laci), although it’s much more prevalent in this story as they’ve had time to grow into their “roles” more, and prostate examination. I have personally never found it appealing to play with a man’s bum and this story didn’t change that for me.However, I am giving this story 4 stars just as I did Laci as it is really so refreshing to have an older couple learning new things about each and exploring their kink together. You don’t have to be a 20-something to enjoy kink  I will definitely continue to read books by this author, and would gladly read more about Laci and Cole. Which really is saying a lot for me since it’s a role reversal that I’m not typically “in to”.I received a copy of this story for free from the author, via the Goodreads BDSM Group Read 2 Review TPE Bar, in exchange for my honest review.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Paul
    2019-05-08 19:31

    I received this book in advance of publication to provide feedback to the author, and now to review.Wow, where to start:Cole Underneath is a sequel of to Lacy on Top. The advantage of a sequel of course is that the characters are already established; no need to introduce them. The disadvantage is that the characters are not introduced, so new readers can be lost. But Lacy and Cole really do not require more introduction than "husband and wife, exploring female-dominance with a committed relationship."No spoilers, I promise, but the plot of this story takes the reader through some trying times for our loving couple, and while they weather their difficulties, it is hard for the reader who might have had similar experiences.....Ok, minor spoiler, Cole makes Laci a Queening Chair, and I swear, the author's description of it made it appear in my mind.A few of things that the reader should know, in case they have not read Laci on Top:1. This is a female-dominant relationship as it more likely exists in marriage; its not about pain or cruelty, but about pleasure.2. They are exploring together, which means the reader should expect humor and some missteps, which make the characters that much more endearing.3. While the characters go through some trials, here again, the reader gets a sense that this is how a real couple would be together.Donna Jay does something that perhaps other writers miss. She creates characters that "live." They eat and drink, they run errands and go to work. Believe it or not, that makes their erotic interludes that much sexier....they feel like real people.If you have not done so, read Laci on Top, then read this book. I trust sincerely that you will come away as appreciative of the author's efforts as I am.

  • Sally
    2019-05-27 21:32

    Laci on Top, the first book in Donna Jay's romantic femdom series, was a delightful surprise. It was an realistic portrayal of sexual awakening, exploration, and satisfaction, all within the bounds of a traditional (happy) marriage.The cover blurb for Cole Underneath promises to "turn up the heat," and it indeed does just that, but without ever losing sight of the realism and the relationship. This time around we find a Laci who is far more comfortable in her dominant role, and a Cole who has found the fulfillment he craves in submission.Things start getting interesting when Laci finds a homemade queening chair hidden in the closet, and then has to blunder her way through an awkward explanation to her best friend. It is a scene that reminds us of how deftly Jay blends emotions, arousing and amusing the reader, while sharing affections. The power exchange here is wonderfully done, with honest discussions about trust at the heart of the tale, and the questions and doubts just make it that much more excitingIt is not all fun and games, though, as Jay uses two pivotal events to remind us that life (and a relationship) needs sorrow for us to appreciate the joy. Without spoiling the joy of discovery, I will say things do end on a happy note, and Laci finally gets to indulge her wildest dominant dreams.All in all, Cole Underneath is another lovely story from the pen of Donna Jay that blends eroticism, romance, and drama in one perfect package.As reviewed by Sally at Bending the Bookshelf

  • Pskm
    2019-04-29 21:15

    Sexual and emotional re-connection of long term loving partners. Even if this book is standalone it is best to read the first one «Laci on Top» to better see the couple’s evolution into sexual Dominance and Submission. It is the most real and believable story I read showing how sexuality within long term loving partners can bring them to reconnect on a deeper level even after so many married years. Since the story is aimed at showing how important it is for the couple to be respectful of each spouse’s needs it allows the reader to appreciate how each one will become open-minded for their lover’s kinks. These books can help vanilla partners to have a better understanding of kinky sex because they show us how both partners are dealing with the emotional ride brought from D/s. What I like is that it is the woman who takes charge and her dominance and control of her pleasure and her husband’s orgasm control brings her freedom and confidence. And the husband is the first to be sexually rewarded by that. The pegging sequence is the hottest scene I read but also it translates beautiful bonding feelings between husband and wife. Also it becomes for them the perfect symbol of their sexual female dominant relationship. It is a very highly recommended read.

  • Connie
    2019-05-02 21:16

    This is a continuation of Laci's and Cole's story of their exploration into Female Domination. Laci and Cole have been experimenting into the world of Femdom after a chance mutually benefiting experience. I enjoyed this story because it had feeling and a bit more depth and the story not only focused on the kink aspect but everything else in their lives. Everything wasn't happy and Laci and Cole experienced some scary times, and this is what truly happens in life. Sometimes kink gets put on hold for real life situations and we see that here. I like the realistic feel of this as it's easy to relate to. :) I love Cole and Laci's story and as their are some bumps in the road to Femdom they have a love for each other that is undeniable. (Secretly, I would like Ben to have a story as I saw a bit of a crush developing for Laci.) I know, fantastical wishing, but what a wish. ;)I would like to thank Donna Jay for a copy of the story in exchange for a review. :)

  • jenTed
    2019-05-02 15:31

    My copy of this book was provided by the Author through the BDSM group on goodreads.This is the second story in Laci and Cole's journey into bdsm and femdom play. As with the first book, Laci on Top, this story continues to have a more realistic, i can relate to your play scene and life, feel to it. It's not about billionaires and their expensive things getting whatever they want. This is real life situations, like health scares, and arguments between couples. I like how Laci and Cole are still figuring out what works for them and the "mostly" open lines of communication they share. Plus to top it all off, the weekend "dates" are hot and steamy! Because let's face it, that's what we're all looking for anyway right? ;)A solid 4 stars from me.