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The kidnapping pirates from Travels with a Fairytale Monster get a book of their own …And this time they’re (kind of, almost, maybe) the good guys! Uriah- It’s the pirate’s life for Uriah! Epic sea battles, beautiful women, double-crossing crewmen… Sure everyone hates him, but no other existence would be half as fun! Nicknamed the “Ocean’s Shame” for his duplicitous ways,The kidnapping pirates from Travels with a Fairytale Monster get a book of their own …And this time they’re (kind of, almost, maybe) the good guys! Uriah- It’s the pirate’s life for Uriah! Epic sea battles, beautiful women, double-crossing crewmen… Sure everyone hates him, but no other existence would be half as fun! Nicknamed the “Ocean’s Shame” for his duplicitous ways, Uriah has spent his life mastering swordplay and exploring uncharted lands. Until, one day, he ends up on the wrong side of a fight and stumbles across something worth a lot more than a buried chest of gold. Ransom- A losing battle with pirates has left Ransom blind, scarred, and with no memory of her old life. Uriah is the only one she trusts. For five years, she’s been on his “crew,” which mainly means she does all the planning and worrying for her irresponsible captain. When the two of them windup in an unfriendly land, with no ship and no money, they realize they’re going to need someone to swindle. Quick. Luckily, they’ve got a line on a moron with a treasure map. The Plan- Step 1: Don’t kill their annoying client, his put upon wife, or his nightmare of a mother-in-law. …At least not until the annoying client leads them to the lost city he’s searching for. Step 2: Hold the queen’s pesky brother hostage, just in case she’s holding a grudge over the whole “abduction” thing from the last book. Step 3: Avoid all the other pirates and immortal bad guys out to kill them. Step 4: Don’t look into Ransom’s past. Ever. Step 5- Start to see your partner-in-crime in a whole new light. Because, maybe nobody likes fairytale pirates …but that doesn’t mean they can’t fall in love....

Title : Nobody Likes Fairytale Pirates
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Nobody Likes Fairytale Pirates Reviews

  • Trina
    2019-07-13 11:53

    4.25**Love everything EG has written. Her sarcasm is beyond funny, it's weird humor at it's finest. No one can read it without smiling, grinning, or laughing like an idiot -only another fellow reader/fan can comprehend. The story is always long and whiny, she'll hound it in till you get it, and even so she'll just say it again. I picture Uriah as pirate Johnny Dep, with a shaved head and pony tail. Ransom...with 2 eyepatches and multiple jagged scars on her face -ouch. It's not an easy feat, took all my brain cells to work on their images.

  • Jasey
    2019-07-15 10:02

    DNF before the end of chapter one for strong language and insinuations that I was uncomfortable with.

  • Coyora Dokusho
    2019-07-02 10:16

    Super enjoyed it and stayed up far too late reading! Loved/loved/loved!! the characters. Only occasional typos.

  • Emilie
    2019-07-20 10:54

    I love Ransom and Uraih! All time favorite characters, in the first book I thought I'd get sick of their back a forth, but I honestly enjoyed every snarky sarcastic conversation they had. I want to be friends with these two! They are both so kick ass. I'd probably read any stories written about their adventures. Thank you Elizabeth for not making cookie cutter characters, fairy tale pirates deserve love too!

  • Amy Carlson
    2019-07-12 13:06

    I have no idea how it would work, but I would keep reading their story. I'm sure they will show up in the next one (thank you for that E. Gannon), but it's not going to be enough. This is in the pile of books for me to reread to the point I have everything memorized.

  • Jessie
    2019-07-21 12:48

    Loved it! Ransom and Uriah are so dynamic together. Love to see if the translator gets a book she was so funny.

  • Francesca
    2019-06-22 07:51

    Pretty awesome, witty, entertaining.I love the dynamic between Uriah and Ransom:I simply love Uriah!

  • Gena
    2019-07-17 10:55

    The first I've read by this author. I enjoyed the characters, Uriah reminds me of Captain Jack Sparrow. However Ransom was challenging, outward dialogue she came across as a hard hearted bitch, internal dialogue was girly whining. I would have rated this higher ie a 3* as there was witty dialogue but it went on and on for pages and was repeated quite often. It's hard to keep interest when you're reading the same thing over and over. Ryle could have been an interesting side kick but it Uriah and Ransom treated him like a bumbling teenager and yet his age was supposedly older and he'd already had pretty significant losses in his life that were kind of glossed over. So overall I liked the concept but the execution fell a little flat for me.

  • Gnome Claire *Wishes she was as cool as Gnome Ann*
    2019-07-02 15:52

    I enjoyed this, it was really funny and the characters were unusual and fun. It was a bit slow going at times but at others it was absolutely hilarious.I do wish that I'd read Travels with a Fairytale MonsterTravels with a Fairytale Monster first, they're set in the same world and while I did still enjoy it and followed the plot easily there were times when I felt like I was missing something.This was a very adult content book- murder, rape and torture are discussed really casually and the characters attitude to violence is disturbing. It was funny at times but at other times not so much, but that's a personal sense of humour thing though but do be aware before you read.

  • Elisa Nocerino
    2019-07-18 07:52

    I loved this book!!! When I finished reading Travels with a fairytale monster I desperately wanted to read more about Uriah and Ransom and luckily I had the chance to do it thanks to this amazing book!! It's the most entertaining one I've ever read; the dialogues are funny and hilarious; the story is unpredictable and it describes epic adventures. Also I 've absolutely fallen in love with the character of Uriah!!! A MUST-READ, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, especially if you also like modern reinterpretation of fairy-tales.

  • Christy Owens
    2019-07-17 13:48

    4.5 stars. This was the first Elizabeth Gannon story that I read. I picked it because it sounded like a fun, humorous story and I was not disappointed.Uriah and Ransom are great characters. Great byplay between them. Wonderful, humorous dialogue throughout the story. Good flow. I particularly liked Uriah. He is such a joyous character, full of life. I don't know why everyone in the story hates him.Now I need to go back and read the first book of the series. This read fine as a stand alone though.

  • Sony
    2019-07-15 15:52

    Over the top love story with a pure irreverence that makes if great.

  • Polly
    2019-07-01 10:08

    The characters in this book have amazing chemistry and some of the best dialog I have ever personally encountered. I also had the great surprise of having encountered a twist that I did not see coming in this book. The author in the beginning of the book dropped many hints that "Ransom" was in actuality another benevolent character in the book but in the end turns out to be the character who killed the benevolent character previously mentioned. Which made me really happy because when one looks at the soul of the character of "Ransom" she is not some benevolent martyr and that's perfectly fine. In fact this is the kind of trend that I would like to see catch on in the romantic amnesiac genre. I am sick to death of finding out that the pretty little protagonist with amnesia is actually some severely abused little saint at the end of the book. This book did however still have my pet peeves of misspellings abound, which drops the rating down from 5 star to 4.

  • Jamie
    2019-07-07 09:16

    GreatI love the author and her sister's work! When they put something out it is a MUST READ! Thank you for the entertainment