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The science of magicClover and Danny are the kind of best friends who make each other better: Clover makes lists, and Danny makes fun. Clover is thoughtful and quiet and loves science. Danny is chatty and funny and loves art. They’re so important to each other that Clover believes they’re symbiotic: her favorite science word, which describes two beings who can’t function wThe science of magicClover and Danny are the kind of best friends who make each other better: Clover makes lists, and Danny makes fun. Clover is thoughtful and quiet and loves science. Danny is chatty and funny and loves art. They’re so important to each other that Clover believes they’re symbiotic: her favorite science word, which describes two beings who can’t function without the other.But then Danny comes down with a mysterious illness that won’t go away, and the doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong with him. So Clover decides to take matters into her own hands by making lists—lists of Danny’s symptoms, his good days, his bad days, and his moods. As the evidence piles up, only one thing becomes clear: Danny is only better when Clover is around. When they’re separated, he’s in danger.Clover knows they need to find a cure—together. Will science be able to save Danny, or is this the one time when magic can overcome the unthinkable?Corey Ann Haydu, the author of the critically acclaimed Rules for Stealing Stars, has written another dazzling, heart-tugging novel about the power of love....

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The Someday Suitcase Reviews

    2019-04-22 13:45

    I HAVE LOTS OF FEELINGS RIGHT NOW. But to try and sum this up for a neat little mini-review with my thoughts, I really liked THE SOMEDAY SUITCASE. I fell in love with Clover, with Danny, with their families. I enjoyed the progression of the story, even though it's a little bit of a slow starter. And it made me very emotional by the end, so.... yeah, read this one. It's so good, y'all.

  • Ashley Blake
    2019-05-15 14:49

    As quiet and beautiful and achey as a snowfall.

  • Ms. Yingling
    2019-04-25 11:27

    ARC provided by publisher at ALAClover and Danny are always together, and even their families spend time hanging out on Sundays. Clover's father is frequently away driving a truck, and her brother Jake is high maintenance due to some of his autistic qualities. When Danny becomes ill, and the doctors have trouble figuring out what is wrong with him, Clover is very worried. She makes him her science fair project and keeps careful track of his symptoms. The two find a clinic online that promises some hope, but it is in Vermont, and Danny's parents want to stick with local doctors. Danny is in and out of school, but slowly gets worse. Clover's parents are very concerned for her, since the two are so close. Eventually, Danny and Clover stow away in her father's truck when he is headed to Vermont, and take their "someday suitcase" with them. Will the clinic be able to help?Strengths: Jake's portrayal is accurate and well done. His reactions to things are dealt with constructively, and Clover's parents address how hard it can be for her. The families are both supportive, as are most of the teachers, and Clover does find some new friends at school who help her through Danny's illness. Weaknesses: Extremely sad, and Danny's illness could have used some more explanation. What I really think: Great for fans of really sad books like The Truth About Jellyfish or Somewhere Among, but I will pass on purchasing.

  • Claire Legrand
    2019-04-27 08:36

    I was lucky enough to read an early draft of this book, and I'll just say this: Corey keeps getting better and better. Pure magic.

  • Dazz Ross
    2019-04-30 14:33

    When I heard that Haydu was writing another MG book, I was immediately excited. I hadn't read her first foray into children's literature back in November 2016, but seeing this on Goodreads after a drive to St. Louis for Thanksgiving sent a little thrill through me. The Someday Suitcase sounded absolutely magical, and I was ready to dive into it at a latter point.After reading Rules for Stealing Stars as 2016 faded and 2017 started, I found a good book. It wasn't the best, as some of the characters weren't as developed, the content fell a bit flat, and Silly's voice occasionally sounded too old. But I was still excited to see more of Haydu in a younger setting. I didn't even know my library had copies of this until a few weeks ago when my brother pulled it off the new shelf. Not able to get my hand on an ARC, I was immediately excited. Time to finally see what this would give me.And I got an endearing story, that's for sure. At times adorable and heartbreaking, The Someday Suitcase is a tender read about how the bond of friendship can be truly magical. Outside of a slight dullness, this book got my full attention as it carried on. The plot was great, the characters were nice, the climax was another show-stopper, the writing was great, and I felt all the feels. Haydu is still one to watch, mark my words.Clover turns 11 in the back half of the book, but for the majority of it, she's 10. I think Haydu got a better handle on her younger characters, because Clover ended up being really endearing. She reminded me of a sweet younger sibling, and I loved her friendship with Danny. It may have bordered a bit on the obsessive side at points, but I could ignore that. The two of them are innocent young kids who haven't grown up and learned all of the world's dark secrets.The story was also really good. I found myself curious to see how Danny's sickness would be tackled, and the climax was well-earned and the ending sad, but understandable. It closed the overall arc really well, and I couldn't have asked for anything more. Yet I accidentally spoiled myself before I even started this. Oops.Haydu's writing is still strong, and despite being simpler for a younger audience, it is still quite engaging and left me on my toes. It may not be as gripping as what I've seen before, but it still did its job.Again, this book did get a bit dull at points, mainly in the beginning. It's understandable due to set-up, but I wished it had a little more life. But the second half does redeem that, and that's good enough for me. Just as long as I have more Corey Ann Haydu in my life, I'll be good. Really excited to see what's in store for her, and that's for both middle grade and young adult.

  • Michelle
    2019-04-25 08:32

    3.5 stars rounded upThere was a lot that I loved about The Someday Suitcase. The supportive parents were great. Jake's autism and the effect it had on others felt genuine. The connection between Clover and Danny's friendship and the concept of symbiosis was amazing. The snow globe symbolism was powerful.At the same time, some things felt off. It seems unlikely that two friends like Clover and Danny would recognize and appreciate their bond. There was a detail at the end that seemed totally out of character, but would be spoilery, so I will not elaborate. In general, Clover came across as too mature for her age.Overall, I liked this.

  • Kathie
    2019-05-17 08:45

    Heartbreaking, emotional, and so many feelings in this book. Honestly, it was almost too much for me, but it’s a powerful story about friendship, hope, and the power of things both explained and unexplained.

  • Patrick
    2019-05-13 14:38

    Clover and Danny are closer than best friends. What do fifth graders do when one gets sick and one wants to fix it? Read this beautiful and powerful story of true friendship!

  • Janet Hutchinson
    2019-05-21 14:47

    Lovely book about the enduring power of friendship and the belief in love, friendship, and the power to cure. Well-written, and nice characterization. Particularly loved the science angle.

  • Polly
    2019-04-30 11:20

    A good book, deals with a hard topic (death of a best friend) in a helpful way. It's not really my kind of thing, but I'm glad to know it exists.

  • Jenn
    2019-05-02 13:39

    Bittersweet and lovely, and one that left me teary.

  • Salamah
    2019-05-02 11:47

    I read this book with an 11 year old child and we both really liked this book. I was so happy we picked it up. This is the story of Clover and Danny who are best friends. They have been best friends piratically their whole lives and cannot live without each other. Now that they are in 5th grade they can't wait for all the fun things that await them this school year. Everything is fine until one day Danny gets sick. He becomes sicker and sicker until Danny is not able to go to school. Clover loves science and with the help of her science teacher decides that she is going to find out what is wrong with Danny, especially since the doctors cannot seem to find out. Clover does a through investigation and eventually finds out that only her presence is making Danny better. When she is away from Danny, things do not go well for him. As Danny gets sicker, the two decide to run away to Somerset Clinic to see if they can find a cure for him. Danny and Clover go on this adventure together but at one point Danny realizes he must continue their adventure on his own to find what he needs and snow! This is a very sweet, emotional story full of wonder. Many of the themes have to do with what makes life important. After reading this story, the characters will stay with readers for quiet some time.

  • Estelle
    2019-04-21 13:30

    Another beautiful middle grade book from CAH... Clover and Danny have a powerful friendship but when Danny's mystery illness threatens it, Clover puts herself on the case to figure out how to make him better. She wants to be a scientist, she believes in the facts but also the magic of the subject. I loved this the most about her. As someone with two best friends who are marine biologists, I saw a lot of both of them in this characters. She was extremely loyal, thoughtful, and curious and while it was hard to see her to go to such lengths to diagnose Danny when his doctors were still unsure, I admired her more and more.The second half of the book leads to some of the most gorgeous and painful scenes I've read in middle grade and I appreciate that CAH is open to writing about the layered complications of this age. Clover is also noticing how the absence of her truck driving dad (who she adores) affects the family and her mom is always reminding her to HAVE MORE FUN and try not to be too much of a grown-up as an 11 year old. At the same time, she is figuring out degrees of friendships and dreaming so much about what her place in the world will be.This was an extremely lovely novel featuring a rare kind of friendship. I haven't stopped thinking of Clover since I finished this book. Read it with tissues.

  • Yamini
    2019-04-26 10:21

    Ah, the land of childhood. A world everyone's visited and a few remember. Haydu reminded me of me as a kid. Laughing at anything and everything, making up silly games,living in our own world and more.Clover's characterization is charming. She is fascinated by science and believes above everything that she and Danny aresymbiotic . I can totally see a 10 year old coming up with something as magical as that. She holds on to her theory of symbiosis with the tenacity you would expect in some one so young in the world.I am not going to lie, this book left me melancholic but I don't regret it, the journey Clover and Danny go through is worth the tears.A special kudos to Elsa, Jake ,Levi and Rachel. They made the read more interesting by just being themselves.The Someday Suitcase is filled with magic and spirit. The author captures a child's innocence so beautifully , it fills you with hope, reminds you about the abundance of faith children have, about how easy it was to make friends and do anything for the ones you love.

  • Brittany
    2019-05-01 08:31

    This is the story of eleven-year-olds Clover and Danny. They've been best friends forever, do everything together and essentially don't exist without each other. No, I'm serious. This is written in first-person point-of-view of Clover, but every other sentence begins with "Danny." At one point, Clover casually remarks that she forgets "I'm a person in a body" without Danny around. Their friendship had some really sweet moments and it's clear how important they are to each other, but the co-dependency at such a young age really bothered me and it seemed almost inappropriate to include in a book for this age group. That being said, this was ultimately a sad story filled with hope and magic and a touch of science. These elements were fantastic inclusions and had the potential to be a strong recommendation for realistic kids books, but I cannot quite get over this lingering feeling of desperateness.

  • Allison
    2019-05-14 06:19

    This book was wonderful and heart-breaking for me. I picked it up just because I liked the cover, and I thought if I picked it up one of my kids would read it. But they didn't, and it was time to return it. I didn't return it; I renewed it and started it today. It is a book about a friendship, where the boy gets an autoimmune disease. Being autoimmune myself, and just now starting to see symptoms of it again, this book became highly emotional for me. But so, so sweet. Quotes:"Sometimes all adults sound exactly the same, and I wonder if they are all taking some How to Be an Adult class together, where they learn how to say frustrating things and how to stop listening while pretending to keep listening." (127)"And with the hurt there's confusion. It doesn't make sense, like a sentence with a missing noun. The whole world is a sentence with a missing noun." (274)

  • Robbins Library
    2019-04-27 13:33

    Clover and Danny have been neighbors and best friends their whole lives, so when Danny gets sick, scientific Clover starts keeping a notebook to study his condition. She finds that her presence is what makes Danny feel better, but she can't stay by his side every moment. They hatch a plan to stow away in Clover's dad's truck to Vermont, to a clinic one of Clover's friend's moms told her about (and to see snow). The Someday Suitcase is a beautiful story of a symbiotic friendship - Clover and Danny have complementary personalities - full of science and art, and family and magic, grief and recovery.See also: Bridge to Terabithia.

  • Gloria
    2019-05-20 07:31

    This is a good story,very moving about two children who are very best friends who do everything together and like it that way, they complement each other and compensate for one another's weaknesses.It's about a magic that seldom happens but is profound when it does. It is also a sad story but with a kind of beauty of its own. To find out more you will have to read it. I think while its sad you may enjoy it as much as I did. I read it in actual book form not the kindle version but pretty sure its the same

  • Maylah
    2019-04-20 08:28

    I choose way to much of books to be rated five stars. Honestly though, this book deserves it. This is another beauty by Corey Ann Haydu. While there is happiness and joy, sadness can overtake you too. When I first read this book, I cried when... (I'm not telling you! You have to read the book!) I just sat in my bed thinking about what had just happened. Corey Ann Haydu is one of the very few authors that can bring emotions to your face. She did a fabulous job writing this book, and I definitely reccomend it.

  • Lonna Pierce
    2019-04-30 10:39

    The symbiotic relationship between Clover & Danny is rare and strong. Like the eel and the shrimp that cleans its teeth on their aquarium field trip, the two friends are polar opposites, but together they are wholly perfect. Until Danny becomes gravely ill with a puzzling auto-immunodeficiency. Clover goes into full-on scientist mode, recording his symptoms, expressions, and interactions. Suddenly, she realizes the data points to the discovery that her being near Danny actually makes him better! Magic! "Magic is love with a twist," and at the end, when the magic goes, love remains.

  • Molly Dettmann
    2019-05-09 09:28

    Clover and Danny are best friends. They compliment each other perfectly. Everything is great until Danny falls ill, Will signs that he might not get better. A story of friendship and hope in the face of illness.I wasn't a huge fan of this one. I thought it was just completely depressing the entire time I was reading it. I feel like I've read better MG grief stories, but for younger readers that connect with those stories this would still be a decent addition to an elementary school library.

  • Sarah
    2019-04-23 13:31

    Ooh this book has lots of feels and will definitely find an eager middle-grade audience (there's a huge chunk of them that love sad stories). Didn't hit me quite as hard as expected, maybe because the ending felt like a bit of a foregone conclusion. I also didn't love the moments where Danny spouted philosophical - it felt a little trope-y for me. But Clover's feelings definitely come right off the page.Thanks to the publisher for a digital advance reader's copy, provided via Edelweiss.

  • Heather
    2019-05-07 13:33

    3.5 stars. Absolutely heartbreaking. But it's a little bit too "YA" for the middle grade audience...and the main characters are more like teens or adults than 10-11 year olds. It's hard for me to deal with saccharine sappiness in general, but it was extra difficult when combined with a semi-unrealistic portrayal of not one, but two kids. Other than that sticking point, it was a lovely story. I would recommend to upper middle graders looking for tear jerking dramas.

  • Brittany
    2019-05-06 14:32

    Danny and Clover were forever friends. This book was filled with magic and the promise of friendship. Danny is sick and Clover is his cure. Every time Clover is around Danny feels better. Clover has made Danny her science project and is sure to fix him. Their someday suitcase is packed for a trip up north for a snow adventure. What lies in store for these two friends is surprising, heartbreaking and life changing. Grades 4-6. Some heavy situations. Recommended Purchase.

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-19 07:26

    "I hate that feelings seem to happen whether or not I want them.""It's hard when we don't understand something. But there are a lot of mysteries in the world.""Sometimes I hope for things that will never, ever happen. Sometimes I can't help but hope for impossible things.""Rachel says magic comes and goes, and mine is getting weaker, but love is always there. If magic is love with a twist, and the magic goes . . . Love remains."

  • Amy
    2019-04-28 11:21

    "We know each other well enough that he should be flat out of questions, but he never is. It's one more thing I love about Danny. That he is curious about me in an endless, infinite kind of way. That he is cataloging my answers and making me feel like a more legitimate person. If I can answer all his questions, maybe I'll know exactly what kind of girl I am."

  • Tiff
    2019-05-09 13:29

    Story is beautiful but I dreaded reading it to end. The magic between Clover and Danny is beyond beautiful. Danny comes down with a mysterious illness and Clover wishes with all her heart she can fix him. The reader is brought along with Clover on her inspiring yet painful journey of letting her best friend go. If you need a story about losing a loved one, you found one right here!

  • Maywoodbooks
    2019-04-23 14:31

    It feels like a lot of "sick kid" books are coming out this year. And while each has had a unique and genuine spin... I must say I am getting a little tired of the theme.... with that being said, this one brought in an the idea of love, magic, and friendship. I liked the voice and the perspective. (even though its ANOTHER sick kid novel)

  • Donna
    2019-05-08 07:48

    This is such a tender story of friendship and loss. I would suggest you read it with your child. The girl and boy have been close friends since birth and are suddenly caught in the middle of the boy's terrible illness. Sad story. One that will bring up questions. The children are supposed to be 10 years old, but I thought they seemed a older.

  • Kris Springer
    2019-04-21 14:42

    Sweet tale about friendship. 10 year old Clover and Danny are best friends. When Danny gets a mysterious illness that his doctors can't figure out, Clover's love of science and Danny convinces her that she can help him heal. Would recommend to 9, 10, 11 year old readers who enjoy sweet and sad stories, set in a realistic setting.