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The pop superstar presents a collection of twenty inspirational poems and twenty essays that discuss such issues as world hunger, homeless children, and the need for world peace....

Title : Dancing the Dream
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ISBN : 9780385403689
Format Type : Hardcover
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Dancing the Dream Reviews

  • Elise
    2019-03-22 23:19

    In some cases to understand a person, it is best to read their writing. This is definitely true of Dancing the Dream. I think no book could better represent Michael Jackson's inner world than this one. No better book indeed, than one written in his own words, by his own hand. The content contained within is beautiful and mesmerizing and inspirational. He is a true genius in every sense of the word.

  • Coen
    2019-03-26 01:44

    I read this book on my spare time, whenever I need some encouragement or inspiration, or simply a dose of love. Michael's words are magic and they never fail to lift me up.

  • Darren Shoneye
    2019-02-26 05:43

    Dancing The Dream by Michael Jackson is the most divine, beatific collection of poetry that I have ever read. This book is perfect for reading to children because the poetry is caring, powerful and perennial. Some of my favourite poems are Planet Earth and Child Of Innocence. Child Of Innocence speaks about the purity and exclusive nature of childhood. It really places emphasis on the significance of enjoying the blissfulness of youth, and the importance of letting children be children. This poem would be thoroughly enjoyed by EYFS as the words are very easy to understand, and it flows very poetically. It really touches your heart because the passion comes through in the words, and you feel as though the poem is speaking to you personally. It is extremely amiable, and I think this is important when getting children to try and write their own poetry; try and move people in some way, or get them to feel something. There are a number of poems to choose from, and each of them are equally positive about life and the world that we live in. I read a lovely review of this book which said, "Every single work is filled with the joy of life and is a true inspiration."Another one of my favourite poems in this book is Planet Earth. Planet Earth speaks about the universe as a special place that is our home. One would assume that we all like to treat our home with care, and respect, and we should therefore adopt this attitude to the universe. Years and years from now we want humankind to be able to enjoy the beauties that we have enjoyed, here on earth. If we want this to happen then we need to start caring a little bit more about the world.There is an ongoing theme of care and emotion and it really inspires anyone that has a heart. I remember when I read this collection of poetry that it really inspired me to write some poetry. If I can be inspired to try my hand at poetry, then I am sure many other young people could also be inspired. I have enclosed a poem that I wrote, which was truly inspired by Dancing The Dream and the elicitation that sometimes it is good to celebrate what is different, because ultimately, the world would be a boring place if we were all the same. It speaks about being a ‘misfit’ and my renunciation of any kind of animosity that one may experience for being different. The message is that ignorance tends to be manifested in those that lack knowledge, and if you have knowledge, then you have the upper hand to these shallow minded people. Here is the poem I wrote:Child Of EuphoriaWho is this child? People failed to understand himSome thought him stupid, some thought him dimThere is a strange sparkle in his eye that catches your attentionAnyone who sees, will never fail to mentionHe inspires and eats you wholeHe wants your un-sheltered soulThis child is definitely peculiar, they saidEventually the news began to spreadThat when he rises and he glows Nobody knowsHis inner strength gives him powerDefiant as a towerHis invincible mind conquers allHis hope will not fallDon't try to steal his shineFor this is what makes him so divineThink of him every dayFor this is the only wayYou can imitate the epitome of manSo do what you canFor he is the one we must obeyDon't let your mind swayFor you must radiate goodness and loveThat special thing, lining the sky aboveHow can a pair of eyes be so innocent and pure?They must be god sent for sureIf you don't care for him, he cares not for youFor he cuts, bruises, and bleeds tooRemember him in everything you seeFor he is all you want to beLook at him and stareIt makes your soul bareUnless you absorb his passionBut do this with compassionFor he was not always this strongHis life was once all wrongSo don't rain on his paradeInstead let your sadness fadeOpen up your mindAnd look what you findSomething new and exclusiveMake your physical self allusiveUnited we stand, united we fallThe Magical child is inside us allHe rattles and bangs to break freeLike a desperate pleaSo release the child nowDon't raise a browListen to what he has to sayDon't let your mind go astrayMysterious, enchanting, and magical is theeAnd who is he? He is everyone that wants to embody their spiritFor this is something we all inheritBut for some of us it gets lostAnd our morality tossedLook at his gazeIt never fails to amazeHe is truly heaven sentNow is the time for us to repentFind your inner child's heartAnd from it, never departFor it will immortalise your youthThis is the eternal truthSpoken for the wise ears onlyThe happy, sad, and lonely

  • Maria
    2019-03-25 05:35

    این کتاب تشکیل شده است از 46 نوشته و سروده ی زیبا و لطیف از پژواک اندیشه های هنرمند بی مانند مایکل جکسون؛"سیاره ی زمین، خانه ی من، مکان من، خلاف قاعده ای بی ثبات در دریای فضا، سیاره ی زمین آیا تنها با غباری از ابر شناوری، آیا حباب کوچکی هستی در مرز نابودی، تکه فلزی در مرز زنگ زدن، ذره ای از ماده در خلائی بی فکر، سفینه ی فضایی تنها، سیاره ای وسیع، سرد همچو صخره ای بی رنگ یکپارچه شده با قطره ای چسب..سیاره ی زمین آرام و نیلگون با تمام قلبم دوستت دارم"'ve just forgotten, just lost the clue Inside your heart sits a Seer Between his thoughts, he can hear A melody simple but wondrously clear The music of life, so precious, so dear If you could for one moment know This spark of creation, this exquisite glow You would come and dance with me Kindle this fire so we could see All the children of the Earth Wave their magic and give new birth To a world of freedom with no pain A world of joy, much more sane Deep inside, you know it's true Just find that child, it's hiding in you.

  • Julia
    2019-03-14 05:32

    Michael is a creative genius and a VERY VERY LOVING PERSON. Rest in peace dear Michael, you are the king of our hearts... those who can feel your light will always love and remember you... heal the world ))) you are still doing it, Mike! Lots of LOVE and GRATITUDE...R.I.P MJ is The Sweetest, The Nicest Man Who Ever Walked On This ' Earth The love he has for the children, and everyone is just amazing! You'll always be remembered Michael, RIP! AND NO ONE CAN EVER TAKE YOUR PLACE NOT NO ONE IN THIS WORLD GOD MADE YOU ONE OF A KIND....AND YOU ARE HIS CHILD To Know His Music You Must Understand There Is LOTS OF MEANING IN HIS MUSIC LIKE I SAID ,Michael is a creative genius and a VERY VERY LOVING PERSON. THAT LOVED EVERYONE THAT THROUGH HIS MUSIC HE TELL US!BUT YOU HAVE TO Understand THE MEANINGS OF HIS MUSIC,MJ paid a heavy price for just being who he was, a simple man with extraordinary talent trying to bring some joy in the world. Hatred is a killer and it must be stopped,Michael is a creative genius and a VERY VERY LOVING PERSON. Rest in peace dear Michael, you are the king of our hearts... those who can feel your light will always love and remember you... heal the world ))) you are still doing it, Mike! Lots of LOVE and GRATITUDE...R.I.P MJ is The Sweetest, The Nicest Man Who Ever Walked On This ' Earth The love he has for the children, and everyone is just amazing! You'll always be remembered Michael, RIP! AND NO ONE CAN EVER TAKE YOUR PLACE NOT NO ONE IN THIS WORLD GOD MADE YOU ONE OF A KIND....AND YOU ARE HIS CHILD JESUS LOVES YOU AND SO DO I GODBLESS YOU MJ God New His Plan When He Created You MJ GODBLESS YOU MJ

  • Christy
    2019-03-18 06:43

    This is the first book in sometime that I sat down and read in its entirety in just a few hrs. Another beautiful book by Michael Jackson himself. This contains pictures, paintings, poems, and person writings. The writings and illustrations are beautiful by the true and beautiful genius himself. He wanted to make and positive impact and that he did. This is a must for any fan.This is 2nd ever book...

  • Melanie
    2019-03-19 03:26

    I am DEEPLY DEEPLY DEEPLY saddened over the loss of Michael Jackson. His music, videos, etc.. brought me a lot of joy. I remember reading this book years ago and loved it. The poetry is so beautiful. RIP MJ. Your music and icon status will live on forever!!

  • Sade1910
    2019-03-20 00:20

    Excellent book..highly recommended...=D

  • Jeanettedianne
    2019-03-24 05:30

    Beautifully written by a true genius...all about his thoughts about nature, short stories, and poems. Gives you a rare glimpse as to how such a talented man thought.

  • Maria
    2019-03-24 04:24

    The most intimate emotions of Michael, the most beautiful photos. One of the best books ever for those who love Michael.

  • Kalin
    2019-03-09 02:25

    This is purity.There's part of me--the style-savvy, street-smart part--that itches to grin wryly and drop a smug comment about the literature in this book, or lack thereof.But I can't.I can't narrow myself to judging a message by its shape, after I read, am reminded, about "Wings without Me." After I look at the eyes of a baby seal, through these eyes, back at myself, at all of life--that cannot be killed, even as someone kills someone else. After I see yet another reason, piece of the puzzle, why elephants yielded to us humans. After a wise little girl makes me smile without judgment.Michael, you burned in so many ways. I still see you.And--yesyesyes--you were entirely right about the "I You We": we see ourselves.Thank you.

  • Selena Richie
    2019-03-02 02:19

    R.I.P. Michael Jackson.You will truly be missed.Muchos Amore'Michael Jackson Comments

  • Adele
    2019-03-13 05:44

    It was perfect for me . I was ( and I'm still ) fan of Michael Jackson. In the book, I find the truth of Michael mind. His poems were very heartfelt. Poems were mostly about the world and that is the way I really like it. Photos in the book get more of my affection too.Read this book is the caress of soul. I think,everybody will have to read this, if you are his fan,or you are not.

  • Linh Ngo
    2019-03-14 01:27

    Beautiful beyond expectation. Michael Jackson's poems and reflections regarding his personal view of the world around. Most of the poems and reflections are about love, trust, faith, children and planet Earth. He is definitely one of the finest people that ever walk the planet. Michael, you will be in my heart and soul forever.

  • Katrina Morris
    2019-03-13 04:47

    Beautiful, beautiful writings. Poetry, lyrics and essays that will make you think, and rethink. I loved it and have read it more than once. It's also nice because it can just be flipped though rather than read cover to cover if you are in that kind of mood.

  • Brianna
    2019-02-27 03:39

    I learn Michael jackson was born aug 29 1958 and june 25 2009.

  • Brianna
    2019-02-26 03:29

    Mj was trying to save kids.

  • Ira
    2019-03-04 04:21

    beautiful poerty, worth reading

  • Corbett
    2019-03-26 00:22

    Interesting poetry. I am not into poetry but I liked this.

  • Nada
    2019-03-14 02:31

    "Once there was a child and he was freeDeep inside, he felt the laughterThe mirth and play of nature's gleeBeauty, love was all he'd seeHe knew his power was the power of GodHe was so sure, they considered him oddThis power of innocence, of compassion, of lightThreatened the priests and created a fightIn endless ways they sought to dismantleThis mysterious force which they could not handleIn endless ways they tried to destroyHis simple trust, his boundless joyHis invincible armor was a shield of blissNothing could touch it, no venom, no hissThe child remained in a state of graceHe wasn't confined in time or placeIn Technicolor dreams, he frolicked and playedWhile acting his part, in Eternity he stayed" It's one of my very favorite books. That's why, I chose to re-read it again for my 2nd book of this year's challenge.Michael Jackson was more than just a legendary musician & entertainer, he was a blessed poet. "From Bliss I came In Bliss I am sustained" In my 2nd read, I noticed that this book is very empowering and make you get in touch with your inner divine, reconnecting you with the nature which I believe is inseparable from us, then as you read more you start wondering what is really your purpose. When we open our hearts & appreciate all she has given us, Nature finds her reward. The sound of applause rolls across the universe, and she bows. I'm mesmerized by Michael's heartfelt & intelligent observations & reflections. I wished he wrote many more books of this sort. He had such an enchanting way with words, simple yet powerful. "When you get right down to it, survival means seeing things the way they really are and responding. It means being open. And that’s what innocence is. It’s simple and trusting like a child, not judgmental and committed to one narrow point of view.If you are locked into a pattern of thinking and responding, your creativity gets blocked. You miss the freshness and magic of the moment.Learn to be innocent again, and that freshness never fades." This is a must have specifically for fans because it contains beautiful photos of our beloved Michael.3-1-2016 ----------1-5-2014Michael was one of his kind. A true human. He was a human who understood his role and acted in his life according to that. He taught me a lot during his life and even after his death.In Dancing The Dream, you'll learn more about his soul. You will notice that he's probably the only celebrity that TRULY cared about animals, the earth, children, love and God ...I don't think there's a celebrity talked about God in the same way Michael did.Long live his legacy and all the beautiful magic he made.

  • AniVardevaryan
    2019-03-01 06:36


  •  PuMbA's MoMmy*•.♥.•*
    2019-03-17 03:40

    Like him or not one thing that is very true about Michael Jackson is that he was a very talented human being. I loved this collection of poems he wrote.... Very touching!

  • Becky Boylett
    2019-03-21 00:22

    its easy and quick to read, it lets you take a small glimpse of the man himself, his visons on love, dancing, the world, animals and so on ....i enjoyed it

  • Dankha Fiennes H
    2019-02-26 00:43

    All poems by michael jackson! just so sweet and it!

  • Kerriann hogan
    2019-02-26 04:33

    I can't wait to read this book. He was and always will be the BEST! I love you MJ!!!!

  • Diana
    2019-03-19 00:43

    This is the most amazing book i've ever read

  • Jayla Fuller
    2019-03-17 07:21

    haven't read it

  • Gyan Pradipta
    2019-03-07 04:23

    Michael, i have a dream that if you were still in this world i would tell you how i admire you and your great works, including your writing. Then, i would show you my "Michael Jackson books collection", so that i could get your autograph in them.but it's just a dream that would never come true.

  • Chelle
    2019-03-16 04:39

    LOVE U MJ. This book was EVERYTHING and more. Too bad there was never a second volume of poems. Two Birds, The Dance, Planet Earth, WYBT were/are my favorites. I'd write more but I forgot the names; all I know is the book is BRILLIANT!!!

  • L.M. Tuwah
    2019-03-16 23:26

    What a beautiful soul.