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Climb aboard and sail across the ocean with the Seagoing Cowboys who sheparded heifers and horses to help those in need at the end of WWII. With expertly researched and sensitive prose Author Peggy Reiff Miller shares the story of real life seagoing cowboys, while Claire Ewart's luminous illustrations bring their efforts and adventures to life....

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The Seagoing Cowboy Reviews

  • Peggy Archer
    2019-04-30 12:28

    Follow the journey of one seagoing cowboy as he rides the waves across the ocean to deliver cattle to Poland following World War II. Through the eyes of a young seagoing cowboy, you’ll see for yourself the journey across the ocean, the state of a country following the invasion of war, and the difference an act of kindness can make in the lives of both the giver and the receiver. Written by Peggy Reiff Miller, historian and expert on the history of the seagoing cowboys, the book includes photos, a glossary and author’s notes at the end. Beautiful illustrations bring you into the story even more. A great picture book for both children and adults.

  • Alex Baugh
    2019-04-27 18:25

    You know how on television you sometimes see ads for an organization called Heifer International? If you have ever wondered how it all began, your curiosity will find the answer in this charming picture book about one of the first "seagoing cowboys" at the end of World War II. These are the cowboys who delivered livestock to countries in desperate need to being rebuilding after the war's devastation.By 1945, Poland had been ravaged. Its cities and farmland had been bombed badly, the people who had survived were starving and help is desperately needed. In the United States, a young man who is looking for adventure decides to sign up to become a "seagoing cowboy" along with his friend John.Their adventure begins with a train ride to the city, where they will board their ship, the Woodstock Victory. They arrive just as the horses and heifers are being loaded onto the ship. John is one of the young men assigned to caring for the horses on their week-long journey to Poland, while our un-named narrator cares for the heifers they were bringing over, heifers that will provide milk, cheese and butter to the hungry Polish people. Sailing to Poland isn't an easy journey what with seasickness and a bad storm, but at last they arrive at their destination. The cowboys and their livestock are welcomed with smiles and open arms, especially by the children who want the gum and chocolate the Americans carry (and who can blame them for wanting to things after years of having nothing). And the cowboys are happy to give, but what really leaves a strong impression and saddens them most is the devastation they witness everywhere they go.I have to be honest and say that although I have heard of Heifer International, I had never heard of seagoing cowboys, and of sending livestock to Poland and other European countries hard hit by war, so this picture book was a real eye-opener for me. And I found The Seagoing Cowboy to be a fascinating, reader friendly account of such a little-known part of WWII history. Although it is a work of fiction, it is made compelling because it is based on some photos that were given to Peggy Reiff Miller by her father. The photos belonged to her grandfather who had been a seagoing cowboy and they sparked her curiosity about what it was like for the men who volunteered to do this work. After lots of research and talking to some former seagoing cowboys, Peggy took their stories and wrote about the trip of a composite un-named young man and his adventures in The Seagoing Cowboy. Claire Ewart's full-color watercolor illustrations are bright, light and airy, reflecting the optimism of the seagoing mission while also capturing the full range of emotions felt by humans and animals alike on this voyage. I love the little smile on Queenie, the horse that John's father had donated to the program without telling his son and John and Queenie see each other on the ship for the first time.The Seagoing Cowboy is a wonderful, uplifting story about the men who delivered more than just livestock to those in need, they delivered hope for the future, too. You can discover more about this program in Peggy's Author's Note, along with some photographs she has chosen to share.This book is recommended for readers age 6+This book was sent to me by the publisher, Brethren PressThis review was originally posted on The Children's War

  • Sandy Brehl
    2019-05-06 15:28

    Recently I learned about the origin story for the charitable group, Heifer international. The group is one I've long supported, but the origin was totally unknown to me. It reached me through a picture book. In this case, it’s SEAGOING COWBOY, written by Peggy Reiff Miller and illustrated by Claire Ewart (Brethern Press, 2016) story is told through the voice of a young man who looks for adventure and finds a connection to people half-a-world away. During the late 1940s members of the Church of the Brethern in Indiana were seeking a way to help desperate families in central Europe rebuild their lives following years of destruction during the Second World War. An inspired midwest community decided to provide donated breeding stock to farmers whose land and lives had been left in ruins. But their valuable horses and heifers needed to arrive in good condition. Knowledgeable “cowboys” volunteered to tend the pregnant cows and horses on their voyage from the United States to Poland and other countries most in need. These men dealt with seasickness, storms, and the delivery of a calf named HOPE during their passage. They were met with a landscape of devastation and faces of hopefulness. The illustrations capture the mood, setting, and challenges described in Miller’s simple rhythmic text. The author included back matter (text and archival photos) that reveal further details of life aboard ship and accounts of other voyages by surviving volunteer cowboys. Her author’s note provides context for the needs addressed and the impact of those initial efforts, as well as her resources for assuring authenticity to her story. She continues to post interviews with various “Seagoing Cowboys” on her blog.

  • Renee
    2019-05-01 19:43

    A wonderful mix of interesting story, WWII history, magestic watercolor illustrations, and a sensitive child-friendly handling of tough subjects. My young girls loved it, and asked lots of important questions about war, geography, and helping others. The appendix has a brief, illustrated history of Heifer International and additional internet resources.

  • That One Librarian
    2019-04-28 16:45


  • Claire Ewart
    2019-05-10 12:33