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Librarian's Note: Alternate-cover edition for ASIN B010E3WWCG She should have run. While walking home at night, sixteen year old Melanie Johnson is tackled to the ground by a masked assailant with nefarious intentions. Her savior, a large black dog with soulful eyes, vanishes as quickly as he appears. You are mine. She starts receiving threatening notes from her attacker,Librarian's Note: Alternate-cover edition for ASIN B010E3WWCGShe should have run.While walking home at night, sixteen year old Melanie Johnson is tackled to the ground by a masked assailant with nefarious intentions. Her savior, a large black dog with soulful eyes, vanishes as quickly as he appears.You are mine.She starts receiving threatening notes from her attacker, promising to finish what he started.I am Ace.To complicate things further, her long-time crush Jeremy reveals a secret that Melanie is not sure she can accept. He is more than he seems. Something untamed. Forceful. Wild.I have to stop him.The truth about her assailant's identity is almost too much to bear and Melanie must find the strength to put an end to the terror, once and for all. **This is a YA Paranormal Romance intended for teens and adults 16+ due to language and sexual situations. ...

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Shadowed Strength Reviews

  • Ben Alderson
    2019-03-30 22:37

    4.5 stars.WOW. This book saved me.. literally from a reading slump after my horrible time with The Fate of the Tearling.Wendi created such suspense in this novel. I mean seriously. From the mysterious attacker, to finding out what secret J was hiding! ALSO THE ENDING OF THIS BOOK, call it a cliff hanger omg.This book reminds me of The Sweep series meets Shadow Fall series. So many things i love.My only wish is I heard more about the 'magical' element of this novel and that the changes our girl goes under being a bit more talked about. Apart from that, i loved it!

  • John Winston
    2019-04-08 02:27

    Angst, first love, suspense, and the paranormal make this debut novel by Wendi Wilson a compelling story. Solid writing makes Shadowed Strength an easy read. Wilson did an exceptional job of crafting protagonist and heroine Melanie Johnson, right down to her inability to be dishonest, which plays out in fabric of the story in interesting ways. The paranormal is introduced in this first installment of the Shadowed series, but the focus is on the relationship between Melanie and her first boyfriend, shapeshifting Jeremy Stevens, also a well-developed character and English teacher, Mr. Hughes. Wilson utilizes an effective third person narrative to get into the mind of the villain in the story which proved to be chilling and effective. Experiencing Melanie’s evolution, both physical and psychological, was intriguing and a well-paced plot keeps you distracted while these changes take place. Looking forward to more suspense and the paranormal in the second installment, Shadowed Instincts.

  • Sam (Rescue Dog Mom, Writer, Hugger)
    2019-03-20 22:26

    This is the first book in a series. It ends with a cliffhanger, and I do want to read the next book to learn more of this fun, interesting, and well-written story.Melanie, the main character, is kind, sensitive, and painfully lacking in self-confidence. Luckily, she has Tara as her best friend to stand by her side. She also has her Mom who is comforting, supportive, and hard-working. It's always been just the two of them. Melanie has never met her father. And then there's Jeremy. The guy who seems too good to be true really is honest and good, and he really does care for Melanie.Unfortunately, Melanie was attacked at the beginning of the story and her attacker was not caught, so she remains in danger. Sissy, Jeremy's ex-girlfriend (what was he thinking?) taunts her at every opportunity. There's a lot going on. Also, the paranormal aspect was different than I expected and a very nice surprise.

  • Lakshmi C
    2019-03-22 02:36

    Why I loved Shadowed StrengthPrologueThis was one fantastic prologue, I normally never mention these. Fear trickled over my spine and I could sense the danger Mealnie was in.The book is sooo easy to read - I don't mean that the language is simple but the writing style is perfect and the story flies swiftly.MelanieEvery girl will be reminded of their teenage years after reading about Melanie. Melanie was slightly overweight, was trying to find herelf and had a bitchy nemesis.Her character development was depicted well. She went from shy, insecure, non confrontational to confident & someone who can take a stand for herself.Creepy Mystery AttackerMelanie was dealing with a serious problem here and her reactions were believable. The mystery was written well and it had a red herring too. I think it set a good example when Melanie planned to overcome the situation instead of tolerating torment. Tara She was EVERYTHING a best friend should be and that's the highest compliment I can think of right now. Jeremy Usually boys in high school are portrayed as nerds, jocks, jerks or some combination of these traits.Jeremy was swoonworthy, a knight in shining armour, how most of us fantasized our First Love should be. He was kind, patient, funny, protective, considerate, I have a never ending list of praise...Complete PackageThis book had a lot of elements like mystery, paranormal, young romance, friendship, family, the search for your identity and they come together perfectly.CliffhangerThe story has a massive cliffhanger but fortunately, I have the sequel and can get started soon.This was a perfect blend of YA romance & paranormal and is highly recommended to readers of both genres.I received this free ebook in exchange for an honest review.

  • Sara
    2019-03-29 21:28

    I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Oh this was really good! Even though I didn't like Melanie for half the time (she was too whiny and shy and submissive, especially with that Sissy b!tch harassing her, and I wanted to shake her every time she acted stupid with Jeremy, when it was SO clear he was crazy about her). I loved Jeremy (even though the first impression wasn't good at all, what with him bringing that Sissy b!tch as his date, totally oblivious that she was Evil incarnate to Mel. And he was supposed to be her best friend, for God's sake!) But after that scene and he put the b!tch in her place, I fell in love with him as I got to know him and see how much he cared about Mel. I also loved Jeremy and Mel's alone-moments together. SO HOT! Wow! Swoon! I can't wait to have book 2 in my hands and read more about Mel and Jer and family secrets, not so secret anymore. I also liked Tara. And Ace was really cute and sweet. The attacker was a real Creep and made me shudder with revulsion. So, the story was really good and I was hooked! Can't wait for book 2!

  • Kayla
    2019-04-11 22:19

    3 stars First, a big thank you to Wendi Wilson for a free copy! I normally don't write reviews (actually this is my first!) but sharing my thoughts/feelings seems like a good form of gratitude :) I really enjoyed this book! Honestly, I started this book a little skeptical because she is a new author and pulling off PNR and YA can be tough, but she did really well!Shadowed Strengthcaught and held my interest! I'll begin with the worst, some things I didn't like.. 1. The book is in 3rd person -- nothing wrong with that, I just prefer 1st.. it makes me feel more connected with the characters! 2. Although there were plenty of swoon worthy moments between Jeremy and Mel, I feel like I missed their romance. They knew each other before and then all of a sudden it was all love.. I get it, I just missed the romantic angst! 3. It was really predictable. From the beginning, I knew who everyone ((mostly)) was going to turn out to be, even the cliff hanger at the end... however, there is one character who can still be a mystery.. Lastly, 4. Even though there is PNR aspects in this book it didn'tfeellike a PNR. Maybe because the main issue was so human and I'm used to PNR issues in PNR books.. but I have a feeling, hoping really, that the remaining series will lean more towards the PNR side!! So, those are really the only complaints I have about it. The story was cute and intriguing. There was good character growth. I wasn't rolling my eyes at anyone, which is a rarity these days! Ms. Wilson really captured the essence and self-consciousness/doubt of a teenager, without making them annoying!! I definitely recommend picking this book up, Wendi Wilson is one to watch! Anwyays, here are my version of Jeremy and Melanie ... JeremyJ was totally swoon-worthy! He is so sweet and totally adores Mel. He's protective and reassuring when her self-doubts take over. I mean, how can you not sway after reading these: "Melanie, I would never laugh at you or your honesty. I was smiling because, well, nothing could make me happier right now than finding out that I'm your first real kiss. Just knowing how special this is to you, how special it is for both of us, makes this moment, right now, the best moment of my life." -J"One day, I'm going to kiss every inch of every one of those curves. I'll worship them, and you'll believe me when I tell you that you're beautiful" -JMelMelanie really struggles with loving herself and her body in this book. I definitely connected with this 16 year old, high school is tough and there is always some skinny bitch making fun of the heavier girls. Mel embodied the awkwardness and struggles of a teen and growing into being (and respecting) your own person. I did enjoy this read and I am looking forward to the next one!! Pick it up and give this new author a try!

  • Kat Stiles
    2019-03-30 02:13

    Wow. I just devoured this book, finishing it in a single day. Wendi’s writing style is exactly what I like to read: enough description to let you picture the scene, with steady pacing and great characterization. Add the super powers, nefarious villain, and first love…how could I not be hooked?I really appreciated the fact that Wendi didn’t give us the typical hot-but-she-doesn’t-realize-it, perfectly proportioned heroine. Melanie has flaws and she’s noticeably insecure. I love that she has to work through her doubts and learn that she is beautiful, even if she isn’t a size two. I also loved that I was able to connect so easily with the characters, and in particular the main protagonist. The way she wrote it felt more like first person than third person, which is a rare experience for me.The only thing that I found a little annoying was the solid chapter of everyone apologizing. Granted, it was a natural reaction to follow the traumatic experience Mel had, it just got old after awhile. Shadowed Strength is one of my new indie favorites, and I’m eagerly anticipating the sequel. To say I recommend it would be an understatement. This book is a fun, fun, fun read. Don’t miss it!

  • Angelique Anderson
    2019-04-11 20:41

    I am a huge fan of shifter tales, and I love having a bit of an underdog to root for. That being said, Melanie is a realistic character who is easily relatable and I felt that the author portrayed her very well. There are some strong scenes in here I wouldn't let my teenager read, but I know that every parent is different and I do not deduct a star for that at all because the author did give fair warning. (Which I appreciate) There is so much I enjoyed about this tale that I need to know what happens next and I'm purchasing the second one as well. Very well told, and I felt the world-building was well-done as well. I can see this book going very far! :D

  • Beth
    2019-03-20 02:20

    I found this young adult paranormal book to be disappointing. First, there was so much focus on the heroine being sensitive about being overweight. Then, she has an attacker/stalker who apparently is obsessed with that particular attribute, and we are given much too much insight into his thoughts on that. Then, it was clear from the start who the attacker/stalker was, so there was no mystery to stay tuned for. Finally, the story indicates that the hero does not care about the heroine's weight. But then, the heroine loses weight or shapes up, so is her weight an issue or not? The writing was very simplistic and the characters too cookie cutter. I'm not interested in reading on.

  • Dan Gillis
    2019-04-16 02:28

    I have got into the habit of skipping back cover blurbs in order to have a surprise waiting. Shadowed Strength did not disappoint and kept me entertained through the whole read. I admit I was curious when the fantasy elements would reveal themselves amongst the world that swirled around the protagonist. Very interesting take on the genre and I have to wonder how far Wilson will delve into strange world of the shifters. There is a lot of room for some additional lore and backstory. I have to say, I enjoyed Melanie’s dynamic nature and the outcome of her conflict in the story. The author dropped some clues as to the true nature of her character and I was happy to snatch up those little literary breadcrumbs. I grew very anxious for the protagonist, a sign of well written narration and dialogue. Even though the modern high school setting and relationship drama is not my favorite genre, kudos to Wilson in getting me to care about Mel so much. I was genuinely happy for her and Jeremy. I felt confined at times to a limited world, that of Mel’s home and school primarily. There were other locations, however I never gained a larger perspective of things. In this way, the author rarely strayed from Mel’s perspective and kept us tied up in her small world. All of this served to maintain tension, but sacrificed some diversity of setting. The next book seems to hint at expanding out into other locations.Wilson’s writing style is engaging and smooth. Her interpersonal dialogue was snappy and witty. The supporting narration was effective in completing the picture without overwhelming or unnecessary details.In all, I highly recommend this read to anyone who enjoys the modern fantasy or supernatural genre. You won't be disappointed.

  • Ellie Midwood
    2019-04-09 01:26

    I really enjoyed this story, which was both compelling from the plotline point of view, and from messages it delivered to the reader. “Shadowed Strength” tells a story of a young girl coming of age, Melanie, who almost gets raped by an unknown assailant, but luckily is saved by a sudden appearance of a big dog, which helps scare the man away. Her school crush Jeremy swears to protect Melanie, and soon their friendship develops into something more. However, Jeremy has a secret that has to do with the recent events, and from that point I couldn’t help but turn pages faster.I loved how empowering Melanie’s story was, who, from an insecure and concerned about her body teenager evolved into a strong and independent young woman ready to stand up for herself, when her assailant starts threatening her once again. The paranormal line with shapeshifters was also a brilliant and very refreshing addition to this already great story, which will certainly resonate with many young adult readers. Great read!

  • Amanda Siegrist
    2019-04-01 22:16

    Couldn't put this book down!!!There is always something to be said about a wonderfully written tale about romance, especially a new blossoming love that you're cheering on to succeed. Awesome! This book in a nutshell! I just loved Jeremy. He's sweet, charming, loyal, and never once let Mel down. Even when her insecurities presented themselves he was the utmost gentlemen. How can you not a love a guy like that? Simple, you just do. One of my favorite things he said to her, "I can actually see your strength coming out of the shadows." I even highlighted, it, which I never do:)Wendi Wilson delivers a great story that keeps you turning the page and guessing what's going to happen next. The only thing that had me dropping my jaw was the ending. It just abruptly ends, sort of on a cliffhanger, and if I'm one thing, it's not patient:) I need the next book now because I'm dying to see what happens next. If you're looking for a good paranormal romance to be keep you turning the pages, this is your book.

  • That One Nerdy Girl
    2019-03-19 22:25

    Note: A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.This book took me back to when I was a 14 year old and first getting into romance as a genre. A little predictable, but oh gosh, it's everything I remember falling in love with back then (over 10 years ago, wow!). I have no doubts whatsoever that this book will do extremely well in the young teen age group, and I even found myself getting really into the storyline (even though I guessed about the happenings pretty early on). That said, I definitely didn't expect the bad guy to be who it was. Loved the nostalgia that this story forced forward, and if you're looking for that, or if you have kids around the 14 year mark, I really recommend this one.

  • Olivia Wildenstein
    2019-04-08 18:13

    When I started reading Wilson's book, I was worried that it wouldn't be for me. It started out with too many cliches: the teenager who doesn't feel good in her skin, the instant love, the "incident," the mean popular girl. They're all real teenage issues, and not trivial ones at that, but I've seen them in so many books that i wasn't wowed. What did wow me, was Melanie's character arc, Jeremy's genuine sweetness, and the unexpected twist at the end. That made me want to read the next book in the series!

  • Kellie
    2019-03-28 23:29

    Fun story with a unique twist at the end. Melanie is every girl struggling with insecurities and trying to fit into the cruel world of high school. I genuinely felt her pain. Jeremy is the perfect boyfriend - well, except for that one minor problem! (No spoilers, you'll have to read it!) I'm looking forward to seeing what happens now that Melanie has discovered her truth self-worth and a few other interests facts about herself!

  • Lisa C Thiels
    2019-04-20 02:25

    Good ReadI enjoyed this book. I especially liked how the main character started out shy, chubby, and not perfect. I completely related to her because that's exactly how I was right down to playing the flute lol. I liked the tension between her and Jeremy and the insight in to Mr. Hughes mind.

  • Juliana Botha
    2019-04-18 23:30

    YA/ParanormalWhat an superb read this book was. It had all the lovely makings of a good YA story.It's been nearly seventeen years since Melanie was born, her mom Elaine took Melanie away to race her on her own since Melanie's father Darren was not your average dad as most would tought him to be. Trying to give Darren the chance to be what he meant to be she had to leave him even if it shattered her heart to pieces.Well here is where the story gets interesting. Melanie has wondered for so many years why she never met her father, and she can't ask her mother about him, because she refuse to talk about him and ask Melanie to let it be.Melanie is a wonderful young lady, going to school, have plenty of great and supporting friends, but she feels to self conscious, thinking she's fat like most girls her age do, she makes jokes and act goofy to get the attention away from her so called fat rolls, wide hips and meager looks, and to get constantly bullied by Sissy Woods, it doesn't help her self esteem at all, but unbeknown to Mel she's been watched No that's not true, she's being stalked by a 'Creeper', and he has plans for her.A few of them was invited to Tara her bestfriends boyfriend Chris's party on a friday evening and she secretly hopes to see Jeremy there to, but when he came in the door with Sissy, of all the girls he could have chosen that was a bit too much to bear, and since Sissy has this wonderful gift of bullying others, she takes it upon herself to make it known to Mel that Jeremy is her's and she (Mel) is too fat and ugly to ever have him so she should stay away, and this is where the story really starts to unfold. A must reads book, that will keep you turning pages, be warned in advance buy all the books in this series, you don't want to miss anything.*Young unsuspecting Love**Great humour**Danger**Plenty of Sexual tension, that will frustrate you as much as it does Mel* ( Even if they are only seventeen years old)*Kick Ass girl**Swoon Worthy and oh so cute boy*And so much more!!Happy ReadingJuls

  • Denise Johnson
    2019-04-13 18:25

    This book amazing great to read a book that touches on normal teenage emotionwow this book hits nerves with the inner insecure me (in a good way trust me). the way the author writes about the insecurities Melaine has about being the 'fat girl' in high school is spot on. i can instantly relate the Mel not being able to take off her cardigan in the summer sun because she was scared of her chubby arms (i thought i was the thing one). Enough about me back to the review :) This book is refreshing and not your normal shifter this book you get a bit of everything 1)high bullying 2)insecure heroine that finds her strength 3)love...whats the most refreshing there is no talk of mates and the usual shifter language of course thats to cons in book 2. this book is a great read and a great introduction...lastly my only wish is that i read this when i was a insecure teenager GREAT READ

  • Clare
    2019-04-13 20:43

    Quite enjoyed this book. Thought it was good :)

  • Eating Between
    2019-03-23 01:42

    If you like high school drama, suspense and a touch of paranormal teenage angst this is the book for you. Though a bit repetitive, I enjoyed reading this paranormal YA. I actually found myself being pulled in with the need to know who Melanie’s stalker is. The author has you seconding guessing everything.One moment you know exactly what is going to happen or who the stalker is and the author throws a plot twist or clue your way to make you change your mind constantly. Once the stalker is finally revealed you tel yourself you knew the whole time because that is exactly how I felt.The author is able to create a world and atmosphere that is very believable and made me think of my own High school years from hell.

  • Kim
    2019-04-10 22:36

    YA, especially YA Paranormal, is one of the genres that tends to be either very good or very bad. In spite of a few small issues, I very much enjoyed this YA paranormal by Wendi Wilson.I found the teenage characters believable, the relationship and dialogue between Melanie and her best friend Tara in particular seemed especially strong. The main characters felt like real people and I found Melanie's journey from self-loathing to strength, with the support of her mother, best friend and handsome new boyfriend, quite delightful.The plot is somewhat predictable but the story is well written, and because of the strength of the characters, the predictability doesn't detract from an entertaining read. The pace varies enormously, it's mostly just right for the story but it does feel a little sluggish in parts, Melanie's insistence on doubting herself and in particular doubting Jeremy's feelings for her do become the tiniest bit repetitive. I've become accustomed to YA books in the first person, this is written in the third person, but with a strong narrative voice. The character of Melanie is detailed quite quickly and held consistently to the end of the story. The ending is great – it's a bit of a cliffhanger and I'm sure it leads nicely into the next book – but Melanie's biggest problem is neatly resolved.I have no hesitation in recommending this book to anyone who enjoys YA paranormal reads.

  • Susi Wright
    2019-04-03 22:31

    This was an easy read, with teenage angst, romance, mystery and shapeshifters. The MC teenage Melanie is an everyday girl to whom most teenagers will relate. She suffers huge insecurities, about her weight, her lovelife and her parent's relationship-she doesn't know her father, and her mother won't talk about him. The events in the story bring about her coming of age and with it great changes to her outlook. A little more action could have lifted the pace but generally a good young adult story with a surprising ending. I recommend to YA supernatural romance fans

  •  Mummy Cat Claire
    2019-04-06 00:33

    If you are in the mood for a paranormal romance...look no further.Melanie Johnson is a pear shaped, "pudgy" high school student in Georgia. She has confidence and self-esteem issues because of her weight. "...Melanie still saw herself the same way everyone else saw her: plain and fat."She has been friends with Jeremy Stevens for a few years and had a crush on him since day one. When the bully in the school goes after Melanie, Jeremy decides to stand up to the bully, while Melanie walks home from the party. Unbeknownst to Melanie, there is someone lurking in the shadows waiting for her. She is attacked but saved by a big, dark dog. There is a rape scene in this book. It is not exactly graphic but if you are sensitive to this subject, this may bother you. I think the author did a good job in setting up the stalker and his motivations. He was convincingly creepy and I liked how the book switches to his point of view because I was able to see how gross he was. The author makes it a point to add in comments about Melanie's weight. "She compensated for her lack of good looks..." or "Melanie's rear came about two inches off her seat." There are more throughout the book.I liked how Melanie had a parent who was present. Her mom seemed to not be so absentee like many other YA books. I liked how Melanie had a great support system. Tara is a great friend that anyone could ask for. I didn't like how the dog would come around to visit Melanie and just take off without notice or cause. He did this several times and I thought it was weird. In addition, I thought it was strange that it was fixated on with the locker combination being stolen from Tara's phone. Why can't it be from another source? The tension in the book was just okay for me. I noticed it right off and I felt like it could have been explained a bit more. The reason was weak. However, I liked how the author explained what Melanie was going to do and why. The tension didn't last long as some would like but I enjoyed where the author took things. I liked seeing how the characters reacted to certain things and how things played out. Jeremy has a big family secret that he shares with Melanie. I'm sure most can guess what this secret is but I won't confirm it here. Melanie is pretty accepting of him and this story line comes back into the book in a different way. Overall, this was a fast paced, quick read that I liked but didn't love. I was able to figure out the stalker very early on. This didn't bother me but it might bother others who are able to figure it out early on. I liked how Melanie was a strong character. She started off with clear weaknesses and grew in strength. It was made quite clear how Melanie changes. "If nothing else, the change in your body brought out this confidence that wasn't there before. People can see it."The constant reminders of Melanie being overweight may bother some readers. There is a point to the comments but the comments did start to bug me. Especially, when Jeremy would comment that he likes her "pudginess". yeah. no. This book ends with a huge cliff hanger, so beware. You will want the second book...I promise. Content: Strong language, making out/grinding and rape scene.I received a copy from I love YA books.

  • Katie
    2019-04-10 02:35

    A generally well-written YA supernatural romance with a pleasantly imperfect heroine. Zippy plot toward the end. Read the full review on Undergroundbookreviews dot org!

  • Alisha
    2019-04-01 23:38

    Let me just start by saying that I was absolutely obsessed with Jeremy as the lead male character. I feel like girls grow up wanting a Prince Charming figure that just doesn't usually exist in high school, but Jeremy defies that expectation in this book. He was one of those male leads (a teenager mind you) that you are smitten with and is always putting the girl first and trying to shield and protect her. Completely sigh-worthy! While I could see what was coming down the pike as far as Jeremy's "secret", I didn't expect the turn the book took for Melanie towards the end. I started to guess it a chapter or two out, but I didn't expect EVERYTHING that ended up coming out. I know that's vague, but I hate to write spoilers. In regards to Melanie's traumatic experience after the party, I will also say that I kind of saw the "suspect" awhile out before she pieced things together, but I don't think me guessing it really took away from the book in any way. I was still waiting in suspense to see if I was right, and there was still plenty of the storyline left to keep me going up through that point. I felt like Ms. Wilson did a great job of keeping just enough mystery and suspense hanging to keep you wanting more, both relationally between Melanie and Jeremy and with trying to figure out what happened to Melanie on the night of the party. She (Ms. Wilson) also did a great job of weaving together all the events and pieces and parts to make it a great novel as a whole. I didn't feel like any thoughts or suspicions that Melanie came up with were unwarranted or out of thin air, everything flowed together naturally. I wish it hadn't ended where it did because I was completely entranced, but it was a nice cut off for the second novel to begin, assuming the second one continues Melanie and Jeremy's story together. I read this whole novel in a day flat, if that tells you how much I enjoyed it. I really want to write so much more here about what I thought of characters and such, but again, don't want to spoil. Tara was everything a best friend should be, and I loved the bond her and Melanie had as best friends almost as much as I loved Melanie and Jeremy. Seriously, his swoon-worthy personality has done me in for all future male roles, and he's a teenager to boot! Some language throughout the book, which although I don't care for, I was able to breeze over quickly. Just a careless word here and there, nothing intense. Romance in the book was clean. A couple descriptions I would liken to teenagers when they start to get caught up in the moment, but didn't go beyond that and was quick as well. Great read and would highly recommend!**Please note: I have received this book for free from the We <3 YA Books group on Goodreads and the author in exchange for an honest review.**

  • L.K. Kracek
    2019-03-23 22:31

    **Possible Mild Spoilers**Wendi Wilson, I am just blown away. This is the third YA I've ever read and I have to say you are something truly special. Staying up until 4 a.m. has never felt so good in my life. I could not put this story down. I had a few false starts because, pssh my kids think I'm here to feed and bathe them... ha! Once they crawled into bed though, I was enraptured.Jeremy is the stuff of dreamy yumminess, while Mel is so sweet and...well, introvert. She's completely relatable and I wanted to scoop her up in a hug and tell her how beautiful she really was. Jeremy took care of that, though.When the attack happened I was very caught up in the _____ theory but wasn't totally convinced - thank goodness. I figured it out but that didn't stop me from wanting to read through and reach the "ending". Mel was developed so perfectly and I can't say I was totally surprised by the time I reached that last sentence, but there was a nice surprise in that last sentence.I need more and even though my kids had me up at 7 a.m., I would do it all again if and when I get Book 2. I may need a 3, 4, and 5 to get my fill of Ace, Jeremy, Mel, Chris, and spunky, kickbutt bestie Tara. Also - I'm certain Chris has his own secrets so I'm gonna need to figure those, too - mmkay, thanks!One last note is that I really love how despite the fact that this is categorized as "YA", I was pleased with the "sexual" content and how it wasn't just peck on the cheek and a "gee, I like you so much." Aside from the development of the characters, their relationship and growth in age/experience if you will, was quite enjoyable. I obviously look forward to much more, Ms. Wilson!

  • Kayti Raet
    2019-03-26 20:41

    Reviewed for readers favoriteIn Shadowed Strength, a fast Young Adult paranormal romance by Wendi Wilson, sixteen year old Melanie Johnson is a quiet teen struggling with self confidence but with a strong group of friends. Then one night after an encounter with a bully leaves her feeling shattered she bumps fast to face with a masked assailant who has the worst of intentions. Despite trying to fight him off she's nearly overcome when a mysterious dog comes to her rescue.Shaken, Melanie tries to put the incident behind her and focus on her burgeoning romance with Jeremy, her long time crush. But sinister notes invade her bliss and as the danger mounts Melanie soon comes to realize that her attacker may go to her school.I had a blast reading Shadowed Strength by Wendi Wilson! It was such an enjoyable adventure, the romance had me grinning from ear to ear and I loved the interaction between Melanie and Jeremy as well as between her and her best friend Tara. I also enjoyed how much Melanie blossomed as a character, growing from a shrinking violet to a young woman standing strong in the sun. There was a crucial plot point where I worried that Shadowed Strength would dive into cliche but Wilson really showed that she knew her character and the journey she should take.The book ends on a bit of a cliffhanger but still manages to resolve the main story while leaving just enough tension for the new mystery.A fast fast read Shadowed Strength is the first in a series about trust and self acceptance, and is great for any fan of teen literature and paranormal romance.

  • Danielle
    2019-04-08 22:19

    Ahhhh!!! I'm in one of the states after finishing a book where I have all the feels, and so many thoughts going on in my head. I'm just so excited and I have to figure out how to get all of it down in writing so it makes sense. :-)I liked this book right away. The authors characters and writing style had me drawn in within a page or so, and I LOVE when that happens in a book. So, I knew the book would be about an attempted rape, and overall I feel like the author did a really good job of dealing with such a sensitive topic. There were times it was hard to read sections that dealt with the stalker, particularly when it was from his point of view, but although it was hard, it wasn't unbearable. I tend to be pretty sensitive to those kinds of things, but it was ok. I really like the way Mel's character developed over time in the book, particularly in the last couple of chapters. She really grew as a lot and that was pretty neat to see. I loved the ending and the suspense. I actually had to have my husband hold my hand as I read the last several chapters, because I was so excited by the suspense. I definitely guessed where a few of the plot lines in the story were going, but I liked how she kept me guessing on some of them. And, guessing them correctly didn't take away from my pleasure. This book was wonderful, and I can't wait to read the next book in the series!I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Buck Kelly
    2019-04-06 00:33

    Shadowed Strength is a paranormal romance that might appeal to a large, YA audience.The book revolves around sixteen-year-old Melanie, an otherwise normal, intelligent and interesting teenager who suffers from an overwhelming inferiority complex. Although she is the current target of schoolyard bullying, she has the support of her best friend, Tara, and also of hottie, Jeremy, on whom she has had an unrequited crush for the past year. Real world and paranormal events quickly evolve from the bullying. When complications endanger those she loves, Melanie must overcome her fears and confront the threats herself.What I liked: Shadowed Strength is well-written, which makes it an easy read. The pacing is good and the plot progressions smooth, with the mostly-predictable plot twists just iffy enough to maintain some tension. What I thought could be improved: I became impatient (but not disenchanted) with Melanie's continued insecurity in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I was also frustrated (and slightly disenchanted) with Melanie's unfounded reluctance to communicate certain events to authorities (mom, principals, cops, etc.) Admittedly, this tendency might actually appeal to a YA audience. Regardless, a major end-story development bodes well for the elimination of both issues in succeeding books in the series.

  • Mickey Ann
    2019-04-17 02:40

    Shadowed Strength for me was between a 3 and 4 stars.I have to confess I’m not a huge fan of YA books, but I like a good story so the fact that it was a YA book didn’t bias me against the author. In a nutshell, shy and insecure sixteen year old Melanie Johnson is attacked one night, only to be saved by a large black dog with soulful eyes. Both attacker and rescuer disappear into the night. You know that’s not the last time we will hear from them again!What I liked about this book is the theme about bullying and overcoming insecurities. That’s a theme that will always resonate with women at any age. I love that Melanie isn’t your typical waif who is just misunderstood. But, at the same time, we are constantly reminded Melanie is overweight and that she’s insecure. At some point that just grates on the nerve–who wants to be around someone who is so needy and who constantly needs to reminded she is special. Moreover, the action was a little slow building and predictable for me. I think some of that is probably due to the fact that Wendi wrote the initial story when she was sixteen.Notwithstanding the flaws, I give great big thumbs up for Wendi’s positive message to young adults!