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Former bad boy and firefighter Frankie Hernandez struggles to recover from debilitating injuries sustained during his last fire. Physical therapist Cassie Flick is at her wit's end with the handsome hunk, conspiring with his friends to get Frankie’s life back despite his intense pain. Those plans get derailed when she receives a delivery from an unknown source. Roses are sFormer bad boy and firefighter Frankie Hernandez struggles to recover from debilitating injuries sustained during his last fire. Physical therapist Cassie Flick is at her wit's end with the handsome hunk, conspiring with his friends to get Frankie’s life back despite his intense pain. Those plans get derailed when she receives a delivery from an unknown source. Roses are sweet, but a note inside them threatening Cassie isn’t. There’s a killer loose in Sayle, Washington, and Frankie isn't about to let Cassie face this threat alone, no matter what it costs him physically. The more time they spend together, the closer they become and the higher the stakes are for Frankie to overcome his disabilities and protect her. Together they race to discover who’s killing women in their city, fighting to solve the mystery before Cassie becomes the next victim....

Title : Blazing Hotter
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Blazing Hotter Reviews

  • Bretta L
    2019-04-13 11:57

    Blazing Hotter by Chantel Rhondeau takes a look at how sometimes the right motivation can come about from the wrong reasons.After a house fire nearly kills Frankie Hernandez, this fireman suffers one discouraging hit after another, and soon gives up hope on his recovery. His therapist, Cassie Flick, has watched him struggle over the last year and a half and while she knows he will never fight fires again she’s running out of ideas to keep him from checking out on life. Roses delivered to Cassie with a disturbing message soon unite the duo, and while Cassie loves Frankie’s new-found determination, the reason behind it terrifies her. Someone in Sayle is killing women and while the couple grows closer they seem to be getting further from finding the suspect with each piece of evidence they find.Oh, how I love a Florence Nightingale twist, and this couple has it to the Nth degree. While Frankie has suffered from extensive injuries, he can’t help but fall for his sexy therapist, but rather than being unrequited, Cassie is suffering from her own infatuation as well. I really felt the chemistry between the two had a great backstory, and their attraction was believable. Their ability to admit the pull to each other was convincing, while still letting me picture the awkwardness of the situation.The mystery element of the story had me biting my nails because one moment I’d think I knew who the killer was, and then the next chapter would blow my theory out of the water. This, to me, is something I really enjoyed, since it kept me on my toes while the pieces of the puzzle were revealed. Rhondeau ratchets up the fear when the police drop a bomb that rattles Cassie, and while Frankie and her friends rally around her, she’s no longer sure who to trust.I do have to say that the cover and the synopsis didn’t go together. During my reading of the book, I even went back to the cover to make sure I remembered it right or didn’t miss something. While it’s small potatoes, in the long run, the cover felt slightly like false advertising, even if the author does eventually tie it in.Rhondeau weaves a story that’s a great blend of mystery and love, and while it’s not full of mind-blowing sex, it still has enough to satisfy those who are looking for that fix. The story is exciting and poignant. It’s great light reading for someone who wants a book that is going to keep them engaged.

  • Lisi Cabrera
    2019-04-15 08:02

    OMG Frankie was such an arrogant womanizer in Blazing Love...I love the changes in him in Blazing Hotter! He turns into a really nice guy who's in love with Cassie. But given his injuries from his last fire , he doesn't feel like a whole man. Cassie is your typical insecure woman. Beautiful, successful, independent but afraid of love & not sure she's good enough to be loved. Add to this a crazy killer on the loose and you have your hands full in this romantic suspense. I couldn't put it down until the end. Really enjoyed this book.

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-24 16:04

    I remember reading Laura and Thayne's book previously, so I was excited when they popped up in this book. I wondered what would happen to the probie who wouldn't listen and seeing what he has been going through broke my heart a little. I love how he and Cassie connected. It's not about how someone looks, it's what's on the inside and this couple show that. There was a lot of misdirection and mystery surrounding Cassie and her dangerous situation, and I enjoyed every page! Great book!

  • Cristine Hand
    2019-04-08 09:12

    I thought this book was ABSOLUTELY AWE-INSPIRING as to the struggles the couple goes through. Despite the limitations that are between them, they fought to be with each other. I have read the McCallister's Paradise series and loved the fact that Laura and Thayne from Blazing Love got married on the Island. I love how the two stories intertwined together. Love surely conquers all!!!! I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.

  • Shelly Celli
    2019-03-20 08:54

    Intense readI was hooked from the very beginning. Seeing how depressed Frankie was after the damage done to him in the fire, I was hoping there would be something to get him motivated, just didn't expect a murderer to be what caused it. Cassie is such a sweet girl and so strong. I would have broke down with everything that happened to her. Watching these two fall in love while battling against a killer was intense and page turning. Definite must read.

  • Rebecca Austin
    2019-04-03 08:52

    Frankie Hernandez was always a typical cocky firefighter until he is caught in a fire with fellow firefighter Thayne Bloodgood and has ended up in a rehabilitation center trying to heal from the injuries he sustained. Unfortunately Frankie has all but given up on getting better until his attractive physical therapist, Cassie Flick, receives some beautiful flowers with a threatening note inside.Cassie has an idea on who sent her the flowers but as she and Frankie begin to investigate it is clear they are in over their head when the flowers match a serial killers calling. Will Frankie be able to overcome his injuries and help protect Cassie or will she be the serial killers next victim?This book was awesome and a great follow up to Blazing Love. I highly recommend reading that one first as you really get a sense of the change in Frankie due to the fire and understand more about him.Frankie is one of my favorite characters as you really understood why he had distanced himself from everyone around him as he had so much guilt inside him and just wanted to be left alone. It was hard for him with Cassie as well as he didn't want to be viewed as less than a man, which is how he felt. His character has undergone a complete transformation within the two books and I'm glad how it all turned out.Cassie was great and it was sad how everything went sideways for her with receiving the flowers, yet that is how she ends up with Frankie so that is all good!There was definitely some surprises at the end and I'm glad part of it was a complete shock! Great read!