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Congratulations, you just got drafted into the NFL. Now what? Here s what s ahead of you: rigoro.......

Title : Rookie Handbook
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ISBN : 9781682450345
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 176 Pages
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Rookie Handbook Reviews

  • BigJohn
    2018-10-11 22:05

    When I first heard about this book, I figured it was some sort of parodic handbook meant to poke fun at rookies in the NFL. After I started reading it, however, I came to realize that it is, in fact, an actual handbook meant to help guide rookies into a transition to life in the NFL.As such, it has minimal appeal to everyone else. There is plenty of interesting insight into the inner workings of the NFL, its players and the overall professional sports milieu, but the advice presented therein is really anecdotal and rarely applies to anyone other than a young professional sports player.The book is an extremely fast read, and has many illustrations that are, for the most part, unnecessary. They seem to have been inserted in order to a) provide pictures in a book in order to get some dumb jock to read it; and b) to stretch out the length of the book overall. If you think the first comment is harsh of me to say, consider this line from the book itself: "In constructing The Rookie Handbook we realized early on that many of you were not the most scholarly of students and reading may not be your forte. So we took it upon ourselves to present the simplest version we could possibly conceive. The result is an easy-to-read, heavily illustrated reference book that should help you not only increase your chances of surviving your first season, but also of achieving a long and successful NFL career."That all being said, I really do feel that there is some value in young rookies reading this book. I'm not a professional athlete, nor do I know any, but I can see for certain that the advice that is presented in this book would be well-received, especially by young players fresh out of college who don't have a lot of life experience. The only problem is that the people who would bother to read a book like this are least likely to actually need the advice. It's an interesting read to us NFL fan plebians, but the message is lost on us. But if you're a recently-drafted professional football rookie who is looking online for reviews on books to help you through your rookie year, then by all means - buy this book.

  • Brian
    2018-09-22 15:53

    If you are an NFL fan, this is a fun, easy-to-read book that will give you some insights into life in the NFL for players.

  • Edwin Howard
    2018-10-20 23:03

    THE ROOKIE HANDBOOK BY Ryan Kalil, Jordan Gross, Geoff Hangartner is guide to an aspiring NFL rookie, leading them through preparing for the NFL draft all the way to the end of their rookie year. Written by three NFL lineman, I found much of the material enlightening and while some things seemed common sense, the handbook constantly reminds rookies to remain grounded and use common sense in their decisions and not go overboard. It has a tongue and cheek feel of a 1950's Boy Scout Handbook, full of funny graphics, and matter of fact statements that are quite funny. The handbook does a great job in both seriously warning a rookie how to prepare for and act like a proper NFL athlete, but leaves the reader laughing the whole time as well. Being an NFL fan, and especially being a Carolina Panthers fan (the three authors all played for Carolina), I thought this was great fun and should my 10 year old son ever yearns to become an NFL great, I'm going to immediately throw this book at him. Thank you to Regan Arts, Ryan Kalil, Jordan Gross, Geoff Hangartner, and Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

  • Madison Dawn
    2018-09-30 16:45

    The Rookie Handbook written by 3 form Caroline Panthers players was very enlightening for anyone that wants to know more about being in the NFL. These three are very tongue in cheek and good writers, even going as far as to make fun of themselves or fellow authors (more often than not Hanggartner). Definitely not a difficult read with plenty of pictures to both assist with the topic at hand and prevent to subject from being too preachy and monotonous. While I loved reading the book and getting to know more, it is truly for those who have a love of football and I mean love and those that are looking to play in the NFL. After I finished reading I let my sister borrow it, as she like reading and is fan of Cam Newton ( I mean who isn't), she however could not get through it as football is something she has on in the background on Sunday and enjoyed going tailgating in College. This book can easily be applied to all sports and for anyone that is "rookie" maybe at a new job or even new player on a team. It has life lessons that are very handy, but some of the info really is just for football.

  • Reading Fool
    2018-10-08 16:49

    I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.What a fun book for any NFL lover. This handbook was written by three Carolina Panthers and serves as a guide for any rookie in the NFL from the draft through their first season. It is witty and reads like a boy scout handbook. The audience for this book truly is the small population of NFL rookies (I assume the information in the book is accurate and not just for laughs), but it definitely would be greatly appreciated by a football fan and also by anyone starting out in a new job. Much of the wisdom can be applied to any career. This would be a great gift for any NFL fan.

  • Darrell Keller
    2018-10-06 18:00

    Entertaining book! Read it because I am a Panthers fan.

  • Cheri Clark
    2018-09-23 15:02

    Concise and to the point. Added to our High School library and the kids enjoy the book.

  • Gary
    2018-10-22 19:05

    Quick and easy read. If you are fan of the NFL, you will enjoy this book.