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The latest blockbuster in paperback from Sidney Sheldon - telling a story of power, money, greed, lust and corruption, with a strong female central character. Sheldon is still a major player when it comes to paperback bestsellers, and this latest addition to the list should not disappoint....

Title : The Sky is Falling
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ISBN : 9780007101887
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 278 Pages
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The Sky is Falling Reviews

  • Diane
    2018-10-12 12:54

    Ok read! typical S.Sheldon's kinda writing and storyline that involves entangled crime,mystery and a little suspenseful with a few flawed characters (paperback!)

  • Tea Jovanović
    2018-09-21 14:47

    Upravo se sprema crnogorsko izdanje... Pre devet godina je poslednji put objavljena...

  • Mihira
    2018-10-02 18:54

    When I started reading it, I just couldn't leave it. It was such a hooker!!This was my first book by this author and ever since, I am his big fan. I love his way of writing and the best thing is the element of surprise. It revolves around a reporter(Dana Evans) who is working on a story, a dangerous story which poses a threat to her life. I just love Dana! She is so witty and controlled... The books of Sheldon are so full of Suspense, you just can't put the book down...I tried to but just couldn't.JUST TWO WORDS:- Amazingly amazing!!

  • Giridharan
    2018-10-03 14:55

    A fantastic read.In a normal book,the suspense is about who the killer is.But in this Sidney's masterpiece,the suspense builds right from the start on whether the consecutive deaths are murders are just a co-incidence.The character Dana Evans is portrayed with a surgeon's precision and I would love to meet such a character in real life.The cute love between Dana and Jeff, Jeff's concern for his ex-wife Rachel while she is in trouble are all simple things that make up this master-piece.The secret Plutonium manufacturing city which is claimed to be 'real' by the author gives the readers creeps.Dana is being followed by strangers without her knowledge and that adds to the tension.There is no way one could find the real criminal till Sasha is murdered.I feel the end was a bit rushed through and the climax is far-fetched.However the first parts of the book make up for the quick ending.The five murders and the way Dana goes about her investigation,her actions being monitored by some unknown agents are all typical Sheldon stuff.A must - read novel for everyone.Please don't miss it.For more such reviews, visit my blog.

  • John
    2018-09-20 15:02

    I picked this up at a library sale, having never read anything from Sheldon before, and the dust jacket spoke highly of him and his other work (books, TV shows, awards, etc.). Well, it's obvious they weren't talking about this book. This one contains a very thin plot, foreseeable twists, and very little imagery outside of the basic story. Good authors, who do their homework, can put the reader in the character's shoes - what they're thinking, feeling, and seeing. Here you have a main character who travels to half a dozen major cities around the world and she may as well have been traveling to Des Moines, IA. Sheldon doesn't even mention jet lag after the third or fourth flight in a week. He does, however, feel the need to introduce EVERYONE by full name - I don't care what the hotel desk clerk's first and last name is, and knowing it doesn't make me feel like I'm in Paris.Overall this book reads like someone took a night class on how to write a government conspiracy/corruption thriller and hammered it out over a lazy weekend.

  • Debbie
    2018-10-02 13:47

    Quick read. Not necessarily my cup o' tea. I'd just finished a book. I wasn't sure what to start next. I was in the mood for something mystery/thriller. I didn't have anything that fit the bill on my shelves at present and no time to run to the bookstore. Two friends of mine had just finished reading this book, they liked it and recommended it. I said, why not give it a try. We have different tastes in book genres, the three of us but they both said that Sidney Sheldon is one of their favorite authors. I'd never read a book by this author until now. Here's what I thought. This will be a semi quick review. The Sky Is Falling is supposed to be about a local news reporter, Dana Evans who's curiosity about a well known philanthropist's murder get's her into more trouble than she bargained for. Prior to this adventure, Dana was a news correspondent in war torn Sarajevo. Now she is back in Washington D.C. doing the local nightly news, she's engaged to the sports caster and she is trying to be mother to a orphan from Sarajovo named Kemal who lost his arm and his family to a bomb explosion. Dana does an interview with philanthropist Paul Winthrop and the next day, he's dead. Something feels not right about this and Dana starts, in the beginning out of curiosity to look into his death. She finds that he was the last of a rich American family who within months of each other have had sudden strange deaths. Everyone talks well of the family as if they were saints but Dana feels in her gut that there is something not right under the surface. She just couldn't accept that they all came face to face with accidents. These were murders and she would get to the bottom of it. Thoughts: To be honest. This was a quick read and I'm glad. To me this is very drug store/grocery store I need something to occupy my time at the airport or while waiting for an appointment type of book. It was too simple. Too inconclusive. Too many loose ends and totally not believable. Too many random one page characters that were very transparent or just too simple. All the supporting characters were feeble to me. Under developed. The descriptions were of what they supposedly looked like physically but nothing supportive in the script to tell me who these people really were. What was their purpose besides their name or title. Fiction is fake and mysteries and thrillers are fantasy or infringement but this was just too B movie for me. Trying not to give away spoilers here but Dana encountered people who spoke different languages and you mean to tell me every time she could speak those languages? She was a local news reporter yet she was known world wide? Really? The relationship between her and the adopted son was just.. so careless. It didn't feel like there was any feeling or genuine connection. If there was supposed to be it was not communicated so the reader comprehended this. At all. The fiance' had some side story that I still don't comprehend the point of. Why was it there? The story was fast moving and slow moving at the same time. Fast from this place to that place to this spot to the other but technically nothing really interesting happened till the end of the book. The end was interesting but still... Hollywood B movie. Recommend? It was quick. It passed the time. That's about it. I don't think I'll read any more of this author's books. Just not really my cup o' tea. Maybe it's the book snob in me and I mean no harm with it but.. I read Literature.. this was a book. One makes you think, ponder, feel and learn. The other causes you to exercise the mobility of your hands turning pages and exercise your retina's reading from one side to the other. But to each his/her own. I'm an advocate of reading in general. Sadly some don't even read at all. Not because they can't but because the TV and Internet have stolen their soul. So if it makes you read, whatever it is, much respect and enjoy in good health. Two stars for keeping my busy.

  • Neja
    2018-10-16 10:46

    I am so sorry to write this, but this book wasn't my cup of tea. I didn't like the reason for the deaths in this story. Crime is my favorite genre and I don't like this type of crime stories. The style of writing is pretty light, it's an easy read, I did like the twist that happens, I just didn't enjoy reading this book as much, I had a totally different expectations.

  • Veronica Singleton
    2018-09-26 15:51

    What do I say w/o sounding like the critics or the back of the book cover? I loved how he picked this title; from dialogue. The main character runs into her bosses office and he says you come running in here like Chicken Little screaming "The sky is falling, the sky is falling." I love that. But, this is really signature Sidney Sheldon. Once you begin reading, just buckle in and keep turning the pages. Once I reached like chapter 9 I had a difficult time putting it down. So much so, that I finished the remaining chapters in two days. This is thriller ratched up to 10. It's funny once I began writing seriously, it was difficult to read, because all I could do was critique. I found myself doing this occasionally with this book at a couple spots, but I had no problem shaking that off and forging ahead. If you like a fast paced thriller, you cannot miss this read. I remember his book, Sands of Time, I read literally in two days, it was so wonderful. With all of the other books I've read of his, this ranks up there at the top of the list.

  • Kathryn
    2018-10-04 15:58

    I picked this book up because it was a "New York Times bestseller" and I had never read anything by Sidney Sheldon and wanted to see what I thought of him as an author. Answer: Not much. Situations are contrived, characters don't feel like real people. Just about every page has something on it that strains credibility, or seems fake or contrived. Conversations don't feel real. Situations don't feel real. There are lots of stupid little mistakes and inconsistencies. I won't pick up any more Sidney Sheldon books. This just goes to show that just because a book is a NY Times bestseller, doesn't mean it's worth reading. This is probably the worst "mystery" I've ever read.

  • Yvonne
    2018-09-22 13:47

    Not finished - Probably won't finish since the e-library copy expired on my nook color a week ago.Here's the thing - this book above all else, is incredibly predictable. The plot is blah, the characters under-developed and shallow. He describes the characters(namely the men) the same. I suspect her fiance is the bad guy- lol. Either way, I was very disappointed. But don't take my word for it.... (haaa)Sidney is a talented writer, no doubt. I just didn't care for this particular novel. Read "Memories of Midnight" for a great Sidney Sheldon novel.Peace, I'm outta here!

  • Dalila.
    2018-10-16 17:00

    a friend recommended this book to me have to admit I did not expect a lot but I was pleasantly surprised..THE SKY IS FALLING is a scintillating thriller set against a world-class background. The elegantly crafted plot builds from curiosity to terror culminating in a conspiracy of enormous proportion. While fiction has its roots in truth, from the Author's Note at the end, one wonders. Could this really happen, or has it?

  • Trisha Nagpal
    2018-09-20 15:09

    "It is the dim haze of mystery that adds enchantment to pursuit." -Antoine Rivarol One day, you find yourself picking up a book you would never think about laying your hands upon and almost suddenly this novel has you fastened to the couch ominously preventing you from gazing away, even for a second from its iron-grip. The protagonist is a witty news reporter that has acquired fame from the perilous, lethal news reports she covers. The genesis of the plot is sparked by the curiosity she succumbs to after the death of the last member of the affluent Winthrop family-all 5 of which have died 'accidental' deaths within the appalling span of a year.The book was thoroughly equipped with treachery, deception and treason but at the same time it also depicted loyalty, love and friendship in its most versatile framework. It differentiated between the qualities that people portrayed and the obverse ones they possessed. It was a breath of fresh air-for me,someone who isn't accustomed to reading crime debut thrillers.The form of speech was was simple, and could be easily comprehended. I loved the fact that this book got me thinking, it got me trying to outsmart the author- miserably failing in unearthing the end. All i can gather from an author such as Sidney Sheldon on a first read is that his book was anything but cliche. It was thoroughly drenched with enigma and suspense and drove me toward the edge of insanity in unfolding its mystery.Toward the end, the murderer turned out to be someone i never quite managed to put a finger upon. In all totality the book was remarkable, the plot- an endless tornado distinctly whirling its way through a myriad of possibilities.A grappling, quick read.

  • Kellie
    2018-10-15 14:06

    Yawn. Another book from the box o' paperbacks (I am beginning to sense why my neighbor is getting rid of them..). Written in the early nineties - characters were pretty lame. Tons of story lines and none of them intriguing enough to develop - apparently even for the author.

  • Diane Wallace
    2018-09-28 11:54

    i wanted to give this book 5 stars but :) nothing is perfect in life had to find something imperfect with it so there was i thought that it was not long enough (funny)..on the other hand this was a very well written book

  • Jesiica
    2018-09-18 15:06

    Muy buen libro, la verdad que me encantó, aunque con un final bastante confuso... Como siempre los libros de Sidney Sheldon, te atrapan, y te dejan como mas. Mucho misterio y Suspenso! me encantoo (= Recomendadisimo

  • Maryam Jamal
    2018-10-03 15:56

    رهيييبةحاسة حالي عشت احداث فلم اكشن امريكي :|من بداية الرواية لحد اكتر من نصها .. ماكنت فاهمة حاجة.. وكل اشي داخل ببعضهوفجاة بدا كل اشي يوضح .. وفهمت كل اشي :|مممم اول مرة اقرا هالنوع من الرواياات..استمعت كتير :D

  • Maria
    2018-10-10 17:40

    Note to Mr. Sheldon: 20-somethings don't speak like Dana Evans. They don't call everyone, including boyfriends, "darling."

  • JP Apellido
    2018-09-30 17:45

    Few hundred pages were great, and fast paced. I could feel the thrill. Though after a while, it started to become rather repetitive and boring

  • Lorrane Gloriya
    2018-09-18 15:05

    It's a good mysterious story about the murder of a family. Nicely written by Sidney Sheldon.

  • Huy Trần Ngọc
    2018-09-30 12:54

    Cuốn tiểu thuyết thứ 2 mình đọc của Sidney Sheldon và lần này lại là một cảm giác hào hứng trước cuộc phiêu lưu đầy kịch tính nữa của nhà văn này.Một đặc điểm trong cách tạo hình nhân vật của Sidney rất đặc biệt, đó là ông luôn chọn bắt đầu câu chuyện với những nhân vật nổi tiếng và có chức vụ cao (tất nhiên là hư cấu) đặt trong bối cảnh xã hội thì lại có thực. Điều này tạo cho những nhân vật chính có những đặc quyền mà hầu như ít thấy trong những tác phẩm khác. Hơi khác với "Cát bụi thời gian", thì cuốn "Bầu trời sụp đổ" này lại có nhịp truyện nhanh hơn nhiều, tuy phải nó là Cát bụi thời gian cũng diễn biến nhanh, nhưng The Sky is Failling nhanh hơn rất nhiều lần. Có thể vì mạch truyện dễ follow và kỹ năng đọc của mình nhanh hơn trước nên có cảm giác đó, nhưng việc thời gian trôi vèo vèo và không gian trang trước trang sau đã nhoáng nhoàng sang một nơi khác, lặp lại nhiều lần tương đối chóng mặt. Thời gian trôi nhanh ở đây không phải là một vài tháng hay vài năm sau, mà là ngày hôm trước cô phóng viên Dana vừa ở bối cảnh thời gian không gian này bất chợt, cách ra 2 dòng mình phải cố hình dung ra một bối cảnh ở một nơi hoàn toàn khác, skip toàn bộ mọi thứ về chuyến bay lẫn quang cảnh trên đường đi... Tuy nhiên, điều này không phải hoàn toàn là tiêu cực, vì đôi khi tác giả cũng để cho những quãng nghỉ hợp lý, và mạch truyện dễ theo nên với một cuộc phiêu lưu kịch tính thì nhanh cũng là điều chấp nhận được.Một lần nữa, mình chẳng đoán biết được gì trước khi phải đọc đến 10-20 trang cuối, thật khó đoán (and at the same time, cũng dễ đoán) và quan trọng hơn, đó là mình hồi hộp cả từ tận trang 400 đến trang 500, tức là chờ mãi để hết hồi hộp, chờ "mọi dữ liệu đâu vào đấy" mà mãi không hết hồi hộp thành ra hơi mệt :))Một cuốn sách thú vị và NHANH.*spoiler để còn nhớ*..... HE cho gia đình Dana, Jeff và Kermal, những con người nhân hậu và bản chất tốt đẹp nhận được những gì xứng đáng với họ.

  • Nirob Mahmud
    2018-09-26 19:10

    Another nice piece from Master Storyteller. But, my expectation was little high. From starting, story's plot was spreading. When it finished, I was felt that where is the special thrill! Dana Evans was a strong role. Kemal was a mystery to me. Jeff was the lucky guy who has his love in life.

  • Veera
    2018-10-13 13:48

    Ensimmäinen lukemani Sheldoni. Ihan täydellistä kesälukemista! Tarina koukutti ja viihdytti.

  • Dee Cyr
    2018-10-07 15:59

    Pretty good - kept my interest from beginning to end

  • Aye
    2018-09-17 12:42

    3.5 estrellasEste es otra de mis ''lecturas para colectivo o lugares que tengo que estar mucho tiempo sentada'' (corta denominación, jajaja)Dana Evans es una reconocida periodista de Estados Unidos. Volvió hace poco a su hogar, ya que estuvo cubriendo la guerra directo desde Sarajevo para el noticiario en donde ella es conductora. Su valentía y humanidad traspasó la pantalla para así ganarse el cariño y la admiración de todo el público. Mientras se adapta de nuevo a su vida cotidiana, junto con su novio Jeff y Kemal -un chico que perdió a toda su familia en Sarajevo y Dana decidió adoptarlo- sucede un crimen que despierta su interés: Taylor Winthrop es asesinado. Taylor era el último de los Winthrop, una familia rica de políticos. Todos, misteriosamente, murieron en accidentes. Nadie sospechó nunca de que se tratase de asesinato porque se trataba de una familia querida y solidaria por/con todos ¿Quién se atrevería a matarlos? ¿Quién tendría siquiera motivos?. Pero Dana presiente que hay algo más detrás de lo que todos dicen o piensan, y decide comenzar una investigación la cual pronto la llevará a caminar sobre terreno peligroso.La historia es interesante. Al principio puede ser lenta y sin acción, pero a medida que va avanzando se pone más interesante. Y acercándose al final me dejó con la boca abierta en un par de ocasiones por la sorpresa. Me gustó que se muestre el lado peligroso de 'meterse donde no nos incumbe'. Es tan triste que sea tan peligroso el buscar justicia, y tan cotidiano incluso en la vida real. Nota aparte: Y yo que quería dedicarme a la criminología, como que después de leer el libro y pensar mejor las cosas mi sueño se frustró completamente. Y la situación actual de Argentina tampoco ayuda.El personaje de Dana me agradó. Es independiente, solidaria y con deseos de hacer un bien en el mundo. Fue muy lindo de su parte el adoptar a Kemal y todo lo que hace por él luego, cambiándole por completo su vida. Y también dejando a Jeff ir con Rachel sin reprocharle palabra alguna, y sin contarle sus problemas para no sumarle mas preocupaciones.Tengo que decir que Jeff me enojó la mayor parte del tiempo. Entiendo que Rachel necesitaba compañía y todo pero parecía como que no se preocupaba en Dana y lo que ella pudiera pensar o sentir con respecto a él quedándose con su ex-novia supermodelo.Rachel al principio obviamente no me gustó para nada, y para el final como que me compadecí de ella. Debió de ser dificil. Aun que, todo hubiese sido mucho más fácil si se hubiese mudado a donde Jeff, y tendría no sólo la compañía de Jeff si no que de Dana y de seguramente sus amigos. Kemal es sólo adorable. Ese chico la tuvo difícil. No puedo siquiera imaginar la cantidad de chicos que tienen que pasar por lo mismo que él, y que, como es el duro mundo real, no tienen su suerte. Es increíble que estemos en el siglo XXI y las guerras todavía sigan existiendo. Y cada vez son peores.En fin, es un libro entretenido que hasta el último capítulo está repleto de suspenso. Las 3.5 estrellas es simplemente porque se me hizo un poco lenta al principio, y hubo varias cosas que me parecieron que estuvieron de relleno. Pero igual es una historia interesante que bien podría pasar en el mundo real actual, lo que logra mantener al lector atrapado hasta el final y por qué no, lograr meterse en la piel del personaje.

  • Elizabeth
    2018-09-18 11:41

    I read this book to prepare for a First Reads book that (perfect timing) arrived yesterday. I have to admit, I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was definitely worth the read, and I wouldn't mind picking it up again for a deeper read. Although, I'm not sure a deeper read is possible. This is a book where the suspense is palpable, but the characters are a little flat. If you're looking for a book where the mystery is intense, this is for you. On the other hand, if you're looking for characters to fall in love with, then put this away for another day.Dana Evans, lead investigative reporter for WTN, interviews a very likable philanthropist, and he is then killed in what is supposed to look like a botched art robbery. When she finds that his entire family was killed within the last year, she begins to look deeper into the mystery, finding that this beloved philanthropic family isn't at all what they seem to be... Murder, intrigue, shady men following her around, and even a "Lurch" style butler (a la the Addams Family, for those of you who didn't get the Lurch reference) are only some of the elements found in this book, and they all add to the suspense. I found the characters, on the other hand, to be a little dull, not in personality, but in intelligence. They all seemed to have an inability to see the facts staring them straight in the face. I couldn't believe that Dana never realized that she was being followed, or when her neighbors leave, but don't make it to their new home, she doesn't think anything of it but in passing. Meanwhile, her boss, Matt, realizes something is up, but he doesn't look into it either. We seem to have a score of reporters and various news personnel with a lack of curiosity, which I imagine is bad for business.Then there is the love interest and his ex-wife... Jeff, Dana's boyfriend/fiance' brings his ex-wife to lunch so the two women can meet. When the ex-wife comes down with cancer, Jeff drops everything to keep her company instead of helping Dana find a killer. But, why was she in the book at all? Her only seeming purpose was to be a distraction, but if that distraction is supposed to explain Dana's inability to see the creepy men watching her every move, then she is the worst investigative reporter I've ever seen.Besides, since Dana has a new child she is adopting from war-torn Sarajevo, she doesn't really need any further distractions. Kemal, the new son, doesn't really seem to be much of a distraction anyhow. She seems willing to leave him at the drop of a hat, even though he has only one arm and seems to get into a ton of trouble. I suppose, in hindsight, her worry for other people might be enough to keep her from seeing the danger of her situation until it's too late in several instances. For me, it was just a way to add to the suspense, which this book has in spades! I absolutely loved the level of suspense in this story. Each new bit of information leaves a million new questions unanswered, which kept me glued to the story, in spite of the lackluster characters that kept getting in the way. Overall, I enjoyed this book, and am looking forward to reading more.

  • Lucia
    2018-10-08 13:04

    ESPAÑOL / SPANISHHacia muchisimo tiempo que no leia un libro tan bueno! Amo Sidney Sheldon! empecé a leer cosas de él por recomendación de mi Tio (el mejor del mundo tengo que decir) No es el primer libro de Sidney Sheldon empecé con "Si fuera un mañana" y me enamore!Me encanta a idea de que las mujeres sean las triunfadoras debido a que en la gran mayoria de libros, los hombres siempre salvan el mundo.Volviendo al tema en "Presentimientos" Dana Evans es una periodista muy inteligente! Me gusta mucho su forma de pensar. Ama a su hijo adoptivo Kemal, que con el tiempo es el chico mas inteligente y dulce del mundo. El solo quiere una familia.Tengo que Admitir dos cosas.La primera: (view spoiler)[ Jamás creí que los asesinatos fueran ordenados por Pamela y su esposo, es mas siempre desconfié de Elliot el jefe de Dana!(hide spoiler)]La segunda: Pobre Rachel!!! (view spoiler)[ No solo el hecho de que afronta el terrible cáncer que puedo decir de primera mano que es una gran mierda. Sino que ademas sabe que no puede recuperar el amor de Jack que una vez fue para ella y ahora es para Dana. Sino que ademas hace creer a Jack que mejoró cuando en realidad le quedan meses de vida para que él pueda ir con su amada(hide spoiler)]Me gusto mucho el tema de asesinatos en cadena de una familia entera que parecen acidentes lo hace muy interesante y el hecho de que Dana recorra el mundo entero para encontrar respuestas me parece increíble!!Me encantó este libro, no tengo mas palabras para describirlo!ENGLISH / INGLESI didn't read this kind of awesome book for a long time! I ove Sidney Sheldon! I started to read his books by recommendation of my uncle (the bes uncle in the world I have to say) this isn't the first Sidney Seldon book I've read. I started with "If tomorrow comes" and I fell in love!I love the fact that women are the ones that find out hat it's happening, in the big majority of books, men are who always save the world, not in Sindey Sheldon Books.Back to "The Sky is Falling" Dana Evans is a journalist very smart! I like how she thinks. She loves her adoptive son Kema, who with time is the smartest and sweetest boy ever. He only wants a family.I have to admmit two thing.The first one: (view spoiler)[ I never thougth that the murderers were Pamela and his husband, I was suspecting about Elliot, Dana's Boss!(hide spoiler)]The second one: Poor Rachel! (view spoiler)[ Not just the fact that she have Cancer I can say it's a great shit. But she also knows that she can't get Jack's love that in one time was hers but now she knows he loves Dana. She also make Jacks believe she is fine agan when she is going to die months later just to make Jack's go back with Dana(hide spoiler)]I love the stuff about an entire family being murderer by wierd "accidents" it make this interesting! And i loved the fact that Dana travel all around the world to find the Answers, thas awesome!I loved this book, I don't have more worlds to describe it!

  • PurplyCookie
    2018-09-22 17:51

    Efficiently brisk and reliably suspenseful, Sheldon's novel demonstrates that this veteran master of commercial fiction has not lost his touch. Freshly returned to Washington, D.C., from a stint reporting in Sarajevo, TV newscaster Dana Evans (introduced in Sheldon's "The Best Laid Plans") struggles to cope with her new adopted son, troubled 12-year-old Kemal, whose parents and sister were killed in the fighting. Back on the job, Dana interviews youngish millionaire Gary Winthrop, the scion of a Kennedyesque clan, only to learn the next day that the prospective Senate candidate and philanthropist has been murdered in his Washington townhouse. Unbelievably, Dana is the only person who finds it odd that five members of the Winthrop family have died violent deaths in the last year. Despite this weakness in the plot, Sheldon crafts a page-turner that takes Dana on a worldwide quest from France, Germany and Italy to Alaska and Moscow as she pursues her hunch that all the Winthrop deaths are related. It seems strange that in a media-savvy city like Washington, no one but Dana has noticed there's a pattern in the rapid extinction of the Winthrops or even whispered the words family vendetta.Deceased family patriarch Taylor Winthrop, she discovers, was a manipulative, unscrupulous businessman, politico and womanizer with many enemies. And the senior Winthrop's connection to the real-life Siberian underground city of Krasnoyarsk-26 and its production of plutonium proves the source of the family's wealth and their ill fortune."The Sky Is Falling" is vintage Sheldon; fast-paced, exciting, well-written, and always entertaining. I was just mighty put off by the constant references to Chicken LIttle but I guess Sheldon's entitled to a few quirks. After all, he's praised as being the "master of the storytelling game", and deservedly so...he grabs the reader immediately, and pulls them along for a ride they will hate to see end.Book Details: Title The Sky Is FallingAuthor Sidney SheldonReviewed By Purplycookie

  • Darren Ashley
    2018-09-21 14:48

    arren AshleyJanuary 7 near Owings MillsI finished reading The Sky Is Falling, a second book by Sidney Sheldon, my friend Mary Lou recommended to me, whose style I took an instant liking to. Dana Evans, a news anchor, travels all over the world inquiring about leads to the death of Gary Winthrop, a senatorial hopeful. She has recently adopted Kemal, a little boy with one arm and takes a liking to Jeff, a sports reporter. Kemal has trouble in school as he constantly retaliates after getting bullied. As time passes, Dana hires Mrs. Daley as her housekeeper, and gets Kemal a prosthetic arm and moves him to a better school. In Dana’s travels, the responses to her questions about Gary Winthrop are all the same: Everyone liked him. He had no enemies. No one had any reason to kill him. Dana returns from a long trip to Russia to find an unsigned note telling her to return to Russia for the answer to her question. She returns and meets an ambassador she had recently crossed paths with who tells her he will tell her who killed Winthrop if she will help him leave Russia. Ambassador Shasha leads Dana on a long trip in Russia to an underground city where the inhabitants must stay making plutonium. Gary Winthrop got greedy and went into business for himself. His business partner learns this and has Winthrop and his family killed. Dana has no idea how to get Sasha out of Russia but on a trip back, Sasha gets shot in front of her. Someone was obviously tracing him and didn’t like his revealing to Dana the truth.Scared, Dana makes her way back to the airport where a ticket to the U.S. is waiting for her, but she too is being watched with plans to kill her also. Her trip back home is long and dangerous and she worries about the well being of Kemal. Dana gets tracked down in Chicago stealing from a store but the owner excuses her since he respects her as an anchor. She spends time changing her appearance so she is more difficult to trace. She has to wait longer to see Kemal who she is dying to see. After being told that she and Kemal will both be killed, Kemal is pulled from a burning building, treated for smoke inhalation, and Dana and Jeff marry.

  • Ana
    2018-09-15 17:08

    2.5 stars

  • Neha
    2018-10-05 17:09

    Predictable but I still enjoyed it.