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Meg has vanished from Jay's life and not even Peter seems to knows what has happened to her, what White has done to her or - even worse - is currently doing to her.Without having Meghan to keep him sane, Jay struggles to keep the upper hand and control over his body and mind, and to face not only his new everyday life, and guilt over all the things he couldn't help her, buMeg has vanished from Jay's life and not even Peter seems to knows what has happened to her, what White has done to her or - even worse - is currently doing to her.Without having Meghan to keep him sane, Jay struggles to keep the upper hand and control over his body and mind, and to face not only his new everyday life, and guilt over all the things he couldn't help her, but also the scattered memories of his encounters with the woman who brought back his humanity to the surface.Eventually, he knows that he has to face the Beast within, because this time it's his turn to save her.**Editor's note: Jay's diary does not have to be read to continue with Meg's story.**...

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The Beast In Me Reviews

  •  Rosebud
    2019-05-05 22:00

    I liken reading this book synonymous with reaching the intermission portion of a two act play. That point of time where you and the person you're with review/debate/reflect on the first act adding those parts you didn't catch or understand at the time. The story ends at the point where the curtain rises for second act.Told in first person from Jay's (Ten's) POV, Jay is now doing his own journal diary where he puts to paper his journey. Sometimes emotional, sometimes painful, and other times factual narration, he relives his side of things from the point he made the decision that changed his life to the present. It's a catharsis of sorts for him. The general theme continues have dark tones with a slight degree of violence in certain scenes, but for the most part, it has that 'pull at your heart strings' vibe going on. I did appreciate the additional information providing details not addressed in The Beast and Me. There are still mysteries to solve and questions that need to be answered but for anyone who read The Beast and Me this installment puts more pieces into place in the overall puzzle. It's for that reason that I also need to point out that this book is not a standalone read. It's impossible to read this one without having read the previous. For those who like to know to what level of adult romance to expect in their story: (view spoiler)[there is no adult content/erotica scenes in this book. None. Nadda. (hide spoiler)]My issues are that while there is a definite improvement in the typo and grammar errors, they still persist. Also, I as the reader, don't have a clear picture of who/what/when/where to build off of going into the third installment. Unless the specifics regarding Jay are intended to be withheld for a purpose I am struggling to categorize beast as a paranormal being, a science fiction Frankenstein experiment, or a hybrid of some sort. Going into more than this has spoiler potential so I'm only saying this vague reference. There's a third person involved that I'm skeptical about that made this important info for me.Definitely enjoying this series and can't wait to find out Jay's next step and how Meghan's future will factor in it. It's gonna be a long wait though as I see the tentative release date for The Beast In Us has no definite timeline other than 2016.

  • Pennie
    2019-04-28 22:52

    Because I have read both books, I thought I would offer a review of VOL 1, and VOL 2.THE BEAST IN ME: VOLUME ONE.D.S Wright is not new to the world of writing. Her first two publications were when she attended high school in the form of two short stories.'The Beast in Me' is the first introduction to a new series.A dark and extremely intricate story of a girl named Meghan and the immense challenges she has to endure after being kidnapped. She takes us into a personable journey through a diary with intimidating and thought provoking emotion.I don't think I could imagine the horror of being kidnapped and imprisoned. It's very surprising how quickly people can come to endure such things and do what ever is humanly possible to survive. Meghan is no different, she develops a relationship (of sorts) with one of the kidnappers 'Ten' and because of that, he sees her as a little bit more like a human being.There is quite a bit of violence and terror that lurk within these pages - But saying that, there is also moments of heartwarming experiences. A few ornate pieces of light is thrown Meghan's way on a roller coaster of immense sadistic and brutal scenic endeavors. Although the story was satisfying for the first debut to 'The Beast and Me', there are many unanswered questions that I'm sure 'The Beast in Me' Volume two will bring to closure. An entertaining and enjoyable read and I'm looking forward to the second installment.THE BEAST IN ME: VOLUME TWO.The Beast in Me: Volume one was an entertaining read, so naturally, I wasted no time getting my hands on the second installment 'The Beast in Me. Volume two'. It picks up quickly from where the first one left off with many unanswered questions answered. Meg is not the narrator in this one, and Jay is the one who reads his memoirs as we see through his eyes of what happens. Meg has vanished, and no one has seen or heard anything. In the first installment, Meghan was abducted and Jay now accounts for when they both first met one another and how things came together for the continuation of this epic journey.Danger lurks around every twisted and dark corner as Jay tries to save her. Along the way, he is tormented by his own emotions and now with a dangerous agenda in front of him..... or maybe, just maybe, her abductors are the ones in danger FROM HIM....(no spoilers)Certainly adds food for thought as we wonder whats in store for us with the coming of Volume Three.I was given both copies for evaluation and unbiased reviews.

  • EroticaAfterDark (Lilith)
    2019-04-27 14:55

    The author gave me an eBook copy for free, not really so that I would write a review, but rather as a little 'thank you' for supporting her and a 'sorry' for not mentioning me. I don't mind, as long as I get my regular fix of her novels.Now to the story, I don't want to spoil too muchThe Beast In Me (TBIM) picks up where The Beast And Me (TBAM) leaves us hanging. But it's not Meg, who tells the story now, it is Jay aka Ten. I think that the author made a tough and hard decision, but most importantly: the right one. Maybe you won't agree with me on that, but that's your choice.This book is still a diary, but now we get to know Jay and his perspective on everything, but furthermore: how things came to be, and how Meg and him actually know each other.Where TBAM was cruel, disturbing, and (sc)arousing TBIM is heartbreaking, tormenting, and adrenalizing. While the first one was written for Meg herself to keep her sand, the second one is written by Jay FOR Meg for the same reason, and even more - even though Jay doesn't seem to realize this - healing his tortured soul.And though I admittedly feel the amount of hot scenes that made me fan myself in the first book was far too low in this one, its installment addresses my heart (which is why I shelved it as romance (view spoiler)[even though the two lovers never meet face to face! (hide spoiler)]) because of its emotionality, and constantly cracks it. If you have ever doubted what Jay feels for Meg, he will smooth it out with this.All in all the differences between both books make total sense, as they have different 'writers' as in characters writing them.What I love most about TBIM, and why I give this one five stars, too, is that throughout reading you literally can watch Jay evolve, find peace with his state and define a purpose for himself. And the end, yes, the end is the absolute best part, and will have you beg for more, not only because (view spoiler)[you realize that Jay is now more dangerous than EVER (hide spoiler)], but because now you, as a reader, know more than Meg, and both facts alone should be quite fascinating for third part of the series.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Meka♥books
    2019-05-09 14:37

    Book 2 is told from Jay's (aka the Beast aka Ten) perspective which is interesting because it is the same story as book 1, The Beast and Me (Meghan aka Meg's viewpoint) with spoilers revealed and some lingering questions answered. You also get a complete picture of the happenings surrounding Jay/Ten when Meghan was not in his presence. Book 2 also reveals characters relationships to one another and explores Jay's feelings. With this book I felt more of an emotional connection to Jay and see the sacrifices he made/willing to make for Meghan. True to serial format I was disappointed when The Beast In Me left me hanging but I am anxiously awaiting the continuation to Jay and Meg's captivating story in The Beast In Us.My The Beast and Me series reviewsBook 1 The Beast and MeBook 3 The Beast in UsBook 4 The Beast Is Me

  • Allyson
    2019-05-17 17:00

    The second installment in this series takes a slightly different turn in that this time we read the journal of Jay. The great thing about this is we find out what happened to Jay, and how he ended up in the same laboratory as Meg also while Meg was abducted and therefore knows nothing of where she is and who is holding her captive, Jay is aware of how he ended up there and just who are holding them captive. We are given names and relationships to characters previously mentioned by descriptive words by Meg due to her lack of knowledge, and as the journal is set out in a letter style to Meg, Jay doesn’t just explain what it happening at that very moment (though in some cases he does) he goes right back to beginning in an effect to better info Meg as too what is happening. The hardest thing about this book is that fact that there is no real interaction between Meg and Jay. However we do see some previous interaction explained from Jay’s perspective which is nice. All in all I thought this was a great addition to the series and anyone who has read The Beast and Me should definitely pick this book up as well.

  • Teresa
    2019-05-19 17:37

    I have a new "favorite" author. D.S Wrights has a different style of writing than I am used to and I love it. The Diary format just rocks in the series "The Beast and Me" "The Beast In Me" starts off with Jay(Ten) beginning a diary. White has given him Meghan's diary and a one for him as well if he choses to use it. Jay cannot bring himself to read Meghan's as this would be an invasion of her privacy. He writes about how worried he is because he hasn't seen her in days, then weeks. He begins telling her(he speaks to Meg in his diary) his history as he remembers it. Some is murky, some clearer. He hangs onto his humanity by a thread at times praying he will see her again. As I read this "diary" I found myself speaking the words Jay writes as if my voice is his.. I realized how much this made reading it feel real. Like I was inside this story. WOW! There was NO SKIMMING a single word. I absolutely loved it and can barely wait for the 3rd book. I highly recommend reading the series to anyone who loves a good suspense filled novel. “I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review”.

  • Aislynn Reese
    2019-05-08 21:38

    After loving "The Beast and Me," I could hardly wait to get to read Jay's side of things! At last we learned how Jay and Meg had actually first met, uncovered more information about Peter (and his surprising familial connection which I won't spoil here ;) ) and, even more importantly, we got to experience Jay's awakening as a "Beast."Jay's struggles to control or at least learn to coexist with his Beastly side were some of my favorite sections. The descriptions are visceral and unique and drew me right into this fascinating world!Through it all, Meg's presence is felt, even though we don't "see" her except for a few tantalizing glimpses and her final fate is still left unknown. Yes, be prepared for another cliffhanger, lol!If you read the first book (which I highly recommend you do before reading this one), then you'll definitely want to check this one out as well.I enjoyed this sequel and will certainly pick up the third book whenever it comes out!

  • Mary Edwards
    2019-05-14 14:44

    The Beast In Me gave us so much information, background and insight into Jay, just as The Beast and Me did for Meghan as she tried to keep her sanity in an insane situation. Having less erotic scenes than the first book was understandable considering their new situation but I still missed them and greatly enjoyed Jay's viewpoint of some of the past ones. The book did exactly what I had hoped it would do, show us Jay's perspective. The ending was the perfect cliffhanger and now I am anxiously awaiting the final book in the series. Everyone needs to keep and open mind, know that these are dark, erotic books, with wonderful characters being subjected to the whims of a brilliant but completely sick doctor who would have fit in well with Adolf Hitler.

  • Willow Brooks
    2019-05-04 20:33

    I'm singing that song by Brittany Spears while I'm sitting here typing on my phone, (Opps I Did It Again)! So now we get Jay's point of view, and it's good. Hearing the story told by J for some reason made it a little more emotional and just touching. (Okay, I'm getting too mushy). Anyway, I think I love J. I know I'm partial to his character. Again, I want to scream because it just ends. (Oops I Did It Again). Thanks a lot Wrhites. Write a good story, get us hooked, and then take the bottle away, knowing we're still hungry. Lol

  • Casey Catherine
    2019-05-07 16:53

    This is the second book in the psycho/thriller/erotica series by D.S. Wrights and just like the first one, this one did not let me down.This is a continuation from the first book, except it is told in Jay's point of view, instead of Meghan's like in the first book. The story picks up right where it left off in the first one. It was really interesting to see things from Jay's POV and here his backstory in this one.The only issue I had with this one is the typos and grammatical errors, but that is something I can easily look past. Also, the cover doesn't catch my eye and I would never stop to pick it up when scrolling through a list of books, but that might just be personal preference.Anyone who enjoyed the first one will love this second one. I believe there is a third novel on the way.This review was also posted on my blog dedicated to book reviews. Come check it out! https://madteapartybooksandthings.wor...

  • Padyn Alvarez
    2019-05-16 20:40

    With life being a lil busy I finally managed to sit down with this book. I could just go on and on how the details and descriptions are so vivid and intense. I love feeling the words and imagining it. I really love the POV from Jay. Not only do you get some more info about this hell hole, but he manages to write out these intense feelings. Some memories cause inner turmoil in him and I could just feel it with the words. Some so intense he forced it into subconscious. It just fascinates me so much, the struggle between his beast and himself. Then with memories of his beastly beginning was just so AMAZING. Again the details just entice me and put me on the edge.If you love the first book you'll definitely love this one. Especially with the cliffhanger the first one had. There are slight typo errors but it hardly takes away from the story in my opinion. Me personally its hard for a book to hold my attention but this book definitely holds me and swings my emotions around. I've always been fascinated with inner turmoil, beasts and darkness. So this book fits my bill.

  • Elizabeth (Perusing Princesses)
    2019-05-18 18:00

    OK.. after reading book one.. i literally dove into book 2 and consumed it in 2 hours... I needed the rest of the story..Book one ends, not necessarily in a cliffy.. but in a part of the story that you just need MORE!!Book 2 is in Jay's words... it is his diary... we read not only about what is going on daily with him and "the Beast" and all the other characters.. but we also get a very thorough explanation of what has happened to him.. how it happened to him and all involved..What you don't get hardly anything about is Meghan... Meghan and Jay specifically.... and this FRUSTRATED ME!!! I wanted to get more of them.. of what is going on with the shocker in book 1... about the insane power hungry White.. and just let their story continue...but aaaahhh! nothing.. which is a very well played game by Ms. Wrights because now you are sooooooo invested to get book 3 in your hands yesterday!!!omg... publication says may 2015... we are in may 2015!!!! need it now!!!!!!!

  • Brenda Seaberg
    2019-05-05 19:01

    Another good one from this trilogy. It seemed a little slow in some areas, but I had reminded myself that I'm privy to Ten's thoughts now, as many of my questions from book one (The Beast and Me) were answered. There's not a lot of interaction with others in this part of the story, but it seems to be set up well for book three now. I'm really looking forward to that, as this trilogy is closed out.

  • Simmie
    2019-05-01 18:41

    So….My rating is 3.5 stars. I feel very fickle about this rating however because I loved book 1 so much. So the plot of the story is written from the perspective of our hero Jay and his slow wavering laments between sanity and madness as diary entries. I shouldn't say madness because he wasn't going crazy but I kinda felt like I was when I read it. He was fighting feelings of primal urges, a need to kill, to maim and cause carnage with his bare hands while trying to remain human. It just felt flat to me though like random diary entries. I didn't really feel like it followed a typical structured plot. What was the climax of this story? How did it go completely over my head. In addition the isolation he had to endure from his beloved. Just irritated me because as an audience we weren't given anything to go off of, the WHOLE time that she was in a coma. I wanna love this book because I do admire this authors creativity and gall to try something different. But at the end of the day I just can't lie to myself I disliked it. :( I will read book 3 because I need to know what happens and I believe in redemption.

  • Teresa
    2019-05-03 20:41

    I have a new "favorite" author. D.S Wrights has a different style of writing than I am used to and I love it. The Diary format just rocks in the series "The Beast and Me""The Beast In Me" starts off with Jay(Ten) beginning a diary. White has given him Meghan's diary and a one for him as well if he choses to use it. Jay cannot bring himself to read Meghan's as this would be an invasion of her privacy. He writes about how worried he is because he hasn't seen her in days, then weeks. He begins telling her(he speaks to Meg in his diary) his history as he remembers it. Some is murky, some clearer. He hangs onto his humanity by a thread at times praying he will see her again.As I read this "diary" I found myself speaking the words Jay writes as if my voice is his.. I realized how much this made reading it feel real. Like I was inside this story. WOW! There was NO SKIMMING a single word. I absolutely loved it and can barely wait for the 3rd book. I highly recommend reading the series to anyone who loves a good suspense filled novel.“I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review”.

  • Shellie Johnson
    2019-05-22 19:41

    Ok, this goes along with my other review of the first book.... I felt better about reading this book because I had an idea of what to expect but man oh man. I now have to wait an entire YEAR to finish the series to see what happens to them. It's going to kill me.There were a lot of ups and downs with this book that I kept going huh?? Then it's like ok I get it now. Wasn't as long and detailed as the first but didn't need to go over all that again which i's glad the author didn't do. I still HATE White and he needs to die..... Overall, I would recommend this book and the first one if you like a little dark. No romance in this book though. It is a memory book with a few current things going on. Nothing was confirmed in this book that was suggested in the first one. WTF!?!?!?!?! I want to know **Spoiler*** if she is prego or not!!!

  • Denise Toups
    2019-05-01 21:32

    WowI find was better than book 1. This was in Jays point of view. He goes back and explains a lot more details that Maghan had not known. I can't wait for book 3.

  • Shelley-ann
    2019-05-24 14:37

    Wow!So the story continues I was a little worried it was great to hear from the beasts side it held me holding on for more. I hope ther is a grand finale. This one was bit slow. I gave it five because the first one was really good and this one held me on the edge. I am hoping that the beast in us breaks everything out .

  • Annie B.
    2019-04-27 15:58

    This is a great sequel to the Beast and Me!! I Just loved it!! The first time you got ALOT from Meg's point of view, but this one is more about Jay!! It gives you So much more information on What has really happened to him prior to Meg!! Awesome book that you Just dont want to finish, Cannot wait for Number 3 !!

  • Jardine Clark
    2019-05-09 22:52

    Just like book one couldn't put this read down always one more chapter till I finished the book and by God did I enjoy it I just want more now need to know what's happens to the beast and his girl.

  • Susan
    2019-04-28 16:32

    Sadly the second book in this series fell dramatically flat for me (which is a shame because I was hoping it would be amazing since it would be from Jay's point of view). The few things that made me decide on the two star rating (instead of a much lower rating) are: 1.) the authors writing and way she describes scenes in this books. 2.) The very few and short scenes of Jay thinking or looking at Meg. And 3.) some of the back story of JayAside from these I wasn't a huge fan of the lack of information about what exactly is going on in the book (why is Meg in the coma and what exactly is going on here). Also I'm not a huge fan of how Meg and Jay know personally know each other (a big reason why I decided to read the second novel). As adorable as it sound that they knew each other at a very very young age, my brain just didn't want to accept this as how they know each other (its a miracle if i remember someone I knew right middle school or high school). Lastly, it just lack action for me compared to the first book why felt action pack compared to this book. At times I felt Jay was just going in circle with going on about what he had done bring Meg into this and his guilt over everything. But aside from this, i still have this hanging fascination about what is going in the story. I want to know what the heck is going on and is Meg really pregnant, along with what will happen in the end. These factors are what will probably get me into reading the next book.

  • Indie Editor Nancy
    2019-05-08 17:42

    This Book 2 is from Jay's (Ten) point of view. He is given a diary to record his thoughts and feelings and he is also given Meghan's diary to read. Jay chooses to not read Meghan's diary and he dwells on his feelings for her and the hell that they went together thanks to their captors who continue to experiment with Jay's life.I am starting to think that dark is not a genre of books I should be reading. I had trouble with sleeping while reading the first book and this time I was severely affected and actually had to put the book down for a few days in order to get my mind off the pain and suffering. Maybe I am too feeling/caring of a person to be able to deal with this kind of story?A couple quotes, "The fire is anger, wrath, and biblical fury. It consumes you with a hunger so devouring that it feeds itself.""Still, you are my reason to fight and to endure all of this, because despite everything I did to you, you still somehow managed to care for and trust me, and I hope that you still do, that you still can.""Knowing where I am, what I am, is messing even more with my head.""You are the one finding tools, crawling through ventilation systems, obtaining trust through sheer charm, stripping cards from guards. I'm still in awe of that."

  • Michelle Ferrari-Johnson
    2019-05-25 20:58

    How I Ended Up HereWhat a fabulous sequel to book 1, The Beast and Me! Told from Jay's POV, this book goes into more detail about what happened to him prior to Meg's arrival. You see much more of his human side of compassion and angst over what he has become.You must read book one to understand some of the references but you will not want to put it down. I read books 2 and 3 back to back as I needed so much more!What an astonishing and amazing series! You will find yourself holding your breath subconsciously ~

  • Christine
    2019-05-15 15:36

    This book was interesting, because we get to see some of the events of the first book through Jay's eyes while at the same time seeing what is happening in the present with him and Meghan. It is a bit confusing because we (and Jay) have no idea what is happening to Meghan why she is being treated the way she is. It's a mystery and i'm diving into the next book to find out what's going on.

  • Amanda Perrie
    2019-05-09 22:53

    Written from where The Beast & Me left of, this book pucks up with Jay continuing writing the journal. I'm so glad D.S. decided to write this one, instead of giving a daily look at Jay's life he goes back & tells his story of how he became. This book answers a lot of questions about Jay that I was left with after book 1.

  • Eboni
    2019-05-18 16:41

    After I read the first one I thought I new the story. I was wrong. Told from the Beast himself the journey continues and you get so much more of the story. I can't wait to see them together again and where they end up.

  • Janneke Wolbers
    2019-05-23 16:33

    Really liked the second book as well... Jay's take on things was a great story... also written in Diary style... knowing how he felt going thru it all including the change and the diffrence between him and the beast is very nicely written

  • Lauren
    2019-05-26 17:32

    2.5 starsThis book was nowhere near as good as The Beast and Me. It was extremely boring, and didn't add anything to the series. Of didn't answer too many of my questions, it was more disjointed, and not as exciting as the first story. I look forward to seeing what happens in the next one

  • Emnoir
    2019-04-28 21:50

    I started reading this book while still floating in the intoxicating cloud of excitement and joy in which it's predecessor 'The Beast and Me' had left me. I curled up in bed with my soft blanket and fluffy pillows with a bottle of water and snacks on my bedside table; all ready to read straight through to the end of the book!This time we are experiencing events through Jay's point of view, also known as '10' or the beast in this story. As a way to cope with the unbearable situation in which he now finds himself, he has decided to record his experiences in a journal using the same style he has observed in Meg's, which might have been good, except... not much happens. We see some of his encounters with Meg from his point of view, however his telling has none of the excitement I found in the first book. As I read on I found myself slowly sinking into a state of boredom. I hate to admit this, but I had to stop just under half way through. I didn't go back to it for four days.The second half of the book does pick up a bit. We find out more about Jay's transformation, and I wish the author had spent her time in this book telling us his experiences before Meg enters the scene. I feel that would have been an impressive tale on it's own, given us as much reason to emotionally invest in Jay as we did Meg, and made this part of the story as engrossing as the first. This is not the way it played out, and though I'm grateful to have learned more about Jay, this book was a disappointing follow up to the first.

  • Dark Erotic Books
    2019-04-29 21:54

    I loved this book for so many different reasons as I loved book one!That being said, this book might disappoint you, because the story moves barely further but you get so many information that Meg couldn't give you. Because Jay's the narrator this time and he pulls you through an emotional ringer, so different than Meg did.From reading the other reviews, I guess you either hate or love this installment. Good thing: you don't necessarily need to read it if you just want Meg to continue!But if you are interested in Jay's perspective: THIS IS A MUST!