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Former CIA operative Phoenix Smith goes with Acting Sheriff Annalynn Keyser to search for a missing farmer. They find him dead with a rifle at his side and a broken antler in his back. The women suspect a human framed a deer. Phoenix hunts for the deadly deer as an excuse to investigate the widow, a hostile neighbor, an ecoterrorist, and other suspects. She gains their conFormer CIA operative Phoenix Smith goes with Acting Sheriff Annalynn Keyser to search for a missing farmer. They find him dead with a rifle at his side and a broken antler in his back. The women suspect a human framed a deer. Phoenix hunts for the deadly deer as an excuse to investigate the widow, a hostile neighbor, an ecoterrorist, and other suspects. She gains their confidence and picks their locks. She also protects the most vulnerable from both the killer and the law. Rule-bound Annalynn leads the official investigation, stretching the law and her ethics to convert Phoenix's illegally obtained leads into court-admissible evidence. As in Show Me the Murder, the friends rely on trust, love, and laughter to survive crimes and crises....

Title : Show Me the Deadly Deer
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ISBN : 9780373269976
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
Number of Pages : 346 Pages
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Show Me the Deadly Deer Reviews

  • Jean
    2019-04-25 17:12

    Nice story. Liked characters. However, this is definitely a book series that you should read in order. The back story was presented as if all readers had read "Show Me the Murder." and was referred too much for me, at least, to fully engage with the characters. I found this very distracting. But book was definitely good enough to make me read the first.

  • Judym
    2019-04-27 11:00

    Good murder series but this is book #2 and the first I read. Will read #1 next. Also could not find this author at the library.

  • Suspense Magazine
    2019-04-28 12:16

    A mark of a good mystery series is when you can pick up any volume as a starting place and not feel lost. That test is passed by “Show Me the Deadly Deer,” the second entry in Carolyn Mulford’s enjoyable Show Me series, set in rural Missouri.Phoenix Smith had taken leave from her economist job in Vienna to return to her home town of Laycock, Missouri, while recuperating from gall bladder surgery. At least that’s her cover story. In reality, the deep-cover CIA agent was recovering from wounds received when an operation went bad three months earlier. Her childhood friend Annalynn Keyser is now the acting sheriff of Laycock, and is the only one privy to Phoenix’s secret. One other may have sniffed out Phoenix’s secrets, but he won’t tell anyone—Achilles, the Belgian Shepherd who has become Phoenix’s close companion.When a wife reports her farmer husband missing, the women and Achilles locate him by a pond in the cattle pasture on their property, dead from a wound in his back. Sticking out of the wound is part of a deer’s antler. Phoenix suspects a human has used the antler to cover the murder. At Annalynn’s insistence, Phoenix uses the cover story of checking on the local deer population to investigate possible killers. There are no shortages of suspects, including the widow, a possible eco-terrorist, and a hostile neighbor. Phoenix doesn’t mind using her tradecraft to cut investigational corners, though she must figure out legal ways to pass the information to her friend.The killer ambushes Phoenix and Achilles, coming within a hair’s breadth of killing the dog. Then he strikes again. Phoenix must use all her analytical and observational skills to discover both the who and the why behind the murders.Carolyn Mulford has crafted a satisfying mystery with enough twists to keep the reader turning the pages. She captures the flavor of the rural life, where everyone knows everyone’s business, but where deadly secrets can still remain hidden.Reviewed by David Ingram for Suspense Magazine

  • Linda
    2019-05-14 09:06

    Book two of the series starts when the acting sheriff gets a call about a missing husband and Phoenix, Annalynn, and of course Achilles answered the call as there wasn't anyone left to send. The lady said that her husband never missed milking their cows and she was sure something happened to keep him away from their farm. The trio headed out to look for him with thoughts he was hunting deer out of season when Phoenix noticed his rile was missing. They never expected to find him dead with his rifle laying at his side with an antler in his back! They knew that a human had tried to frame the deer who was missing, and they never expected to be shot at in their small rural town!!Carolyn Mulford spins twists and captives with her plot that you can't help but get involved!! Poor Phoenix was supposed to be recovering from a gun shot wound and she can't help but steer her acting sheriff friend in the right direction as she was a timid and girly woman. If she could make her friend look good to the town then Annalynn had a shot of being the sheriff, she just had to watch her step and prying eyes!

  • Ida
    2019-05-06 10:09

    Bias alert: I know the author. That's why I don't feel I can reliably assign a star rating. I will say I bought a copy of the book because I enjoyed the first in the series (Show Me the Murder) and read it to the end because the story kept me pulled in, and not out of a sense of obligation due to knowing the author.Phoenix Smith still isn't getting the R&R she sought in her small Missouri hometown, where she retreated to recover from injuries received while working for the CIA. Her best friend and temporary roommate, Annalynn Keyser serves as sheriff and needs Phoenix's help when a farmer is discovered dead, impaled by a broken deer antler. But deer don't ever kill people, do they? The premise is original enough to provide extra entertainment as some county residents work themselves into a froth over the prospect of rabid deer roaming the countryside.

  • April
    2019-05-07 16:19

    This was an interesting murder mystery starring a different kind of heroine. Ex-spy Phoenix Smith finds it hard to trust anyone, except her old high school friend, newly made widow and chief of police in a small Missouri town. She also finds it hard not to manipulate others and is constantly self talking about ways she is being played or ways she could play others. I found this grated on my nerves after a while...she was so cerebral and mistrusting, yet people continually told her she had a heart of gold. For me, it didn't quite work, but I admire Mulford's attempt to get at a very different sort of detective, and I liked the new take on the relationship triangle with Phoenix and her two old high school buddies. I liked the minor characters as well.

  • Mike Schneider
    2019-05-19 12:05

    I thoroughly enjoyed this murder (and cattle rustling) mystery set in rural Missouri. The protagonists were all female, one of whom was filling the remainder of the sheriff term of her deceased husband. Her two friends from chilhood team up with her to investigate the crimes. Throw in a rescued dog to help and they form up an effective team of crime fighters. This appears to be part of a series and I look forward to more of their adventures.

  • Susan
    2019-05-22 09:10

    Injured on assignment for the CIA, Phoenix Smith returns to recuperate with her oldest friend, now sheriff of their rural county. When a farmer disappears, Phoenix helps Annalynn find him. A second death turns their attention to the growing drug problem in the area. Phoenix is aided by the dog she rescued in the first book in this strong series,.

  • Linda Fisher
    2019-05-15 08:57

    Carolyn's excellent storytelling kept me turning the pages.

  • Harlequin Books
    2019-04-28 10:07

    Miniseries: A Phoenix Smith Mystery

  • Kim
    2019-05-04 14:09

    This was a very interesting book to read and I enjoyed reading it every much.