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Imagine sending your spouse to war with a heavy heart, then receiving a life-shattering phone call telling you he's been badly injured. Your beloved returns to your arms, but changed, broken, angry, conflicted, and in need of around-the-clock care. What do you do?Meet the military wives who drew upon their inner resilience and prevailed. Their vivid personal accounts proviImagine sending your spouse to war with a heavy heart, then receiving a life-shattering phone call telling you he's been badly injured. Your beloved returns to your arms, but changed, broken, angry, conflicted, and in need of around-the-clock care. What do you do?Meet the military wives who drew upon their inner resilience and prevailed. Their vivid personal accounts provide inspiration to those who face daunting challenges, and offer a path forward. Each one of these brave, strong military spouses shares her personal tale of reuniting, recovering, and rebuilding with her catastrophically wounded warrior.Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife offers an intimate look into the chaotic and demanding lives of military spouses as they adjust to living with injured combat veterans. These women are thrust into caretaker roles for service members who return home with amputated limbs, brain injuries, burns, and disabilities, with virtually no support or training. Posttraumatic stress tears their families apart, and they must wrestle with huge, imposing questions: Does he still love me? Must I sacrifice my career forever? How will this affect my kids, my sex life, my happiness?Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife reveals the innermost thoughts of women who faced these challenges and prevailed--to not just survive, but thrive....

Title : Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife: Not Just Surviving But Thriving
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Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife: Not Just Surviving But Thriving Reviews

  • Arlena
    2019-05-14 09:43

    Title: Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife: Not Just Surviving But Thriving Author: Barbara K. McNallyPublisher: Koehler BooksReviewed By: Arlena DeanRating: FiveReview:"Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife: Not Just Surviving But Thriving" by Barbara K. McNallyMy Thoughts...Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife was a very interesting and courageous read that really is out there to help any combat veterans and their wives. The way this author shares some extraordinary stories that have been faced by many military families 'especially for those who have had to shift their daily lives and even became the caretaker.' This novel is definitely a book for military members, especially to those who have had to shift their lives ad become the caretaker.' I found this a excellent read as one meet wives and partners who drew upon their inter strengths as they 'share an intimate tale of reuniting, recovering and rebuilding their lives.' What a collection in this reads of 'some personal stories of the aftermath of war on the home front that offered some good resources of advice and hope.' With this author [Barbara McNally] who was a physical therapist witnessed a man who had jumped off a bridge inspired her to find out more about 'PTS and its effects on those who have participated in war' and what all she found out was truly something definitely needed for the wives of those wounded military survivors. Ms. McNally's treatment plan SPA [Support, Purpose, Appreciation] would bring these [20]women together as a retreat giving them a day away for the caregiving role where many were able to vent with others who had similar situations. Some of these stories had some happy ending while others are still being worked on. In the end there was a list of nonprofit and charitable agencies out there to help these 'wounded warriors.' In the end I found "Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife" offering not only advice but hope not only to our warriors but to their families understand. This was definitely a read that will give the reader especially a military family a better knowledge of what challenges that many families have had to face when a love one has returned home injured from war and even more so that the general population also need to hear.

  • hannah
    2019-05-11 11:21

    as a wife of a wounded warrior, i picked up this book at the library with absolute interest!the content was NOT the reason for the two stars. the stories are important. the topics are important.the style of writing struck me as relaying the stories much like you would if you were writing an article.. not a book.i personally feel that there were not enough pages for the topics covered. TONS of topics cut way too short that deserve their own books or at least more than a couple pages. you CANNOT and, for the love of thor, SHOULD NOT try to condense these seemed to over simplify some of the issues touched on as well. the book has a 'chicken soup for the soul'-esque feel. if you are someone who does not deal with a wounded warrior first hand, you may find this book to be a good read. i did not.

  • Elizabeth Marro
    2019-05-12 11:22

    As families of wounded veterans all over the world know, the damages of war are not restricted to the battlefield. Those who love their returning warriors find themselves grappling with enormous responsibilities, often without adequate resources and feeling very much alone. With her book, WOUNDED WARRIOR, WOUNDED WIFE, Barbara McNally opens a window on the wounds sustained by the wives and partners of wounded veterans along their resilience. Her direct, engaging book provides a service not only to women who may be looking for inspiration and concrete resources but to those of us who have, too often, overlooked the burdens they bear and the contribution they have made to the healing of their partners as well as to their communities and country. The book opens with a few telling statistics that paint a picture of the estimated 1.1 million caretakers bearing the brunt of the responsibility for post-911 veterans. They are more likely to beYoung -- more than 40% are between ages 18 and 30Caring for a person with a mental health and/or substance abuse conditionNonwhiteVeterans of military service themselvesEmployedNot connected to a support networkAll of these factors make a difficult job even more challenging as the stories told in WOUNDED WARRIOR, WOUNDED WIFE show. The stories come from women who have participated in the SPA (Support, Purpose, and Appreciation) Days sponsored by McNally’s foundation. They are most often the wives or partners of veterans wounded physically, spiritually, and emotionally in combat but sometime women who have themselves served and been wounded. For many, SPA days have been their first exposure to women like themselves, the first place they could speak openly without fear of judgment. They find community there which helps to sustain them.These women tell what it is like to send a partner to war in one piece and receive him or her home minus legs and an arm, or with a brain injury, or with emotional trauma and moral injury or -- as is often the case -- all of the above. They tell of raising toddlers, working, going to school or being forced to quit their jobs or school in order to care for their wounded loved one. They tell of the punch to the gut delivered by friends who uninvite them to a party because other guests may feel uncomfortable with a wounded soldier or Marine in their midst. They talk of difficult decisions to stay or leave their marriages, of near misses with suicide and of what it is like to live in the wake of a suicide. They talk about sex and how they cope with and often transcend the obstacles caused by war wounds. The book ends with stories by women who have come out the other side and who, often with their mates and their entire families, are helping others to do the same. Finally, this book provides not only some starting points for the spouses of veterans to find help, it provides all of us with a chance to rethink our assumptions about veterans’ families and find ways we can support them as a society.

  • ♡ Jeri's Book Attic ♡
    2019-05-14 14:48

    After reading tons of more or less romantic novels about wounded soldiers I came across Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife: Not Just Surviving But Thriving by McNally, Barbara.Yeah I know – you wonder .. this is not a fictional story and I usually do not read “real life” books like that - but I felt after reading all those made up stories it was time to know more about the reality that many military families are confronted with.Within the pages or this book you will find the cold and hard truths that novels can not transfer to their readers. But it is not a depressing book, do not misunderstand me, in fact I think it might help people that are faced with those challenges in their real life.It shows the harsh realities but it also shows people that they are not alone out there, others are dealing with the same issues having the same problems to cope with situations.I feel after reading this book I have more knowledge about the real life dealings for sure and my heart goes out to all of those out there that risk their life’s on daily bases for the safety of their own families as well as the rest of the world.And I would like to thank all the families that contributed their experiences to create this book, sharing such personal details had to be hard and I hope that their sacrifices will be a help to others. ═══ PLEASE SUBSCRIBE / LIKE / FOLLOW US ════Blog : Page : : : :

  • Gina
    2019-05-18 14:36

    I received a copy of this book as a Goodreads Giveaway, and was really excited to read it. I am going to pass it on for another person to read through the Soldiers' Angels Women of Valor program, which is a group intended to give some support to these caregivers. I have a friend who is the wife of a wounded warrior, and I was glad to see some caregivers finally getting some attention; they go through A LOT on a daily basis, and I don't think most people really understand what their lives are like. That being said, when I read the book, I wish the topics and stories went a bit deeper than they do. What I liked about it:- The book made me think about some of the struggles in a very different way than I had before. - It was well-written- It does not pass judgement on the women who decide that they need to leave the marriage to save themselvesWhat I didn't like about it:- I got tired of reading on what seemed to be just about every other page "at SPA Day" - it made it feel to me like the book was more of a promotion for the foundation/SPA DayWhat I think might have made it better:- I really would have liked to go deeper into some of the stories of the caregivers- It would have been nice to have a section for suggestions to people/loved ones on how best to support these caregivers, if they have them in their lives- There is a lot of talk about the wounded spouse's loss of identity after separation from the military, but nothing that really delves into this loss of community or identity for the spouse. I have known many military wives that identify themselves strongly as a military spouse, and there is also a sense of community that goes along with that, which they are removed from when their spouse separates from the military. All in all, this is an important book to read, and I look forward to seeing if there are any more that the author writes that deals with the spouses of wounded warriors.

  • Chanticleer EditorialBook Reviews
    2019-05-03 13:34

    The critical issues surrounding post-traumatic stress among America’s wounded warriors is expanded here to include the challenges and concerns of military wives and families.Barbara McNally was working as a physical therapist when she watched helplessly as a man jumped off a bridge to his death. Feeling involved in his tragedy, she learned he was a wounded veteran. The experience spurred her to find out more about PTS and its effects on those who have participated in war.Gradually her attention focused on the plight of the wives of these wounded military survivors. This led to the creation of the Barbara McNally Foundation, dedicated to developing helpful strategies for those women she calls Fighters, who may never have been in the military, never been outside the US, but who struggle to bring a depressed, angry, and/or physically debilitated veteran back to a semblance of normal functioning, back to the role of parent, partner and lover.Her treatment plan, called SPA (Support, Purpose, Appreciation) brings these women together for a day or two of pampering—relaxation, massage, and a chance to talk with others in their same situation. For some, a SPA retreat is their first day away from the caregiver role in months or even years since their wounded partner returned.As women were able to vent with one another in the SPA atmosphere, their stories surfaced, some with happy endings, others still unresolved. These stories comprise much of McNally’s book, grouped in terms of the different ways that PTS can present itself: anger, coldness, and guilt are major emotional signs; in cases of physical injury, there are the pains and fears associated with prosthetic limbs, and the agonizingly slow recovery from traumatic brain injury. One wife had to deal with her husband’s increasing bouts of anger that grew into an alcohol addiction and finally into a suicide attempt. Another recounts waking up as her husband tried to strangle her, though he denied it later. Some stories highlight women’s efforts to recoup a sensual, satisfying sex life with a husband who, for physical or psychological reasons, does not feel able.The author says that the most important aspect of SPA is “self-care.” While the returned warrior may be offered various therapies, caregivers rarely have this choice, yet they need and indeed deserve time and attention for themselves. She also urges women to consider their options—to pursue their own careers, to leave or stay in a violent situation—objectively, without guilt.Along with the stories, McNally has assembled a substantial appendix offering lists of governmental, nonprofit and charitable agencies that help wounded warriors. There is also a study guide with questions relating to phases of PTS, making this book an excellent educational resource for individuals or groups. The author’s sincere wish is that the information she has gathered will be useful to the “wounded wives” and “hidden helpers” of those who have been injured mentally or physically while serving in the military.A ground-breaking initiative, Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife, by Barbara McNally, offers advice and hope to those who are trying to understand and cope with war’s many aftershocks. 

  • Elizabeth
    2019-05-15 08:23

    Wow!! This book certainly left it's mark on my heart. This is such a powerful, thought provoking book filled with true life accounts of what happens when soldiers return from battle mentally, physically and emotionally scarred forever by the harsh realities of war. The strength and determination of the soldiers wife's, partners and families are detrimental to their recovery. Barbara McNally through her incredible writing skill portrays the struggles faced by ordinary people who are affected by war.I related to many aspects of this book, seeing as I am a wife who cares full time for my own husband who, even though he is not a soldier, he suffers everyday with mental and neurological conditions that are disabling to him and affect his health and well-being. I am the glue holding my family together and I provide for him and my young children everyday by giving them my unconditional love and support.This book highlights the needs of returning, wounded soldiers and also highlights that there needs to be more guidance and support in place to help them to recover as quickly as possible and help them to adapt back into civilian life easily. It also highlights the silent traumas of PTS (post traumatic stress) and brain traumas suffered by soldiers, and how, with the proper support and encouragement, the soldiers can get back on track with their lives and learn how to cope easier with any challenges they face.Hopefully this book can help others who suffer in silence to know that there is help out there for them and their families.I absolutely loved this book and reading it has definitely made me realize how much we take our lives for granted. This is a real eye-opener of a read. Well done McNally for bringing this subject to the attention of the world and thank you for caring enough to want to share the stories of these incredibly brave heroes, their wives, children and families.Worth every star!!

  • Larry Edwards
    2019-05-08 14:38

    In Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife: Not Just Surviving But Thriving, by Barbara K. McNally, you will meet wives and partners who drew upon their inner resiliencies and prevailed when faced with daunting challenges. Each of these military spouses shares an intimate tale of reuniting, recovering, and rebuilding with her catastrophically wounded warrior.This is not only a good read, it is a hard read. These stories punched me in the gut and left me reaching for the Kleenex. But don't let that scare you off.This collection of intimate, personal stories unmasks the untold story of the aftermath of war on the home front. It examines in heartrending detail the seemingly insurmountable challenges families may face when their loved ones return from the war zone bearing deep emotional as well as physical scars.Barbara McNally has given a tremendous gift not only to those who have served or continue to serve in the military, but to society at large. Everyone should read this unapologetic book to fully comprehend the true toll of war that continues long after the battles have ended—and to see how these resilient wives and partners ultimately offer hope and inspiration to us all.Full disclosure: I’m one of the editors of this book, and I worked with Barbara over the past few years to bring it to fruition. One of the reasons I agreed to work with her is because this is such an important issue. I derive no financial benefit from book sales.The book is available in hardback, paperback and as an ebook.

  • Michelle's Book
    2019-05-09 13:28

    Synopsis:Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife illustrates the demanding life of a military spouse who suddenly needs to learn how to care for a wounded spouse AND everything else that goes on in their life. This books provides an in depth and very personal look at the women who dig deep for the strength that they didn’t know was in their soul.My opinion and rating of 4.2All I could think was, but for the grace of God go I as I read the story, it is very emotional and touched so many memories of my life. My husband is a retired Navy sailor. I was married to him for 15 years. We had a saying, “If something will happen, it will happen when your spouse is deployed.” I remember my car, the car died on the way home and I swear it happen when the boat left the dock. So I can’t imagine getting a phone call telling to meet my husband at the hospital or being flown to where he was being treated after a life threatening and/or changing disability. A military spouse goes through so much and has to learn so much. I just can’t imagine having to deal with a wounded warrior in addition into everything else in the military. I honestly salute these women. There is a couple who attend our church who fit the bill of the individual in this book. She had to disrupt her life completely and fly to Colorado. He undergoes a major treatment or surgery every month, yet they show up for church each week.

  • Teri Donaldson
    2019-05-01 15:45

    I am a firm believer that no veteran should want for anything. That includes his or her family. Our veterans make the greatest sacrifice for our freedom. The heartfelt stories in this book really detail how much each veteran and their family are affected by war.Each wife that chose to tell her story is a hero. Ms. McNally highlights how the wives had to keep their families together, being both mother and father at times, putting themselves last to ensure their family, including their wounded husbands, are being taken care of. I felt the wives raw emotion and frustrations with Ms. McNally's words.I am proud of Ms. McNally for tackling the sometimes silent effects of war. I try to always thank a veteran when I see them. I will now include the family members of the veteran in my thanks. They are all heroes.I received a copy of this book. The choice to read and review it was mine.

  • Gracie Bradford
    2019-04-25 12:38

    Twenty women attending SPA Day tell their story of survival and thriving after their husband/wife returns from war. The stories are captivating. A quote that sums up the book making it a must read - "strong, patient, giving women are the unsung heroes, standing on the sidelines after the medals have been awarded, the parades have ended, and our soldiers finally emerge from the hospital, their lives forever changed."I believe the stories evoke many emotions and realities that the general population need to hear. McNally's book contains an incredible list of valuable resources as well as a list of questions to generate discussions about a subject that needs to be heard. These women are indeed resilient caregivers.Great work from Barbara K. McNally, a Physical Therapist, who have worked with these families to make a difference in their lives. Deserving of a vote for Book of The Year.

  • Hillary Sigrist
    2019-04-25 09:45

    “Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife is a love story, a tear jerker and a hero’s tale all in one! Barbara McNally has shown a light into a corner of military life left dark for much too long. Throughout these pages you’ll discover a collection of intimate stories from strong women who have stood alongside their warriors through relentless odds. Severe war injuries both seen and unseen have invaded military homes all across the country and wives have been catapulted into a new lonely battlefield. This book provides healing for those women with the comfort to know their not alone, that someone else truly understands their struggles and the hope seen from those who have made it to the other side of recovery. Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife is an honest and raw look at the way these women have found victory to thrive.”

  • Robyn Cramer
    2019-05-21 09:38

    I love books about vulnerable, strong, and persevering women. This one was no exception. Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife told actual accounts of what these women went through emotionally after their husbands came back from war broken both physically and emotionally. The truth of how they were the strength for their husbands when they themselves had to find the courage and strength to go on. There were also accounts where the strength they had was not enough and there wasn't a happy ending for their family. It tells true stories of what happens after war.What I loved about this book was not only the storytelling of these women but all the resources for other women going through similar. You don't have to be alone in your struggles. There are others going through the exact same things.I would definitely recommend this book.

  • Ron McManus
    2019-04-29 15:45

    Barbara McNally’s Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife grips your heart and won’t let go. Through a series of factual sketches, McNally paints a much larger portrait, one of courage, commitment, and love in the face of tragedy. Although the warriors' injuries bear some similarity in cause and impact, the real story lies in the diversity of the effect on their wives and how they respond when thrust into the unfamiliar and demanding role of caregiver. The result is a master class on Post Traumatic Growth, the positive change experienced by people who face a major crisis in their life. Kudos to McNally for the support she provides the wives though her SPA (Support, Purpose and Appreciation) days and for sharing their stories with us.

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-03 16:34

    This is a fabulous book. It's not necessarily easy to read, given that the stories are real. But these are real issues that impact so many people, and have for a long time. So many of us have seen family members come back from serving their country a changed person. It's an issue that is finally getting some attention, and books like this help to bring even more awareness out. Because it isn't just the soldiers that suffer. The familes suffer too, and the wives that help put their soldiers back together. I can't say enough about this book and think it should be recommended reading for darn near everyone.I voluntarily received an advanced readers copy of this book. The opinion expressed is solely my own.

  • E
    2019-05-06 13:41

    Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife, by Barbara K. McNally, is an important, inspirational and insightful book. It is here that we meet the courageous women who are married to wounded warriors. The author has given voice to these amazing women who have unexpectedly found themselves in the role of caregiver. They share their personal stories of how their lives changed when their spouses returned from war with serious injuries. This is a moving book that provides a window into what caregivers face, their remarkable strengths and resilience. I received a complimentary copy of this book and the opinions expressed in this review are my own.

  • Pam Thomas
    2019-04-28 16:41

    its about surviving and thriving and dealing with the after effect at home for soldiers, veterans and their families. Dealing with a husband back from the war who suffers from post traumatic stress, healing a shattered soul because of what he saw whilst in action and being a wounded warrior and a wounded wife. It emphasizes on the recovery process from the point of view of the wife, how the price of war comes at a cost, how when their husbands return and have lost limbs, suffer from head injuries, how life is never the same again, yet as the caregiver you find coping skill you never had before.

  • Dorothy Hardy
    2019-05-07 11:30

    An Poignant example that the "Count of The casualties and Wounded " of War is so much higher!!! Because not only do our Soldiers come home wounded and in so much need of help and resources! But so do the wives and family of the soldiers! This Book is an eye opener to what these families struggle to deal with on a daily bases! And that their is so much that we can and should do to help these families! From volunteering your time! Donating a "Spa day" ! Donating to Wounded Warriors programs/ Organizatios ! This in my opinion is a required read for us all! They ask nothing of us for Their Defense of Our Country! And should

  • Audrey
    2019-05-12 08:28

    This is a great book for anyone who wants to understand PTSD from military service and how it effects the families and loved ones.

  • Gladys Mills
    2019-05-15 09:44

    Wounded Warriors. I received this book as an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. This book was so moving and inspiring to me. My heart was bleeding for these families. I am glad there are people and places they can go and seek help and they receive the help and are better with it. I learned a lot from these stories. My husband and I did not go through the military, but in reading these stories I found myself with similar problems because of my husband's illnesses and I find refuge in the stories and how they coped. I wish I can find that same strength these women share with us. Good read!

  • Shirley Thornton
    2019-04-24 12:27

    This book was so good, it lets you really see into the lives of the wives who take care of their husbands after they come home from war wounded. My heart aches for them, but they have are filled with so much courage and inspiration! They give hope, and a future for the wives who are going through the same things. This book gave me great insight and inspiration to be thankful and appreciative of all I have. These women are amazing in these stories for all they have been through walking alongside their spouses. I truly enjoyed this book. Such a blessing to be able to read it!

  • Barbara McNally
    2019-05-21 11:31