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THE BEASTS WILL FEED.The dense Bavarian forest outside the town of Rattenberg has long been rumored to harbor something sinister, something wild — mythical beasts that vanish into the shadowy woods after each attack, leaving carnage as the only evidence of their existence. Many villagers turn a blind eye to what is happening, but those who believe tremble at the mere whispTHE BEASTS WILL FEED.The dense Bavarian forest outside the town of Rattenberg has long been rumored to harbor something sinister, something wild — mythical beasts that vanish into the shadowy woods after each attack, leaving carnage as the only evidence of their existence. Many villagers turn a blind eye to what is happening, but those who believe tremble at the mere whisper of the word: werewolf.There are those who stand and fight, however. Konrad is one such boy. Too poor to live in the village, he and his mother fend for themselves in their forest hovel alone for months at a time, his father preoccupied with mysterious business abroad.After a vicious assault on their homestead, Konrad finds himself buried beneath his mother’s mutilated body, escaping death only due to his father's chance return. Alive, but taking no comfort in the presence of the man who had left him and his mother to face death on their own, Konrad soon discovers that his father’s work has followed him home……and it's hungry....

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Where Wolves Run Reviews

  • Frank Errington
    2019-05-01 08:08

    Review copyA werewolf novella where the hunter is also the hunted.No new ground is broken in Jason Parent's entry into this sub-genre, but he does deliver a solid tale with a twist in the final pages, and there are some cringe-worthy moments. "Most of Joren's fingernails, pried loose by Father's dagger, now resided in the bucket. A few were still attached to fingers. A couple of toes, several teeth, and most of an ear completed the collection."If werewolves are your thing and you're looking for a quick read, Where Wolves Run, might not satisfy your hunger fully, but should be enough to take the edge off.Where Wolves Run is published by Corpus Press and is available in both e-book and paperback formats. If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited you can read this book at no additional charge and if you are an Amazon Prime member you can read it for FREE through the Kindle Owners Lending Library.In his head, JASON PARENT lives in many places, but in the real world, he calls New England his home. The region offers an abundance of settings for his writing and many wonderful places in which to write them. He currently resides in Southeastern Massachusetts with his cuddly corgi named Calypso. He is the author of the novels Seeing Evil, What Hides Within and many published short stories.

  • Petra
    2019-05-22 08:00

    My original Where Wolves Run audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Where Wolves Run was like listening to a fairytale classic. Set in Rattenberg in the Bavarian forests, we are introduced to Konrad, a young boy, living a simple life, spending his time at home with his loving mother. His father, once again, has left them taking care of “business” elsewhere. Konrad hardly knows his father and their relationship is strained. Then one night, the boy and his mother hear wolves surrounding their simple dwelling and Konrad’s life changes abruptly.This was my first book by Jason Parent and I really enjoyed his style of writing. His use of language is excellent making the story flow very well. The descriptive prose really made this reminiscent of traditional folk stories rather than one of the more modern werewolves horror stories. But it contained, of course, some nicely gruesome scenes, too. Considering this was a very short story, both, Konrad and his father, who remains unnamed throughout, were characterized in depth. It was easy to feel for them. The ending – although not unexpected – was done very well, and I liked that the author decided on this route. At only 1 hour and 55 minutes, this was perfect for listening to in one sitting. It easily held my attention throughout.Jonathan Ip was a new narrator to me and this looks to be his first narration on Audible. He absolutely nailed it. I would happily listen to him narrate longer books. His voice is very pleasant, he speaks clearly and his pacing is good. Although there weren’t many characters’ voices to cope with, they were done distinctly and with some excellent use of accents. There were no issues with the production of the audio.Overall, a little gem of a story, written and narrated impressively. I would certainly look out for other books by the author and by the narrator. Audiobook provided for review by the

  • Kimberly
    2019-05-14 15:23

    In WHERE WOLVES RUN: A Novella of Terror, Jason Parent takes on the legend of the werewolf–endowing it with his own, unique perspective. While I have read numerous tales of this fabled man-beast, Parent approaches the topic from a different angle than the usual traditional tales. Instead of showing us the plight of a man turned at the full moon, we take this journey, first, through the eyes of a boy who never gave a thought to these “imaginary” predators–until one fateful night. . .Near the town of Rattenberg, beside a formidable Bavarian forest, a young boy named Konrad lives simply with his mother–hunting for their meat and growing their own crops. His father–a man Konrad barely knows–is gone months at a time on his own “business” abroad, stopping home for only brief respites in between.Then one horrific night Konrad and his mother hear the sound of wolves surrounding their humble dwelling. Hidden away, Konrad sees nothing, but is able to hear all too well the slaughter of the only person he’s ever loved.This is where the story truly begins.Instead of taking us through the legends and speculations surrounding these creatures, we are focused on two people: Konrad, and the father he never really knew. I found the characterization of each to be complete, and was easily able to slip into Konrad’s place and “feel” the gamut of new emotions coursing through him. Konrad is thrust so suddenly from the world he thought he knew, and into a nightmare that he isn’t even sure is real. His father has his own secrets and demons that make him another strong–yet completely different–personality to contend with.How much can a mere boy be expected to believe–especially from a man who’s virtually a stranger to him–one he never knew, or felt a part of?Parent brings plenty of lore into his tale, but dispenses it in small doses–almost as a secondary tale that happens to coincide with the dynamics of Konrad’s broken world. There is bloodshed, brutality, anger, and old memories–long buried–that are brought into the story, as well. The pulse-pounding action had me reading it in one sitting, trying to envision what the final outcome might be.I am pleased to say that it was a journey well worth taking. It is a tale that has not been told quite this way before, and will leave you thinking of young Konrad long afterwards.As it states in the book’s synopsis: “THE BEASTS WILL FEED”.How could anyone NOT be compelled to watch?Highly recommended!

  • Ken McKinley
    2019-05-01 09:11

    Jason Parent is kicking out some very impressive material here lately and Where Wolves Run is absolutely phenomenal. Set in the old country, young Konrad watches from the hiding place under the Bavarian cottage floor as his mother is torn apart by unknown hairy beasts. Trapped and unable to see exactly what happened, his father rescues and enlightens him about the events that unfolded. Werewolves. Unknown to Konrad, his father has been hunting them for years and it's time to train his son to help avenge his dead mother.Where Wolves Run has the feel of the Lon Chaney Jr classics from the Universal Days. I loved the setting of old Bavaria and I didn't want the story to end. Parent does a great job at taking something old and giving us something new. Grab this quick read and experience it for yourself.5 Silver Daggers out of 5This ARC was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.You can also follow my reviews at the following links:https://kenmckinley.wordpress.comhttp://intothemacabre.booklikes.com

  • Bill
    2019-05-08 14:06

    For the life of me, I can't remember when or where I entered the contest for the audio version of this, but super glad I did because…I am a Winner! Sweeet! Thanks, Jason!With the audio clocking in at just under two hours, Mr. Parent wastes no time getting right to it. A very good short and dark tale with spot on narration that adds to the “old school” feel. Well done and entertaining.

  • Evans Light
    2019-05-25 07:05

    Available now:Amazon US: UK: CA:

  • David Brian
    2019-05-17 14:14

    If you talk to Jason Parent he'll probably tell you he's not a huge fan of stories involving werewolves. Strange then, because the author has succeeded in putting together a finely crafted example of werewolf terror, told in the tradition of a European folktale.Konrad lives with his mother in a small and basic home, amid the confines of a large European forest. Konrad's father is only ever an occasional visitor, usually traveling to far off locales in search of completing his 'business' dealings.One night, Konrad learns a dark truth; there are terrible forces at large in this world, and once they have your scent time is limited. Konrad loses his mother to the beasts, but the return of 'Father' serves to secure his own life. At least for now.I thought the author's pacing and descriptive prose succeeded in nailing this story perfectly, and the end result is a werewolf tale with genuine 'old world' appeal. On a personal level, I much preferred the character of Father, and I should like to have learned more of his backstory, as I'm sure his 'travels' could have filled a novel. I didn't enjoy Konrad's character so much, as I felt his bitterness towards Father at times outweighed his disdain for the creatures that butchered his mother; even once he learned the true reason for Father's frequent absences. However, this was just a personal niggle, and it certainly never distracted from what is a well written and entertaining hunt. And, maybe, Mr. Parent may never have intended for Konrad to be voted son of the year?All in all, Where Wolves Run is an entertaining slice of werewolf lore.

  • Elke
    2019-04-30 07:25

    This fast-paced novella concentrates on two characters: a boy and his father, who reveals himself as a werewolf hunter. While the father is away from home, the boy must find out himself whether the legends and stories about those evil creatures are true...Offering a slightly different take on the genre, this book did not waste time with a detailed background story or long-winded explanations of the creatures' origin. After the reader is introduced to the characters and the current situation, the main part consists of the hunt - but not that of the werewolf, but of his hunter who is set on destroying the beasts who slaughtered his wife. But will he be able to make it back in time to save his boy?The ending was partly predictable (with a fifty-fifty chance of the outcome) and I appreciated the author's choice. The plot was very focused and lacking any side-stories, which to others may seem too simple, but I found it highly entertaining. Sometimes less is more, and this is another great example for such a story where every sentence counts and you won't find any dead weight.

  • Irene
    2019-04-29 13:18

    Konrad has never had much of a relationship with his father. He's always off somewhere, rarely returning home. "Mostly he and his mother lived alone, happy."When Konrad's mother is murdered he finally learns what Father is up to. Werewolf hunting! But does Father always know best? Konrad is not sure whether he should trust Father's ability to discern werewolves from men, or who should be put to death. This was a short read, less than 100 pages. There was nothing really remarkable about it other than "Father" never being named and only referred to as "Father" even when not with his son, which seemed odd.I did like the ending.I received a complimentary copy for review.

  • Peter
    2019-05-05 13:06

    Konrad and his mother live on the outskirts of Rattenburg. They are too poor to live in the village. Konrad hunts game, so that there will be meat on their table. Konrad, is considered the man of the house, because his father is hardly ever around. His father leaves the two of them alone for months at a time. When he returns, it is only for a day or two and then he is off again. Konrad, hardly knows his father and after being gone for long periods of time, he does not care. One night, Konrad's mother hears the wolves outside their cabin. She hides Konrad, where the wolves will not find him. Konrad can only hear the sound of his mother screaming, as the werewolves tear her apart. Shorty after the death of his mother, his father returns. Father tells Konrad, how the werewolves had killed his entire family and he vowed to seek revenge against them. He tells Konrad of his travels and his slaying of the beasts. Konrad blames his father for the death of his mother. Konrad feels that the wolves followed his father back to their cabin. There were a few twists and turns that made the story interesting. Jason Parent is a good writer and a very good storyteller. I highly recommend this novella

  • Kaisersoze
    2019-05-07 13:00

    Where Wolves Ruin is a more straight forward read from Jason Parent - an author I have come to associate with an amazing imagination - than might normaly be the case, but is nevertheless a well-written depiction of one family's battle against werewolves. Parent alternates between the father and son's perspectives as they attempt to deal with this particularly hairy menace. And though said menace's deadly nature is set-up in the novella's opening chapters, I never felt a thrill of excitement when the werewolves came a-callin'. As such, this one fell a little flatter than I would have liked, though I will acknowledge I enjoyed how everything was ultimately resolved.And though this may come across as nitpicking, I cannot let slide how annoying I found it that the chapter's from the father character's perspective kept referring to him as "Father" rather by his name. Still, Parent is a talented author and even though this may not be his best work, he is always worth a read. 3 Sons Troubled by Their Fathers for Where Wolves Run.

  • Glenn Rolfe
    2019-05-06 14:02

    3.5 stars! Good deal for 99 cents.This is the third piece I've read from Jason Parent. He's definitely got skills and isn't afraid to push himself as a writer. Much like the his last novella, Unseemly, this one has Parent easily crafting believable characters outside of the US. That's not an easy feat. Parent's use of language is admirable. As for the story itself, I felt pulled in right off the bat. Konrad is a kid who witnesses his mother's death at the hands of beasts. His father's return is unwelcome by the boy, but the secrets (his father) revealed bring to light the horror they find themselves surrounded by. The ending, for me, was both exciting and slightly disappointing. I don't do spoilers, so you'll have to read it for yourself (and please do). Overall, a very well-written novella by an author to keep an eye on. Reads like a missing piece of folklore. Where Wolves Run is well worth the price and would make a great read for any summer or fall evening. I give Where Wolves Run 3.5 stars!

  • Lily .
    2019-05-11 12:10

    Around chapter 3, it suddenly dawned on me, in a sledgehammer hitting the bck of my skull kind of way, this is contemporary gothic horror. Where Wolves Run is the kind story the Brothers Grimm, if they were alive today, would havekilled to have in their collection. Make no mistake, it's not a fairy tale, but true horror fans will recognize a lot of elements. Readers new to this kind of horror will be in for a treat.Jason Parent has come a long way as a storyteller. He's allowed me to remember what it's like to read for pleasure and to enjoy the satisfaction of a story well told. I look forward to watching Mr. Parent become the best horror writer you should know.

  • Nev Murray
    2019-05-10 06:59

    "Emotion is the most descriptive word I can think of for this one. It is very deep, but not while you read it. It’s the sort of story that will have you thinking about it long after you finish it. It certainly did with me."See here for the full review:Where Wolves Run

  • Michelle
    2019-05-27 15:16

    Great read Ahh, werewolves, gotta love them. A fast read, not only because it's a short story, but because it keeps you interested until the last page.

  • Scot
    2019-05-02 14:27

    ReviewIn the mood for a fun, quick read? Then look no further. Where Wolves Run is a well written short novella that tears at you from the first page then comes back for the kill in the last few paragraphs. I really enjoyed the author's take on the genre. A nice mix of period piece and werewolf fiction, this one hits in all of the right places and leaves plenty of room for continuation (or even some back story). The action sequences are a blast too, leaving a little blood on the pages, but... it's a werewolf story. All is in good taste (pun intended). What really stood out to me in this story is the broken relationship between father and son. I could go on about my thoughts here, but I don't want to give away any spoilers. The story is a real treat and perfect for a one sitting read.

  • Veronica
    2019-05-05 15:20

    Konrad and his mother live in a thick and forbidding forest outside of the town of Rattenberg where they are forced to fend for themselves while Konrad's father is often away on mysterious business. While his father is away on yet another trip, Konrad and his mother are attacked in their home and Konrad is brought face to face with what his father actually does for a living. I hate spoilers so I won't say too much here about the events in the story itself. I will say that I was drawn into the story very quickly. Jason Parent has the skill of having a great imagination and being able to put that imagination into writing so well that before you know it, you are immersed in the story he is weaving. This novella doesn't just read as a simple werewolf story but has elements of gothic horror in it as well. I have read a few of his books and he is definitely one author to keep an eye on. I received a copy from Corpus Press via Netgalley for free in exchange for an honest review.

  • June
    2019-05-15 08:18

    Where Wolves Run by Jason Parent is very much an old style werewolf tale. There are no friendly teen wolves in this book, and neither are there any 'alphas' looking to help sexy maidens disrobe. Mr. Parent's werewolves are bad-ass, and that really is the way it should be.Konrad lives with his mother in a cottage in the forest. He has a father, but the man is usually absent on business. One night there home is visited by a pack of werewolves, and Konrad soon learns the true nature of evil, and why his father is so often absent.A quick but fun read written in a nicely fluid style.

  • Curtis
    2019-05-09 09:11

    A wonderfully dark, old world werewolf story. Violent, grim, and downright scary it reminded me of the best parts of the Howling films, but set in a dark, medieval time.I listened to the audio book, and the narration was nearly perfect!

  • RachelvlehcaR
    2019-05-21 14:14

    I love stories by Jason Parent. I get a big kick out of them because he adds a lot of atmosphere to his stories. This is a grittier story but the storytelling of Konrad and his father is really interesting. It's a short read, so it goes by fast.Another part I liked was the angle in this story and it wasn't like the many other were-creature stories out there with this crazy romance or the main character has the were "force" and just knows everything without ever having knowledge of it before. There is a old school feel to this story and I highly recommend it for those that enjoy the genre of horror.

  • Simon
    2019-04-30 07:18

    A super-short horror that mixes the atmosphere of German fairy tales with bucketloads of gore and some damn impressive writing.The short novella tells the story of Konrad, a boy somewhere in Bavarian mountains (or their counterpart), whose mother is killed one night by a pack of werewolves as his father is out hunting these very beasts. The youngling develops a thirst for revenge and, trained by his father, sets out to avenge the fallen parent.Jason Parent paints a remarkably unforgiving world, filled with angry, unpleasant people that are dispatched one by one in increasingly gruesome manner. This is always a risky direction to take as too much "his blood painted the cobbles"- and "plunged his knife into flesh"-es can quickly turn a book into an overly dark and laughably serious chore. Thankfully Parent uses the violence rarely and in short bursts, but what bursts they are! With each new kill Konrad's father makes, Parent seems to take more and more delight in writing these encounters, though I would claim the first actual kill - one that occurs in a river - to be my favourite. The imagery conjured there manages to be beautiful and haunting at the same time, like something out of Emily Carroll's work (and not just because of the werewolf element).The plot is nothing to be surprised by, largely serving as a frame for Parent's writing and the sharp, excellent action scenes, but it's pleasant enough for what it is. The very small length of the novella doesn't lend much space for character development, so Father is just this vengeance-driven maniac and Konrad is a 50/50 fearful/angry boy, who hates his dad and mourns his mother, it's all very barebones.All in all, this leaves you wishing for Parent to write more horror, werewolf-based or not, and in a longer format, so that his characters can live up to the exciting, colourful action.Above average, brought down by simplistic plot and empty characters, but supported by great writing.

  • Elisa
    2019-05-03 11:23

    A charming (if horror-filled) throwback to the classic, un-disneyfied fairy tale classics. A short story so suspenseful that I had to keep reading. Two well-drawn characters in an impossible quandary, Where Wolves Run had me glued to my Kindle. Konrad is a young man who discovers, in a horrible way, that werewolves are real and that his father has devoted his life to hunting them. But what if his father is lying or crazy, is he going to turn Konrad into a cold-blooded killer? A chase through the forest, impossible odds and an ending that made me gasp... Where Wolves Run packs a punch that many longer novels can only wish for. I chose to read this book and all opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased. Thank you, NetGalley/Corpus Press!

  • Sarah
    2019-05-14 09:12

    Werewolves, Bavaria, gruesome violence and a twist ending comes together well for this very, very quick read, perfect to jump into when you have a spare few minutes or need a quick break from other books you may be reading.*Huge thanks to Jason Parent, Corpus Press and NetGalley for this copy which I chose to read and all opinions are my own*

  • Debbi Smith
    2019-04-26 14:21

    The scary werewolf is back! A really good read that just might scare your pants off. If your tired of werewolves of the fluffy variety you have to read this book. I received a copy of this book from netgalley and chose to review it.

  • Barbara Lee Wood
    2019-05-03 15:24

    LEFT ALONEThis novella reeks of REVENGE for the death of a son's mother and the lonely life he and his mother led. The father was always away on some unknown distant trip. One night the mother tells the son hide in a hidden opening in the kitchen, stay there no matter what you hear or possibly see. That night there was howling, a full moon, need I say more, he heard the smashing of their door and then BOOM, the door gives all he heard are growls,howls and the ripping and tearing of flesh. His mother's screams screaming sounds of something thrown hard against the wall of the cottage. The smell of blood and visceral..the WEREWOLVES had struck...his father finally arrives to find his cottage almost destroyed and no-one home..the father explained what he did on those mysterious trips..and the best is the FATHER admits he's brought this DEATH to his doorstep..the son hates his father for the death of his mother and being deprived of his father's love and protection. So the BIG BAD WOLVES also have an agenda, they are tracking the father back to his home base to destroy the SEED of the WEREWOLVES KILLER. Well it didn't go so good for the father because they had a man killer chained in their cottage and he left his inexperienced son to guard the man killer---not good..a full moon...and we all know what happens, no matter how weak from torturing..those bad boys TURN/REGENERATE..and look out here come gangs, fingers turn into's a WOW now the son is again in a dangerous predators sight..The son gets scratched deeply..we all know what the outcome of that wound..Well FATHER arrives to see the carnage and his son..the father starts apologizing for not being there to defend him..son stares at father with a death state..father gulps looks/disbelief in his eyes as the son stabs his FATHER. NOW this leads one to think that somewhere in his father's trips he was bitten/scratched by a werewolf..OH NO THEY DIDN'T...This story is humdinger and possibly believable, son blames his FATHER for all the unhappiness he and his mother faced. The mother never mentioned or spoke about the father's trips, because she knew what he was doing...You know read this story and make your own decisions. If you have ever seen the old black and white movies staring Lon Chaney..WOLFMANyou'll enjoy this novella which has a few twist here and there.

  • Tori
    2019-05-05 07:08

    ****I received a copy of this novella from NetGalley and Red Adept publishing in exchange for an honest review!****Okay, so my number one favorite genre is horror and my number one favorite monster is the werewolf, so of course I was psyched to be getting a copy of this to read. I also used to be waaaay into the creepypasta world, so the novella format didn't bother me much. I enjoyed that Parent didn't take too many liberties with trying to change the popular lore of the werewolf and actually make them terrifying. The fake out/mindgames that was playing out was pretty well done, but could have been executed better, however.Some of the writing felt a bit too stilted in places, but it didn't pull me out of the narrative too hard. Though, any time in such a short story can hurt.Overall, I enjoyed it. I'm​ always left hungry for more werewolf stories, and would also be interested in anything else this author puts out.

  • Marissa
    2019-05-02 13:11

    Where Wolves Run is a werewolf novella that features a very complicated father-son relationship. There wasn't really much new here when it comes to the werewolf story. Sure, the author didn't bother developing the mythology behind the supernatural creatures, which I thought worked for this kind of story. The author provided their own talent with some pretty visual and violent storytelling, which helped keep my interest. I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  • Josef Hernandez
    2019-05-08 15:21

    A good werewolf novellaFor a full review, please go to and follow me on Twitter @josenher