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Is it better to be safe or loved?Four months have passed since the E’mani destroyed the Earth and scooped up the remains. Elizabeth “Beta” Camden was one of those taken. With the help of their enemies, the Fost, she escapes and confronts her prior captors successfully. Though she knows she should remain vigilant toward the E’mani, she follows her heart instead and falls inIs it better to be safe or loved?Four months have passed since the E’mani destroyed the Earth and scooped up the remains. Elizabeth “Beta” Camden was one of those taken. With the help of their enemies, the Fost, she escapes and confronts her prior captors successfully. Though she knows she should remain vigilant toward the E’mani, she follows her heart instead and falls in love with Marin, the sexy Fost warrior.She should have trusted her first instinct. This time the E’mani don’t come in force – they slip in silently. And any hope Beta had of a peaceful life is lost. She leaves in the dead of night to find the E’mani stronghold and end them once and for all. But love is a tricky bitch. It takes a threat to Marin’s safety to make Beta realize, if she can’t forget her past, she won’t have a future....

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Can't Forget Reviews

  • BookWormAli
    2018-11-15 15:38

    4 Emotional Roller-coaster Stars****MS. Myers, I have to say when I started reading this book I though oh so this is the romance/angst part of the story....and then you ripped my heart right out and off the plot was running!! In this book we see Beta in her new relationship with Marin and the Fost. Obviously things are strained between her and a few characters due to the death of Lara from the other book, but not for the wrong reasons (trying not to contain spoiler). Marin is pushing for their relationship to become deeper and move to "Mating". (view spoiler)[ The loss of Hope was gut wrenching to read! Beta's emotions were so raw and understandable It was heart wrenching,(hide spoiler)]Eventually Beta realizes she need to continue her journey to Industry, leaving Marin behind. His anger and reaction just may tear their new relationship apart, while Finn may be waiting for a chance to redeem himself.I am not a huge fan of the triangle love that usually plays out in books, however The way Ms. Meyers deals with it here is unique and while Finn is always waiting, He never becomes, bitter or hates Beta for her choice. His choices make him an interesting and relatable character even though I am Team Marin.Marin...He is definitely stubborn and alpha. The trials he and Beta go through will change them , and their relationship.The only thing I wished more for and felt a little confused was the different races Beta discovered and where they exactly came from. I think a little more detail would have helped me understand how Xade had come into contact with them and how they fit with Beta. I got a little confused when they met and then the battle seemed rushed at the end. The rest of the book felt so much richer, that it paled the end because of how fast it was summed up. I cant wait for the next installment, Please tell me it is coming soon!!Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  • Montzalee Wittmann
    2018-10-21 19:35

    Can't Forget (Solum #2) by Colleen S. Myers is a teen/young adult, but I think adults would like it too, sci-fi book. It is the second book in the series but I didn't read the first book and I was not lost in the story, the author was good in filling in parts needed as the story went along. The story was of a girl in love with an alien that had rescued her from other aliens that had held her captive and had tortured and researched/did lab experiments on her (in book one). She is special somehow and she wants to find the labs and find out why and to destroy those aliens but the new tribe of aliens she is living with keeps putting it off. She takes it on herself with a few others to go themselves. It is an exciting read with romance, mystery, action, sci-fi, some fantasy, and lots of fun too. I enjoyed it. Good plot and great characters. Thanks NetGalley for suggesting this book.

  • Carol Keen
    2018-11-11 18:32

    I read this book as a stand alone. It did just fine like that. Aliens, check. Strong main character, who I like, yes indeed. It has emotion, humor. I think I should read the first book in this series now. My copy came from Net Galley. My review is my own, and left of my own volition.

  • Julie Fancher
    2018-11-03 15:48

    I had been waiting for this book "Can't Forget " since I finished the last page of the first book in the series, "Must Remember ". Colleen Myers did not disappoint, it was outstanding! In the first book, Beta, aka "Elizabeth" is kidnapped by the E'mani and taken in by the Fost when she mysteriously escapes the E'mani. In "Can't Forget", Beta is living with Marin the leader of Fost community that found Beta. Marin is in love with Beta and wants her to mate with him, but even though Beta loves Marin, she's not sure she can commit to Marin until she has her revenge against the E'mani. Unexpected tragedy sets things in motion that could have long lasting effects on everyone involved! I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys suspense and an unusual storyline.

  • Shan
    2018-10-19 18:57

    Love the uniqueness of this story, and this story is really developing with this installment in this series. Elizabeth's memories are still unclear about her time as a prisoner with vicious aliens, and as the memories begin to become more clear, Elizabeth knows one thing, and that is that she wants revenge for the torture they put her through and all of the humans they killed when they invaded Earth. Luckily Elizabeth has found a new home with a different group aliens, and has found love with Marin, but all isn't blissful when they don't agree on the course of action that should be taken to deal with the vicious aliens. When the evil aliens begin causing problems for Elizabeth, she knows she needs to take action, and there is also the little issue of Elizabeth's one-time lover, Finn, who still wants a chance with Elizabeth. Elizabeth has to deal with a lot in this book, and she showed strength. Elizabeth and Marin's relationship is really sweet, and I loved their connection, but I was disappointed in some of Marin's actions, and even some of Elizabeth's actions. The whole Zara thing really made me super ticked at Marin, and I can understand some of the Finn stuff, but I think some of it stepped over the line of appropriate, so I was getting a bit ticked at Elizabeth for that, but I'm much more peeved at Marin's actions. I still like him though, and I'm looking forward to seeing how Colleen S. Myers is going to develop this story. There's some adventure in this book that I really enjoyed, and I liked that we get to see a bit more of the world Colleen S. Myers has created. There's still a lot of story to be told, so I'm hoping the next book will be soon! I want it now!

  • Anissa
    2018-10-27 12:55

    Amazing book 2 The story follows 4 months after the first book ended. Marin and Beta are happy and after a few months of coaxing are getting married (mating). Of course the E'mani arrive and cause great damage. Beta and a few others seek out answers and revenge in the "town" industry. They meet others like Beta some of different races. They learn why they were taken and all combine forces to fight back. Marin and Beta must learn to trust each other to understand that Beta has to fight. Many are lost and the book ends in a cliffhanger so hopefully another book will soon follow.

  • Noelle Walsh
    2018-10-17 13:41

    This book is okay. I wasn't totally grabbed by this book, mainly because the characters weren't grabbing me and because I haven't read the first book. Even with that said, this book can still be enjoyed, just maybe not by everyone. I would recommend reading book 1 first before reading this one. This one might be more enjoyable then.*won as a GoodReads Giveaway*

  • Lisa
    2018-11-07 11:32

    This book was just okay to me. The story was good but the characters I just didn't connect with any of them*** Received ARC copy of book from and Champagne Books ****L

  • Anne V.
    2018-10-24 13:55

    This is book 2, and though reading book #1 is a good idea, this book can be read as a standalone. I have included the blurb for book 1 ‘Must Remember’ below so you can catch up with the storyline:Solum #1 Must Remember (from goodreads)Nineteen-year-old Elizabeth 'Beta' Camden is a survivor. When the E'mani-those pale alien freaks-destroy Earth with a plague of madness and scoop up the remains, Beta is one of the 'lucky' ones. For years, she endures their tortures, experiments and games. Then one day, she manages to escape their ship with her life, and no memory of her time with them. Stranded on their world, Beta wanders the mountains, looking for a way home. She stumbles onto the Fost-the E'mani's ancient enemy. Their war with the Imani is old and rooted in magic that the Fost once had and the Imani crave. Magic Beta soon discovers she's developing along with strange tattoos and disturbing glimpses of her past. The Fost take her in and train her in their ways. As she spends more time with them, she falls in love with their culture and with Marin-he of the hot hands and slit eyes. But the E'mani took her for a reason and they want her back-dead or alive. If Beta doesn't remember that reason soon, they're all going to die.Solum #2Can’t ForgetBeta is ready for revenge against the E’mani until her new life with the Fost and especially Marin intervenes, forcing her to rethink her priorities. As her memories continue to return faster and faster however, she learns the E’mani may have more control over her future than she knew. In fact, she may have to lose everything in order to even survive. I have mixed feelings on this book. I read it, and I know others will like it much more than I did. I do think it made a promise and fulfilled it, so for that I give it 4 stars. I also feel that Colleen S. Myers is an author that works hard and is maturing her skill with each book. At this rate, if she continues to put out books regularly, she is sure to become a name found on many bookshelves, including my own. The story was well-told, though the pacing was sometimes slow and bogged down by the sex—I mean romance-- that was trying to be grownup, but not always making it. By the way, lust and love are not the same, and love does not grant possession. Just a reminder to young girls reading this book. The ending was okay, if a little odd, as if it was written by someone else entirely, or just rushed through. Plenty of room for the next book to come along and finish the storylineSome elements were flat, almost as if Myers tried so hard to polish the plot and main characters that they lost the edge. The backstory tended to be more interesting than the current one until well into the book and the main characters were unchanging and wooden, but the secondary ones were fun and unpredictable. .I would ask Myers this: Did you like Finn better than Marin? I did. I hardly knew Marin except through the overt sex and excessively proprietary marital scenes, whereas Finn, Ute, Thorn, and others just had more character. Maybe because they weren’t bogged down by having to be oversexed and in control all the time. Good characters are just like people. Complicated and flawed. So there, I have said it. Nonetheless, I AM going to read the next thing Myers writes, because I like her imagination and potential as a writer.I received a copy through Netgalley in exchange for this honest review. This review and others at

  • Linda Walters
    2018-11-07 16:57

    I really enjoyed this book. Yes, I had read the first one, "Must Remember," and now I got to read this second one to see where things went. Great main characters, great action, great worlds building, great, secondary characters too. The secondary people were colorful and interesting. Even the "evil" mad scientist, E’mani, Xade, was so evil it made me want to see him go down in flames. A good thing to keep in mind is that this sci- fi adventure is more for a mature adult audience, because it contains adult content . There is sex, death, loss, and there is torture as part of the story. Marin pushed things, he always pushed. He was a "man"with leadership abilities and he was the Leader of his Clan. One of his styles was to present something and when he met with resistance, he would let it drop. But he would circle back and push again at a later date and maybe in a different way. Sounded kind of manipulative to me, but I still liked him anyway. He also had such a loveless growing up, and wanted more with Beta. He wanted her love and the loving family he could have with her. And it was clear that he loved her deeply, he was also insecure about her love for him. You can just imagine how many problems that caused. I really liked the expressive way the author wrote. Like: "His slit pupils dilated and the bruised expression in his eyes faded. His eyes grew languid hot." See what I mean? Some of the gifts that the Fost had were pretty interesting. One of Marin's had to do with the wind. Elizabeth was a continual surprise when it came to her gifts and the people's connection to their "earth" or in other words, The Land. For those who who want to know there is a Happy For Now ending, because everything isn't wrapped up. I was hoping that this book would be the end of the story with justice being served. But it looks like there will be another book to hopefully take us there. I love the picture on the cover of the ebook, it's colorful and dramatic looking.I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Jolie
    2018-11-03 16:37

    I have been spoiled lately. Up until this book, all of the books that I have gotten that have been second books in a series and I haven’t read the first book have been standalone. I could read those books and not have to worry about the back story. Then I read this book and broke my streak….lol.From what I can gather (I haven’t read book 1) Elizabeth Camden (aka Beata) was involved in an attack against the E’mani…who are creepy pale aliens. Her allies are the Fost, long time enemies of the E’mani and who have magical abilities (I guess, from what I have read). During this skirmish, quite a few friends and one enemy were killed. I am going to go out on a limb and say that this book starts a few weeks after that attack.I could not connect with Beata and actually disliked her during a good part of the book. She came across, to me, as abrasive and insecure. She had this hot guy who wanted to do the equivalent of marrying her and she hid the freaking bracelets and wouldn’t tell him where they were when he asked. So let’s add childish to that list too. My feelings did change towards her but I had to struggle to not to let them slide back into the dislike category.Now, saying that, I did feel bad for her during her flashbacks. Back to when she was with the E’mani. I actually shuddered when reading those scenes…they were that bad. I wouldn’t wish what she went through on my worse enemy.I think the middle of the book is when I started changing my feelings towards Beata. To suffer such a tragedy was unthinkable and I cried with her. But to go off and not tell her husband….not the best decision she made. Then all of the assumptions that she was making when Marin and the other Fost woman were immature. Even I, as a reader, could see that nothing was happening with Marin. I really wanted to reach through the book, slap her and say “Stop being silly before you lose him for good.”The end of the book was fantastic, with a ton of action and one heck of an ending.

  • M. C. (MagsTheBookWorm)
    2018-10-31 13:57

    Can't Forget is a sci-fi adventure romance. The main character, Elizabeth, had been captured from Earth by the diabolical E'mani after they infected the populace with a strange mind-altering virus. While she is now living with the less advanced Fost people, she still suffers flashbacks from the torture the E'mani inflicted on her during her captivity. She is desperately in love with one of the Fost clan chiefs, Marin, but everything is happening to her so fast that her head is spinning. When the E'mani attack her within the grounds of her new home, shattering her sense of safety, revenge becomes her number one priority. In the end, will her quest for vengeance prove to be too much for Marin to take...?I would first like to state that I received this through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. That being said, this was a pretty decent sci-fi book. The characters were fairly well developed, the pace relatively steady once you got past the first handful of chapters. While this was a bit of a slow starter for me, my biggest complaint was that there weren't enough details from the previous book woven into the story. I wasn't completely lost but I feel that the story overall would've come together better and made more sense with more detail and backstory. All in all I did enjoy the tale and I think fans of the genre would as well but it may be best to start with book one.

  • Anne Rightler
    2018-11-10 16:44

    Can't Forget, by Colleen Myers is second in the science fiction series, Solum. Although easily read as a stand-alone book, reading the first book in the series would certainly fill in the back story of the world the author has created more completely. Elizabeth, "Beta", has been living with the Fost race since she escaped from the malevolent E'mani who had destroyed Earth and kidnapped her. She is supposedly safe and protected by the Fost, and yet her nightmares won't let up. She knows the E'mani have not forgotten her and they will be back. Can she find the key to these horrifying nightmares before it's too late? Failure is not an option. With magic and clones and shapeshifters, with tragic losses and treks into the unknown Myers adds an edge of the seat tension to her story. Love and romance abound throughout the book as two Fost beings vie for Beta's devotion. Who are the Remains? Why had these eight beings been gathered from other worlds? And will they help the Fosts and Beta rid the land of the E'mani? Experiments, DNA, immunity and virology lend credence to this sci-fi world. The characters are strong and relationships change as events unfold. Definitely a good choice for lovers of science-fiction. Be forewarned the book contains some coarse language and adult content for a mature adult audience.I was given a complimentary copy of the book by the author in exchange for an honest opinion.

  • Katelin Campbell
    2018-11-14 14:46

    I loved this book. I really enjoyed the first one and this was a great addition. Beta has to go through a lot of emotional pain that really sucks you in. The loss of a loved one is extremely difficult and it was captured so well.Beta's relationship with Marin is great. I was always a fan of him over Finn. I always felt that the relationship between Beta and Finn was too rushed in Must Remember and that Marin is the better choice for Beta. I am not a fan of the love triangle though. That feels like more a YA trope that really should be avoided in this kind of book.I also felt the ending was a bit rushed. We didn't get to learn too much about Beta's friends that she found and the overall battle seemed to come out of no where. I was very confused during the battle as it wasn't drawn out. It just seemed like we could have had more details and not have had everything so rushed when the rest of the book was so well fleshed out. It's a major reason why I docked a star.The difficulties the Fost face and the choices Beta makes are definitely well worth the read. It's so engaging. We get so a sort of cliff hanger and I can't wait until the next one!I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  • Kathy Osborn
    2018-10-19 19:55

    Can't Forget picks up where Must Remember stopped. However, you can read this as a standalone as Colleen Myers gives you enough background information that you catch up very easily. Marin and Beta have gotten closer while she has been staying there, but Beta is hesitating to mate (marriage) with him yet. However, she becomes pregnant, so she decides to take the leap into the mating ceremony with Marin. But Xade, the E'mani hasn't forgotten Beta and tragedy strikes. This changes how Beta and Marin react to each other and the course of their mating. Does love overcome revenge or are both doomed? You will need to read this story to find out. Answers to questions regarding Beta are answered, however you wondering how Earth is. I would love to see another book in this series to see how everything plays out in the end. Colleen has created a different world that I easily got lost in and her characters are very well developed within this story. Beta has grown within this story and takes on a lot at a young age, while Marin is stubborn, but devoted to his people. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves to be swept away to another world.

  • Kim
    2018-10-26 16:53

    This is the second book in this series and I would recommend reading the first, it will provide better understanding of all the characters and world building. Having escaped her E'mani captors Elizabeth (Beta) now lives with the people of Groos on Solum and with her appearance magic is returning to the people of the land. Her own powers are becoming stronger as is her attraction to the handsome and charismatic Clan leader Marin, who has given her love, stability, security, and monogamy in a non-monogamous society. Oh, and be prepared for some very steamy hot times!But can she give up her fight against the E'mani who destroyed the people of Earth or Xade who captured and tortured her for how long she can't remember? Can Marin keep her safe from the psychopath Xade in his pursuit to recapture Elizabeth so he can continue his horrifying experiments? I loved this storyline, with so much love, sorrow, action, adventure and page turning suspense! There was nothing that was expected and yet I'm ready for more. I do believe there is more to this story that ends in a HFN (happy for now)!

  • Michelle McKellar
    2018-10-22 14:52

    GoodThis is the second book in the series and it is much better than the first. My biggest complaint is that there is too much sex. I like the story, I like the characters and the world. I like her writing style,but it disappoints me that she puts so much sex in the books. I am not a prude. I do not mind a little sex in books but the whole first book was pretty much sex. The second book is better because it actually talks about the world and what is going on and has less sex. I will read the next book, obviously. But I get so sick of writers putting so much sex it takes over the whole book and you are left disappointed.

  • Sherrie Messier
    2018-11-08 13:41

    Passionate and heartbreakingly emotional. I was so surprised by the second story in this series. I enjoyed the first one but this story was on a whole other level. I found myself wrapped up in the emotions that played throughout the story. The stubborn but fierce lead in Elizabeth reminds me a lot of myself. The story has a lot of ups and downs but with great secondary characters with a lot of wit and comedy make this a really fun an exciting read.

  • Kaila
    2018-10-25 14:45

    Oh wow.. this was even more fun to read then the first. I enjoyed the characters. their lives.. their love.. everything. The writing was fast paced and exciting. I loved it and I'm so glad I got to review it

  • Darcy Thorn
    2018-11-14 17:33

    Loved the world development and relationship with the characters Great story! look forward to the rest of the stories. Hurry up and Wrte Colleen!

  • Colleen Myers
    2018-10-27 17:57