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Despite dating one vampire and living with another, Rachel Morgan has stayed ahead of trouble until now. A serial killer stalks the Hollows, claims victims across society, and ignites a vicious Inderland gang war. Rachel hides an ancient artifact that could stop the killer or start a battle to the death among supernatural races of Cincinnati. Every action has its price. WhDespite dating one vampire and living with another, Rachel Morgan has stayed ahead of trouble until now. A serial killer stalks the Hollows, claims victims across society, and ignites a vicious Inderland gang war. Rachel hides an ancient artifact that could stop the killer or start a battle to the death among supernatural races of Cincinnati. Every action has its price. When the vampire master Piscary is set free and the demonic Algaliarept dares to walk openly under the sun, even Rachel Morgan can't hide forever....

Title : For a Few Demons More
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ISBN : 9780060788384
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For a Few Demons More Reviews

  • Luffy
    2019-01-27 22:47

    I gave the book 3.5 score but rounded it to 3 stars. I love giving 3 stars to books that I think deserve so, yet I feel that I'm underestimating them. 3 star books are mercurial in their very being. I happen to think that the author is her own worst enemy.Whenever a clash is about to occur, or when there's tension and drama and pathos in the present reading of a particular chapter, The author changes the scene and I am left with the feeling that nothing is resolved. There is a large cast of characters in the book. Some of them are drawn with hasty, economic lines, and I thought it was a shame that the author cannot do justice to all. Finally I thought that the climax was fascinating, but not epic. There is a power struggle going on in the book, and it will temporarily resolve itself after each book. Then it's back to square one. I have a lot to say about this book, but I must conclude that the flaws cannot be ignored.

  • Kat Kennedy
    2019-02-10 20:44

    Sometimes, though you know it to be true, nature will remind you of what a bitch it is.Like, for example, if you come to Australia and manage to avoid the myriad of poisonous spiders, snakes, scorpions, jelly fish, stone fish and some frogs. Then you manage to not get killed or viciously maimed by the crocodiles, koalas, cassowary, dingos, sharks, sting-rays and locals (do you have any idea of how many tourists go missing and get murdered in Australia?)Then you survive the outback with its intense heat, freezing nights, lack of water, flash floods, raging forest fires and travelling transvestites on a mystical journey of self-discovery. Or you make it to the ocean where you narrowly avoid our rips and hurricanes and over-zealous children...Only to find yourself brushing up against the Gympie-Gympie tree or its five closely related cousins and finding yourself in such intense pain that you understand why horses and dogs and men have been known to throw themselves off cliff edges to make it stop. Then of course, you survive that but find the tiny, almost invisible barbs that pierced your skin weren’t properly removed and for pretty much the rest of your life, you’re likely to be in pain any time that skin comes in contact with water.Fuck you nature![image error]Yeah, yeah, yeah! Damn it nature always has to have the last word!So, nature doesn’t just hate you. It hates Rachel Morgan too. You see, it has allowed her to be born with absolutely no ability to think five minutes ahead to save her freakin’ life. In fact, if the universe didn’t conspire AGAINST nature in order to surround her with a group of people able to adequately formulate, prepare and execute a plan, then she would have died coming out of the woman by trying to shove herself down the doctor’s throat because it seemed like a good idea at the time.So intriguing and wonderful is her support group, that they manage to carry this entire series and save Rachel so many times that I can only assume they’re actually robots operated by awesomified My Little Pony dolls.Probably the Master Chief My Little Pony operates Jenks.I had to stop this book when I reached the part in which Rachel is, yet again, about to go into an extremely dangerous situation, with no back up, and the most half-assed plan ever conceived on the face of this earth.I enjoy these books but if I keep reading, I’ll probably give myself severe blood-pressure problems. When I’m not pregnant and wound up tighter than a honey badger on LSD, then I’ll pick this book up and finish it. Until, then, I’ll just have to say that this series is pretty good. Not fantabulous, but pretty good.Then again, it's probably the honey and nectar speaking. Never sugar drink and fly, kids!

  • Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads
    2019-01-30 18:19

    Reviewed by: Rabid ReadsSo I don't know if I'm using the "@!?#" button correctly, but in my head it's the "WTF?! Elephant." Has been since I first laid eyes on it. So if that's not what it's supposed to mean, now you know what it means to me:Elephant as illustration for WTF?! + @!?# (WTF?!) = WTF?! squared.And that is what is going on here. And it is fan-friggin'-tastic.Right. So Trent's getting married to Ellasbeth, and he wants Rachel to work security for the wedding.*blinks*I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Why on earth would Trent want Rachel at his wedding?"Well, b/c Lee RVSP-ed as his best man, and that's a problem, b/c Lee is Al's new familiar in the Ever After . . . so how's he going to pull off being the best man in Trent's wedding?That is an excellent question.It's also a question that has Trent understandably nervous, and as Rachel is the only person to ever hold her own against Al, Trent wants her in place to handle whatever unknown, yet inevitable, shenanigans Al is planning.Rachel says, "Hell NO. It's my birthday."Trent says, "40k."Rachel says, "Well, maybe . . . but I better not have to wear an ugly dress."B/c Rachel isn't just going to be working security from the sidelines in a Quen-like capacity, oh no, she's doing it as one of Ellasbeth's BRIDESMAIDS.*giggle snorts*I hadn't really thought about it before, but a fellow fan of The Hollows commented on one of my status updates on Goodreads that this book is a real turning point for the series. On the one hand, yeah, obviously (b/c the Bad Thing happens in this book).But there is a LOT more going on than that. Al is in trouble with the demons, and he wants Rachel's help getting out of it. Ceri and Trent finally meet. Rachel upsets the balance of power between the heavy hitting Supes. Skimmer does that other Big Thing . . .And don't let ALL THE THINGS scare you, b/c unlike True Blood, Season 4's hodgepodge of overwhelming randomness, For a Few Demons More is wonderfully coherent, and by far the best book in the series up to that point. YEP. This is where it starts getting REALLY good.My other reviews for this series:Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows #1)The Good, the Bad, and the Undead (The Hollows #2)Every Which Way But Dead (The Hollows #3)A Fistful of Charms (The Hollows #4)The Outlaw Demon Wails (The Hollows #6)White Witch, Black Curse (The Hollows #7)Black Magic Sanction (The Hollows #8)Pale Demon (The Hollows #9)The Undead Pool (The Hollows #12)Into the Woods: Tales from the Hollows and Beyond

  • Jonetta
    2019-02-06 21:40

    Just too much Rachel/Ivy drama for me. I suffered through about 12 hours of that until the story got interesting. And, I'm not seeing any real character growth so I'm taking an extended, maybe permanent break. It was tiresome seeing Rachel make the same dumb mistakes over and over again through five books. On a brighter note, the narration is excellent.

  • Laz
    2019-02-04 17:39

    “There were no more choices, no more options, no more clever ways out of a tough situation. And the rush, I realized in a brutal wash of despair, is a false god I’ve chased my entire life. One that cost me everything in the blind search for sensation. My entire existence amounted to nothing.”I have no idea how I found the courage to read this book until it's very end. This one was full of suspense and a constant stress and a feeling that someone wouldn't come out of this alive, and for once, I was right.. Someone did not get out alive.. Of course, I have to praise other elements in this novel as well, like the fact that by each book of this series I read I'm struck by how much character development there is. In a way, I'm reminded of those children books I've read where we grow up along with the characters. This series is like that, only it's not for kids, it's for grown-ups and it's targetting a more mature audience. I love how intertwined this is with real life elements but at the same time it's kept grounded to the paranormal. Rachel has grown so much on me since the first book. She's a great character and she's so caring. There's no boundaries where her friends' lives are concerned. No lengths she wouldn't go to for them in order to keep them alive and breathing. Ivy is one of the most powerful vampires, she's still a person though and she has feelings and she hurts and I'm sure by now that she is the most sensitive of our characters and I feel for her on so many levels. She is my favorite and I don't even have to justify myself.This book is the most personal one yet. I mean that it's just that our characters are a family now. It's like this tight family that deals with its problems as a team. Did they have to get separated? Yes. Did they have to work alone and make decisions alone? Yes. But ultimately they'd all be affected the same if one of them died.Should I go back to the death comment? No, I don't want to spoil you.. But the death shattered me.. I had grown to love this character. I hope the next book is more fun and less heartbreak even though I'm sure that whichever it is, I'm going to love it just the same.

  • La Mala ✌
    2019-01-25 23:36

    ACLARACIÓN: Aunque esta reseña tiene marcado 'spoilers' después de cada ítem, no suelo spoilear nada. Es decir, no escribo nada que arruine la trama principal. (En caso de hacerlo, lo advierto previamente con una nueva marca de spoiler!! O sea, te encajo un spoiler adentro del spoiler, porque estoy muy jugada, y soy re heavy y re jodida.)Reseña para leer escuchando:Cobrastyle (Y no me pregunten porqué, me pintó ese tema nomás.) ¿De qué trata? Rachel Morgan, polígama en potencia, que nunca se olvida de dar su opinión sobre la belleza masculina/femenina ni siquiera en momentos de vida o muerte, le mira la cara al peligro y le dice Show me your teeth, esta vez perseguida por más demonios de los que puede manejar sola, y una cadena de crímenes sin resolver que pueden o no involucrar a alguien cercano a ella. Ah, y , encima de todo, UNA BODA. Género: Fantasía Urbana (Joss Whedon estaría pidiendo que le paguen derechos de autor)La historia en cuestión, ¿Se adapta correctamente a su género ? (view spoiler)[Esta quinta parte es la que mejor representa al género en la serie. Mucho drama, mucha acción, burocracia mágica en la ciudad, nombres impronunciables y un panorama que sólo trae desenlaces tristes. (hide spoiler)] Punto de vista: (view spoiler)[ Bravo por Kim Harrison. La primera persona está llevada mejor que nunca. Las penas y alegrías de Rachel son tan desgarradoras como satisfactorias. Hubo una escena en especial durante (view spoiler)[la boda de ya saben quién (hide spoiler)] donde el suspenso, la tensión y la sensación de revancha de (view spoiler)[Rachel (hide spoiler)] fueron escritos excelentemente. La tensión construída despacio, sin apurarse, desbocando en una (view spoiler)[batalla de proporciones devastadoras(hide spoiler)] de una manera que, si no te pone la piel de gallina en cuánto la leés, es porque, quizás, esta no es la serie para vos. Todo a través de los ojos de Rachel, más cancera y real que nunca. Uno no puede evitar sufrir con ella, alegrarse con ella, y demás. (hide spoiler)]¿Es parte de una serie? Sep.En caso de serlo, ¿es necesario leer los libros que lo preceden?(view spoiler)[ Sí, sí. Si no leés al menos dos anteriores, mucho de lo que pasa en este, no provoca la mitad de la emoción que provoca. (hide spoiler)]¿Hay romance? (view spoiler)[ No...? Creo que, a esta altura, ya es más una mezcla de amor, amistad y lealtad. Hay mucho amor, pero no romance. (hide spoiler)]En caso de haberlo, ¿entorpece la trama?: (view spoiler)[ No. El amor de Rachel por ciertos personajes es lo que impulsa mucho de lo que sucede (o casi todo lo que sucede.) (hide spoiler)]Personajes: ¿Están bien desarrollados? ¿Son creíbles? (view spoiler)[ Retiro lo que escribí en la reseña anterior. Si antes no entendía a Rachel, ahora la siento más real que nunca. Hay mucho que, obviamente, no comparto, muchos de sus errores son estúpidos (al punto de querer meterese en la trama y sacudirla un poco) pero creo que, a fin de cuentas, son precisamente esos errores gran parte de la trama, lo que desencadena la mitad de las acciones del resto. Si Rachel no se equivocara, la historia no sería tan eficiente en la parte dramática, y el misterio sería menos interesante. (hide spoiler)]Personaje favorito: (view spoiler)[-IVY.-Rachel estuvo sublime, a pesar de las equivocaciones. -También me ganó Skimmer. (A explicar en Narración)-David me sigue cayendo bien. Me gustaría saber más.-Trent siempre trae emoción a este universo (para bien o para mal) (hide spoiler)]Personaje a jubilar: (view spoiler)[ Ninguno. Todos aportan lo suyo. (hide spoiler)]Narración: ¿Cómo está escrito? (view spoiler)[ Impecable la escena en (view spoiler)[ el casamiento de ése (hide spoiler)] y, sobre todo, lo que vino después: (view spoiler)[ Todo en la cárcel, con Piscary, Ivy, Skimmer, Trent, Mr. Ray, Quen, Jenks etc. Me partió el corazón (view spoiler)[Skimmer salvando a Ivy. Me pareció increíble, muy bien lograda la desesperación, la descripción del llanto entremezclado con la decisión de una y la parálisis de los otros, esa inutilidad total del resto mientras Skimmer hacía lo que podía, ciega por salvar la vida de su gran amor (hide spoiler)]IM.PE.CA.BLE Así como también me pareció muy bien escrita la desesperación de la misma Rachel, triste, solitaria y final, dispuesta a terminar con todo. (hide spoiler)] Impresionante. Creo que pocas veces he leído (en este género, al menos) una escena tan larga pero tan cargada de sentimiento como ésa llegando al (view spoiler)[final (hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)] De ahora en adelante, considerenme una fan más de THE HOLLOWS.¿Presenta situaciones realistas? (view spoiler)[ SI. Dejando de lado el universo fantástico. todo lo relacionado con el amor a los amigos, me llegó al corazón. Esta serie es,creo yo, una serie sobre el trabajo en equipo, al amor a los amigos...y sin ser demasiado pegotes ni cursis. (hide spoiler)]Clichés: (view spoiler)[ Figuritas repetidas VOL2- Heroína asegura ser inteligente, toma decisiones pelotudas.-Heroína no se da cuenta de que ama a quien ama, prefiere negarlo e ir por lo obvio.-Heroína que está demasiado convencida de algo, comete varios errores, enceguecida por su convencimiento.-Heroína hace algo extremo para no lastimar a un ser querido, termina lastimándolo/la el triple.-Heroína tiene la verdad frente a sus ojos, no la ven ni al rayo del sol.-El villano es más obvio que personaje villano con acento ruso de peli de acción yanqui de los años '80 pero la heroína no se da cuenta. (hide spoiler)]Nivel de Originalidad (view spoiler)[ 10/10 Hubo mucho que no me esperaba. (hide spoiler)]Puede causar gracia (sin intención del autor/a) (view spoiler)[ Sin intención, ninguna. Todos los chistes son con adredes.(hide spoiler)]Urban Fantasy¿Qué podemos esperar? (view spoiler)[ Burocracia mágica, were y vampírica. Villanos malísimos, una muchachita adicta a la adrenalina, con debilidad por las situaciones complicadas. Tragedia y preguntas que parecen nunca tener respuesta.(hide spoiler)]¿Escenas hot? (view spoiler)[ Si. Una de 8/10(hide spoiler)]Posibles bajones (puede variar según el lector) (view spoiler)[ Si se habían encariñado mucho con (view spoiler)[cierto personaje, vayan buscando otro a quien querer. (hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)]Credibilidad del world-building: Del 1 al 10 (view spoiler)[10(hide spoiler)]¿Ofensas? ( Ya sea el autor, quien narra la historia, o desde comentarios de personajes secundarios…)(view spoiler)[ Hay slut-shaming sutil en algunos chistes. Pero lo tomo como de la época que viene, no había tanta concientización sobre el tema hace diez años. (hide spoiler)]¿Me gustó?Lo amé.¿Hay cosas peores? (view spoiler)[ Me spoilearon Star Wars.(hide spoiler)]¿Libros peores? (view spoiler)[A gusto del consumidor (hide spoiler)]¿Libros mejores? De nuevo, ya va al gusto del consumidor.Lo recomendaría a quienes les gusta..A cualquiera que le guste la fantasía urbana y lea a Ilona Andrews, Kelley Armstrong, etc.TL;DR: Un libro a la mitad de la serie que se lee como una culminación. Lágrimas, acción a puro pelo colorado, palabras, palabras, palabras, una bruja al filo del ever-after cada cuatro capítulos, múltiples intereses amorosos en potencia, gente beiia y misterios que siguen sin explicación. Lectura ideal para las vacaciones.Puntaje final: 5+++ Tema para terminar el libro:We'll meet again....___________________________________________Pre Reseña:El mejor libro de la serie hasta ahora.No pude parar de leer hasta que al fin lo terminé.OUTSTANDING.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
    2019-02-19 16:31

    It was so darn good to get back into this world. Even though I knew I loved this series, it was a huge reminder just why I love it.Once again Rachel has gotten herself into a sticky situation. One full of danger, lies, and oh yeah, demons. The stakes are getting higher and not everyone is going to come out of this one alive. There were so many feels with this, I don't even know where to begin. So much was revealed and said, and done. I can't even begin to express how much I love this series. It took me awhile to get into it, in fact three whole books before I completely felt the love but once that love blossomed, it really bloomed. I've seen others say this book was a turning point to the series and I absolutely agree. With all the things that happened it was impossible for anyone to come out of it the same. To be unchanged in some way or another. I don't want to spoil anything but I will say this, these friends, their bond and love for one another, is what makes this series so fantastic. I've always said that sometimes the best family are those we pick to be a part of instead of those we are sometimes born into and that is the case with Ivy, Jenks,and Rachel. There are so many good characters in this, great characters and of course even and some it's impossible not to hate with a fiery passion and I couldn't help but love Harrison for her ability to do that. If you are hesitating to try this series, don't. It's fantastic and even though like me, it might take you a bit to warm up to it, take that chance anyways, I don't think you'll regret it.

  • Joana
    2019-02-02 16:42

    Wow. That was my final impression of the much anticipated fifth book in Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan series. Much like Harrison’s previous work, For a Few Demons More was a non-stop, action packed romp through an alternate version of Cincinnati. My only complaint was that the relationship of two of the main characters seems to have taken two steps back for the single step forward it gained. And of course the death of a beloved character never sits too well with anyone. But enough of the teasing.Poor Rachel, she’s a witch whose only desire was to become as good of a runner (a combination of investigator and bounty hunter) as her late father. But political machinations forced her to leave the I.S. and go it on her own. When she left she unknowingly took with her two new friends, Ivy Tamwood the last living Tamwood vampire and Jenks a temperamental pixie with a large family to care for. Throughout the series we’ve watched the friendship between this trio bloom as they overcame numerous obstacles set in their paths. Schemes were unraveled, trust betrayed and yet through it all they stuck it out and weathered the storm.Now in the fifth book the numerous conflicts that have been simmering beneath the surface all come to a boil. Newt, the powerful demon who strikes fear in the demon Al and the elf Ceri alike, and the same demon whose mark Rachel now carries as a price for being carried over the ley lines, comes after Rachel seeking something that she has and that Newt wants back. Problem is Newt can’t remember what it is she’s looking for. If a crazy demon isn’t scary enough add to that the fact that this demon can blasphemy the holy ground she walks on without a conscious effort. There is no safe hiding place from this demon. The trio suspect Newt wants the Focus, the werewolf artifact that Rachel got stuck with in the previous book, which means now they have to guard the artifact that could cause a war from the werewolves, the vampires, and a demon.At the same time the powerful and dangerous Trent Kalamack is getting married and wants Rachel to play bodyguard. After Newt’s visit she’s in dire need of money to fix the church and it’s really no surprise that she eventually caves and accepts Trent’s offer. We’ve seen that pattern before folks, her morals and ethics cause Rachel to tell Trent what he can do with his offers but in the end a combination of guilt over their father’s shared friendship, Trent’s father’s kindness, and sheer need usually force Rachel to give in. Maybe someday she’ll learn to save herself time and just accept the offer up front? After what happened in this book that’s not likely though.So Trent is getting married, Newt makes an appearance, and everyone is fighting for control of the focus, that alone is enough to make a good fifth installment. But Kim Harrison wouldn’t be the author she is today if she decided to do things half way. Every “villain” Rachel and company have had to contend with puts in an appearance. From a walking in the sun Al to a free and clear Piscary, they’re all back and there is a murder mystery to solve to boot. Just reading the book had my mind boggling at the stress and my nerves became frayed at the thought of dealing with everything Rachel had to contend with. Fans will be pleasantly surprised to see how Harrison wraps everything up, it’s not exactly what you would anticipate but it’s far from a let down. [...]- Yet again, my review is too long! You can read the full review here.

  • Jennifer
    2019-02-10 00:45

    Currently working my way through the requisite hundred or so pages of relationship angsting that has to happen before the plot starts. That may sound tedious, and frankly it is. But it's Harrison's pattern, and once the plot kicks into gear it's a fantastic ride. You just have to slog through that introductory angst first.***And now that I'm finished, I'm not sure what I think. The story itself was pretty darned exciting, but I'm getting a little sick of Rachel, and most of the people around her. Her friends don't really seem to be her friends, they seem to be Ivy's friends, for all they worry about Ivy and how Ivy's going to react to this or that. I understand that Ivy's supposedly been through some crap in the past, but all her whining and moping, while everyone else tiptoes around her, has gotten really really old. I may be done with this series.

  • Laura Kreitzer
    2019-02-14 20:28

    What is up with authors killing the characters I love? Argh!

  • Sara Kate
    2019-01-21 23:48

    Why?!?! Nobody warned me about Kisten. This was a good edition to series but definitely left me sad.

  • Kribu
    2019-02-06 22:37

    It seems that The Hollows is a series that might just be a bit like crack: I don't find it that particularly awesome, and there's a lot about it that I don't in fact like, but overall, it's addictive and hard to stay away from - and dammit, I want more.First, the bad: honestly? Pretty much the same things I've complained about in my reviews for the previous books. Epithets. Dear god, the epithets. There were long stretches where I either didn't notice them or an editor had got hold of some chunks of the manuscript and removed them, but .. eurgh. Also, at least the UK edition seemed to have switched from Ceridwen to Cerdiwen consistently for Ceri's full name, and ... no. Just no.Various writing issues aside, I just... Rachel drives me up the wall. At least her characterisation has been consistent through the books, but dear god, how stupid can she be? This time we get her constant thoughts about her adrenaline-junky-ness and ... she still rushes to danger. All. The. Fucking. Time. ARGH. Add to that her questionable dress sense (shouldn't she by now have some inkling about what's appropriate for what occasion and what not??) and her still bloody drooling after every single man/vampire/were/witch/demon she meets (while having a steady boyfriend) and it's just. Argh. I like Rachel, in spite of everything, but god.Also, Ivy. This entire thing with Ivy. Thing is, I don't like Ivy. I've yet to find any reason whatsoever to like her, other than Rachel and Jenks and Kisten etc liking her. She's completely bland. Flat. No personality at all. I have no idea what she's about (other than really really really wanting to have sex with Rachel and drink her blood and what not). And frankly - while I appreciate having an urban fantasy series that has some diversity in the sexuality of the protagonists and has the protagonist consider that there might be some fluidity in her own sexuality - the entire Rachel/Ivy thing is just... not handled in a way that makes me like it, even the least bit. Blegh. On the plus side, at least Rachel is also aware of it possibly being just Ivy playing on the scar/vampire pheromones, but ... that is also really what bothers me. Ivy's basically drugging her every time she comes close and plays on the pheromones, and, eh.Also, Trent. I'm starting to get tired of how easily, all things considered, everyone - everyone who knows! - is brushing off his murderous tendencies. Good things: the plot, and Rachel's battling with the issues of demons, using demon curses, and the such. I like how she's starting to accept that things aren't always so black or white, and I'm curious to see where this is going.Also, Quen. And Minias! I loved Minias. I want more Minias. If the next books had nothing but Quen and Minias and Takata (I also want more Takata!), I'd be one happy camper. Sadly, I expect they won't, but hey, a girl can hope. And I was glad to see Glenn return, if in a smaller role! Actually, that is one thing I really appreciate about the series - minor/secondary characters from earlier books not just disappearing but remaining a part of the core cast's lives, returning or being mentioned now and again. Makes them feel like real people and not just props for the plot of a specific book.Will I be reading on? Absolutely. In spite of all my issues, I am enjoying the series. Just with a lot of headdesking involved.

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
    2019-02-08 23:40

    There is something wrong with Rachel. I'm starting to like this series less and less. Why is she so stupidly slicing off her nose to spite herself? She's a total screw up from what I can tell. She is also a selfish bitch who has too many loyal friends. Why do they gather around her? I really don't know. How many people is she going to take down with her? While I did like reading to learn more about what is going on, I'm starting to really dislike this dumb bitch. If there is one thing I can't abide in a series, is for the lead character to become quite this self centered while pretending she's doing it to help others. Really, keep lying to yourself.

  • Shandra
    2019-01-22 17:47

    Actual rating: 3 to 3.5 I-Expected-More stars.If I'm forced to pick a least favorite in the series thus far, it'd be this one. I'm not a fan of a few huge plot points in this one. I can't say more for fear of spoiling. Will I continue the series? Well...duh!!! This series and world and characters are still crack to me!!!

  • Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*
    2019-02-13 22:40

    Book five is such an interesting blend. While it is one of the best in the series, likely the funniest, it is also the most tragic and depressing.For the characters, a reader gets plenty of page time with their favorites. Al is around quite often but not in the typical fashion and for different reasons. There's the return of an older villain. Trent gets plenty of time on the page, as well, but this book soured my impressions of him. Even after reading all the books now up to book 12, I still feel soured. He turned me off for the first time with this book. Ivy is here but while I liked her before, her tragedy comes across as a bit irritating and overdone sometimes. She is certainly presented as fragile, but strong at the same time in other ways. Jenks is flying around and as impressive as always with his loyalty, humor, and genuine awesomeness. Kisten as the ultra boyfriend is here with a scene that was so hot to me the book almost started smoldering. The book excels with it's scenes. The wedding is seriously the funniest part of the series. It couldn't have been written better. I love re-reading it. The boat scene with Kisten was romantic and hot at the same time with a sweetness. Rachel is the ultimate badass - she's vulnerable and sensitive but does what she has to, even if her stomach is a jumble of nerves. She gets to shine here and finally accomplish something she's been itching for since the series started.For a few demons more digs deeper into the darker, gritty world of vampires. It's always been disturbing and twisted before, but now it's even worse. The true demented history is explored here for both Ivy and Kisten. Ugh. Even if there is much humor in this book, there is a darkness and seriousness to it that's unshakeable. The series takes a big turning point and things are never the same again. The ending of this book broke my heart. I was getting teary eyed a little the next day at work off and on, and that's nothing compared to actually reading sobering, surprising ending.I couldn't recommend the book higher if you're a series fan, but there's some emotional brutality waiting that angered me, depressed me, and turned the Hollows world upside down when I read it. With the book keeping its usual marriages of unusual plot arcs and this installment of the series holds consistent action. Exciting, fierce, inventive, hysterical, and then depressing as hell - For a Few Demons more is an excellent addition to the Hollows family.

  • Katie Michaels
    2019-02-04 20:37

    This book shredded me. I cried for the last 50 pages or so. And not just a silent tear or two, but out-loud crying... messy with used Kleenex all over the sofa. I will not spoil the why's of it, but I can't possibly talk about this book without acknowledging its enormous emotional impact. I don't know if I can ever forgive Kim Harrison.With the ending weighing on me so heavily, it's hard to look back to the rest of the book. It starts out strong, addressing the repercussions of Rachel's interaction with the demon Newt. And as the story goes on, the focal point becomes a string of suspicious werewolf deaths. They turn out to be linked to the "focus," that statue Rachel got from Nick in A Fistful of Charms. It has the power to create new werewolves from humans --and now everyone wants it. And Rachel becomes everyone's target as they fight to get it. --I also have to mention... just when I though that maybe Trent wasn't a total slimeball, I've changed my mind again. He is.I always reread a series before a new installment comes out, but this is the book that made me dread re-reading the Hollows. Not because it's a bad book. On the contrary, it is incredibly powerful. I just remembered the ache it put in my chest the first time around --and even knowing what would happen, didn't ease the hurt the second time. If you're a fan of the series, you can't skip this one. Just have your Kleenex ready. 5 stars.

  • jD
    2019-02-09 23:30

    I stopped about 100 pages into this one in Fall 2010 because I did not see enough character development. Had I continued to read it I don't think I would have come away with a different perspective because I wanted it too badly. I was reading it at the same time I was getting into Cat and Bones of Night Huntress so I wanted more of that. My opinion of what should happen overshadowed my ability to really enjoy what was. This time around, I was better prepared for the character short comings due to spoilers. Yes, for some of us spoilers sell the book.I really enjoyed the early installments to the series which I read years ago. The Hollows was my first witch series and I loved many aspects of the writing and magic. I found Rachael interesting but I did not like Ivy from jump. The dysfunctional abusive relationship between these two got on my nerves. As for boyfriends, I felt Rachael was living below her potential with her broke lovers when she was broke herself. Nobody around her but Jenks, a pixie, had any maturity thus Rachael did not grow as a person. She went from one bad decision to the next. After three books I just didn't see change on the horizon but I was wrong."For A Few Demons More" proved to me that Rachael's journey was not destined to be perpetual stupidity and self-destruction. There is plenty in this book but it served a higher purpose, Rachael moved forward, finally. There was plenty of the good stuff such as Rachael's quick wit and her compassion. She did some stupid stuff and some of the stupid decisions from earlier books came back to bite her in the ass. But by the conclusion, she realized her actions were wreckless and did some growing up. I even got a little more comfortable with Ivy although if Ms. Harrison kills her off, I'm good with that too. If Ivy and Rachael become lovers, I am done. Jenx is a treat, as always. Kristen is the same -- no money, no power, and not a drop of Alpha in him. Rachael loves him and he treats her good so I won't dwell on him. I am looking forward to reading more about Ceri the elf Rachael rescued from Never Never. Trent's hot and rich but Rachael hates him with a passion. I don't see that changing anytime soon based on this book. He is a bad guy but I wouldn't mind Rachael taking him out for a test drive. The consequences of dabbling with demons comes full circle. Rachael needed the hard knocks that came with the reality of how deep she had gotten with the demons. There is also something going on with that cat...I am sure of it. Best scene in the book was when Trent said to Rachael -- "You should have killed Piscary when you had the opportunity." Thank you Trent. I love you even if Rachael doesn't. All in all, I really liked this installment. Ms. Harrison is a talented Urban Fantasy writer who does not shy away from violence. Her magicical world is ripe with opportunity for what I expect to ba a long running series. I am looking forward to reading the next one.

  • VampireNovelFan
    2019-01-22 16:28

    Not too far removed from Book 4, in For a Few Demons more we see that Rachel still has "the focus," a 5,000 year old demon-crafted werewolf artifact that was the focus of book 4. Considering its power, it's a hot commodity and everybody who is anybody wants to get their hands on it, from the evil Vampire Piscary to business tycoon and underground druglord, Trent Kalamack, to the Weres themselves. Rachel's got her hands full, and it doesn't help that her werewolf friend, David, is suspected of being a serial by the FIB. How will Rachel get out of this one? Trent's long awaited wedding finally happens, but does it go down without a hitch?You'll have to read for yourself to find out. I know that a Fistful of Charms was a favorite for many, but as a self-professed fan of Kisten and Trent, this book was much more interesting for me since they get more focus. The previous book had one of the funniest moments ever in this series. Well, this book gives us another one. Let's just say that Rachel makes for a horrible bride's maid. That scene had me laughing out loud. I really like how this series has villains, but Harrison gives them qualities that keep them from being so one-dimensional. You want to get into their world and their perspective. And sometimes, Rachel's interactions with them can be either terrifying or downright hysterical, all in the course of one book. The scenes with Kisten were hott. I really like that this series adds a dash of romance, but it doesn't overtake the book. I've ran into a few favorites that start out being more about plot and then practically become erotica. A for how this book ends. I spoiled myself and opened up the last page, so I was prepared for the shock. If there's one thing you can say about Harrison; you gotta admit the woman's got balls!This is so far my favorite Urban Fantasy series so I highly recommend reading this book. Not every installment is as good as the the other, but this one is one of her best.*Review also posted to Amazon

  • Rita
    2019-02-05 21:41

    This was Heart Pounding! I was cold and then hot, I was engulfed in this one. I was disappointed about Brett; I wanted him to become a part of the team. Sick about Kistin, still despise Ivy. I think Trent cares about her, but he will turn into a snake at a moment’s notice. I liked Manias and Big AL was funny. I laughed a lot in this one. This just might be my favorite one. Can't wait to see what is next.

  • Charlie
    2019-01-22 17:23

    I'd completely forgotten how upsetting this book is. I'm crying ugly tears and I don't like it. As usual, 5 stars.

  • Mark
    2019-01-28 23:38

    A very good storyline, but some very confusing choices by Rachel and the other main characters. Major surprise for one of them.

  • valee
    2019-01-28 23:31

    For me this installment in the series wasn't as good as the last 2 books, which were a 5 stars-rating and favs. I would give this book 3.5 stars if possible.The beginning was good. All the drama with Al was a great way to begin the book. I like him a lot. He's not one of my fav characters but a really good one; you just know that if he's in the picture thing will get juicy. My problem was that then things got slower and slower. It took me forever to finish it. I got bored more than once and had to stop reading it. I never felt like I couldn't stop reading the book, only at the last 40 pages. And 40 pages in almost 500 isn't much. I didn't like also some other things that happened in this book. The way things changed between Rache and Ivy wasn't how I pictured it. I mean make up your minds, or you get together or you don't, but a whole book doubting it was damn boring. I just wanted things to go back the way they used to be. I didn't care much for the general plot as well. The thing with the wolves focus was boring as hell. And Trent passed from being my fav character to the biggest jackass on Earth.I would have given 4 stars to this one because the ending was really good, as always, and everything that happened to Kist really got to me. I also think that Harrison was able to fix everything that was annoying me at the end, so I may be enjoying more the next book. But with all the things I mentioned for why I didn't enjoy this book as much as the other I just can't give 4 stars to it.I still love this series and totally recommend it. Jenks, Ivy and Rachel are amazing characters. I think this series is the only one I have read without any romance in it and enjoyed. I usually don't like series with no romance, but this one has things that compensate it.

  • Steven
    2019-02-17 18:30

    Sadness. Great book but umph did it hit me right in the feels?!?!

  • Lauren
    2019-02-14 19:21

    This book was soooo good! I swear, I love Rachel Morgan - she is so badass! The beginning of the book was really good. All the drama with Al was great. I like him a lot. He's not one of my fav characters but definitely one of the good ones! Plus, you just know, if Al's involved, things are bound to get juicy!I had a few problems with this book. Mainly with Ivy. I liked her before, I even felt sorry for her in previous books but now her tragedy comes across as a bit irritating and overdone sometimes. You would think by now she'd have a better handle on her feelings and behavioral problems... Favorite New Character: Newt, the extremely powerful demon who strikes fear in the hearts of not just Ceri, but Al as well. Newt is seriously badass. As if her being crazy isn’t entertaining enough, add on the fact that Newt can blasphemy the holy ground she walks on without a conscious effort - like I said - Badass. Oh, and the demon familiar, Minias? He is cool too. I also really enjoyed seeing more of Takata! I like his character & his interactions with Rachel. The wedding was seriously the funniest part of the book. That couldn't have been written any better. Pure Awesome!The scenes with Kisten were hot! Smoking hot. I really like that this series adds a dash of romance but doesn't smother the book with a bunch of unnecessary lovey-dovey bullshit. The boat scene with Kisten was romantic and hot at the same time with a sweetness that made my heart melt.The ending of this book broke my heart. I actually cried..... like serious, ugly tears. I couldn't believe KH could be so cruel. Haven't Rachel & Ivy been through enough??? Definite surprising ending. There's some definite emotional brutality waiting for you in this book. It will angered you, depressed you, and rip your heart out when you read it. A must read!

  • Kasia
    2019-02-04 18:40

    Slipping back into Kim Harrison's world of Rachel and her friends and foes is very comforting. It makes me wish that I could never leave it because once I start reading her books I feel lost and amazed, the real world forgotten and far away in my mind. Each new volume beckons me to indulge in another fantastic adventure where the fights, jokes, puns, some wicked magic and charismatic characters hold me in a trance until the last page is devoured.The fifth book of the series has been the book of changes, so much happens from when we last saw Rachel, her solid ground composed of Jenks, Ivy, Kisten, Ceri, David, Glenn and few others is unraveling in all directions. She is torn between her wild romance with Kisten and the lurking desires she's growing for Ivy, not sure whether she wants to be friends or more, debating with herself while fighting werewolves, pissed of demons, alluring vampires, tricky elfs, hilarious pixes and not so nice witches and all sorts of enigmatic creatures with agendas of their own. With power struggles happening between those at the top of the food chain, Rachel is caught in the middle with everything she holds dear at stake. I can't say any more, these books can be easily spoiled; something that I knew was going to happen did in deed happen and it didn't lessen the shock but it took something away form me. So for those who aren't up to this book, start from the beginning and don't go peaking at spoilers.The ending was so intense that I was torn between being afraid of reading through it and not wanting to see how the whole demon tangled up mess would resolve and unable to wait for the sixth book to arrive in the mail so I can rip the box open and pounce on it. Each character has been so lovingly written and so incredible real that any pain they went through I felt as well. Reading their stories and following their dreams, victories and fights always made me feel close to them, as if they were part of my own family. I am embarrassed to say but by page 444 tears were bubbling in my eyes, and I was a sobbing mess, I can't remember the last time a book made me cry! I can honestly say that this is my favorite series of all the books I have ever read, I can't imagine anything being warmer and filled with more glow, magic and real heart than this gem of a series. Utter perfection in my opinion and the more the better.

  • Marianne
    2019-02-10 19:38

    Sometimes, a novel is so good, yet so heartwrenchingly sad that just the thought of reviewing it, leaves you emotionally drained. This is one such book. Now that I'm done, I feel like I have to rely on coping mechanisms: I try to remember only the happy moments. Like Rachel's birthday party, or Ceri standing up to Trent, heck, even his wedding;-) Reading somebody their rights can be a lot of fun, especially when Rachel's the one doing the reading;-) Or Minias, the charming new demon who shows up; his interesting relationship with Newt... One particularly beautiful scene that will stay with me from this book, though, was Kisten's and Rachel's early birthday/bedroom & blood sharing scene. His whispered confession when he thought she was asleep... How very wrong Jenks was about him...Unfortunately, this is also the book where Rachel's actions come back to haunt her, in the shapes of Piscary and Al... and one of her friends pays the ultimate price... And what a wonderful group of friends they are: "I’ve got your back. Nothing alive will ever hurt you if I have breath in me. And nothing dead will hurt you if I don’t.”I can't help being reminded of this song: (view spoiler)[ so Kisten, this one is for you, it reminds me of you and Rachel in bed together that final night.(hide spoiler)] Kim Harrison, you have some major work to do! (view spoiler)[ There is still the unresolved issue of vampiric souls. You've hinted so for so long that Rachel is some sort of savior. So SAVE them, find a way to save Ivy AND Kisten, posthumously. Dying is one thing, but I can't accept that his chance of an afterlife is gone. That's unacceptable! He sacrificed himself for Rachel, how can Kim allow him to be gone forever. How can you allow a vampire virus he was born with, through no fault of his own, trump his good deeds to Rachel? I LOATHE the idea.(hide spoiler)]In short, if Kim Harrison doesn't fix this issue, someone with a brilliant literary talent, needs to write an alternate ending for Kisten, and I will accept THAT ending as canon! Oh yes, I am very serious. This... this is TOO traumatic. :'-(

  • Ashley
    2019-02-09 20:40

    You know I really don't have a problem with same sex relationships, but if Ivy and Rachel go there I'm seriously going to stop reading this book. Like I said I don't have I problem I really just don't want to read about it. And Rachel, well she just keeps getting worse and worse ugh. I mean if Ivy doesn't want to go there then stop pushing it. Especially if neither of you can control yourselves. It's extremely annoying. Then there's the fact that nothing good ever happens. First Rachel lets everone manipulate her and then since she gave the "Focus" to David apparently he's turning his girlfriends into weres and then they're killing themselves, and last but not least instead of a wish she puts her mark on a demon and has to put her demon name or whatever it is in some demon summoning system so Minias doesn's show up whenever and she actually wants to. How stupid can one person get.When it comes to the big picture I don't really mind Kim Harrison's books, but it's the small things that are getting on my last nerves. Rachel really needs to smarten up. At least in book four a few things went right, but now I feel that the only reason I'm really reading these books is that I'm waiting for something good to happen. It's all bad left and right and it gets stressful. When I read a book I get really into it so when it comes to this series I'm already depressed as crap. I believe That the main character should at least be likable, but how is that even possible when she does almost everything wrong. You would think that she would learn from her mistakes, but noooo she has to keep making the same ones over and over again. It's like that quote she keeps telling herself, but doesn't seem to get through her thick head " If you do it once it's a mistake if you do it twice it's not a mistake anymore" (or something like that)I've barely started this book, but if it doesn't get better I don't know if it's possible for me to read it anymore.

  • Susana
    2019-02-19 18:25

    I don't think this story could have been any better. It was full of action, drama, romance, and last, but not least, it was heartbreaking sad. I knew, what was going to happen, with a character in this story. I have known it, probably since the second book, when i decided to read some comments on the upcoming books. I have known it, in the way that, that character has slowly being removed from the spotlight of this one's and the previous book plot.Knowing it, didn't make it i will join the vast number of readers, that will miss this character presence, in the Hollows world.I love everything about this series. Well, almost everything.I'm not a big fan, of the whole Ivy's situation. Honestly, the story, didn't need that continuous mess.

  • Louisa
    2019-01-19 20:42

    So good, loved rereading this book, I had forgotten which book Kisten dies in, and yeah, that was really sad, can't wait to get the conclusion soon! Now to read more!*First read August 4th 2013*This book started to break my heart. I mean, things were pretty good, and steady, and then they pretty much go to hell in a hand basket, and then Kistin? Yeah, broken heart, meet me.

  • Laura *Little Read Riding Hood*
    2019-02-02 23:20

    That is certainly sad, but not as sad as I expected.