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BOOK TWO IN THE YOUNG ADULT DYSTOPIAN TRILOGY PROJECT W. A. R.No matter what I do, no matter what steps I take to avoid it, I'm always playing right into somebody's hand.Playing the role I was destined for.Two years have passed since her willing return to the DSD, and Wynter Reeves is no longer the timid girl who only wanted to blend in. Strong, confident, and in control oBOOK TWO IN THE YOUNG ADULT DYSTOPIAN TRILOGY PROJECT W. A. R.No matter what I do, no matter what steps I take to avoid it, I'm always playing right into somebody's hand.Playing the role I was destined for.Two years have passed since her willing return to the DSD, and Wynter Reeves is no longer the timid girl who only wanted to blend in. Strong, confident, and in control of her once debilitating powers, the world trembles at her feet while news of what she's capable of spreads like fire among the State's enemies. As the death toll rises and Dr. Richter further warps her into a weapon of war, Wynter is forced to embrace the daunting reality of what she's become. With the remnants of her humanity hanging on by a shoestring, she must choose between the one sacrifice that could lead to her salvation or the dark path of destruction from which there can be no return.Torn between two sides of a war she never asked for, will Wynter find her freedom, or will she be doomed to remain a monster forever?...

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Type X Reviews

  • Post-Apocalyptic
    2018-09-23 15:02

    Flash forward 2 years on from the closing events of Ultraxenopia, that's right, 2 years have passed for Wynter and she is from the outset clearly a very different girl from the one we left at the end of book 1. Disconnected, resigned to her fate as the State’s weapon of choice. Revered and feared she is an unstoppable killing machine against anyone who chooses to take on the state. Lost in her duty, she has little of her old self left other than a niggling doubt about the reason she chose to return to the DSD. One thing is for certain, she is a marionette to the will of Dr Richter, the string being the control collar around her neck.Despite being the strong and confident Wynter on the battlefield, when she returns to the DSD at mission conclusion, she is still the frightened girl from book 1, Dr Richter's cruel torture has seen to that. However, the old Wynter is not a girl to be kept down and slowly memories are awakened, until the day that she didn’t know she was waiting for arrives…..Type X, is a book which is difficult to write a synopsis for without revealing spoilers. It is a story rich with information so I will tread carefully! I will say that if you haven’t read Ultraxenopia for a while, you will benefit from a re-read as there were times I was wracking my brain trying to remember. In some ways though it was a little fitting as my memories of the book were returning slowly along with Wynters. I had to go back and re-read parts on a couple of occasions to make sure I had things clear in my head, mirroring the confusion felt by Wynter in having to take all this in herself.Type X, is very much focussed on Wynter, and whilst we have characters from Book 1 appearing they are very much in the background of what is going on. We meet new characters, Nolan, the newly appointed head of PHOENIX and also Quinn, an ex-enforcer. Wynter finds herself wary of these new characters and their plans and feelings towards and for her. As she comes to remember her reasons for returning to the DSD, to seek the promised cure and to protect those she loves; the realisation of the cruel twist of fate played out is heartbreaking for her. The once protected must become the protector, whilst also proving that she is not the monster people believe her to be. Whilst a background character for the most part, Dr Richter is still a looming presence and we see a very different side to him at the climactic conclusion, he becomes the epitome of mad scientist as we discover the true reasons behind his actions and the depravity of the lengths he will go to to secure his endgame. There is a fantastic chapter which gives us a brief insight into rise of the State, and anyone that knows me as a reviewer will know I am a real sucker for a prologue, so having this element really satisfied that need! There are some real surprises that come from this and I loved the 1984 feel to it, especially with the way that history had been re-written to make out that things had always been the way they are.There are a raft of emotions that come from Type X, laughter at times from Wynter’s cutting comments as she moves away from the girl who had to blend in, to the girl that gets to finally embrace her teenage snark. Horror, at the actions she is capable of. Sadness at the realisation that no matter what, she always ends up endangering the ones she loves and whether her visions are more of a hindrance than a help.Type X is a Flawlessly written follow up that I would have read a single sitting if I could have. It’s a story bursting with information, emotion and characters that you really feel strongly about. The plot has so much going on, twists at every chapter will have you thinking and rethinking about the way things will play out and even then you will never see it coming! A strong follow up which has left me desperate for book 3!

  • Jamie
    2018-09-25 16:06

    SHE. DID. IT. AGAIN!Can I just say, MA Phipps is such a talented writer. What I absolutely loved about this book wasn't just the story itself, but how you could actually feel her growing as a writer. I adored Ultraxenopia but I can confidently say I loved this one even more! I loved seeing how much Wynter has grown into her character and how there were so many twists that I didn't see coming. I loved meeting all the new characters as well as digging deeper into the background of their stories. I also want to point out how well M.A Phipps does in allowing us to actually feel the emotions of the characters. I CANNOT wait to read the next book and truly hope to see many more series to come from this amazing author! =)M.A. Phipps

  • Mel Goethals
    2018-09-22 19:22

    Let’s dive into this highly anticipated book! … Highly anticipated for me at least, I was dying to read this sequel and it did not disappoint whatsoever.For those who are not aware of what Project W.A.R. is about, it’s about a girl Wynter who finds out that she has some special seemingly physic powers which make it able that she can see the future. Sadly enough she discovers it at the same time The State does, the organisation running their country in a …. great, fantastic manner, obviously. Type X takes Wynter’s journey to a whole new level after she faces some of the choices she made in Ultraxenopia (book #1).The time jump made this book extra interesting as the first book left you wondering what would happen to everyone, but to make that timejump it makes it all more extreme and real. A lot has gone wrong during that time, and it’s sort of our job to unravel how the hell it got to that point, which I’m a huge fan of. This book will leave you quite confused at times, but hey! Part of the fun.FULL REVIEW: I received this book in exchange for an honest review

  • Dee Price
    2018-09-26 17:27

    4.5 starsTwo years after Wynter turned herself in to Dr. Richter and The DSD, she has become a one woman weapon of mass destruction. She is a killing machine for the State totally void of her emotions and her memories, thanks in part to her fear of Dr. Richter and the torture he inflicts upon her.After a daring rescue attempt, Wynter is reunited with PHOENIX and her friends from the past. Wynter's memory slowly returns just as she realizes the new PHOENIX directives are frighteningly similar to the DSD's and she is still a pawn in a very dangerous game.This book is an action-packed thrill ride filled with twists, turns, and a surprise ending that you will never see coming. I loved it and can't wait for the next installment in this exhilarating series!

  • Mihlean
    2018-10-15 22:15

    I received an eARC of this book from the author. The gifting does not influence the rating or this voluntary review, which reflects my honest opinion of this book.Rating: 2,5 starsLet me start this review by saying that I really should've reread the first one in this series. And also, sorry for the delay in reviewing. But to get back to the point... I really should've read Ultraxenopia before reading this arc because I could not remember a thing from before. Sloppy of me, but I was running out of time, though I'm still way too late writing this review.So, set two years after the ending of the first installment, Wynter has become a tool for the State. And not just a tool, but one of total destruction and the cause of dozens of deaths. But after a very dangerous but succesful rescue, our fearsome protagonist is back with the resistance, PHOENIX. All is well, it would seem, but a few problems occur. One, Wynter doesn't remember a thing from before. Two, after staying with PHOENIX for a while, it seems like the resistance isn't that much better than the State after all...My main complaint in my review of Ultraxenopia was that I felt like the emotions (of the main character in specific) were being told. This however, was so much better in Type X and I was thrilled! The beginning started out a bit slow in my opinion, but Wynter's confusion as she met these people that seemed to know her, but she couldn't even recognise, it was written so well. I was enjoying every second of it and was aching for her to get her memories back. But then they did, and suddenly everything got back to being told. And I lost interest. Honestly, I feel bad for not liking this book. Which may sound a little strange, but it doesn't make is any less true. I really, really wanted to enjoy and love Type X because the plot? It's freaking awesome. But somehow, it just didn't do it for me.

  • Cranky - The Book Curmudgeon
    2018-10-19 20:11

    **** 5 Cranky Stars ****Two years had passed since Wynter voluntarily returned to Dr Richter and the DSD. So much had happened to her and she’s barely recognizable as the Wynter we met in Ultraxenopia.One glaring difference was this Wynter had full control of her abilities. Through Richter, the State had taken advantage of her powers by turning her into their very own Angel of Death. She could kill or strike anyone, anywhere with a single thought. No amount of power could stop or destroy her. Yet surprisingly, Richter was able to control, if not tame, her.Then in a sudden turn of events, Wynter reunites with Ezra and Jenner. But the monster that she’s turned into somehow managed to subdue any memories she had of them, as well as turn her into this barely human creature.The group of resistance, Phoenix, “rescued” her from the clutches of the State and she found herself serving another master with a different mask intent on taking control of the leash she was tethered to.I found myself gripped with the story once again as it opened up full of action and suspense. I ached for the loss of the Wynter I’ve grown to love in book 1 and feared that she was forever lost. The story was told in Wynter’s POV with her memory loss quite predominant from the beginning which resulted to almost no background history from book 1. You definitely need to re-read Ultraxenopia before you dive in to avoid confusion. Now that Wynter had developed all her abilities, everyone wanted to use her. The distinction between the Good Guys and the Bad Guys blurred so badly I didn’t know if there was anything good left in their world.Aside from Ezra and Jenner. Thank God for these two.Still, chaos seemed to follow Wynter everywhere until she found herself faced with the vary scene she hoped to prevent. Even the glimmer of hope that was dangled teasingly to her caused her downfall.Oh, this author is cruel for baiting me with more action and drama with the promise of book 3! And like an addict, I’ll be waiting impatiently for the next one!Highly recommended.

  • Claire
    2018-10-07 15:29

    Published by: CHBB Publishing (19th August 2016)ASIN: B01KLCZRLISynopsis:Two years have passed since her willing return to the DSD, and Wynter Reeves is no longer the timid girl who only wanted to blend in. Strong, confidant, and in control of her once debilitating powers, the world trembles at her feet while news of what she’s capable of spreads like fire among the State’s enemies. As the death toll rises and Dr. Richter further warps her into a weapon of war, Wynter is forced to embrace the daunting reality of what she’s become. With the remnants of her humanity hanging on by a shoestring, she must choose between the one sacrifice that could lead to her salvation or the dark path of destruction from which there can be no return. Torn between two sides of a war she never asked for, will Wynter find her freedom, or will she be doomed to remain a monster forever?Review:This follow-up to last year's Ultraxenopia had an awful lot to live up to. It was great to finally catch up with Wynter and see what was happening in her life, now that she was back at the DSD.It was a bit of a shock at first that two years had gone by since the end of Ultraxenopia, but I soon forgot about that as I was immediately sucked into the story. Wynter is now the State's killing machine and seems resigned to this fate, although she does remember some of the person she was before she was turned into a weapon. I don't put spoilers in my reviews and I'm having trouble with this one already! Suffice to say there is lots of action, a few characters from the first book make an appearance, including Dr Richter, who is determined to recapture his ultimate weapon. There are also some new characters that Wynter is rather suspicious of at first. Conversely, people are suspicious of Wynter. She is determined to prove that she is not the monster people perceive her to be.M.A. Phipps has, again, written a compelling novel that grabs you from the very outset.It is intelligently written and utterly captivating, making it impossible to put down until you have finished the entire book. It is also quite emotionally diverse. I cannot wait to see where the story picks up in book three!

  • Kirstin
    2018-10-02 14:16

    Watching this author grow has been amazing to watch! I have always respected authors but getting a glimpse of how much they do is amazing! M.A. Phipps definitely deserves the title "author!"This book was definitely a treat! It has a little bit of everything for everyone! It felt like I was right back in the DSD and the Heart because of the excellent details. Every chapter ends leaving you wanting more and of course our beloved author has our book end with a soul gripping cliff hanger. I love that we get to see Wynter, our favorite heroine, broken and empty and instead of putting herself back together and becoming the same girl she used to be she becomes something so much more! We get a peek of how fierce she really is. Ezra is still the lovesick puppy, crazy about Wynter boy he was in the first book. Jenner is still charming and handsome but we also learn his background story as well, which just made me love him even more! Also making an appearance in this book is Dr. Evil-Psycho Man. *cough* I mean Dr. Ritcher who, believe it or not, becomes even more awful! We get to meet some new characters, like Quinn, and some minor characters from the first book make an appearance in a large way. I am talking about Nolan, just your average power hungry man. I fell in love with the characters all over again! Even the horrible, no good, bad ones! This book also has a good pace where it doesn't get boring but isn't too action packed at once. Overall I give it a 5 star rating! I can totally see this series becoming number one in dystopian! I love this series so far and can't wait to see the story continue!

  • Shaun
    2018-09-30 17:15

    "Type X", book two in the Project W.A.R. series from M.A. Phipps, improves on book one which was really well done. We pick up the story two years later with Wynter Reeves and right away it's obvious the second book is going to be a bit darker than the first. It's difficult to go into much more detail without spoiling things, so I won't. I'll just say it was great reading a bit more of the background of the characters in the story, including the city in which they live. Book two served a great purpose for that and it's interesting yet also staying suspenseful. Phipps' writing is outstanding. Her descriptions of Wynter's feelings and internal struggles are rich, detailed and very introspective. The story itself is a good bridge between what happened in book one and what is going to likely happen in book three. There's no doubt the author has talent.I'm already looking forward to where the story goes in book three and have no doubt I'll enjoy it as much as the first two books. This is a series that needs to be read from the can't really pick up book two and know everything that's going on and has happened. But it will turn out to be one hell of a series. I received a free ARC copy of the e-book directly from the author. That in no way influenced my review and in fact would make me more critical. There's just nothing to really be critical about. The writing and story is outstanding.

  • Valerie Roberson
    2018-10-13 20:22

    I've been waiting for a long time for this book and it's finally here! WOW! What a powerful first chapter! I felt like I was in a Terminator Movie watching a female Arnold Schwarzenegger.You follow Wynter on her daily life at the DSD and how Dr. Richter treats her. I would love to make that smile right off his face! Wynter is bothered by her lack of memories. She wants to remember her past, but she just can't. There are so many questions she needs answers to.One day on a mission, she is pulled off a helicopter and knocked out. When she wakes. she doesn't know where she is. She is faced with people who know her, but she can't remember them. She is so confused and again wants answers. But again. she is held by some one who has bad ideas for her in mind. Can she survive and change the world? Can she finally get her memories back and know who she is with? Can she trust these people, or are they just like Richter and the DSD?This is a mystery, action, lost love, on a mission book. You have to read it to come to your own conclusion. But I do know that just when I thought Wynter is finally going to give Richter what he has coming to him, you read "End of part two"! Really?????

  • Jennifer
    2018-10-19 18:13

    M.A. Phipps knows how to deliver a sequel! Type X has an even darker feel than the first book, which is kind of hard to believe, but really, it does. Winter is almost a completely different person, while still being completely herself. There is so much action, betrayal, and a totally badass war outfit for the leading lady! We're also given more insight into Wynter's past, which ties the whole rebellion back to her. The end, oh wow (!), I don't know if I'm incredibly mad at M.A. Phipps for putting a heart-stopping cliff hanger, or incredibly impressed that she put in an ending that makes me want to stalk her down and make her get book three out in record time.

  • Ms. Just One More Book(Kris Miller)
    2018-10-12 16:30

    Set two years into the future, Wynter has become a weapon of the state under the direction of Dr. Richter. She has lost her humanity along with her memories of her time with PHOENIX. When she finds herself face to face with her past, will she regain her memories, or will her lack of humanity destroy all those whom she once cared for?Once again I have mixed feelings on the second book written by this debut author. The world building goes much deeper this time, giving the reader a view of the history that was lacking in the first book. The plot is well executed with a couple twists and turns that makes for an interesting and exciting storyline.Still the book didn't quite hook me in the way I was rooting for it to do. While I enjoyed the characters of Jenner and Nolan, I found Wynter and even Ezra to be overall flat characters. Again, I think maybe too much time was spent in Wynter's head versus the story as a whole.Nonetheless, I think the author has shown a good amount of growth in her skill. Some of the substance that was lacking in the first book, along with the pacing issues were made up for in this sequel. Overall, a decent read that I think will appeal to many of the younger audience.

  • meghann
    2018-10-09 15:21

    I enjoy this series so much. Things have changed since book 1. Wynter is the Big Bad, and I'm all for it. There are so many characters I want her to unleash that crazy power on, but I'm vengeful like that. But Richter really needs to suffer. So much. So very much. That creepy evil smile things he does. *shudders* So many truths were uncovered in this book, and not all of them were good. Things were seeming pretty hopeless as this book progressed. But if anyone can find a way to make things better, it's Wynter and her team. And Jenner! I just want him to be happy. That ending though. It's all about to hit the fan, and I NEED to know what happens next! ***I voluntarily reviewed an complimentary Advanced Reader Copy of this Book.***

  • Maranda
    2018-09-23 14:11

    Type X is a new adult, science fiction & fantasy novel that takes place in a dystopian society. The book picks up two years after Wynter returned to the DSD at the end of book one.Wynter has changed; she's become the State's puppet and Dr. Richter's own personal "angel of death." Wynter is sent on mission after mission, exterminating all those who oppose the State. She is both a tool and a slave, leashed by the collar around her neck--the only thing keeping her in control of the deadly power within.With the increasing death toll and mounting friction with Richter, Wynter's mind starts to fracture and the humanity (and memories) she lost begins to resurface. Now Wynter must choose between regaining her humanity and a life she thought lost and preventing the destruction haunting her waking mind. Will Wynter be able to make the ultimate sacrifice or will she truly become an instrument of W.A.R.?This book starts off with a bang. I just love dark and twisty Wynter! She's an emotionless badass without being a archetypal character. You can tell the old Wynter is in there but much has happened to force her down.The reunion with Ezra was also really well done in my opinion. In book one you get this whirlwind romance, built on intense situations and an instant spark. Whereas in book two we get a slower burn, a romance that needs to be rekindled and reforged. I also loved the "new" Jenner, who keeps his boyishness even though he's been battle hardened by life.One of the things I really like about this book, is that we get a lot more details about the State. In book one the State was typical dystopian entity that we really didn't know much about; in Type X we get more of those details readers crave. We find out how the State was created, what it does, whose a part of it, etc. This is one thing readers of Ultraxenopia will be sure to appreciate.Phipps has a really unique approach to this second book in the series. The pace of the book starts out fast and stays that way all while Wynter is with the DSD; it is action packed, dark and pulls the reader in. The pace then slows down just in time to give the readers what they want--background, intrigue, relationship building and more. With the pace written like this you could read the books back to back and feel like it is just one long story with ups and downs.Overall, I really enjoyed this sequel even if the ending was evil--in a good way. Worth a read for any dystopian lover--teens and up.https://thelibrarianstoolbox.wordpres...

  • Alisha
    2018-10-21 18:22

    *I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This did not change or affect my opinion of this book in any way.*First of all, if you haven't read the first book in the Project W.A.R. series, Ultraxenopia, stop what you're doing and go read that. Type X starts up 2 years after the horribly awesome events of Ultraxenopia. Along with a jump in the time line, Wynter has a new set of killer abilities (literally) and absolutely zero memory of her time before she returned to the State and Dr. Richter (if it's been a while since you read Ultraxenopia, I would recommend a re-read to refresh your memory).That being said, the rollercoaster that Wynter endures throughout the book is beyond emotional. It's raw and beautiful, and thank god for Ezra and Jenner who are her unconditional support system. The dynamic of this trio remains my favourite aspect of the story. They all love and protect each other at all costs, without question. (It kind of reminds me of the movie Savages, and the relationship between O, Ben and Chon.) Also, I'm super happy with the introduction of Quinn! He's a bit rough around the edges, but definitely working his way to the top of my favourites list. Dr. Richter remains my favourite dystopian villain. He was terrible in the first book, but he took it to a new level in this book. And no matter how much I hate him, I respect him as a character and his dedication to his cause. However warped it may be. His obsession with Wynter is full blown Gollum and the Ring, but it's what makes him such a compelling villain. He genuinely believes that he is not in the wrong, and can justify what he's doing in his head. Nolan on the other hand, I didn't like or trust from the start. Just because you're on Team Good Guy doesn't actually make you a good guy. Motives are everything, and if you're only out for power then you're not really a good guy. The science background that was present throughout the first novel remains an important aspect of the sequel. We learn more about Wynter's blood type, and why it's so important to Dr. Richter. We also get an excruciatingly small glimpse into the past, Wynter's parents, and the rise of the State. Although I appreciated the teaser, it only left me begging for more. This book was fast-paced, full of action and had plot twists every time I thought I had it figured out. The ending was perfectly horrible and I was in no-way ready for it. Book 3 cannot come fast enough!#StillTeamJenner

  • Anna Fantabulous
    2018-10-01 19:11

    First things first: I love this series. And this is wow - for the most part! The story kicks off two years after events in Ultraxenopia - some of which Wynter still remembers, others are a mystery to her, things she senses herself repressing to protect someone or something. It’s 2064. The world is at war and Wynter is the slave super-freak, super-human machine doing the State’s bidding in usurping new frontiers, scaring the bejeezus out of opposing armies. She’s the ‘Monster’ controlled and monitored through metal neck collar and Enforcers. That is of course till the day she’s kidnapped. Or extracted. Or rescued. The writing is as tight as ever, you can feel the tension all the way. The reality of State and the underground rebellion network Phoenix is disclosed. The father Wynter saw taken away at age six - Freston Reeves’ back story is explained, though it does sound a bit like in the movie ‘Equilibrium’. The power of Wynter’s blood type (X) and the shocking Dr. Moreau-like experimentation on others is laid out. Last but not least, the romance between Ezra and Wynter is built upon (though a triangle with Jenner wouldn’t hurt).This time, Wynter has to figure out whether to continue a war or fight for a way out of it, asserting her autonomy. She also has to live with the legacy of her murderous rampage. No longer an experiment, she’s an active conduit. Rodrick Nolan, Phoenix’s head, gets a raw deal - I thought he was the only adult in the compound - while all the key characters thought he was devious. I could not believe Wynter actually wished to go back to Richter over Nolan! And the number of dumb decisions Wynter makes in the third half really suck. With all the power she has, she always appears clueless and really does not seem to know right from wrong - the ending proves it. Till the last chapter, I liked Dr. Austin Richter - he made the whole smooth evil (Dr. Frankenstein-ish) vibe look cool - but in the end, Phipps made his attachment to Raina Dorne superfluous and unnecessary and to Wynter, less than awesome science. Richter ends up being nothing more than a child throwing an apocalyptic tantrum. I received a free copy of the book in exchange for a fair, unbiased and non-reciprocal review.

  • Denny
    2018-10-17 15:06

    I have just finished reading Type X, second in the Project W.A.R trilogy. Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down. Compelling, gripping, thrilling, intriguing, fast paced, original .. None of these adjectives can do justice to Type X. It's even better written than the first volume, Ultraxenopia. The author has learned so much since then. Language, dialogue, plot development, characterisation is superb.I had my reservations as I began reading. In the two years that have passed since Wynter gave herself up to the State, she has become a tool of destruction, loathed and feared by all. The intensity of that first chapter almost deterred me from reading further. The author makes no concessions to dropping the reader into one of Wynters missions. It's difficult to follow the action, the destruction and Wynter's alternating internal conflicts and acceptance as she commits acts self-described as atrocities. The reader is left to work out what is happening and why. It's fast paced and violent.Then the pace changes completely as Wynter is "extracted". It's difficult to say more without revealing spoilers, but at this point I understood the brilliance of the ferocity of that first chapter and it's contrast with what follows.This is a dystopian novel, but what separates it and makes it so much better even than the best of this genre, is the depth which which the author explores human behaviour. Type X explores ethical issues and moral dilemmas, considers personal accountability versus the common good, and provides not just a great story but an opportunity to chew on big issues. The author places no greater value on the lives of the main characters than on any others. These characters struggle with the thought of injuring, let alone killing others, for their own survival or for a "higher" purpose. I love their humanity, their flaws, their uncertainties and their rawness.I hope that the writing of the third volume is well underway. The ending of Type X is sensational, and I'm going to find it difficult to wait for a resolution.As a dystopian novel, five stars.

  • S.F. Benson
    2018-09-29 15:23

    After reading the first book in the Project W.A.R. series, I was hooked and couldn’t wait for the next book. “Type X” didn’t disappoint. Phipps created another intriguing installment that had me glued to the pages and guessing right up until the end.Wynter, for me, is one of those main characters that I’m unsure to cheer for. She started out like her name—a little cold and distant with the occasional flurry. Well, in “Type X” she turned into a serious full onslaught snow storm complete with a little thunder snow (if you’ve ever lived in a cold climate, you’ll get it). The verdict is still out for me whether to like this girl. Every time I think I’m getting close, she does something that throws me and makes me wonder ‘why’. I’m sure it’s the same question those closest to Wynter want to ask as well.I liked Ezra and Jenner so much more in “Type X”. With their experiences and what Wynter has put them through, I sympathized with them. Ezra’s reaction to her is surprising. In “Ultraxenopia”, he was distant and reluctant to even be friendly with Wynter. In “Type X”, he’s ready to give up his life for her. Even Jenner is ready to lay down his life for the girl with unusual powers.Phipps crafted the perfect villains in Richter and Nolan. The whole time I’m reading about these two heartless men, I’m wondering ‘will justice ever be served’. Hateful, spiteful characters with twisted motivations. Perfect!Be prepared for a major cliffhanger. I, personally, love cliffhangers. My mind automatically goes to the what if questions. Please don’t let a CH ending throw you! The Project W.A.R. series is so worth the read and the wait. But M.A., if you’re reading this, don’t take too long!

  • Laura
    2018-10-01 14:18

    Ultraxenopia left me longing to know more about Wynter and the daunting reality in which she exists. Now seemingly more in control of her powers and with renewed strength. She must break away from the oppressive Dr. Richter. There are two sides to a War not easily explained. Wynter must find courage to use her gift. Only fear of choosing wrong and causing more destruction hold her back. This reader is pleasantly surprised, there will be a follow up to this dystopian thriller. The story will continue with Subject Zero.

  • Rebecca
    2018-10-10 21:05

    Type X, picks up 2 years after the last book. It's hard to say much since I don't want to give spoilers, especially since Release Day isn't until Friday 08/19/2016! Anyway, 2 years later and Wynter is not the naive girl she used to be. She has become a weapon, brainwashed by the State and used to destroy cities and countries with a mere thought. She's like Jean Grey's Dark Pheonix, seriously, it's bad. So while Wynter is focusing on surviving and getting her Dark Phoenix on, the actual resistance known as Pheonix is plotting her extraction. Eventually, she's caught off guard and ends up reunited with her former friends.Par the course for brainwashing, Wynter doesn't remember ANY of them, and her rescuers have become her captors. This book has a LOT going on, in a good way, not a confusing one. Wynter has PTSD, Stockholm Syndrome, amnesia, and uncontrollable powers to contend with. All this going on while a civil war is brewing...seriously, M.A. Phipps, have you ever done a stint as a writer at Marvel? I really enjoyed this novel and I need to thank my lucky stars and the author for allowing me to read it as an ARC. I'm absolutely giving this book a 5 out of 5 stars! It's Dystopian and if you like the Hunger Games, Divergent, The Giver, etc. You'll love this one. It's got a lot of violence and a bit of sexual content so I'd rate it at a PG level. Probably 15 years and up would be my conservative recommendation on this one. (for full review please visit )

  • Kelly Hawkins Solomon
    2018-10-07 22:18

    Everything you could want from a Dystopian novel...and more. This picks up two years after Utraxenopia. In the first book Wynter doesn’t know exactly what is happening to her but sacrifices herself in order to save the ones she loves. After two years she has become the war weapon the DSD wanted. She has buried all her memories but things are coming to light once again. She has been saved from the DSD but only to find out that PHOENIX is not what it once was. What is the price of full control? Jenner, Ezra and Wynter are moving forward unraveling secret after secret and trying to piece this jigsaw puzzle together. What do you do when both sides are going after the same thing the same way? “Death hangs like a fog, its presence nearly tangible in the molecules around me. In truth, I’m envious of its victims. Death would be an escape from this repetitive war and the nightmare that’s become my every waking moment.”“Regardless of the visions—regardless of the multiple choices that stand in front of me— the only certain path for me in this life is death.”“Are my visions set in stone? Will they happen no matter what I do? Or will they only occur because I’ve seen them? By bearing witness to the future, do I accidentally set the world on that course? Am I the cause? Or am I the effect?”Wynter is constantly being plagued with what’s the right path and what’s the right answer. She is so back and forth on how to do the right thing. They get an unexpectd ally and unravel some incredible secrets. Cannot wait for #3!!!

  • Stephanie
    2018-09-24 20:20

    Type X (Project W.A.R #2) by M.A. Phipps takes place two years after book 1 ended. Wynter is not the same person she was before. The novel is flawlessly written; the authors imagination is limitless. I love that Wynter is not the meek, naïve little girl she was in book one. It’s sexy as hell when the main female character can kick some ass and look good in a tight leather outfit while doing it. Two years after Wynter turned herself in to Dr. Richter and the DSD, she has become a weapon of mass destruction comparable to nothing else. The DSD, Dr. Richter to be specific, erases her emotions and memories and turns her into a murderess for the State. When PHOENIX rescues her, her memories slowly come back, but now realizes the new PHOENIX directives a very similar to the DSD’s. What a predicament to be in! This book has action and adventure; twists and turns that will keep you on your toes. The authors voice is just as strong in this book, if not even stronger. The support cast of characters’ personalities are superb. We see a little more into the backgrounds of these characters and it helps us understand a little better knowing where they came from and what they went through. There is talk of a book 3 and I cannot wait to read it. *Copy gifted to me in exchange for an honest review*

  • Patrick Hodges
    2018-10-21 15:28

    When last we left our heroine, Wynter, she voluntarily gave herself up to the DSD - and the nefarious Dr. Richter - in order to save her friends in PHOENIX, the chief resistance movement to the State. Two years later, Wynter has lost almost all traces of her identity, and Dr. Richter has turned her into a WMD, using her abilities to destroy all who resist. But the innocent, hopeful girl she once was, though submerged, is not lost. We see, feel her fighting for control over those who use her for evil purposes. She longs to be reunited with those she loves, especially her would-be boyfriend Ezra.I don't want to reveal too much of the plot, but I will say that there are numerous twists and turns that I did not see coming. Many hidden truths are revealed, and the line between "oppressive government" and "righteous resistance movement" gets very blurred along the way.There were times when I felt the story was a little overly-wordy, but M.A. Phipps' writing style is immaculate and beautiful, and also to her credit, the book is flawlessly edited. (I couldn't find a single typo!) If you have not read Ultraxenopia, do yourself a favor and pick it up. If you love dystopian novels, this is a series for you.

  • Kimberly Vanderbloom
    2018-10-05 17:25

    I was obsessed with the first book of the series. Wynter Reeves was my favorite character of the year. Now I'm reading the sequel and tears were coming because oh boy did I miss her. She is just such a strong character that it is hard not to bond with her. This story picks up two years later. Wynter is with Dr Richter and he uses her to the fullest of her abilities. When introduced it is not the same Wynter. She is has been cold and distant because Dr Richter turned her into a monster. She doesn't remember Ezra or Jenner or Phoenix. It is actually heart breaking because her heart was in the right place. Overall the writing is flawless and it is on point. I tried to read it slowly by reading a chapter a day. That didn't last for long because I became engrossed with the story. When I wasn't reading it, I couldn't get my head out of it. I was overall completely impressed. It flowed so nicely and the characters were spot on for a year later. I am still just as much as in love with this series as I was after the first book. It blew my socks off and I'm still looking for them. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.

  • Aubrey
    2018-10-23 17:18

    I received an arc copy of this book free in exchange for a honest review. I read the first book in the series Ultraxenopia and fell in love. I fell in love with not only the characters and the story but also with this author and her writing style. This is her first series, her first sequel, yet her work reads as though she has been writing and publishing book she whole life. For fans of the first book, you will not be disappointed. This book is darker then the first but somehow even better. Wynter has changed a lot but for good reasons. We learn lots of backstory and all our favorite characters return. This book like the first one will suck you in and never let go. It takes you on a whirlwind of emotions! This book is filled with backstory and plot twists to always keep you guessing. This series is one of my favorite ones out there. If you loved book one you need to check out this sequel when it comes out on August 19th. -Aubrey (abookishaddict)

  • NayDoubleU
    2018-09-24 21:21

    "The future is meant to be uncertain so that we can live every moment in the here and now. So that we can walk through life unhindered and unafraid- not spend it running from a future that's impossible to avoid."My my my... has Molly done it again!Type X is the perfect example of what part 2 of a book should be. Action, action and more action! As soon as you start the book it just goes right into it. It was truly an amazing page tuner. In this book you keep telling yourself okay, I'll just finish this chapter but the way the chapters end you have to keep going. Most of all I truly appreciate the fact that there still isn't a love triangle. With this second book not only do we see Wynter growing from a girl to a woman, we also see Molly grow into an even better author. Only part I hate about this book is the ending because I need the third book NOW!!! Long review short-read it. You won't be sorry!

  • Gabriela
    2018-09-30 16:16

    To be honest I didn’t expeced this to be the sequel. It is not that I didn’t like it, quite the opposite actually, but I expected something different.I found the beginning quite slow, but the story became more intense chapter by chapter. Once you start you can’t stop yourself from wanting to know what happens in the next chapter.I liked how it was focussed on Wynter and her regaining of the memories she willingly repressed, to save the people she cared about. However I can’t say I liked her, I found her way to careless about the consequences of her actions. My favourite character in the story was definitely Ezra. I liked how he didn’t gave up on Wynter. All in all, the story was enjoyable. It is a really pleasant reading and a must if you’ve read and enjoyed Ultraxenopia. It is a perfect reading for when you need a light read.

  • Busy Bees
    2018-10-17 21:03

    Star Rating - ****This instalment of the series picks up two years after the previous book left off. Wynter has returned to the DSD and is being used - as they intended her to be - as a weapon that carries out their dirty work for them.It's difficult to give anything more away regarding the plot without giving spoilers to this book, so I will leave it there. For those of you who haven't read the first instalment in a while, I would recommend a quick re-read, as I did find myself needing to go back and remind myself of certain characters and plot lines. There was a lot of back story and informative scenes in this book before the action packed chapters at the end, leaving us hanging for book 3.I really enjoyed this book as it definitely paved the way for the next. Can't wait to get my hands on it.Natty Bee.

  • Sharamebeth79
    2018-10-02 16:19

    I received an advance copy of this book I decided to review on my own. The opinions in this review are my own. I had been waiting to see what else would happen to Wynter Raven in the second book of this series. I was not disappointed at all when I started reading this installment in her story! Wynter is still strong, fierce and well written. M.A. Phipps stays true to the style of this story by providing lots of twists, turns and details for the reader to uncover for themselves as they read every word and line. I found myself identifying with Wynter, and the emotions she experiences or might be experiencing as she goes through the scenarios in this book revisiting things from the previous book as well. This book has me looking forward to reading more of what will happen to Wynter and her friends. I recommend this to other readers.

  • Nikki
    2018-09-27 18:02

    It started off so intriguing and different than the first one and I was drawn in right away. My heart just broke for Wynter and everything that the poor girl went through and endured. Some parts I just couldn’t put down and then other parts I felt like I was trying to rush through. Amazing story that leaves you begging for the next one.