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“You will always be a monster - there is no turning back from it. But what kind of monster you become is entirely up to you.” ― Julie Kagawa, The Eternity Cure The angsty story of the beautiful and submissive Rose and the dominant and sadistic Thorne continues in this second installment as William Thorne convinces himself to move on from this seemingly doomed relationship.“You will always be a monster - there is no turning back from it. But what kind of monster you become is entirely up to you.” ― Julie Kagawa, The Eternity Cure The angsty story of the beautiful and submissive Rose and the dominant and sadistic Thorne continues in this second installment as William Thorne convinces himself to move on from this seemingly doomed relationship. He fights his urge to be with Rose at every turn and is determined to put her behind him in search of a new personal assistant to fulfill his every salacious need. Obsessed with confessing the secrets of his own marred past, William desperately grasps for the balance that once kept him grounded. He yearns for the controlled way of life that satisfied him professionally, personally, and sexually long before the arrival of Rose. But when an unforeseeable event occurs, everything William Thorne has vowed to do is again thrown into disharmony. Rose and William teeter precariously to amend their dark secrets. Will they continue to stumble and fall or can the light of love show them both happiness?...

Title : THORNE: Rose's Dark Secret
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THORNE: Rose's Dark Secret Reviews

  • J. Kahele
    2018-10-05 19:28

    I have to admit I did not likeWilliam in the first book at all. I felt he was a cruel, egotistical bastard. But in this book he redeemed himself completely. I found the descriptive take into his past, showed the monster I believed him to be was just a cover up, I complete facade of his true character, complex yet simplistic. This is truly the depiction of a man scarred so deeply from his past, he is forced to live his life under a mask, to hideaway from the ugly truth of what he has endured.Very honest book and most definitely one of the best books I have read this year.

  • Lola8
    2018-10-19 21:22

    I received the book in exchange for a review from BDSM Goodreads TPE BAR Program. *** 3.5 stars ***This is Book 2 to this series and continues off where book 1 left off. William is still in conflict with his emotions and can't seem to get a grip on what Rose has done to him. He still exudes his Dom qualities but his emotions and feelings for Rose are making him become 'weak' in ways he is not able to control. There is a hidden secret which both of them have not come to terms with. Maybe the truth of it can help set their inner turmoils free so that they can be their true selves. William the Dominant and Rose the submissive.IMO, I was hoping Rose would've become stronger with herself as she becomes more submissive. There appears to be a Book 3 in this series.

  • Mandi
    2018-10-16 23:00

    I have been looking forward to the second book of the series and R.B. O'Brien did not disappoint!! I loved it!! I couldn't put it down, this is a must read for anyone who enjoys dark romances. I enjoy RB's writting style, and how she can pull you into the story, as you watch the scenes unfold. She is such a great author. I recommend all her books.Book 2, allows you into the mind of William and the secret that he has hidden from the world. He is prepred to face the consequences for his actions all those years ago, as his secret will soon be exposed. My heart went out to William, his past makes you understand the man that he is today (and oh, what a man!!).Rose is in love with William, but their contract has ended early. William knows he is a monster and he thinks that Rose would have a better life without him. Will he be able to give her up? Will he ignore the feelings that he has for her? Their relationship is complex and Rose knows what she craves and desires, even if her shyness, sometimes prevents her from admitting it. William can read Rose, knows what she wants and needs. This makes for some explosive sex scenes between them.RB has you gripped from the first page, this book is emotionally charged with some twists and surprises. This is a must read series and I cannot wait for Book 3, to see the next part of William and Rose's story. I'm certain, RB will have a few more surprises for us and even hotter sex scenes. Love is not a smooth and easy ride, as we find out with William and Rose, but it makes for one hell of a fantastic story!!

  • Wendi Hunsicker
    2018-10-18 21:22

    William and Rose's story continues! A must read.What a great read. R.b. has given us an amazing story in the series. Williams character is more likeable then before. Rose's character is more strong willed. The story line more enthralling then first. This book I had done in one sitting. It grabs you right from the start. I am hoping and anxiously awaiting to read more from this author.

  • The
    2018-10-09 22:19

    Tear jerker Where do I begin, RB O'Brien has written another remarkable installment to the Thorne series. She picks up and carries on leading us into the dark, twisted mind of William Thorne. He continues to battle feelings, something he has fought against too long. Guilt, betrayal, secrets, grab the Kleenex you're going to need them ...

  • Debra
    2018-10-14 18:20

    I loved the first in this series, Rose and William captured my imagination and took me on a journey I never expected.It's taken me way to long to get back to them and the second book did not disappoint at all. William the monster or that's how he sees himself, underneath it all he is human and does really care, but it just hurts to much. His darkness appeals and draws and now that we get more of his back story and the emotions behind the way he is actually makes you feel for the boy and young man that went through so much.Rose beautiful and talented what's not to love about her.. If you like your stories with that dark draw I would highly recommend.R.B. O'Brien is a talented authoress that knows how to build a story that brings you to the edge and holds you there, needing and wanting more.This book also ends with a cliff hanger, no happy endings here. Bummer. What's to come who knows, but I'm of to find out.

  • Lilah
    2018-10-04 15:23

    R.B. O’Brien returns with the long expected sequel of Thorne: Rose’s Dark Contract. That young but very talented author delivers on her promises from the first part of that steamy yet psychological erotic suspense. I never believed it but Rose’s Dark Secret is even better than its predecessor. It is much deeper, it gives us a better perspective of the characters, their past and flaws. The plot is thickening, the suspense is getting heavier with each encounter between William and Rose. His anguish and her quiet despair pull the heart strings and when sex is concerned… do I even need to comment? Have no doubt that this is a novel with a strong story and character driven but the sex and kink are hot, heavy, emotional and will leave you in need of a glass of icy cold water and some private time.William Thorne is back and he is unraveling. As the famous Oscar Wilde quote says “The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself, with desire for what its monstrous laws have made monstrous and unlawful.”He is the very definition of someone whose life is ruled by the temptation of the woman he forbids himself from loving. Ironically that makes his love, lust and need for Rose even greater. There is no denying of their obvious chemistry as these two can’t keep their hands from each other. No matter how hard Thorne tries to distract himself with work, his on and off girlfriend Olivia, other personal assistants applicants, his mind is forever consumed by the memory of the girl with the golden hair and dress with magic fingers dancing on the piano. Even if he knows very well why they can never be together.At times Thorne was getting annoying with his stubbornness and denial of obvious facts but I still think he is a fantastic character, very well drawn and flawed. At some point I had many eye roll moments at his constant reference to himself as a monster. He had spent his whole life ever since the fatal incident that changed his destiny repeating that to himself until it turned into a mantra. However, he was very skillful in the art of cruelty and tender torture. I must give credit to Rose for handling it all with as much grace as her position of a submissive in love allowed her. He surely met his match in her. To be honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Rose when I started reading the first book even if I found her to be a sympathetic character. It is partly because I like my heroines with a bit more spitfire but that is entirely personal preference. Her naivety and intention of staying virgin until she was married made the first part such a pleasure for me, how Thorne completely turned her world upside down and demolished her inhibitions. Her corruption was truly a work of art and I enjoyed the hell out of her slow descent into depravity. Personal preferences aside, she is really worthy of admiration for her strength of character and for going after what she wanted. Rose may not be a firecracker but she has a quiet, gentle fortitude that I hope she’d continue to develop in the next chapter of that dark journey.Besides, it is not easy to preserve your innocence when you are so responsive to temptation, physical lust and torment.Speaking of characters, I know some people have a problem with R.B.’s leading males as being borderline abusive. I have the same problem with her “nice” guys. But you’ll find out why Mark is one of the most irritating character when you get in the story.The conflict of Rose and William’s past is slowly revealed to the anxious audience. I loved how the author gave us the full understanding one morsel at a time. Another really powerful moment of the story was how the addicted mother character was presented. At Book 1 we get the idea she is a horrible, vicious and completely unlikeable woman, solely responsible for William’s issues. There is a more insight in her character here, more understanding and sympathy… and then there is the unexpected ending that would knock the air out of you. I won’t give any spoilers of the plot and I’ll only say you should be prepared for an intense, emotional journey filled with love, lust, pain and need of redemption, frequent theme in R.B. O’Brien’s work.If you like your erotic literature smart, well-written, with a steady pace and multifaceted characters, as well as wonderful scenes with BDSM dynamics, give Thorne a chance. I can’t wait for Book 3.

  • Victoria ~
    2018-10-15 17:26

    Three stars “Thorne: Rose's Dark Secret” by R.B. O'Brien is the second of the 'Thorne' series that follows William Thorne through his eyes. This book picks up at the point where William has discovered the sub 'Victoria', who has driven him to distraction, is associated with a dark secret from his own past. He is rocked by the revelation and his feelings of betrayal. The book gave me whiplash as I bounced back and forth between the protagonist's opposing decisions. The 'will he, won't he' was a bit over the top for me as was the build up to the dark secret he held back. The setup felt repetitive and a little gratuitous so there were a few "not this again" eye rolls because the protagonist wore ruts in certain thoughts. I was impatient for the payoff and for the two main characters to deal with their issues. The sex and play scenes were hawt and well thought out, but the idea of a romance between the characters strained credulity for me. This book has BDSM themes and maybe some dubious consent that could disturb sensitive readers.***I received a copy from the author through the BDSM group TPE bar, in exchange for an honest review***

  • Metalkarin
    2018-09-25 19:10

    This book kicks of where the previous one finished. This part is also written from Williams POV. Although there is progress in his self assessment, he keeps going one step forward and two steps back. In his emotional state, he'll never be a true Dom. Since a Dom who can't master himself shouldn't try to master others.Just as the first book this one is neatly written. For example:assuage her pain, not soften or lessen.Cooling water becomes tepid not lukewarmI like how the needs of the sadist and the masochist match and how they get more attuned to one another during the book. Their scenes together are quite hot. I like that William keeps reminding Rose of her safeword. Inexperienced submissives don't always remember to use them. I would like to see him to give more aftercare, though.Nice plot, but not very original. Well written, better then other books in this genre. Interesting hero, but the heroine stays aloof to me. Still, I'm looking forward to book 3. I wonder if that one reaches 5 stars for me :-)This book was provided by the author through the BDSM Group TPE BAR in exchange for an honest review

  • Yvonne Smith
    2018-10-18 23:03

    Heart racing, nail biting, couldn't put down good! Heart racing, nail biting, couldn't put down good! Omgosh, the dramatic love affair between Rose and her Thorne. William in such an internal conflict that just won't stop being stubborn and is pushing his love away. Just so good!