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Adrienne Davies visits Loftus House, home of her old friend Margaret and her difficult husband Edward. There's no love lost between him and his other houseguests, or indeed his own family. After a tension-packed evening, in the middle of the night someone screams ...A Country House. A Murder. Five suspects. Detective Chief Inspector Sheehan investigates. Will you guess whoAdrienne Davies visits Loftus House, home of her old friend Margaret and her difficult husband Edward. There's no love lost between him and his other houseguests, or indeed his own family. After a tension-packed evening, in the middle of the night someone screams ...A Country House. A Murder. Five suspects. Detective Chief Inspector Sheehan investigates. Will you guess who dunnit?...

Title : Murder at Loftus House: An Inspector Sheehan Mystery
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ISBN : 30647289
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 30 Pages
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Murder at Loftus House: An Inspector Sheehan Mystery Reviews

  • Donna Cummins
    2019-01-16 08:07

    VERY CLEVER! VERY CLEVER!A clever, intriguing, and well thought out ‘Whodunit’ in the classic style. A country estate. A scream in the night. A dead body. Five houseguests with motive. Who did it? O’Hare tightly and ingeniously lays the groundwork for this captivating and absorbing mystery, leaving the reader grasping at each clue, searching for meaning and relevance, deeply involving him or her in a personal way, seductively inviting him to solve the mystery himself. A brutal murder occurs in the darkest hours of the night at the country estate called Loftus House. The unfortunate victim is Edward Loftus, owner of the manor. His wife, son, and weekend guests suddenly become suspect. Which one of them perpetrated the crime? Detective Chief Inspector Jim Sheehan is called in to discover the answer to that question. After interviewing each of the possible culprits, Sheehan handily declares he knows who the killer is.At this point O’Hare does, in fact, invite the reader to consider all the facts and evidence gained from the five interviews—the exact same evidence Sheehan himself has knowledge of-- and then determine who the perpetrator is—a very clever device from O’Hare that involves the reader even more deeply.O’Hare’s writing never disappoints, and this tale is no exception. What is especially fascinating about his writing is that he has the ability to move fluidly from fiction to non-fiction, from one genre to another without missing a step, producing without exception a tale that keeps the reader glued to the pages, mesmerized, until the story is done.A short story, yes; but packed with punch. I highly recommend Murder at Loftus House for every reader who considers himself a mystery buff—and even those who don’t. You will NOT be disappointed!

  • Tami
    2018-12-26 08:54

    This is a review for "Murder At Loftus House". An inspector Sheehan Mystery By Brian O' Hare The short story begins with Adrienne Davis arriving at the expansive estate belonging to her best friend Margaret Loftus. Adrienne the first of four to arrive in time for the weekend of canasta and tennis.She is greeted warmly by her friend, and retires to her room until dinner. At dinner she is Introduced to Declan and Norma Wilson and Trevor, Edward and Margaret Loftus wayward son. When tensions between the three men escalate at dinner and drinks, Adrienne excuses herself to her room. She and the other guest are awoken by the screams of a maid. They discover Edward Loftus in a pool of blood on the hallway floor.At this point in the story it is divided into several parts or "interviews "of the guest, including Edwards wife Margaret and their son Trevor. The writer leaves small hints to the identity of the murderer of Edward Luftus for the reader. The reveal doesn't happen until the last chapter.Although the story is short, it does not disappoint in suspense. It holds your attention from beginning to end. A must read for mystery lovers. I received this book free for a honest review. 4 stars

  • Norma
    2018-12-23 06:08

    "(With apologies to Hercule Poirot)"This review is from: Murder at Loftus House: An Inspector Sheehan Mystery (Kindle Edition)A short murder mystery in the classic country house style: six people dine together in Loftus House before retiring for the night but in the ear!y hours of morning the dead body of the host is found by a maid. Chief Inspector Sheehan and Inspector Allen are called in to investigate. All but one of the guests, his wife in luded, had clear cause to wish the victim ill. So who killed him?The story is arranged in seven parts, the first giving the background and introducing the protagonist's, describing the crime and setting up an interview room. Each of the subsequent five chapters recount the individual interview sessions with the remaining diners and, finally, comes the concluding reveal of murder chapter - but not until after the reader is invited to solve the crime based on the hints given in the earlier sections. Helpful hints as to how the killer can be deduced precede this final reveal.A short book, simply and clearly written, Murder at Loftus House is a little gem for all aspiring sleuths.I was fortunate to receive a review copy of this book. The thoughts are entirely my own

  • Edna Staples
    2019-01-07 01:58

    My Honest review of this book was very confusing to read but when I did finish reading this book my confusing somewhat had ended. There was five interviews of five people who are related to the victim but everyone though that had committed the murder. The dective had many eyes upon him as he had two questions that needed to be answer, such as, how did D.C.I know who the killer was and how to explain how the murder was carried out and all the parts must fit into each other. There is always a timeline of events leading up to the murder. A good cop can tell who is the murder just by their actions and even their body language tells the story. If a person is shaking and does not look up while talking then most chances are they are hiding some information that could be used to help solve the murder. A good cop could bring someone in for a fresh point of view and to help incase if that officer needs a fresh eye maybe that fresh eyes can see something that the cop missed or over looked during the interviews.

  • Christine
    2019-01-06 01:09

    Thanks to BOOK REVIEW 22 for the chance to read and give an honest review. I enjoyed this short story. Writing is good, story was good.This is an Inspector Sheehan novel. It's a whodunit murder mystery, a large estate, a family that does not care for each other much. Adrienne Davis goes to visit Margaret, her school friend, then a dinner, then a scream in the night, then a dead body. Inspector Sheehan does his sleuthing job, interviews everyone, deducts the facts and figures out the who done it!This is a quick read, a short mystery, reminds me of the short murder mysteries I read when I was younger, I always love those short mysteries between studying and reading heavy novels.Thank you BOOK REVIEW 22.

  • Kendra Morgan
    2019-01-20 01:43

    Brian O'Hare does it again! Murder at Loftus House is a short, quick who done it with a twist. The reader gets to have all the information that Inspector Sheehan gets, then is instructed to solve the crime. I have to admit that a was a little slow to catch on, but after reading the solution and going back to check the facts, I could see it. The details were all there, but with a short book, I didn't have as many pages to process the information.I'm ready to take on the challenge again!I received a review copy of this book.

  • Laura Furuta
    2018-12-27 03:09

    I very interesting short story that allows you to try to solve the murder before providing the answer. It has a well thought out storyline and interesting characters. Just because the story is short doesn't mean it doesn't pack a one, two punch. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Jay Williams
    2019-01-02 03:47

    This is a game of "Clue" in the form of a novel. The reader is introduced to a murder and the subsequent interviews f the suspects by Inspector Sheehan. After considering the evidence and interviewing all the available suspects, Sheehan is able to quickly identify the murderer, The reader is invited to do the same, before going on to the results. It is a quick read and a fun book.