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8 Minute Meditation is the unique new program that: Starts you meditating immediately. Open this book and in just 10 minutes you'll experience meditation. Keeps you meditating. With easy, jargon-free, failure-proof meditation instruction. Helps you quiet your mind, lower your stress level, and experience peace. Makes daily meditation an enjoyable mini-vacation. Anticipates8 Minute Meditation is the unique new program that: Starts you meditating immediately. Open this book and in just 10 minutes you'll experience meditation. Keeps you meditating. With easy, jargon-free, failure-proof meditation instruction. Helps you quiet your mind, lower your stress level, and experience peace. Makes daily meditation an enjoyable mini-vacation. Anticipates your questions and concerns - and answers them in clear, commonsense language. Empowers you with the Meditation in Action Template, the powerful tool you can apply to all your life activities. Takes you to the next level of meditation, with valuable "upgrade" and resource sections....

Title : 8 Minute Meditation: Quiet Your Mind. Change Your Life
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ISBN : 9780399529955
Format Type : Paperback
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8 Minute Meditation: Quiet Your Mind. Change Your Life Reviews

  • Matthew Jankowski
    2018-09-24 16:48

    8 Minute Meditation took me on an 8 week journey through the various meditation styles. I started as a meditation novice: each and every page and concept was new to me. I took the authors advice and read each chapter only after I finished a week of meditation in the last style laid out by the author. At the end of 8 weeks I did feel more rested, calm, and peaceful. Moreover, since I finished the book (and the 8 week course) I've continued to meditate daily.What I think the book lacks is clear direction on what are the next steps to take. The author suggests sticking to my favorite of the 8 meditation types for a lengthy period while increasing the meditation time. I guess I need more of a roadmap than that. That said I do continue to meditate. To progress, I need to take more of the practice into my own hands. I believe Davich's book put me on the right course and would recommend it to anyone interested in the practice of meditation.

  • Eduard
    2018-10-18 21:40

    I think it is a very great introductory book for meditation.Author is American and he removed almost everything unnecessary be it religion, jargon etc. Considering I am agnostic and may be somewhat atheistic in some topics this book was perfect for me.Its 8 weeks of 8 exercises 8 minutes a day. From calming breathing meditations, to mindfulness and kindness meditations.Having issues calming down before sleep? Problems with noises bothering you? Or may be pains or negative thoughts? Well I think you can find meditations exercise here that will help you to change your relationship with those problems, for me some results were counter intuitive like I really now can go to sleep even with noises that would usually irritate me or calm down headache. o_o I now think that meditation is just exercise for good health of your mind. And as with physical training there are different ones, some for calm mind, some for mindful mind that is always there in the moment noticing what truly is important and so on.Try it :) If anything just for curious 8 weeks of experiments that take only 8 minutes a day. Who knows may be it will improve your life ;)

  • Kelli
    2018-10-02 16:37

    This book is intended to be read over an 8 week time period, so that each week you are putting into practice what you have just learned. The tone is upbeat and it reads a lot like an infomercial. I may update this review once I finish the full course but for now I'm going to say that I believe there is tremendous value to going within and taking a mental break/taking time for your self/letting go of anything that doesn't help you or support those you love AND YET I can never manage to "find the time" to do this. So, to be clear, apparently I can find the time to read for hours every week and post reviews of the books I read but I can't find the time to sit quietly in a room and just be...and I've been actively trying to do this for a few years now. This book has me doing just 8 minutes a day. For that alone: 5 stars.

  • Amy
    2018-09-22 20:46

    Wanted a book on meditation to help me through some troublesome spots. Guyczuk did too, and he came up with three recommendations. This was my least favorite of the three, but it might be because of the layout and presentation. There's good info in there, if you're more patient than I am, and more comfortable with some of the current American jargon and approaches to learning a certain type of skills. While I like the idea of 8 minute meditation, it somehow seems too distilled down for me, too formulaic.

  • Vicci Divine
    2018-10-11 21:44

    A great beginner primer for those interested in meditation. It is similar to taking a course with the book being the teacher. I now meditation on a daily basis because of the techniques learned in this book.

  • Mykola
    2018-09-23 20:44

    Що мені сподобалось у книжці, це методика.Так, я спробував усе описане протягом 8 тижнів. Раз чи два пропустив за цей раз. Планую продовжувати.Що ще припало до смаку, то це секулярність. Не треба відмовлятися від своїх поглядів, вірувань, переконань, щоб медитувати.Що не сподобалось, то це занадто американська, як на мене, манера викладу. Кожна теза повторюється стільки разів, що починає дратувати. Але я от прочитав і не вмер.Готовий порадити книжку всім, кому цікава тема і зрозуміла мова.Книжка складається з трьох частин. Вступ, методика, висновки.У вступі весь цей популярний американський виклад, безліч разів повторені тези про те, що 8 хвилин це як реклама в телевізорі тощо.Методика складається теж із вступної секції, інструкцій та заключних міркувань. Якщо стиль викладу не заходить, можна читати лише інструкції.Ну і якщо її тільки читати, то я не бачу сенсу (я взагалі більше художку люблю).Протягом 8 тижнів автор пропонує знайомство з різними техніками медитації через практику, поступово ускладнюючи завдання. Єдина техніка, яка мені не далася з наскоку і залишила відчуття розчарування — це «приватний перегляд», де пропонується стежити за візуальними образами. Не знаю, чи це я так влаштований, чи це тому, що я за ними свідомо стежу весь час багато років, не втручатися і не аналізувати у мене не вийшло. Заключна частина проводить рекомендації до подальшого розвитку технік. Секцію з посиланнями на книжки, курси та центри я просто прогортав, бо це треба жити в Америці.

  • Lisa
    2018-10-22 21:41

    I had been wanting to begin a meditation practice for a while and decided to have that be my New Year's resolution for 2013. This is the first book I used to get me started and it was perfect for that. I wasn't perfect at meditating every day, but he was so encouraging that I never felt like I was making any mistakes. Full of simple, effective direction and words of wisdom. I learned so much and have seen many ways that this habit has improved my life. Some awesome quotes..."Everything is perfect! And there's always room for improvement.""Even just a few minutes of observation demonstrates how much of your waking life is spent in either the dead past of the nonexistent future. It's amazing how seldom in the day you are actually present, in this very moment, which is the most wonderful place you can ever be.""As the Buddha once said, you can search the entire world for someone who is worthier of kindness than yourself - and you will never find him or her."

  • Ken
    2018-10-17 18:43

    i read many many books on meditation and this one is the best intro. to meditation. It is simple in "details" and yet is rich in meaning, ideal for bringing the masses to meditation (i'm sure there 'd be more people meditating if it's the first book for those first showing interest in meditation, rather than other "mystical or philosophical" writings)Warning though: must look beyond the potential annoyance of repetitions eg. "8 minute" is mentioned more than the number of breaths you take during all your meditation sessions or that you may cite "8 minute" as a mantra instead of the usual "Omm". In addition, the book could easily be condensed down to 30 pages and not overly stretched and repeated as in its current form (but then again, there may be reason for its madness, any lifestyle change may need to be brain washed with repetitions).

  • Nicole Kapise-Perkins
    2018-10-13 17:42

    My mom bought me a copy as an early birthday prezzie, and when it arrived yesterday I sat down a buzzed through it. Davich's book is an easy read, his writing style kind of happy-go-lucky...really he reminded me of a Labrador puppy: really friendly, really enthusiastic, and really eager to help you out. This is not to say he doesn't write well. Davich pulls you right into his book, lays out clear, concise guidelines on how you can begin to meditate, and then shows you how to do it. I absolutely recommend it.

  • Jenine
    2018-09-30 19:26

    For anyone who is a perfectionist and is trying to practice meditation, this is a wonderful, simple book that helps you to not give up on the practice. The author repeatedly reminds you that just because you sit down, cross your legs and close your eyes that the stream of thoughts in your mind will not magically stop or you will automatically be enlightened. It is written in very simple terms and reminds you, you are human and meditation takes practice, practice, practice. "a good meditation is the one you did and a bad meditation is one you skipped"

  • Becki Sanders
    2018-10-07 22:26

    So far it's a ton of fluff and I have to skim it because it's like a big infomercial. I have not tried the system yet, which sounds like it will be good but the book itself is pretty annoying. It's like it's written for people who are wusses and won't just make the time and take the energy to meditate without a very strict program.

  • Lloyd Scott
    2018-10-06 19:21

    I finished this book and it has really relaxed me a great deal, I can tell the difference when I when I go to sleep at night I am knocke out, and when I awaken the next morning I can't believe that I was out of it. I increased my meditation time from 8-10 minutes/day, what an incredible read, I highly recommend this book to everyone.

  • Noah
    2018-10-11 17:27

    I completed the book as well as 8 weeks of meditation. The book was structured well but many of the weekly exercises did not resonate with me (although a few did quite a bit). The author has a very positive, although somewhat over enthusiastic style. In general, I would recommend it as a solid intro to a meditation practice.

  • Roger
    2018-10-21 19:29

    A very practical and helpful look and a topic that is shrouded in mystery.

  • Cara
    2018-10-15 15:22

    great, easy, fun introduction to meditation

  • Ginger
    2018-10-11 17:38

    Great tips, very accessible. But it still hasn't motivated me to regularly meditate yet and I read it 6 weeks ago.

  • Elise
    2018-10-23 16:24

    I think this is the best book for anyone interested in meditation to start with. It's easy, down to earth, and not goofy!

  • Chirag
    2018-10-19 17:41

    This book really gives a clear look of meditation. So if you are a beginner go for it.

  • Billy
    2018-09-25 20:27

    Same old story, I tried other ones, this worked!

  • Bill Krieger
    2018-10-21 18:30

    This book is an excellent introduction to meditation because it's both effective and simple. Most books and experts sell meditation as a difficult and mysterious process. But I agree with Victor Davich; meditation is easy to learn and beneficial!The first part of 8MM gets 3 bill-stars. The author describes 8 different meditation techniques, each is 8 minutes long. You're instructed to do each technique for one week. So, it's an 8 week program. Really, that's a pretty good introduction.I've meditated for a few years now, but I learned some new tricks in this book as well. For example, I am definitely stealing the "magic moment" technique. In this technique, when a wayward thought encroaches during meditation, you classify it as a past or future thought and then gently discard it to resume your meditation. It's worked great for me.8MM gets an additional 4th star for its follow-up ideas and resources in the chapter after the 8 techniques are exhausted. There's some really interesting stuff to try, and I think I'll be googling up some of his recommended books and seminars. Very helpful!QOTD an incessant and absolutely uncontrollable stream of thought... "cognitive spam"- V Davich, a great description of our inner loopI would recommend meditation to anyone, but especially the 40-and-older crowd. Look, it's not like I'm levitating or bonding telepathically with dolphins or anything, but I love the control. I can stop my negative, nagging loop of "cognitive spam". If I'm in a stressful situation, then I know how to relax. I also like one of the basic tenets of meditation: take it easy on yourself. If I have a bad, distracted session, it's okay. For 8 minutes, it's okay to mess up or not. That's nice.Meditation isn't "easy". It's tough to silence the monkey brain. But it doesn't require a great investment of time or equipment (ha) or anything. I'm grateful that meditation is a part of my life/routine. It's sort of like exercise in that way. I think it's kind of interesting... to meditate, you sort of have to believe and stick with it. Slow and steady. That feels right somehow.So, I say... give meditation a try. And 8 Minute Meditation is a fine way to start.A good read!thanks... yow, bill

  • Emily
    2018-10-10 18:31

    Ever since reading "Eat Pray Love" I wanted to learn how to meditate. I wanted to improve my ability to clear my mind, relax, improve focus and concentration, and control my thoughts. I chose this book because I wanted to learn how to meditate quickly without having to get through the history and philosophy. The two things I liked about the book is that it does get you meditationg fast and only requires 8 minutes, which is a reasonable amount of time. However, this book took a good idea (for maybe a magazine article) and stretched it into a book. It was extremely, extremely repetitive. A better title would have been "Meditation for Dummies". I did get some good ideas to personalize my own meditation/relaxation techniques, but I would recommend looking elsewhere for a begininng meditation book.

  • Patrick
    2018-10-16 18:48

    Really basic intro to meditation. REALLY basic. Dummy's Guide basic, at least that was the tone. meh. I'm sure this works for a lot of people, but I found it kind of annoying.I did find it interesting that he's shooting for just doing 8 minutes a day. It is an easier way to get started with meditation, I'm sure, than if you had to go for an hour. Because it is work. :-) So the book is an interesting idea, but it didn't really work for me, though I am doing the 8 minutes a day. Now looking for another book ...

  • Jeff
    2018-09-30 20:35

    The writing is a little corny and juvenile, yet I still enjoyed this as a very nice introduction to meditation. I've since read a few other books on the subject and am surprised how much I come back to this one. I wish he had gone a little deeper (or at all) into the traditions from which his 8 methods come, but really, as an introduction, most people probably aren't looking for that. They want to know how to get started and this book works really well as an introduction to a variety of methods to see which one(s) works for them.

  • Oraib Toukhly
    2018-10-15 20:21

    I've always wanted to learn how to meditate , all books I read didn't even got me close to trying to meditate , this book has introduced me to many ways of meditations for only 8 minutes to start once you learn how to do it and enjoy it you will increase you meditation time automatically but the author has simplified it as little as 8 minutes and make you practice all ways there are, finally when you try them all you choose one you are comfortable with. Great book to learn and to start for beginners .

  • Natalie
    2018-10-13 18:31

    I enjoyed this book. Some complain that it is too basic, but I believe that is the point. The idea is to meditate 8 minutes a day for 8 weeks. Over the 8 weeks, you are introduced to 8 different meditation technique. At the end, you pick what you like and what you want to continue or enhance. I enjoyed the book. Moreso, I enjoy the peace I can feel after only 8 minutes of meditation. It is the perfect way for a busy person to try out meditation.

  • Roxy
    2018-10-15 18:47

    After seeing a show about meditation, I wanted to learn more so off to the bookstore. I came across this book and have found it very easy to follow and actually had my first session this morning! I felt amazingly relaxed and peaceful. Studies have shown that you can only benifit greatly from this, there is no downside. I encourage you to take time to be totally still and just release all thoughts and see if it makes a difference!

  • Dulika
    2018-09-22 16:35

    Light read with a wealth of information in a simplified form. . It was very refreshing to read and practice the 8min meditation. . It was truly fun and practicle. I enjoyed reading as it was such a quick read with the right amount of information to get you to do it now. . No more excuses. . For meditation.

  • Grass_Roots Books and Music
    2018-10-03 14:34

    If you are new to meditation, this is the book for you. It is a great introduction to meditation. It is eight minutes of daily meditation for eight weeks using eight different meditation techniques. It’s filled with tips and resource materials. If you like this book, you may also like The Blooming of the Lotus by Thich Nhat Hanh, and Lovingkindness by Sharon Salzberg.

  • Monica DiNatale
    2018-10-21 19:45

    I knew nothing about meditation. You hear about it all the time so I decided to check this out. It is really great for a beginner like me. First of all it gives you clear instructions and reachable goals. It's crazy how much your mind races at any given time. It did help me to see the benefit of calming my thoughts and taking a step back. Doesn't everyone need that? My husband loved it too.

  • Jessica
    2018-10-12 19:33

    I read a review that compared the feel of this book to an infomercial and, yeah. It pretty much feels like that. It's a bit cheesy and a bit overly sure of itself. But it's a useful infomercial! I enjoyed the variety of meditative approaches. I ended up choosing sound meditation as my favorite.