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Alternate cover for B003VIX18QHelena “Dray” Draybeck is a cocky military brat, and Jordan Bowers is the daughter of a high ranking ambassador. Both want to be top pilots when they finish fighter pilot training at a Terran military space station. Both live under the shadow of very different family legacies.Just when it looks like smooth sailing for their success as cadets aAlternate cover for B003VIX18QHelena “Dray” Draybeck is a cocky military brat, and Jordan Bowers is the daughter of a high ranking ambassador. Both want to be top pilots when they finish fighter pilot training at a Terran military space station. Both live under the shadow of very different family legacies.Just when it looks like smooth sailing for their success as cadets and their growing attraction to each other, the Novans declare war. Dray and Jordan now have to survive an acceleration to active duty and a dangerous secret that threatens their happiness together. They learn that the enemy has many faces....

Title : Face of the Enemy
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Face of the Enemy Reviews

  • Lexxi Kitty
    2018-09-23 23:31

    This is the first book I’ve read by this author, though I have previously read a short story. That short story had been inside an anthology titled Spread the Love. Other than DeLancey, who I’d read before reading the short story in the volume of short stories, Barret is the first author among the six previously unread authors in that collection for me to read.I liked that short story (rating it 4.72 out of 5 stars), despite it’s rather graphic nature, and had immediately added the first book in the Terran-Novan series because of it. What with that short story being set in the same universe as the series. But enough babbling.‘Face of the Enemy’ is about two young women, both of whom, at times, act rather immature – but then they are in a stressful situation. Almost constantly. Both are attending a Terran military academy that is training them to be both pilots and officers.Helena ‘Dray’ Draybeck is the daughter of a General (father) and a Lt Commander (mother). The mother was the commander during the Turien battle, one where many people died. Dray is, somewhat, suffering under two vaguely counter-intuitive burdens. The burden of having a mother who was a great fighter pilot . . . and the burden of being the daughter of someone, again her mother, who caused the death of many people during a large battle. To add to that, there are even rumors that her mother was a traitor. All of that, both the praise and damnation of the mother, occurred before Dray was even four. And, just to top things off, that General father dude is rather a distant kind of guy. Oh, and Dray deeply hates Novans because ‘they killed her mother’. Jordan ‘no nickname’ Bowers is the daughter of an ambassador (mother), and a dead pacifist philosopher (father). The mother is ambassador to a planet that has, at least so far, remained neutral during the on-again-off-again war between the Terrans and Novans. Unknown to many (most?), while the mother is obvious and overtly a Terran, the father (and this is the unknown to most part) is/was a Novan. Making Jordan half-Novan. It’s basically illegal for her to exist. Heh, no, it’s more that if her nature were known, she would be dishonorably discharged from the military academy during peacetime and face trial as a traitor/spy if her nature was found out during war time.A little back story. Both Terrans and Novans are from a planet known as ‘Earth’ (though neither Dray nor Jordan are from this planet; this isn’t like Asimov’s Foundation series – Earth is both known and still inhabited, it’s just that both Jordan and Dray live on worlds that were colonized by Earth people). Terrans believe in advancing themselves, augmenting themselves through technology (implants); while Novans believe in advancing/augmenting themselves through genetic modification. I do not know if Novans find technology icky, but Terrans find genetic modification to be really gross. It has been a while now since the two groups split, to the point that Novans are actually a different (sub)species now, one where it is actually pretty damn hard for Terrans and Novans to have ‘natural’ offspring (offspring from natural means, as opposed to . . . whatever ‘f-k procedure’ might be, though I assume some artificial test tube like system is used (Jordan is one of the few ‘natural’ offspring of the two species mating). Novans are classified as Homo Sapiens Novans. I do not know what the Terran’s are classified as, though I assume they are Homo Sapiens Sapiens (or, possibly, because of the heavy use of technology, they have moved on to being a different subspecies; by the way, Neanderthals are also possibly Homo Sapiens, sometimes referred to as Homo Neanderthalensis, or as homo sapiens neanderthalensis depending on the scientist you speak with – depending on whether that scientist sees them as a separate species or as a subspecies of homo sapiens; which I mention because subspecies can have viable offspring – and there is Neanderthal DNA in modern humans; which is directly important to this book here because Jordan exists because Novans are a subspecies of homo sapiens and not a completely different species). Right. So. I do not know more than that. One uses technology to advance themselves, other use genetics. They occasionally fight each other.As mentioned, Dray and Jordan are in a military school. The book follows them as they advance, get directly involved in the off-again-on-again war, then continue to advance again. The book is mostly a military academy (in space) kind, with occasional moments of extreme violence, as opposed to a war book. And the next book in the series involves a completely different character (though at least one of the characters popped up in this book), though I am uncertain how close or how far apart the two books are since I have not read the second one yet.Overall, this was a rather entertaining book. To a certain extent I liked the action/training aspect a lot more than the romance aspect. Though I’m not going to claim that part was thin or something like that, it’s just that it is set against the background of a military situation. And it’s damn difficult to have a romance in such a situation (though, obviously, such things happen in real life – otherwise I myself wouldn’t exist, but let’s not pull myself into this discussion).I enjoyed the book. A good solid 4 star book. I might even see my way to increasing the rating at some point, though likely only in terms of moving it to 4.5 or something (basically, it would change the shelf it sat on, not the rating on the screen). Good enough that I’ve already acquired the second book in the series (then noticed it involved a different lead character). Oh right, one last point: yes there is graphic sex in this book.June 23 2016

  • Lex Kent
    2018-10-14 18:25

    This is an enjoyable, solid, lesbian-sci-fi-romance. It reminds me a bit of Starship Troopers, where a group of friends are trying to become military officers, while dealing with war. Both main characters were likeable, but they could be frustrating at times. The romance had small levels of annoying angst that could have been fixed by them not jumping to conclusions and some communication. Still, you rooted for them and hoped they would be together. The action was quite good. Enough to keep you turning the pages. This book had a lot of the elements I look for in a good sci-fi and I would recommend it to others who are fans of this genre.

  • Rae
    2018-10-11 23:46

    This book follows Dray and Jordan in their relationship and their military training.I liked the book, the read was enjoyable and the characters easy to like. I wish we could give half stars because it's more like 3 1/2*Definitely a book I would reread and recommend to someone who wants science fiction and lesbian romance on the same book.

  • Onyx
    2018-10-07 19:45

    One day I thought to myself, "I want to read a f/f sci-fi book." And behold, lesbians in space! On that acount, this book delivers. Some fun supporting characters and interesting aliens round the story out. It put a smile on my face and I finished it in one sitting, but honestly, I forgot the details the next day.

  • Ayse
    2018-10-04 22:36

    Not bad -- so-so sci-fi, a little melodramatic on the romance side. The idea of genetically engineering humans into a new race was interesting.