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TrashyWarning: This standalone M/F/M novel is the trashy romance you’ve been waiting for.VickieTurning eighteen was supposed to mean escaping the trailer park and the shadow of her mom’s job-- the world’s oldest profession. But then her mother gives Vickie an ultimatum: work on her back or live on the streets. Suddenly, Vickie is out of options.BuckBeers and babes. The twoTrashyWarning: This standalone M/F/M novel is the trashy romance you’ve been waiting for.VickieTurning eighteen was supposed to mean escaping the trailer park and the shadow of her mom’s job-- the world’s oldest profession. But then her mother gives Vickie an ultimatum: work on her back or live on the streets. Suddenly, Vickie is out of options.BuckBeers and babes. The two b’s are all Buck needs to be happy. That is, until he and his roommate save the prettiest little thing in the park, inviting her into their trailer and their beds. Now Buck’s wondering if the two things he needs to be happy are the people he could lose all too easily.ShepIn a park with nosy neighbors and a long memory, Shep can’t outrun his reputation. Bitter and jaded, he relies on Buck’s friendship, hoping soon he'll get the hell out of Dodge. That is, until little Vickie and Buck show him that there’s love in even the trashiest corners of the earth. His reputation, though, threatens to unravel everything. Just as they start to build their family, a murder in the park turns everything upside-down. Vickie's troubles, Buck's faith, and Shep's dark past collide -- testing their love and their trio. Can their unconventional relationship help them survive the fallout in a town where unearthed secrets can get you killed?Author's note: This is a full length, standalone novel with a HEA....

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Trashy Reviews

  • Book-Bosomedblog
    2018-10-06 15:23

    4.25 StarsBuck Jackson and Gil “Shep” Shepherd have been friends since childhood, both having endured bad parents and been raised by Shep’s grandmother in a trailer park in a lower class mining town.Vickie Sampson’s mother makes her living on her back in that same trailer park, and she has plans for Vickie to follow in her footsteps. But Vickie’s eighteenth birthday doesn’t go as planned and instead she ends up in the arms of the two men across the way instead of in the clutches of the paying John.As you can probably guess from the title and the blurb, this one has a big smut factor, a small creepy factor, and “trashy” people and setting. But it’s surprisingly also packed with emotions; a side story and background story of mystery; and plenty of character development, taking the main characters from stereotypical “trailer trash” into three young individuals struggling to live their dreams and embrace their sexuality.“Just because something ain’t popular doesn’t mean it’s wrong.” –VickieShep and Buck share a close friendship but till Vickie enters the picture neither of them, especially Shep, are ready to explore what might be something more. Roughly a decade younger than them, Vickie’s innocence awakens a love in both of the guys and a desire to have more than their bachelor style, trailer life. She becomes their catalyst to explore new avenues in the bedroom and accept a new version of family.“He wraps a hand on top of mine. Then he spanks our girl’s ass with my hand, like he’s teaching me a damned golf swing.” –ShepGetting the 1st person point of view from all three characters really helped take this story from simply an erotic ménage adventure into a story about pushing boundaries, living outside the norms in a place and culture where open-mindedness can be rare, and finding love amidst the daily struggles of life.“In an old, beat up trailer, in the middle of a small coal mining town in podunk America, we come together and make the skies burn.” –BuckThis is a pretty engaging story, definitely not short on tantalizing and tawdry love scenes solely for the threesome who remain committed to what they have blooming, or even some suspenseful adventure. It was warming to see how Shep and Buck took care of Vickie and treated her like she was special, though sometimes they were also a little too low class crass with her for my tastes. None the less, it was a refreshing change of pace to read about two working class, rough around the edges (certainly far from saints) heroes in the sea of big city manwhores, cocky stepbrothers, and privileged billionaires and sports stars heroes that are so prevalent in the current romance market. Variety is the spice of life, and this story shows how one size doesn’t fit all in the game of life and love. *ARC received for an honest review/blog tour

  • LennaWright-Berry
    2018-10-06 17:32

    I'll keep it from spoiling the story.... It was out of the park great. Trailer park children grow up with bad parenting. One, Shep, had abusive father and a punching bag mother, Buck had alcoholic and druggy parents, Vickie has no father and her mother is the town's wh0re. Each one suffered growing up and that's what connected them together. She is their life and their key for love and the men are her key to freedom and love also as well as her providers and protectors from the evil of life. Being on and off living in trailers throughout my life I actually connected to them on most levels. You are judge no matter as long as you live in a trailer park or afterwards. I definitely recommend this story. But beware there is some man on man action but it's mostly the three together.

  • Momma Hellmouth
    2018-10-17 20:22

    Momma’s Review of Trashy by Penny LamMomma’s Rating 4 Hot Menage StarsWhat a hot story! I got… New author, smoldering kindle, a raw gritty real life like characters with an intriguing story to be told. These characters feel real, almost like they could live in the trailer next door.Buck and Shep add some of Vickie and what you have is very well written this story that begins on page one and continues with you turning the pages, the story is so hot that you feel a bit Trashy for liking what you’re reading and wanting to be Vickie at least once or twice in this story. The story gives us hot sexy scenes but it also gives us a plot worthy of reading. I won’t spoil this story for anyone. If you enjoy a dirty sexy menage then you surely will love this story. This author is now on my watch list for anything new!**Received an ARC from the Author in exchange for an honest review****Reviewed for Hellmouth’s Bookblog & Reviews**

  • Xavier Neal
    2018-10-01 16:09

    Great read enjoy MMF, complex relationships, sexual exploration, discovering yourself, plot twists, danger, and an HEA.Side note: Gotta say, this book was even better than I was expecting. First book by this author and I was impressed. I had stumbled upon it in a promo group and finally had a chance to read it, kicking myself I had waited so long. I'm a fan of MMF stories and it's interesting to see the different takes, what I loved most about this one was definitely how ALL THREE came to love one another as opposed to two men loving one woman. The author handled it with good tempo, perfect execution, and I just can't say how much I enjoyed it enough. Great sex scenes, two plot twists when I was expecting one, and a good HEA.

  • Wendy Livingstone
    2018-10-04 20:03

    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This is the first book which I have read of this authors and it will definitely not be the last. I loved this story. Warning it is an M/F/M book. Don’t let that deter you though, this is a beautifully written story, and is steamy, sexy, and most of all a love story. Shep and Buck have been best friends forever, and when Vikki is kicked out by her mother for refusing to whore herself like her mother does, they take her in to stay with them in their trailer. The three of them are awesome together. There were several twists that blindsided me as I did not see them coming at all. This was a book that I could not put down until finished.Penny has done a fantastic job, and I cannot wait to read more of her work.

  • Amber Fueston
    2018-10-23 22:08

    Everyone knows the stereotypes that come with trailer parks right? They are full of poor trashy people, whores, and wife beaters. This story doesn't even try to discredit them. In fact, it embraces them and celebrates them. Buck and Shep have been best friends for a very long time. They only have each other as family and are extremely loyal to each other. Buck is the fun time guy with a dominant streak. Shep is the serious one who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. When they save their sexy barely legal neighbor from being attacked everything clicks into place. She moves in and the three of them take care of each other, both in the bedroom and out of it. Not only do both men fall in love with Vickie, she is the thing that makes the two men able to explore and embrace the love they have for each other as well. They have to battle small town minds and gossip at every turn and there are people out to get them. You have Vickie's mom's boyfriend/pimp trying to turn her into one of his working girls, angry coworkers, and a dangerous man intent on taking what he thinks belongs to him. All of this keeps the tension level just right.The sex scenes were written extremely well. Often with mmf romance things can get a little jumbled trying to picture the scene that is being described, but I had no trouble picturing who's hands, mouth, and/or other parts where where. The physical relationship between the two men also flowed very well. I only wish we could have seen it progress even more. This was my first book by this author but it will definitely not be my last! If you want a good and unique way to pass the afternoon then this is the book for you!

  • StephanieMae
    2018-10-15 18:20

    Amazing. Best Sex-venture read. It's adventurous sex *winksVery adventurous, playful, dominate, a loving, multiple partner fun fun fun story. We have a trailer park virgin so sexy she makes Daisy Duke want to rip her hair out with jealousy. Just imagine if Daisy Duke and the Duke boys weren't related and decided to get it on. But wait, it gets better. They have a '69 Yenko Camaro, a trailer they both live in, Buck's Beard, Shep's Super Sexy Height, and a long denied attraction to each other. Oh this is getting good. There is some mention of Shep's back tattoo, two young bulls locked in combat, yet both are equally matched-it's a lovely metaphor for the sexual dominance they both think they may need to establish in their relationship and the fantastic bromance they share. Reading about these two best friends who are two peas in a pod really made my reading day. Vickie is a really sweet character. She is lovely inside and out. Her thoughts are a pleasure to read, "that's a nasty thought and I banished it quickly. Bitterness is something that comes to easy to folks in the park." She is a little sex freak, don't be fooled. She may be a virgin, but this girl is Game.One of my favorite aspects of this story is Shep and Buck's sensitivity, for good 'ole boys, aka Rednecks, they are downright poetic sages. Honestly. Sages who love fishing, hunting, racing, hard f*******, and Crisco. #RedneckLube The author repeatedly blew me away with some of her insights into human motivation. I was not expecting this from an erotic novel, I must raise my standards(and read more of her work!) I sincerely love the insights the author provides and her belief in the intelligence of her readers. This is the beginning of a beautiful reading relationship. "I know what it's like to have a Parent who doesn't care for you. It's stings at first, the small rejections when you're young. Just sting here, a cut there. But you hold out and hold on because you came from this person, they helped make you, so surely they don't mean all the hurt." I very rarely recommend ménage. It's very rarely done right. It's an intricate dance with many moving parts.(I couldn't resist that pun.) Too often I am reading a ménage that is not evenly written or written with enough care and attention devoted to the emotional ties and bonds. This is a truly romantic ménage story and it's very evenly written so you can easily see why they are in love. No one is ever made to feel left out. The novel is also written in such a way that I can believe in the relationship. I can see it lasting. I can already feel the need for a re-read. Very Pleasant Trash. This is Trash I wouldn't throw away. Reviewed for HeadTripping Books by A. Bookhooker

  • Racy
    2018-10-02 22:26

    I received this for a honest review. Warning this is a MFM book. Me personally I loved it. It was truly hot and steamy. Vickie Sampson has had a very hard life. Her mother was pure trash. Her mother whore herself out for money and expected that Vickie do the same now that she was 18. It was not only her mother that wanted to use her but her mother’s boyfriend as well. You have to wonder what ever happen to a mother’s love. The mother’s need to protect her child. There was none of that in this case. Vickie had a crush on these two hot guys at the trailer park she lived in. Shep and Buck were every girl’s wet dream. Problem was these guys were in their 30s. They seemed to show no interested in her, well at least that is what Vickie first thought. Ever girl needs a knight in shining armor to come save her from time to time. Well Vickie did not have one knight but she had two. Buck and Shep were best friends and were not going to stand by and let Vickie be forced into something she did not want. Shep had some baggage. Everyone in the small town thought Shep had killed his parents. This is a dark cloud that was over his head. It appeared that even his best friend was thinking the same thing. This had to cut deep, well only if Ship did not do the crime he is being accused off. Sorry you will need to read the book to find out. What I love about Buck is he did not care. Buck’s love ran deep with Shep. He had waited so long to show any type of emotion he was feeling toward Shep scared of how it would hurt their friendship. With Vickie in the picture it seems that Buck has the opportunity to adventure unto uncharted territory. How is Shep going to react to Buck’s hands and lips on him? Only time will tell. There are some really hot steamy parts in the book. It is a book I read at work and now I am wondering if I should waited till I was home where I would of had toys or a cold shower waiting..LOL

  • Lexee Toste
    2018-09-30 18:13

    I enjoyed this story. It's about 3 people that are damaged but want to find happiness. Buck and Shep are older and are doing their best with what life has handed them. They rely on each other and are the only family they both have. Vickie turns 18 and her mother tries to sell her virginity. It's an ugly wake up call for Vickie, not that her and her mother were ever close but to find out exactly what she meant to her mother was hard. Thankfully Buck and Shep come help her out. They give her another option that doesn't include selling herself and no choices. She has always wanted Buck and Shep and they want her too. Buck orchestrates things so that it happens with all 3 of them. He knows that he wants to share Vickie with Shep and that it would be perfect but he also knows that he needs to slowly work Shep in so that he doesn't freak out with this add to their relationship. It's not that there wasn't something there but Shep never wanted to risk the friendship. In their small, poor town anything to do with gay is not really accepted and so Shep and Buck never went their until Vickie. They need Vickie with them to make them whole and everything work as well. The sex is very explicit and Buck likes to be in control. He sets some rules and some punishments if they aren't followed so there's that touch of BDSM but it's not very hardcore. They want to take care of Vickie but she can always say no and make her own life choices. They have to deal with life happening as well. I liked the way that they built a relationship. The sex happened right away but you can see them building a lasting relationship through the story. I liked the characters and wanted them to find their happy endings. This was a well written menage story. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  • Sara Long
    2018-10-07 16:04

    I wasn’t exactly sure if there was going to be a story here aside from the threesome, but author Penny Lam delivered a well-written and generously layered story with a couple to three sub-plots that made it a page-turner. The story is original and relatable – it may not be the status quo for most people’s lives, but my guess is that – sadly – many facets aren’t too far from some people’s normal. The definitions of perfection and happiness are not the same for everyone. Trashy incorporates a few surprises along the way, and each pops out at the right time to move the story forward yet causes the reader to appreciate that evidence doesn’t always point in the right direction, and it’s best not to judge. Good people who do the right thing are good people, regardless of where or how they live.The characters were unique and masterfully developed. There was no instant solution for the threesome as their relationship evolved and they each had to deal with the set of circumstances they had been dealt starting in early life. The underlying story – and sub-plots – are equally heart-warming and heart-wrenching, emotionally charging and draining, and raw and robust. One thing remains constant and is what fosters hope for a better life – completing the circle – is love. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  • Carla
    2018-10-02 16:22

    Book for an honest review by the author.http://thesecretworldofbooklovers.blo...I was attracted by this book blurb from the moment I read it. The threesome subject is one of my favorite so I was super excited to read it and it didn't disappoint.Vicky is inexperienced and innocent but she knows what she wants; and when life puts her in a tricky situation, she gets exactly that.The men are... Incredible! I could just picture them siting there on the front porch, smoking cigarettes and looking hot as hell.They way they approach Vicky is not romantic at first but extremely sexy. They evolve from the first image we have of them into beautiful, caring men.She makes them better and they save her, over and over again. The book has sexy scenes and some thrilling scary encounters too, so you are kept entertained the whole time.I was hoping for more extreme M & M scenes but I guess they weren't ready yet.The best love story of the book is the one between Buck and Shep, they are crazy about each other and she sets them free; to be together and to accept their feeling for each other. The story is not for everyone, you have to enjoy threesome with Male on male interactions, which in my case was exactly what I needed.

    2018-10-02 15:22

    I'd go back to their trailer any day.I received a copy of this book for an honest review.It's the story of Buck, Shep and Vickie all living in the same trailer park and all not having great pasts. On the day of Vickie's 18th birthday she's to be pimped out by her mom and her mom's boyfriend but she just can't go through with it. Best friends, Buck and Shep to the rescue and she ends up back in their trailer. She's always had a crush on them and their feelings for her have been not so innocent. They find love and hope for the future in each other but nothing is ever that easy with pasts like theirs threatening to tear up their happy union.I loved this book. The characters had depth and you got to watch them grow to become better people because of each other and for each other. Lots of twists and I honestly didn't see the end villain coming. Through all the conflict you're just routing for them and want to wrap them up in a hug because they all deserve happiness. The sex scenes were so trashy in the best possible way and there are a solid amount of them which I always enjoy. I loved the way the two guys talked to her and owned her. Delicious.Would absolutely recommend this book.

  • Barbara
    2018-10-05 17:05

    Penny, you have outdone yourself. I loved this book. Buck, Shep and Vickie are three beautiful characters. Vickie's mom Anne and her pimp Lloyd are the dregs of society of any kind; not just the trailer park. They can't wait for the young daughter to turn eighteen so that they can sell her virginity. They already have a prospect sighted. Clay has recently won the lottery for ten grand and he's craved Vickie since she was thirteen, so he gives the entire winnings up for her virginity. But Vickie has had the hots for Buck and Shep who are at least ten years her senior. Shep has always had the rep of a murderer since his parents up and disappeared when he was thirteen. He was then raised in the trailer park by his grandmother; his father's mom. Buck was taken in when his parents (junkies) just left and didn't take their son.The night that Clay comes to retrieve Vickie to finalize the contract with Anne and Lloyd, Buck and Shep are watching her bedroom window as they often did, they see her refuse to go with Clay and they go to the rescue. They take her into their trailer, that is theirs since the grandmother's passing. They become a very different family. There is lots of intrigue in the storyline. A GREAT READ.

  • Jasmine
    2018-09-26 20:20

    Penny Lam draws you in with the very first sentence, one that is so explicit, I can't even include it in this review. That sentence makes you want to know the rest of the story. Trashy was a sensual, erotic, tantalizing, and heart-rending narrative. Lam wrote a story that creates such graphic imagery. It's as if you're right there experiencing and apart of the story instead of just a reader. The sex scenes were some of the most deliciously titillating I've had the pleasure of reading. Buck, Shep, and Vickie all have their individual troubles and baggage. None of them know what it mean to have a real family and experience love. But, together they find love and create their own definition of the word family. Their relationship wasn't typical or common, but it was beautiful. Reading the book, I fell in love with these three characters and believed in their love. I loved getting the POV from all three characters because I've never seen that in this genre before. One of the best MMF romances I've ever read. My first book by Penny Lam and if this is the kind of story I can expect from her, I'll be reading every story she pens. I received an arc in exchange for an honest review.

  • Kashunna Fly
    2018-10-04 22:15

    This book restored my faith in characters with soul. It was so heartwarming to see this characters could have easily been everyday people who were struggling to make ends meet and make a better life for themselves.reaching your 18th birthday should be the happiest day of your life right, well I'm sure that's true for everybody except Vickie who mom decided to sell her virginity to the highest bidder. So she has to put out of get out. So after agreeing because she had no choice she backs out and that's when the fireworks start. Enter in her two sexy neighbors who take her in. Shep and Buck are best friends ans roommates who both have watched little Vickie grow up while secretly lusting for her. So they both agree to help her, what's the worse that could happen right? Well you will have to one click to find out. Trust me you won't regret it! This book keep me on the edge of my seat. So many secrets and hidden desires will be revealed it will blow your mind! ««««««««I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review»»»»»»»»»»»

  • Judy Miracle
    2018-10-07 20:02

    When I started this book I didn't even read the blurb before hand. So when I started reading I was thrown a bit because I had forgotten that it was a m/f/m book. BUT that didn't deter me at all as its been a while since i read one of these books. But let me tell you. I loved it!! I devoured this book in only a matter of a few hours I could not put it down. Vickie was a trailer park girl. Grew up there with a whore of a mother but had small dreams of at least getting out. Shep had an abusive father and a mother who took what the father dished out. Buck's parents were into drugs and alcohol. So each one of them had suffered growing up and gave them an even closer connection to one another. This book will have you on edge wanting to know if the town gossip and rumors are true but when you finally find out the truth you will be blown away. I'm not one to give anything away so all I can say is this is a must read book. Cant wait to read more books by Penny Lam!!

  • Courtney
    2018-10-02 20:29

    This was the first book I read from this author and I enjoyed the read from her. What should have been a good day for Vickie, it's her 18th birthday, ends up being more than she bargained for. Her mom is pushing her to do something she isn't ready for. When she calls out for help Buck and Shep are there for her. The two have watched her since she brought them the carton of cigarettes she got for her 16th birthday from her mom. Now under one roof the attraction all of them are feeling will no longer be denied. They all end up being those pieces the others are missing from their lives. Buck was the carefree one who never wanted a serious relationship, but Vickie being in his life open up all his feelings for not just her, but Shep as well. Shep has been friends with Buck for a long time and now with Vickie he sees that his future involves not just her but Buck as well. This story was HOT yet sweet where it needed to be. I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  • Sharon
    2018-10-07 17:02

    These 3 form an un-conventional relationship when they save Vickie on her 18th birthday when her mother has the nerve to sell her daughters virginity. Vickie either goes with Clay who paid for her or she shells out $3000 for rent or packs her bags and leaves their trailer. She get's ready for her "date" wearing the nighty her mother gave as her gift as she is leaving with him she has a change of heart and fights going with him, when Buck and Shep see what's going on, they intervene and take her back to their trailer. They are much older than her but she has always thought they were sexy and wanted them, and now they vow to take care of her.They begin a relationship that night, they fall in love with each other, while Shep has a hard time understanding his feelings for Buck, Buck is all in and has no doubt how he feels about Shep and Vickie. This is a great book, they struggle at times but their story is sweet. Pick up your copy today!

  • Sue
    2018-10-18 21:12

    This is sooo different from any other MFM book I've read. No billionaires, or cowboys, or rock stars here. Here we have trailer park living, hard working, high school educated people who have some of the same struggles most of us do. Jobs, money, paying our bills. And some we don't. Most of us don't have our virginity sold for $10,000. Most of don't have our whole town thinking we killed our parents. There's a lot of character growth, lots of MFM sex and it's easy to see their relationship develop. I must admit I had a hard time with the word "titties" used repeatedly. Almost seemed like a stereotype of "trailer" people. Like folks who live in that don't call them boobs or breasts. Beyond that, it's an enjoyable read!Please note I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  • Jen Wildner
    2018-10-16 18:24

    WOW! I am speechless! This book was off the charts HOT! I didn't know what to expect, I have never read this author, I've only read a handful of m/f/m books, so I didn't know how this was going to be. But am I glad I read it! Vickie isn't your typical teenage girl, she just turned eighteen and needs to make a life altering decision in a blink of an eye. I loved her and I am so very jealous of her!! Shep and Buck made my panties wet! Sweet Jesus I'm not even kidding! The bond they have melted me! They have a great relationship as best friends and Vickie just makes it that much better. I love how they all fit together, it was like Vickie was the missing piece. Fighting, f*cking, and falling in love. What better story could you get lost in on these hot summer nights? I can't wait to grab another book by Penny Lam! Her writing is awesome!

  • Nicole d'Entremont
    2018-10-13 19:32

    Vickie is trying to escape a life under the thumb of her mother's pimp. Born trailer trash and desperately trying to become some more, Vickie finds her saviors in two unlikely heroes.I thought this book was just okay. Vickie, Buck, and Shep had decent depth as characters and there was some good story line plots: i.e. Vickie's mother's pimp, the mine boss conflict, the cave-in, Shep's parents murder, but some of the issues were far-fetched or really left unresolved. For example, the issue with Shep's boss, the murder of Vickie's mom and pimp, or Vickie's willingness to engage immediately in sexual relationship with not one but two men in their 30's. On the positive side, the adult scenes were explicit, vivid, and as the title suggests, Trashy.It was an okay read. Not one I would purchase in paperbook, or probably ever read again but was okay for a one time read.

  • Linda
    2018-09-23 22:05

    Vickie had a crush on Shep and Buck but thought they were not interested in a young girl like her. When she needs their help to escape her mom's plans, they offer their protection. They also offer her love and understanding. I really enjoy the menage stories when there is a real romance and genuine feelings among the participants. These three have had tough lives and are drawn together to form the family they did not have growing up. It may be untraditional but it is very real and offers them what they need. It delivers the love and the heat you want in romance. I recommend the story and will definitely check out other books by this author.I received a copy in return for a honest review.

  • Linda
    2018-10-16 17:21

    I wasn't sure what to expect when I first began this book. I was afraid it was going to be a smutty story with sex on every page and no real story, but this book has a surprisingly good plot with likable characters (although Buck grated on me a bit at first.) Sorta innocent virgin Vickie runs from her evil mama's trailer right next door to Buck and Shep, who are not only quite a bit older but have also been lusting after her for years, but that's okay cause she's eighteen and lusts after them too. Anyway, there's drama with Shep's job, drama with Shep's past, drama with some people who would like a taste of Vickie's charms, and lots of filthy sex between three consenting adults. This is a real Trashy fun read.I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

  • Amazeballs Book Addicts
    2018-10-06 17:25

    Trashy is a short quick read. It has super steamy scenes but it always has a good story line. Vickie, Shep, and Buck live in a trailer park that is not very nice. Vickie's mother is not very nice and tries to pimp Vickie out when she turns eighteen. Shep and Buck end up sweeping in to help Vickie. Shep and Buck are a little older then Vickie. All three of them have had rough childhoods and dream of leaving the trailer park. There is a great connection between all three of them. It's not just a story filled with just steamy scenes there is also a story line that will hook you in too.

  • Angie ~aka Reading Machine~
    2018-10-16 23:07

    Honestly my traditional style of reviewing would reveal too many spoilers for the whole book. I don't like it when people spoil books, tv shows, and movies I've not seen or read yet. Trashy is a menage that will leave you panting and wanting to trade places with Vickie. This book is so full of heat and uber sex appeal that hits the ground running from the first page to the last page.This new to me author set my ereader on fire. The story is compelling and intriguing. The characters are flawed, gritty, real, honest, raw, and sexy. Definitely consider reading more from this author in the future.

  • Christina Balaz
    2018-10-12 21:30

    ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewWow from that first page I knew there were going to be some very hot scenes throughout the book and I wasn’t disappointed! There were some great funny moments in the story as well, real crack ups. I really liked the storyline and the interactions between each character was good. I was a tiny bit put off when I kept reading about how everyone referred to each other as ’trailer trash’ and how ‘unworthy’ they were for being there and with each other, but don’t get me wrong it was still a really good read. A recommendation to M/F/M with a little M/M/F lovers out there.

  • Patti
    2018-10-01 23:24

    I loved this book!!! I love reading the m/f/m genre. This was so much more than just that. Three souls trying to find comfort and acceptance in a poor trailer park. One is a mechanic, one works in the coal mine and one just turned 18 with a mother who should not be a mother. All three have had tragic upbringings but have managed to become good caring individuals. Somewhat. Sorry folks, no spoilers here. You must read this book for yourself, you won't be sorry as it keeps you on the edge of your seat and frantic with worry.** I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. **

  • Heather B
    2018-10-18 19:06

    I will admit, I've never read a M/F/M book before, so I was intrigued. Vickie definitely doesn't have a good home life. Her mother only wants what is in her interest and views Vickie as an unfortunate circumstance in her life. When Vickie turns 18, she choses to leave versus succumbing to her mother's wishes. Step in Shep & Buck, two hot neighbors across the way in the trailer park. These two take in Vickie without any second thoughts... and it's hot AND steamy with a bit of adventure/drama mixed in.I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

  • Honestly Honest Bookworm
    2018-10-16 20:29

    Favorite Quotes: - I want to corrupt her. - It's like--like there aren't rules for us. Labels. We're rednecks. We're dirt poor, gruff, rough around the edges. We're trouble, and sometimes we're dumb. We're so much more though. - Fuck Vickie for being so sweet and so damned sexy. For her giggles that lift my heart when nothing else can. For her large brown eyes that watch my mouth when we're talking, like she can soak up all of my words straight from the source.

  • Ashley Marie
    2018-10-20 16:25

    I got this ARC the other night && I absolutely loved this story! To me it was one of the more realistic storylines that I have read in a long while.. It flowed amazingly well, held my attention (stayed up all night finishing it) I was intrigued with the love between Shep, Vicki, & Buck. . It had a few twists that I totally didn't see coming & some very steamy scenes. This book was the first that I have read by Penny but I can't wait to devour more!!