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Life gets complicated when the thing you want most in the world is for your best friend to be your lover. For Danny Spears, sex is like fast food: cheap, convenient and ultimately unfulfilling. There’s only one man he really wants and that’s his best friend, Jude Greenwood. That’s never going to happen. As far as Jude’s concerned Danny’s not only his oldest and closest friLife gets complicated when the thing you want most in the world is for your best friend to be your lover. For Danny Spears, sex is like fast food: cheap, convenient and ultimately unfulfilling. There’s only one man he really wants and that’s his best friend, Jude Greenwood. That’s never going to happen. As far as Jude’s concerned Danny’s not only his oldest and closest friend, he’s the big brother he never had. The trouble is, they’re no longer boys and Danny’s feelings for Jude are anything but brotherly. Falling for one dead-end man after another in his search of his happy ever after, the only thing Jude ends up with is a broken heart and shattered dreams. Always there to pick him up and make things better, Danny could be Jude’s perfect man. There’s one big stumbling block: Danny doesn’t do boyfriends or relationships. Any fantasy Jude has about them ever getting together will have to remain just that – a fantasy. A passionate kiss leads to a night together that was never meant to happen, and the shockwaves rock them both. Should they seize the chance to take their lives in a direction neither dreamed possible? But the stakes are high, and it takes courage to cross the line from friends to lovers. If they take that step, there’s no going back for either of them. Their lives will change forever, but will it be for better or worse? Sexy, sweet and with a serious case of undeclared love laced with a healthy dose of angst, Danny & Jude is the first in the Barista Boys contemporary gay romance series. Each story charts the loves and lives of the men who work in a quirky little café in the heart of London’s Soho: Barista Boys, where it’s not just the coffee that’s hot. 54,200 word novel....

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Danny & Jude Reviews

  • Otterpuss
    2018-11-22 00:30

    1.5-2 stars I enjoyed the dual PoV and that it was set in London, along with the English writing but that's pretty much all I enjoyed. The characters did nothing for me and there really wasn't much of a storyline. Jude is sweet-ish but...dim. Really dim. He's constantly manipulated by all his 'boyfriends' and Danny, his best mate, does his fair share of controlling him and treating him like a child. Danny comes across as quite an angry character, and cowardly. I don't understand why he couldn't just tell Jude how he felt, there was absolutely no reason for him to hold back and I never warmed to him. The whole 'Jude can't pick a decent boyfriend and is constantly cheated on and treated like shit' thing felt contrived and forced and I got tired of Danny constantly saying/thinking it. For me Jude came across as less loveable and gullible and more village idiot. The constant Danny loves Jude but can't have him and Jude loves Danny but can't have him was just boring. Apart from that nothing else happens in the book. I'm a bit confused about what the cafe where they both work actually offers. Other than coffee that is. It appears to suggest in the beginning that there are 'extras' but it's never clarified or expanded on. The storyline with Danny and Alan left a bad taste in my mouth and did not show Danny in a favourable light. He is perfectly happy to be bought and paid for, on an almost hourly basis, by a generous (read rich) married father of two. This is perfectly fine in Danny's book but Jude having a boyfriend is completely unacceptable...I tend to prefer characters to have more time on page together rather than with other partners/boyfriends/hook ups so I really didn't enjoy Jude and Danny's various dalliances. The writing feels a little choppy, I think it's due to there being lots of short, sharp sentences. It didn't flow very easily for me. I started skimming at 34% and it never really got any better. I considered DNFing several times but decided to stick it out. It was just...boring. The constant too-ing and fro-ing was irritating and with absolutely no other storyline to go on or get involved with I was just wishing it finished. The 'coincidences' that litter this story were frankly ridiculous.Copy received from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Heather Martin
    2018-12-08 23:07

    **This book was provided for free from the author for an honest review**This book is about Danny & Jude who have been friends since school, share a one bedroom apartment and work in a coffee shop. I think the coffee shop offers a side of boy with that coffee, but I'm not really sure. It was alluded to but some guys seem clueless.Danny & Jude are in love with each other and unlike normal adults, instead of spending 5 minutes talking to each other about how they feel, they spend 90% of the book hooking up with every guy they come across and drinking all the time. I'm not an angst reader. I'm not a fan of angst created by a lack of communication so be aware of this when reading this review. This is the first book in a series and several characters were introduced, including the coffee shop owner who seems to have connections, to who I don't know. And frankly I question what kind of person can put up with that much drama in their workplace.

  • Earlyn
    2018-11-30 03:14

    did not enjoy this at all

  • Jennifer babcock
    2018-11-28 04:35

    It's My privilege to review this book!Wow my emotions as I read this varied. I cried many years with each of these characters I could not help it. I wanted to kill Mike but things workout in the end😈. Jude and Danny were so real and so dimensional that I lost myself in their story. This Author is talented can't wait to read more

  • Kevin
    2018-12-02 00:29

    Two young gay men have been friends since childhood, roommates for several years, and coworkers more recently. Both are in love with each other but are afraid to say it. Friends and circumstances push the truth out in the open.Typos: "...sent Jude away with a flea in his ear, but the sounds of it" (by), "...he'd tried to pursued Jude not to go back..." (persuade).

  • Denise GremoryKohta
    2018-11-23 00:25

    This is the first book I've read by this author. Boy does it get you. Very emotional. So much so that I literally cried. At one part, I got so upset that I had to put it down for a minute. Got the next one and signed up for the newsletter after finishing. Can't wait to read more.

  • Louan
    2018-12-09 21:31

    3.5 ⭐️Two of the most oblivious characters I’ve read in quite a while. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to smack them or lock them in a room together until they got their act together.

  • Dixie
    2018-11-17 04:33

    Danny & Jude's story was well written. Full of angst and sweet love. A beautiful beginning to this series.

  • Clare
    2018-11-21 22:23

    Not for me. Should have DNF’d really.

  • Pam Kay
    2018-11-17 22:29

    This was a very emotional, heart wrenching ride that will definitely pull at your heart strings. The story line was well done and the characters were well developed. The two MC have been best friends since an early age. Danny has always been the strong one and has protected Jude as he goes through traumatic events as a young boy. As the two become men their friendship has stayed strong. Both men have been working at the Barista Boys cafe and live together in a one bedroom apartment. Jude has always been looking for love, but very naive, and falls for a string of men who leave him with a shattered heart. Danny has always been there to pick up the pieces. Danny has always loved Jude, but he has always felt that Jude didn't love him like he loved Jude. Danny has always said that he is not a relationship type of man....always for the one night stands, no strings attached. As time goes on though Danny continues to struggle with his feelings for Jude. One night Jude and Danny come together in an explosive encounter. Danny feels everything has changed for them, but the next morning Jude tells him that it was a mistake, just about destroying Danny. Everyone around them can see the love the two have for each other, but sometimes love is blind. Danny decides that he must distance them before it destroys him emotionally. But will it destroy them both? Will the two of them see what they have right in front of them? Best Friends to Lovers....can it withstand what they really want? If you love MM Romance/Love, you will like this one.

  • Lisa1269
    2018-11-23 04:21

    When the friendship that is everything isn’t enough anymore…I really enjoyed this book, even though, or maybe more accurately, because I spent 80% of it anxious to just lock these two men in a room and conduct the intervention that they so desperately needed. Danny and Jude are so paralyzed by their fear of jeopardizing their friendship that they get dangerously close to doing the exact thing they are afraid of. My heart ached for Jude, who is so clearly aware that Danny is the center of his world, having been the only consistent presence in his troubled life as he searches for the love he’s been missing. Danny, whose heart breaks a little more every time he watches Jude get his hopes up only to have them crushed, stoically stands back waiting to pick up the pieces every time. The friendship between these men is so beautiful, forged over years, and I empathized with their need to protect it, as frustrating as it was trying to watch them live their lives with other people. As each of those people fell by the wayside however, I had to cheer as Danny and Jude got a little closer to where they were supposed to be, only to have my own hopes dashed as the next obstacle presented itself.I also developed quite the soft stop for the coffee shop owner, Bernie, who despite his gruff façade, has taken his staff under his protective wing. I’m sure he has more of a story to tell, and I look forward to hearing it. Please note that I received a complimentary advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

  • Sula
    2018-11-16 02:28

    I enjoyed reading the angsty almost heart rending tale of Jude & Danny, so give it a 4 star rating for taking me through the wringer of emotions to eventually hoping that things would work out for these gorgeous men. Without reiterating any of the story I can understand and empathise with Danny's frustration with his lifelong friend falling headlong into one relationship to the next, when all can blatantly see they are in love with each other. However Danny is the smarter out the two and I wonder why he did not communicate with Jude sooner? Then as you share POV with both characters, you might understand that Danny might appear to prefer non commitment relationships in Jude eyes and both are afraid to loose their life long friendship. It is a gritty story, with sweet moments, true to life situations and characters that do not make the smartest of decisions. As well as those that deserve what comes to them for their actions, good and bad. The story also followed at a good pace and one my favourite characters is their boss Bernie, as I am intrigued to find out what his connections are and I hope there is a story for him? This is a story I would read again and I would like to read more books by this author. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • ButtonsMom2003
    2018-11-27 04:29

    An enjoyable story, the first I’ve read by this author.The blurb for this book pretty much covers it all so I won’t take time to repeat everything it says. The story is about Danny and Jude who have been friends for years. What neither of them seems to realize is that each one is in love with the other but is afraid to say anything for fear of rejection.I’m not really new to M/M romance but I haven’t read one with a theme/setting quite like this series. I love that Barista Boys is set in a coffee shop with cute young guys doing all of the serving. I found many parts of this book very touching and it really tugged on my emotions (that’s a good thing). At times I wanted to shake both Danny and Jude but especially Danny. It was just a bit more angst-y than ones I usually read but I still enjoyed it. I think it’s a good start to a new series and look forward to reading more from this author.I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

  • Rachel
    2018-11-10 04:18

    I received this book free for an honest review.I really enjoyed this book. These two Mcs were so sweet. Jude was the shy, hopeful dreamer wanting a happy ever after. Danny was the man portrayed as the playboy looking for a quick fling.This isn't so though. The whole book is about the two life long friends seeing what has been in front of themselves for so long. The key word for this book is communication. So many things could have been avoided with communication. I really enjoyed this book, there was a flow to the story and it progressed at a nice pace. It was well written and the characters had good depth to them. You felt like you knew them and I personally after wanting to slap a couple of them upside the head were routing for the HEA. The supporting characters you saw seemed interesting and I will be interested to see who the next book in the series is about. And to find out more about Bernie.

  • K Cherry
    2018-12-06 22:30

    Quit with the cheating and every story. I really cannot say that I have enjoyed any of this author's books. When I read her first book "Imperfect," there was definitely some cheating going on. I did not like the main character at all. He currently had a boyfriend living with him, but had continual hookups, until, of course, he met the love of his life" (yeah, sure). This appears to be a recurrent theme for this author. Her stories pretty much always center on cheating for most of the book, and by that time I have no respect for either character and do not see the point in finishing the book because by that time I am totally disgusted with the book. With so much cheating going on in her stories, you don't really get to "the love story" until basically the end of the book. I am just NOT a fan of books with infidelity. So, no, I will not be the reading anymore of this author's books if she's going to continue with the same theme with every story.

  • Bethany
    2018-12-10 21:17

    I received an ARC for an honest review!In this book we see roommates and best friends Danny aka the womanizer or in this case a manizer lol and then there's Jude who's looking for that happily ever after. It's a tale of love being blind and of two guys who've loved each other forever, but who, as guys are often wont to, don't talk about their feelings. Danny and Jude have been best friends forever who live and work together and harbour feelings to each other but each wont tell the other so they see other people making them both jealous at times. I liked how it was written in a dual pov but I do feel at that there could have been more of a background or a little epilogue however it was still a great read and will not be my last from this author.

  • Faye
    2018-11-11 04:17

    This is a beautiful friends to lovers story.. Jude works in a Barista Shop with his flat mate Danny, Danny making coffees whilst Jude waiting tables. Danny has a major crush on Jude but he doesn't want to upset their friendship. Jude just wants to be loved but he keeps attracting the wrong guys. Danny's always there to cheer him up when there another bust up. They are match made in heaven if only they could get their mojo on and communicate with each other..cause seems everyone else knows what they don't. A great book I'd highly recommended for the library.

  • Kim
    2018-11-18 02:11

    Sweet read - first time author for me. Friends to Lovers is a favorite of mine. It takes a knack to be able to get the right balance from friendship to lovers thru out the story. Even thou these two boys, afraid to lose the friendship they have forged together over the years, find the strength and courage to step over that boundary. Love when secondary characters play a part in the MC's finally realizing they need to get their act together.Danny & Jude's story starts off a new series and I can't wait to see who's next.Gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • K.M. Neuhold
    2018-12-06 23:33

    Sweet Wonderful friends to lovers romance. A little of the normal angsty frustration that's expected. Sweet and sexy. Getting the next book right away

  • Allison
    2018-11-15 02:20

    Danny and Jude have been best friends for years and hiding feelings for each other almost as long. They take opposite approaches to dealing with their assumption that they can't be together - Jude has a string of terrible boyfriends and Danny changes men more often than socks. Their lack of communication was frustrating, but their love for each other, even when they wouldn't admit it, was really sweet. It was a quick read. I received an ARC for an honest review.