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In third grade, Barack Obama wrote an essay titled, “I Want to Become President”—and he is, to this day, determined to show the world that, yes, he can. Born in the U.S.A., the son of an African father and an American mother, a boy who spent his childhood in Indonesia and Hawaii, Barack Obama is truly a citizen of the world. His campaign for the presidency is powered by aIn third grade, Barack Obama wrote an essay titled, “I Want to Become President”—and he is, to this day, determined to show the world that, yes, he can. Born in the U.S.A., the son of an African father and an American mother, a boy who spent his childhood in Indonesia and Hawaii, Barack Obama is truly a citizen of the world. His campaign for the presidency is powered by a fierce optimism, an exuberant sense of purpose and determination, and, above all, a belief that change can happen.Garen Thomas takes us through the life of Barack Obama, from his struggle to fit in with his classmates and concern about not knowing his biological father, through his term as Illinois senator, to his historic and momentum-building run for president of the United States.Barack Obama is a man who uses his words to inspire us. We can have a better future. We can be whatever we want to be. Yes. We. Can....

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Yes We Can: A Biography of Barack Obama Reviews

  • Drake W
    2018-11-23 04:21

    Yes We Can, is the story of the great American leader Barrack Obama who used his own voice to change history, alter politics, and to ensure hope of a brighter future for generations to come. Born in the U.S.A., Barrack is a son of an African father and an American mother. This boy spent his whole childhood in Indonesia and Hawaii. Barack Obama has is truly become a citizen of the world. In kindergarten, Barack Obama wrote an essay titled, "I Want to Become President". With his fierce optimistic, exuberant sense of purpose and determination, Barrack Obama became the first African-American president for the United States of America. He has made that dream come true. Yes We Can goes through the life of Barrack Obama as he become president I loved Yes We Can! The loaded language the author used is extraordinarily. Its one of my favorite bibliographies ever! Disliked the use of I in the beginning. Overall, it turned out to be a great book! Very emotional book. Yes We Can explains the treats of African-American people through President Obama's lifetime. One second your happy the next your sad. Strongly recommend this book to people that like political books and to people who like to read the history of African-American's. I haven't read a book thats like this. Can't compare Yes We Can to any other book.

  • Gaijinmama
    2018-11-22 22:29

    My 9 year old son prefers nonfiction and he has been fascinated by Barack Obama since the Presidential campaign last year. Yes We Can is a great young-adult book about President Obama, from his childhood right up to the big election. Several of my university EFL students chose this book, as the level isn't too hard for an intermediate learner.As a de facto single Mom Monday to Friday, I have to say I particularly sympathized with Obama's mom's efforts to bring up her child without much help from both his father and stepfather, and even more so with the description of all those years as Michelle brought up their two girls mostlyon her own as her husband climbed the political ladder to success (Michelle Obama, in the extremely unlikely event that you're reading have my utmost respect! You are one strong, cool, classy lady.)Highly recommended for anyone interested in Obama's life and in the American political system.

  • Nicole Chacón
    2018-11-12 02:09

    "...but in the unlikely story that is America, there has never been anything false about hope. For when we have faced down impossible odds, when we've been told that we're not ready, or that we shouldn't try, or that we can't, generations of Americans have responded with a simple creed that sums up the spirit of a people. Yes we can."

  • Ethan Bennett
    2018-11-21 22:26

    Ethan Bennett period 2BiographyPresidential (201) pagesGaren Thomas takes us through the life of Barack Obama, from his struggle to fit in with his classmates and concern about not knowing his biological father, through his term as Illinois senator, to his historic and momentum-building run for president of the United States. This book was very interesting and full of facts about our former president. I give this book a four out of five and I recommend this book to anybody who is interested in reading a book about a president. I liked this book also because it talked about Obama's childhood a lot and not all about his years in office like the biographies do.

  • Kerrington
    2018-11-17 04:23

    Yes We Can: A Biography of Barack Obama was one of the best presidential biographies I've read. On my list, it comes in as a close second to John F. Kennedy's biography by Michael O'Brien. This book was published around the same time that Obama won his first presidency. Yes We Can was an emotional story of Barack Obama's life. Garen Thomas wrote about Obama's struggle to fit in as a young child, he wrote about Obama's hardships with not knowing his biological father, and even included his experiences of being a father to 2 lovely daughters. Yes We Can showed the softer side of Obama that most American's do not get to see. I liked that Yes We Can made it easy for me to relate to The President. In fact, I was surprised at exactly how easy it was for me to relate to him. Obama's voter's demographics are everywhere, and I can see why. Yes We Can tells a story that everyone could relate in one way or another. I also liked that I could see how hard Obama worked for everything he has today. To me, it's very impressive that a boy from a middle class family could grow up to attend Columbia University, attend Harvard University, become Senator of Illinois, and then become The President of the United States of America for not one but two terms. I think that Yes We Can is a very inspiring book that could change how a lot of young adults look at themselves. After reading this biography, I now think that anyone can do anything if they want it enough.

  • Allison Lupton
    2018-11-26 02:26

    Thomas, G. (2009). Yes we can: A biography of Barack Obama (rev. ed.). New York, NY: Feiwel and Friends.Reviewed By: Allison LuptonReference Type: Biographical ReferenceReading Level: 6th-9th Call Number: 973.932Cost: $7Description: This book discusses the life of President Obama, emphasizing his childhood and the many events that shaped him such as only seeing his father once and his exposure to many various cultures. Relevance/Relationship: With an intense amount of pride in our country due to the large amount of military families, students take a great interest in military and political topics. Purpose: The purpose of this book is to provide students with information about their current President.Validity: This book has been reviewed by multiple sources including School Library Journal.Format: PrintArrangement/Presentation: This book has maps, an appendix, index, and many photographs.Diversity: This book addresses diversity due to the cultural references throughout. Review Citation: Cecere, J. K. (2011, August). References [Review of the book National Geographic kids almanac 2012]. School Library Journal, 55(8), 128.

  • Jacob Lewis
    2018-11-13 23:05

    The book is about the life of Barrack Obama. The book first of talk about the life of his real dad growing up in Kenya and meeting his real mom. After this Barrack Obama was born but his real dad move away before Barrack was born. This was the being of Barrack life living with his grandpa and grandma in Hawii. Obama was a great basketball player when he first start in 6th grade. In High School Obama was get scholership to play basketball in Divison 1 school. Obama graduted from high school and going to Harvard. After college Obama find this girl and started to go out.Shortly after that they decied to get married. Now today Obama is are president and with 2 kids. This book is a great book but a poor kid now the leader of this country. I would give this book a 9.5 out of 10. The reason I would do that is it has a lot of passion and good things about the book the only thing I didn't like about it was him playing basketball. The book is a thriller because to see a kid go from nowhere to being the first ever African America to become Presdient of America.

  • Cory
    2018-11-29 05:16

    Sorry Ash, thanks for the book but this one is only getting 2 stars. I started reading this book and realized how much of a mistake I had made. Not only was it a book about how great the democrats and black people in general are, and how suppressed they've been by the white people, its also written for kids. While I was reading I found that England is a country in Europe. AIDS is a disease thats killing many in Africa, and Apartheid was a bad system of racial discrimination in South Africa. It kind of annoyed me on how it spelled out what each of these was because it didn't expect the reader to already know. While I am extremely impressed with Obama and his rise from having nothing, not even parents, to being the leader of our country. I am not impressed with this author. I was disappointed to learn that she was a Harvard graduate, she obviously didn't learn much while she was there.

  • Alp Ozdaryal
    2018-12-08 05:23

    This book, "Yes We Can: A Biography of Barack Obama", tells the main outline of his life, and some details. It is a long-ish book, and has about 250 pages. It tells the important details of his life, like how he met his wife, what he did as his job before president and senator, and how as a child he turned to basketball to release his frustration and anger. This book, "Yes We Can: A Biography of Barack Obama", tells the main outline of his life, and some details. It is a long-ish book, and has about 250 pages. It tells the important details of his life, like how he met his wife, what he did as his job before president and senator, and how as a child he turned to basketball to release his frustration and anger. Overall, it is a good book, a 4 star. I would say it is more for 8-11 year old kids.

  • Veronica Ruiz
    2018-12-08 03:28

    This is a chapter book geared towards students in grades sixth through eighth. I chose to read this book because it is suitable with all of the current issues. The 2012 election is coming up and Barack Obama is planning on running again. Although there are many different opinions about him, he is our current president and it would be nice to know his life story. This chapter book was a fairly easy read yet it was still filled with lots of knowledge from where Obama came from and grew up to things he is doing now as president. The book included famous quotes that he has said and photographs of his family and himself through out his life. I enjoyed this book and feel that I learned a lot about our inspiring president. Hopefully he can continue to do a great job for the next four years.

  • Kevin Arth
    2018-12-03 04:11

    This was a good book. It gave me better insight into the life of the president and it was fascinating learning some of the details of his upbringing that led to where he is today.This book is geared toward younger readers (maybe early teen). I read the whole thing in an evening. It takes care to define terms that the author thinks would be confusing to this age group. For example, when discussing the President's genealogy, they take the time to explain that in many African countries, it's common for a man to have more than one wife. In another place, they reference Obama's involvement with the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa. They take the time to explain briefly what apartheid is.My 12 year old is reading it now for a book report and I think she'll enjoy it.

  • Kate
    2018-11-26 02:20

    This book is suposedly geared towards school kids. I guess that`s one way of saying it`s not a very well-written book, not a very sophisticated read. I`m not entirely sure if a school-aged child (9+) would find it interesting, or even be able to make sense of some of the confusingly worded paragraphs I stumbled through.But I bought it half-price to see if I could learn more about Obama`s early years, and this book allowed me to do just that without going to the trouble of reading any (or all) of his previous books.I guess I give it a shrug. I could take it or leave it. I can`t imagine recommending it to many people, but I passed it along to my sister.

  • Emir DA BOSS
    2018-11-26 05:14

    The book "Yes We Can" is a book that describes Barack Hussein Obama Jr's long road to the oval office it lets us know how lucky we are that our parents are always around to help us, because this book showed me Barack's struggles, victories and defeats. He could've had more if he was with his father, but his mother did the best she could and it's thanks to her efforts and sacrifices that Barack was able to make it. Barack was a man never shy of perfection and he proved to most of us that dreams can truly come true and that's why we know Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America.

  • Megan
    2018-12-01 00:30

    This book actually gave me more insight into Barack Obama's history and how hard of a life he had growing up. I didn't realize how often he moved growing up (Hawaii to Indonesia to Kenya to New York to California to Kansas to Chicago). Jeez! I thought it was interesting how involved he became with the whole black vs. white saga going on while he was growing up. This is also a YA biography for a class I have and I liked how it explained a little about the history portions of the book (ie: Jim Crow laws).

  • Alfredo
    2018-11-16 23:06

    This book is an inspiration for me, motivating me to read more books, I believe education is the key that allow our people to hope for something else, i am agree about that he is a citizen of the world because he has lived in several places. He believes in knowledge and love, i think is a powerful combination. The main idea that a like from this book is "we may come from differents places and have differents stories but we share common HOPE and one very American Dream. After read this book i really think that we can have a better future...

  • 3shivk3
    2018-11-16 23:33

    SWBSTSOMEBODY: Barack ObamaWANTED: to help people living in black communities live a better life, and at the same time he wanted to make a difference in the apartheid community in the united states of amaricaBUT: he grew up in a average class family and did not go to a vey good school. SO: he focused really hard in school and the graduated and got enrolled int Harvard university. THEN: he took low paying jobs to help others but then his boss convinced him to run for president and then he ended up winning the election and is now still currently president.

  • Reid
    2018-11-24 22:23

    I liked this book over all because it taught me a lot about barack obamas life and history. Before I read this book I didn't know a lot at all about Barack Obama and I didn't really like him that much but after reading this i can say that I have much more respect for him as a person and president. One problem though was that i didn't really relate to the book as much as i could have because I'm not african american.

  • Samantha Lazar
    2018-11-19 02:06

    What an amazing man! I am so excited to see what he will do to improve our country. He is intelligent and very capable of moving our country in the right direction. He is very well-educated man who has just made history in America. He seems very honest and determined, and his words are very powerful. This is a great book, and I think everyone should read this book, even the people who doubt him because there is so much to learn about Obama.

  • Alda Nielsdottir
    2018-11-09 23:18

    WOW! Just WOW! This biography included not only a detailed description of the life of Barack Obama before he was sworn in as president but a lot of background information on his parents as well. It was a good, easy read with a lot of information. Learning about his life before becoming a politician just made me respect the guy even more. And on top of all that the book, particularly the introduction was well written, I'd love to read more books from this author.

  • Jenny
    2018-11-17 00:33

    This was an interesting biography. One exceptionally interesting thing was that anything that could be construed as innapropriate in his background was glossed over and given an excuse. I found several "facts" that I'm quite unsure of. This book had a definitely liberal-minset tone, don't read it unless you agree with the democrats completely or won't be swayed by propoganda.Despite all that, Barack is an interesting man, and I'm glad I know more about his background now.

  • David
    2018-11-10 02:13

    Yes we can is about the good and bad things thathelped Barack Obama become president of the United States of America. This is about how he meets michelle and how he gets seperated from his cousins that lived in Hawii. Is a good book ids nthat it gears to politics alot. People that like Obama and love politics go for it. So overall this was book for me or my type.

  • Liz
    2018-11-26 05:24

    I learned what Barack Obama's life was like as a child and all of the way up to his decision to run for president. It even tells about his mother and father's deaths and his harder times in life and when he was trying to help those in need in Chicago. It was wonderful and amazing it even had his family tree in it.

  • Reeva
    2018-11-29 04:32

    This book did not have much of the big thrill I was accepting.I felt like the majority of the book was mostly on Barack Obama's dad.I get that he played a big role in his life even if his dad wasn't really their, but I wanted this book to mostly focus o his campaign and steps ti victory, which it did but near the end...

  • Jose
    2018-11-11 05:25

    This book was interesting because I learned a lot of new information about Barack Obama and his life. It was pretty easy to read and understand and It was interesting. I leaned Barack travled all over the place as a kid and overcome many obstacles. I would recommend this to teens and adults who want to learn more about the President that will change America.

  • Deb
    2018-11-17 22:28

    Pretty dry book about Obama's life up until the elections. It does explain government and politics so that middle schoolers can understand, but there's not much flair to the writing. I read it because my son had to and because I wanted to learn more about Obama's childhood. I got that so I might recommend it to students.

  • Samantha
    2018-11-14 05:32

    Really enjoyed reading about our current president and his life up to his election. Didn't know some of what I read. Would include this in my classroom for older students. The book does a good job of defining words 12 year-olds may not know, but I would probably keep this for middle school grades.

  • Yumn
    2018-11-21 01:03

    Tells me more about his life then I ever known. I didn't really like how it was not that informative.In some ways it was. It really empathized about his siblings, his votes and other things that wasn't about him.

  • Nicole
    2018-11-30 23:16

    This book was good. There is a lot of dates and facts, so I had to write the page numbers down! It's also about politics and state laws. I have to admit, it was boring at some parts. READ IT IF YOU LIKE POLITICS OR IF YOU WANT TO BECOME PRESIDENT! [Ogechi, lol!:]

  • Carol Schultz
    2018-12-05 01:13

    Well written biography from youth to becoming president. Much of the information was on the news and political pieces but the book fills in some of the blanks giving a better understanding of the context of Barack Obama's life. Written at a juvenile level it is a quick and entertaining read.

  • Isakree
    2018-12-06 01:04

    It's a story about BaracK ObamA and his adventures from the child of a single mother to the president of the United states of America. I think it was a OK book, I really don't like biographies, because I don't think most lifes are exiting enough.