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“My mother named me Miel. Grandmother used to laugh because she couldn’t believe anything sweet could ever come from my mother…”Born in a turbulent age of violent political upheaval and societal collapse, and thrown to the streets of Zenith as a prostitute at a tender age, Blue yearns for a better life and learns to survive by following a simple piece of hard-learned advic“My mother named me Miel. Grandmother used to laugh because she couldn’t believe anything sweet could ever come from my mother…”Born in a turbulent age of violent political upheaval and societal collapse, and thrown to the streets of Zenith as a prostitute at a tender age, Blue yearns for a better life and learns to survive by following a simple piece of hard-learned advice: don’t trust anyone.Heartbroken and embittered, Blue is convinced that love and friendship are unattainable, until a chance meeting with a charming but reckless gang initiate and a passionate affair with an enigmatic Mechi cause him to question everything.But nothing lasts forever and a cruel twist of fate leads to the loss of love and the birth of an empire in this story of heartache, danger, and hope.**Trigger Warnings: Dub-con/Non-con, rape, drug use, prostitution, abuse, graphic violence, explicit sexual content**...

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La Vie en Bleu Reviews

  • Joyfully Jay
    2018-11-30 00:21

    A Joyfully Jay review. 4.5 starsConfession: I did not know this was part of a series until I started flipping through it on my Kindle and saw “Book Five of the Lacuna Chronicles.” Whoops! BUT, you’ll be pleased to know that if that intro sounds at all appealing, this can be read as a pretty satisfying standalone.What this book does and does exceptionally well is share a set of utterly absorbing characters with you. And the part that floors me is that most of the time, they’re not even really LIKABLE people, but I still got super invested in the main characters. Take Eden, for example. He is the main counterpart to Miel in the first “book” (of which there are five, further subdivided into chapters) and my little OTP-normative heart immediately starts rooting for Miel/Eden 4EVAR. As we watch Eden, crass and selfish, slowly descend into his drug habit, I’m there waiting for Blue’s love to pull him out of the abyss. When Eden’s out of the picture, when Miel/Blue remembers him years later, I wonder just as fervently as Miel/Blue does about whatever happened to Miel. I got the same feels, but a lot stronger, for Mikas who is the main counterpart for Blue for two lengthy books and still very much present in Blue’s mind, if not on page, for the rest of the book. Those times when Blue’s thinking about his relationship with the in absentia Mikas and the wrap up book at the end (which gives a slight inkling of how Mikas’ life turns out) make me actively wonder what Mikas’ story was…what he was really doing when he wasn’t with Blue.Read Camille’s review in its entirety here.

  • Sarina
    2018-12-02 21:10

    4.5* Review written for Love Bytes Reviews.So, real talk time: I don’t usually like books featuring sex workers. It doesn’t matter how good the reviews are or how many people have personally recommended it, I just never like them. Period. So, when Bleu was introduced way back in the first book of the Lacuna Chronicles Series, I was prepared to put up with his presence but that was it. As the books progressed, however, the absolutely most shocking thing happened; I found I actually liked Bleu. And, moreover, I actually began looking forward to his parts in the books more than I did any other character. No one was more surprised by this than I and by the end of the third book I knew that I wanted so much more from Bleu than what the author had already given me. Needless to say that when I learned Bleu was getting his own book, I was ecstatic! Before getting into the bulk of the review, however, please take special note of the warnings; there are some serious triggers listed for this book (with good reason!) and I wouldn’t want anyone to read something they are in no way prepared for or that would cause serious emotional and/or mental anguish.Bleu’s story is broken up into five parts and actually starts years before the first Lacuna Chronicles book takes place. Things that were only briefly mentioned or alluded to are shown, sometimes in great detail, as you follow Bleu from when he first ended up on the streets to where he ended up present day. Because of this, anyone that has read the previous books of the series are going to run into some familiar scenes and information but as its all from Bleu’s perspective, it put a nice new spin on events and people I already knew about. Despite how much I enjoyed getting to know Bleu more intimately than I’d had a chance to previously, however, I’m not going to lie and say this was an easy read all the way through; Bleu’s life was hard and even though he did have some good times and memories, it was the difficulties and harsh realities of how he was forced to live that made him who he is. Again, the warnings given in the blurb are there for a reason and while not as graphic as I’d feared, there is enough in the story to be wary of when reading.While the majority of the book is basically taking you through events that already happened in the series (again, with a focus on Bleu instead of on Micah or Caden) the last section of the book is all new material that takes place after we last saw Bleu back in book three. When I realized exactly what the author had done with the book in general while reading this part I think I just stopped and processed for a minute. Sneaky author was sneaky but in the best possible way! I won’t lie and pretend I hadn’t been hoping for more of a glimpse of Bleu’s life from when I’d last seen him in the series but this…was near perfect. After everything he’d been subjected to I was more than ready to see him get his happy ending and while not picture perfect, I think it suited Bleu all the more because of the still lingering difficulties.After all the heartache getting to the ending I finished Bleu’s story with a smile and was thoroughly satisfied with what I’d read. My only complaint? I still want more Bleu! (I’m just greedy that way and refuse to apologize for it.) This book was amazing; from start to finish I was engrossed in it and the ending is still making me smile hours after finishing it. If you’ve read the Lacuna Chronicles and were at all interested in Bleu’s character I can’t recommend his story enough, I really can’t.

  • ItsAboutTheBook
    2018-11-11 03:27

    Review can be read at It's About The BookThis book was just as brutal as I thought it would be. It was AMAZING but so hard to read at times. I’m obsessed with this series and Bleu is my favorite character. Sadly I may have avoided this type of book if I wasn’t already hooked on the series. I think it helps that you know some Bleu’s future from previous books in the series. This book sort of fills in the holes while revisiting moments from things we have already read in the series. Bleu does have POVs in other books in this series but we miss out on a lot of his past. This book starts out the day Bleu loses his grandmother and any kind of support system he had ever known.It starts with Bleu’s first day on the streets. He wasn’t always the street smart guy he is when we meet him in book 1. We follow him as he stumbles and fights his way for survival. From stripper to prostitute to drug king pen. His life is full of heartbreak and sadness. Yet he has a will to survive. He starts out thinking there’s things he won’t do to keep going but as life kicks him repeatedly he picks himself back up and does whatever it takes. Bleu does gain a few loyal friends along the way.Mikas is his longest and best friend. We learn a lot about their messed up relationship in this book. Mikas hurts Bleu over and over but for a long time he’s Bleu’s only true friend. Mikas does have his good moments however. It’s crazy that I want to tell Bleu he doesn’t deserve to be treated that way while also totally understanding why Bleu is so forgiving when it comes to Mikas. That’s one of the things I love about this series. ALL the characters are flawed but real. Their relationships are complex and the world their living in a tough and ugly place. It creates this dependency on taking every little scrap of happiness you can find and holding on tight. Bleu’s complicated feelings for Mikas are an ever present complication between them. I can’t say I wasn’t upset all over again with Mikas after this book. He wrongs Bleu so many times.The moment Loki comes on the page it’s like this warm blanket engulfs me. Bleu still has to suffer some horrible things but I know hope and love are coming for Bleu. If Bleu is my favorite then Loki is my second favorite character. He’s a machine but one of the kindest individuals in this series. I like that contradiction. People see Mechi as cold and unfeeling but he is so much more than that. Thankfully Bleu sees past the prejudice to the man Loki is. Their love story is SO beautiful. It always brings me to tears. The AWFUL seen from book one is quickly brushed over and I started crying instantly. I was truly amazed at the impact it all had on me.This series is long and there is so much going on. Multiple POVs. World building that spans decades and over many planets throughout space. Yet I can remember all the vivid details. The pain and love we’ve gone through as it progresses. If you’re looking for a series that completely engulfs you this is one to check out. It’s sort of depressing and all consuming but amazing at the same time. This series doesn’t get nearly the praise it deserves. It’s fantastic!

  • StygianAsFvck
    2018-11-30 02:11

    5 StarsI have been looking forward to reading La Vie en Bleu since it was announced last year. Blue is absolutely my favorite character, so I was ecstatic to find out he would be given his own story. The novel itself is LONG (about 650 pages) and it is not an easy read, so please heed the warnings the author has provided.In its essence, the novel is a coming of age story that takes place on a dystopian Earth. The strongest element in my opinion, as with all of A.M. Daily's novels in this universe, is the character development. Every character is compelling, every character has a well-developed backstory, every character is relevant to the story and to Blue's personal story and to his development as a person.The book itself is set up in 5 sections, so I'll be reviewing each section individually. There are spoilers, so don't read past this blurb if you would like to avoid them!(view spoiler)[Part One: HoneyPart one begins years before we meet Blue (at this point in the story, he's still called Miel, his real name) in the Lacuna Chronicles. It's obvious in the very first chapter that if you've been expecting an uplifting tale, you won't be finding it here. Blue's grandmother has passed, leaving Blue to fend for himself in the streets of Zenith. It's a rude awakening for Blue, who, while not used to luxury by any means, has not had to survive on his own. This section of the book was a bit of a tough read, as Blue is quite young has to learn some hard lessons about life on the streets. He meets Eden, a dancer, and forms a close bond. However, near the end of the first section, Blue is betrayed, leaving him bitter and hardened.Part Two: VanishSo part two picks up maybe half a year or more after Blue's falling out with Eden. Blue is 16 and dancing at the Diamond Heel when he meets Mikas. I was super excited about this section because of the tension between Blue and Mikas in books 1-3 of the Lacuna Chronicles. This section of the book takes place over the span of two years-- from when Blue was dancing to when he becomes a prostitute working under Aarek to finally the loss of his eye (which marks the end of the section) at age 18. Despite the dark subject matter, I really enjoyed reading about the interactions between Mikas and Blue. Because their relationship was really only hinted at in book one, Lacuna, filling out the relationship with missing information was highly satisfying. Part Three: VanquishPart three was probably the most difficult section of the novel. Blue has returned to working in the streets, at first on his own and then under a new pimp. He's lying to Mikas about his decisions, and there's a growing distrust between the two. Meanwhile, Blue meets Loki and despite his love for Mikas, Blue pursues the mechi, eventually falling in love with him. This is the Blue that we first meet in book one, and there's a lot of familiar information here. But with the new backstory, all of the pain and heartache Blue has already been through, it's so much easier to understand his motives in both relationships. He loves Mikas for his loyalty and strength-- he loves him in spite of his recklessness, and stubbornness. And Loki... Blue loves Loki for his compassion and kindness and his notable wicked streak but is having trouble giving his whole heart to someone when Mikas is still in the picture. Part Four: EmpireEmpire is focused on Blue from the time Mikas, Caden, and Senka left Earth and Loki was shot. We got a little bit of this in Sky Children, but I was pretty excited to gain an insight into his life on Earth for the two years we missed out on while Mikas, Caden, and Senka were traveling to Aurora. I really enjoyed reading about Nero and Blue, their relationship was refreshing in its realness. Eventually, we see Blue, who had begun to spiral out of control since the loss of both Mikas and Loki, choose to make a new life for himself by leaving Earth.Part Five: AutomataAnd here comes the twist! This section was composed of entirely new material and an amazing turn in the plot. We also get to see snippets of Blue's life since he left Earth. I think I'll leave this part as somewhat of a mystery, but I think that this was my favorite part of the entire novel. I was so happy to see Blue finally (after everything he'd been through)get his happily ever after! (hide spoiler)]

  • Topher
    2018-11-28 21:20

    This series continues to amaze me!Fair warning, for those readers looking for an easy formulaic romance, this is NOT it. The worlds that A.M. Daily creates within her series are rich, dark, and sometimes difficult. While romance plays a large role in the plot, I wouldn't consider this a romance book. Additionally, this book, in particular, is rather grim, and I would advise readers to pay close attention to the warnings the author has provided.This book follows Blue's story from before we first meet him in Lacuna, to after we last see him in Whispering Gods. There is a lot of overlap between the books, but there is so much more information in La Vie en Blue because it is entirely from Blue's perspective. As readers we are finally able to understand some of Blue's motivating factors behind his actions, especially towards Mikas. Blue was a favorite character of mine from the trilogy, so I might be biased towards loving this book. He's a complicated character with complicated relationships. The book is broken up into 5 sections, and in each section, we get to learn a little bit more about a character who's past was pretty well hidden in previous installments.It's difficult to review a book like this without major spoilers, so I think I'll just say that if you love books with amazing world-building, relatable, multi-faceted characters, sci-fi/dystopian themes, and thought-provoking plots, pick up this book now!

  • Maria in the 16th century
    2018-11-24 01:09

    Do you know the feeling you get when you read a very long book and you know it's long but you really don't care because you're enjoying the ride? And at the end of it all, you look back and truly feel that the book was worth every hour spent reading? That's exactly the kind of feeling I have after reading Blue's book. I have read every book in the series and, granted, Blue was not my favourite character -in such an awesome universe, it's hard to pick only one, in fact. So I was not prepared to connect this deeply with Blue as I finally got the whole picture of his life, the past, the events in Lacuna and the future events that had remained untold. He just has to face so much from an early age and his life is far from easy. He comes through as a multi-layered, three-dimensional character, complex and almost permanently conflicted. He is someone who sees happiness and thinks it a mirage because that's what it's always been, because it gets wrecked every time. And yet he is loving, loyal and fierce, and you cannot help but tear up, laugh and get anxious for him -with him. This book also adds another layer to characters we already knew and wanted to know better, especially Mikas and Loki -although the old and new 'minor' characters who play a role in his life are all worth mentioning. I had no issue with the triggers and they certainly did not stand in the way of my enjoyment of this book because the dystopian Earth portrayed in Lacuna is no amusement park and violence, poverty and abuse intertwine in a vivid, painful account of what our world * might * become. And human instincts remain, no matter how the world changes. After reading the other books I was ready for it.I have written this elsewhere before, but once again I have to say that the author has a flair for building characters that are larger than life, weaving intricate relationships between them, and make you care about them. Her use of language is remarkable -at times heart-breakingly so- and the book never feels wordy or slow or dull; I dare say she keeps getting better and better at narrative pacing. I recommend reading every other book in this series and I am convinced you will love Blue and the other characters as much as I do. I now can't wait to read whatever she has in store!

  • NeRdyWYRM
    2018-11-16 04:23

    Retro-BioSo, La Vie is, obviously, Blue's story. If you've read the preceding four books, then you were probably intrigued by his character. His life was not easy and human nature dictates that we want all the down and dirty deets.That said, I did not read the first four books. I usually do that in preparation for writing a review on a book that falls in the middle of a series, but not this time. I did try to get into the series as a whole, and I generally love sci-fi or dystopian themes, but I just couldn't sink into these.It took me a long time to get into La Vie as well. I can't really put my finger on why that is. Wrong headspace? Maybe. Is it a little slow? No, not at all really. Was it uninteresting? No. Poorly written? No. Poorly edited? No. So truly, I don't know why I struggled, but struggle I did. Does that mean you will? I don't know, but it's worth finding out.Full review coming soon on Goodreads and at:More reviews by NeRdyWYRM can be found on Goodreads here.Images (when present) may be subject to copyright.ARC copy provided in exchange of an honest review.