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Fue amor a primera vista; una historia de amor que se suponía, era para toda la vida. Un corazón joven que no había conocido el verdadero amor, y un alma solitaria en busca de algo real. Esa, era mi alma, y Elizabeth Brown era mi corazón, inocente y lleno de pasión desencadenada. Me hizo creer que el amor podía cambiar todo. Y en realidad, me cambió… Me rompió, me destrozóFue amor a primera vista; una historia de amor que se suponía, era para toda la vida. Un corazón joven que no había conocido el verdadero amor, y un alma solitaria en busca de algo real. Esa, era mi alma, y Elizabeth Brown era mi corazón, inocente y lleno de pasión desencadenada. Me hizo creer que el amor podía cambiar todo. Y en realidad, me cambió… Me rompió, me destrozó. La traición que nunca vi venir, fue como una daga que atravesó mi corazón. En un segundo, mi amor fue reemplazado por un odio y dolor tan profundo, que me llevo a pensar que nunca sería capaz de olvidar. Pero, ¿quién iba a pensar que incluso los corazones heridos pueden amar? ¿Quién hubiera creído que, en unos ojos sin esperanza, brillaría de nuevo una luz radiante? - Voy a hacer que se enamore de mi otra vez. Y luego, voy a destruirla, así como ella me destruyó… ...

Title : Corazón Herido
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ISBN : 31116752
Format Type : Kindle Edition
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Corazón Herido Reviews

  • Laila Petersen
    2018-12-11 01:36

    A first love romance that is very well written and has a great storyline and plot. The characters are well described, relatable and likeable.The chemistry and passion is amazing. A story about a first love that just keeps getting deeper and deeper. A love that forms your future whether you like it or not. You have to fight for it because it is never easy and without difficulties.The story is filled with emotions of betrayal, love, happiness, joy, sorrow and despair. A story that fascinated and captivated me.

  • Cassandra Myers
    2018-11-11 20:33

    Shattered features characters that are instantly likable. I found myself falling right along with Kameron and Liz! This story offers a bit of everything: romance, steamy sex scenes, drama, and intrigue, it truly hits on all cylinders! I was 100% invested and on the edge of my seat for the majority of the book... I would HIGHLY recommend this book and author to anyone who loves a book with a well developed story line, three dimensional characters and enough feelings to run the gamut of emotions in one setting!

  • Energy
    2018-11-22 23:23

    Sometimes your first love just lands in your lap by happenstance and that's what happens with Kameron and Elizabeth. While they didn't start dating traditionally, and it tore Kameron's brother apart in the process, they each fell deep and hard for each other. Young and full of ideas, they had the future planned out. Until Kolby decides he wants Elizabeth back and stoops to the lowest depths to tear them apart. But time, distance, and heartache won't be enough for these two. Sometimes you just find someone and know they are the one, and you either work on forgiveness or you work on moving on. Told from the past forward, Shattered is an insta-love story and the relationship is pretty intense, there are a few spelling errors that could easily be fixed to make this a flawless young adult HEA.

  • Paula Genereau
    2018-11-16 02:20

    I loved this book. This story had me hooked from the beginning of the book. This book will keep you begging for more

  • Aura
    2018-11-15 20:28

    “The only true love is love at first sight; second sight dispels it”Love at first sight it’s a very rare thing, most of us wonder if it even exists because few people see it or feel it. But, all of us had the first love, that love that strikes you and change you forever, the thing that makes you mature and defines the way you will love from that moment on. If you were happy you will love again and powerfully, if you’re heart got broken you will lose the trust and with that you will never give yourself again.When Kameron (I like the name!!) sees Elizabeth he knows he is screwed. He can’t take his eyes of her, he is so captivated by her he doesn’t care about anything else, and he just has to be near her. She is so beautiful and fragile, and looks so lost; his instinct to protect her grows instantly (among other “growing” things ).Elizabeth heard a lot of things about Kameron Grayson, the hot guy with chocolate eyes who broke hearts everywhere he goes, but she never thought she will fall for him that hard and that quickly. She was his step-brother’s girlfriend and she couldn’t hurt him, but every time she sees Kameron her pulse raise so high and the butterflies in her belly make her dizzy. The way their love grows and the relationship between them consolidates is very beautiful. Reading it gave me a feeling of happiness and brought back pleasant memories. “For the first time ever, I finally felt complete. I didn’t want to wake from the dream that Elizabeth had created around me; I just wanted to stay there with her, for as long as the rest of the world would allow us to”.They are perfect for each other, their love is pure, they belong to each other, they created their own world, their happy place and it’s so amazing. I was so happy for them, I smiled all the time. I think these characters are two of the most beautiful that Diana created, you can see how they fit together, he is the perfect man , offering his support and loving her in the most tender way and she is like magic , gorgeous and so full of life , like an angel. I love them!But life is very hard and a love like that needs to be fight for, so they have to pass the ultimate test to be together forever. And Kameron makes a big mistake, one that will change them and will shatter them. “The betrayal that I never saw coming, was like a dagger straight through my heart. In the blink of an eye, my love was replaced by endless hate and pain that I thought I would never be able to forge”.The strange thing about love is that you think it’s strong but it needs one misunderstanding to lose trust and destroy all the happiness. When Kameron saw Elizabeth in his brother’s bed, naked, he assumed the worst and left her. He didn’t let her time to explain what happened, he didn’t thought for a second that she might be innocent, he lost himself in jealousy and hate and that broke them both. But they were meant to be together because four years later they meet again and they have another chance to repair the damage.““I will make her fall for me again. And then, I will ruin her, just like she ruined me…”I understood Kameron’s pain, I really did, imagine to see the person you love most in the world be naked in someone else’s bed, what would be your first thought? Yet, I felt very sad for Elizabeth too, because she didn’t even knew what wrong had she done to deserve such suffering and hatred from his part. The second part of the book was so sad; it brought tears in my eyes. I was so happy in the first part and now I was suffocated from sadness. Diana you played with my heart really bad Kameron desire for revenge is huge but as you will see while you will read this book, love is much stronger and one can lose its head very easily. The feelings confuse you and you will not know what to do next. Love and hate fight each other and love always wins.To the end of the book, I was surprised to learn a new thing. Something that will erase all the things that happened before and will contour a new beginning. They have to decide if they could forgive each other and all that remains is love, pure as in the very beginning, love and safety for their hearts or if their souls are so shattered they couldn’t be fixed anymore. I talked too much about this story, I know, but I didn’t finish) I can’t. I have a tendency to analyze emotions and take them separately to explain them and this book awaked in my heart so many feelings I just can’t stop. I laughed and cried reading this, I loved the characters and I hated them at some moments, except Kolby, I hated that one the entire time. I believe this story is very real, all the good things in it and also, the bad ones. Love is never easy, you have to fight for it constantly and that’s the beauty in it, we always have to fight because it’s worth it! Finally, I say you have to read this! If you loved once you will understand, if you haven’t you will want a love like this!

  • DawnMarieCarpintero
    2018-12-07 22:24

    10 Duck StarsRemember Carnival rides and your first taste of the delectable cotton candy? The sweetness of the refined sugar spun into a fluffy cloud of a treat that once it hits our mouths it dissolves within a split second leaving a taste that our imagination along with a fascination leaves our pallet wanting.Remember your first taste of a Reese peanut butter cup? The first time the chocolate sweetness hits our mouths? Taking the first bite with the explosion of peanut butter on the inside is just a fascination of explosions of happiness and joy. A mixture of the combination that leaves us wanting more knowing that one bite is just not enough. But what happens when that goodness is gone and leaves you craving more? Taking this into the journey of Kameron and Liz this author not only brings out the despair within each character but a disguise of a past the explodes into the future of each. Can the past blimp on the screen be the magic and explanation of hearty love that has withstood the test of time within each of their forever hearts? This is their true journey of past, present and future. Shattered lives, love of happiness and joy, sorrow and despair but also of the true hearts that never truly became two but always as one.To the author: Wow is all I really have to say about this fascination of which you call a book. You took the past, present and future and brought forth many obstacles that were hidden within the read with a bunch of heartache that explosions within the pages but at the same time you told a story that just cause it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it may not be a duck it may just what we perceive it to be. Major Kudos to youHappy Reading

  • Heather
    2018-11-13 21:21

    This review is from: Shattered (Kindle Edition)(WARNING: REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS, SKIP TO THE END IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE THEM AND JUST WANT TO SEE MY RECOMMENDATION)SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!Mrs. Nixon has written her 16th book! I must say, it is a great read.This story is about a very complicated relationship between Kameron and Elizabeth. Kameron, the leading male, is older than Elizabeth by a few years. Elizabeth is just getting ready to graduate from highschool when they officially meet. It is love at first sight between the pair, but she is with his step-brother and even though she is instantly attracted to Kameron she needs to convince herself that it is the right decision to leave his brother Kolby and be with him.Kameron knows that he wants her when he lays his eyes on her. He spends the summer at his dad's house and makes sure to get Elizabeth's attention and win her heart. And he does. But there is a problem. . . Kolby is not going to go down without a fight and succeeds in splitting them up.When Kameron's father goes into the hospital, Kameron is forced to go back and see Elizabeth again and he is hellbent on making her pay for breaking his heart. After some trials and tribulations they work their problems out and end up together.If you have read any of Diana's previous books, you will enjoy this one too.

  • Gladys
    2018-11-24 23:21

    Diana Nixon will never disappoint her readers... Her new book Shattered, which will be released on February 12th, will capture you from the beginning, it has left me with the wish to read it a thousand times more. The characters are BEAUTIFUL, the plot is captivating and allows the imagination to develop a thousand possibilities, but in the end, it surprises you with the outcome, the way it is written, is exciting and unsettling. It is one of those novels that you can't stop reading. The LOVE-HATE story is ridiculously AWESOME. The relationship between Kameron and Liz with their friends is intimate and makes you want to know more about them. I hope Diana will share with us their stories!!!! From now on, one of my favorite books!! 1000% recommended #Shattered #NewLove #FavoriteBook #FavoriteAuthor #LoveKameronGrayson

  • Samantha Soccorso
    2018-11-30 01:39

    Diana Nixon has done it again with another well written novel. From the first to the last page any reader no matter what genre you love will enjoy this book. The characters each have a personality of there own and the readers know what they want to see. Diana listens to her readers as to what they want to see written in her books and each time she makes it happen. This love story had it's up and down moments, but everything happens for a reason right?The two main characters fall in love.....fall out of love.....find out secrets......have secrets......but you need to pick up a copy of Shattered to find out what is really taken place. I also highly recommend the other Diana Nixon books that she has published. I am also really hoping that this is going to have a sequel so we see how the characters develop.

  • Angie
    2018-12-04 03:45

    Kieronsaber de s o de liam

  • Valen Socen
    2018-11-18 23:37

    Podría ser mas interesante, el argumento es trillado, el conflicto en sí podria haberse solucionado en una página. Lectura rápida y si no tenes nada para leer.2.5 ⭐⭐

  • Kelly
    2018-12-02 19:23

    Me encanto!! Pero Esa Shelby y Kolbin no me cayeron tan bn..

  • Ramonna
    2018-12-10 22:18

    Bueno, la verdad es que no tenía ninguna expectativa cuando comencé a leer este libro (me debatí entre cuál de los dos debía comenzar primero).Tenemos a nuestros dos protaginistas, Kameron & Elizabeth, que por cuestiones que no nombraré (bcs SPOILER) afectan su relación.El tema central (además de su amor) es la venganza y, tengo que ser muy sincera...AMO LOS LIBROS QUE TOCAN ESE TEMAEso no me hace mala, simplemente disfruto con las dificultades de los personajes(?En la primera parte de la historia nos encontramos con la forma en la que Kameron y Elizabeth se conocieron y como su amor se lleva a cabo.En la segunda parte nos encontramos con la venganza que cada uno quiere llevar a cabo con el contrario.Cuando ambos se reencuentran, no saben qué hacer o qué sentir. Dudan en si sus sentimientos son los correctos, si la mejor opción es vengarse el uno del otro o simplemente rendirse al amor... Como esto es una mini-reseña creo que lo voy a cortar ahí HAHAHA.En general, les puedo decir que este libro me ha hecho pasar un buen rato. La lectura es rápida y nada rebuscada, tiene frases que te hacen reír (las playeras de Elizabeth), situaciones que te pueden desesperar y otras que te pueden poner triste y otras que simplemente enamoran.

  • Barbara Tovar
    2018-11-24 01:38

    Una buena trama, pero mal manejada. La historia sucede demasiado rápido que hace ver que todo sea predecible e irreal. Los personajes son muy planos, no sentí nada de ellos. Y es una lastima, la historia es un cliché pero que tenia mucho que ofrecer, pero todo sucede tan rápido que ni pude disfrutarla.

  • Arantzazu
    2018-12-04 20:25

    Tópico topicazo uno tras otro. Sin mucho más que añadir a parte de la pésima edición.Prescindible

  • Minibelle
    2018-11-24 01:34

    3.5 stars